Series Blitz: ‘The Watchers Series’ by Ellison Blackburn


Book Titles: If There Be Giants / Second Son

The Watchers Series

Author:  Ellison Blackburn

Genre: Fantasy / Mythology

Ellison Blackburn is the author of several mindful science-fiction/fantasy novels including Flash Back, Second Nature, and If There Be Giants.

Despite earning degrees in both Biology and English Literature, her career for many years was in a completely unrelated field (web design and development). It was not until she had authored her first science-fiction book that her education and work background mingled sensibly. In addition to storytelling and scribbling poetry, Ellison enjoys abstract painting, international travel, watching foreign films, and reading novels.


If There Be Giants

About the Book

Buried treasure or a curse unearthed?

Archeologist, Dr. Mallory Jacks has uncovered an anomaly, a strange creature amidst familiar surroundings. The discovery could change the world’s perspective of anthropology and science, as well as shake the religious faith of millions. However, the latter is beside the scientific point.

The newly found artifacts do not fit neatly or logically into the timeline of events comprising the history of life on planet. Unfortunately, this could be just the cusp of the problem; who knows what else might be unveiled as the project continues.

The situation evolves more perplexingly as one of Mallory’s student helpers, Grey McKnight, becomes enmeshed in the mystery; especially, as she and Grey’s relationship progresses beyond that of mentor and student. With each passing day, the upheaval surrounding the findings threatens to shatter their lives into countless surreal pieces.

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Second Son

About the Book

Raven or dove—birds of a feather flock together.

Every person alive was affected by the relics found amongst the ruins of the Gwellen stone circle. However, as though a trendy topic gone viral for a short time, except for a tabloid headline or two, the world continued to spin very scientifically on its axis. Even Dr. Mallory Jacks remained skeptical, despite all she had witnessed, regardless that she had been specially warned.

Two years after that astonishing moment of first discovery, the artifacts still defied rational explanation. It was likely the true impact of the finds would rumble through the halls of laboratories, universities, museums, and pews for ages to come; granting human life on the planet still exists.

For beyond the boundaries of terra firma and people’s limited senses, unseen forces have kept vigil since the dawn of civilization. And, when Grey returns to Cornwall and Mallory a changed man—with another fantastic story to tell—their love will be tested, and humanity along with its mortality will be judged one last time. The time of the Watcher has arrived.

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About the Author


Ellison Blackburn grew up in Chicago, Illinois, but home has been many other places too—where ever she happens to live for a prolonged time—be it the West Coast or the Midwest.

The daughter of a former, histologist father and nurse mother, as well as a sister of scientifically-minded siblings, Ellison earned a degree in Biology—as it seemed a matter of natural, familial course. Being equally right and left brained, she later received another credential in English Literature, however, she mostly worked in the fields of internet development and graphic design before and after earning each degree. Read more about her unusual road to self-discovery and how it inspired her to become a storyteller too.

Now, her creative inklings as well as other aspects of publishing are her professional focus, although being an ‘inkling’ is more a way of life than it just being a career. As an Indie Author, Ellison published her first novel, Flash Back (previously titledRegeneration X) in early 2015. See the current list of her published works.

On the surface, Ellison lives the life of an ordinary human being, adapting day-to-day, moment-by-moment, to an ever changing, sometimes right here. By joining this readers group you will receive exclusive freebies and extras, specials and pre-release announcements, as well as the most recent news in Ellison’s monthly newsletter.


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