Book Review: ‘The Missing Piece’ by Marie Lavender

Title: The Missing Piece

Published: 20th February 2017

Publisher: Solstice Publishing – Summer Solstice Imprint

Author: Marie Lavender


Twitter: @marielavender1



The biggest mistake of Aly’s life could turn into the promise of new love…

When Alyssa wakes up on the lawn of a local fraternity, she can’t remember what happened the previous night. A new friend and frat guy, Justin, offers to help her out. As she makes discoveries that force her to accept a different reality, she finds herself drawn to Justin for a number of reasons.

Can the biggest mistake of Aly’s life turn into the promise of new love?



A fun short read that luckily didn’t go down a darker route with why Alyssa couldn’t remember what had gone on the night before which I was glad about.

So we’ve probably all overdone it at least once in our life in regards to drinking too much the night before but Alyssa is sure learning the hard way what the head and body feel like the day after. More so after she finds herself on a fraternity’s front lawn early the next morning. Clearly she went to a party the night before but she has absolutely no recollection of it, how she came to be there in the first place, or how she ended up on the front lawn. Confusion and panic soon start to creep in as snippets start to filter through about a conversation she had with her roommates. Seems she needs a knight in shinning armour to help get her home and hopefully fill in some blanks – enter Justin.

He remembers her from the party and has a few shocks in store when he tells her what she got up to and who she was spending time with. Seems the missing part of her memory could be filled in with a missing brother from the house – Brendan. Justin vows to help her find the missing time but the longer she spends with him the more she is grateful for how they met. An interesting way to meet someone but a spark is still coming to the surface nonetheless. He might be loyal to his friend thinking that on some level Justin and her might be together now but that doesn’t stop him feeling or acting the way he does. A knight in shinning armour to carry her away it seems. Even though he too is a stranger she feels comfortable with him and both feel like they have known each other forever with being so alike. I think we can all see where this story might lead.

For a short book it was still quite descriptive with the characters insights, back-story and the world as a whole they found themselves in. Quick contemporary romance that you know is just the start of what’s to come. Almost like the beginning of Alyssa and Justin’s story where you are only guessing on how it will move forward. Would be interesting to see how it would work as a longer read following the romance building more but fun all the same.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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