Book Review: ‘Claiming – A Medieval Romance’ by Saskia Knight

Title: Claiming-A Medieval Romance (The Gresham Chronicles Book 1)

Published: 16th January 2014

Author: Saskia Knight



After her father’s death, Lady Rowena Gresham wants nothing more than to be left alone to run her estates and live a life free from the destructive passion that had ruined her mother’s life. But the year is 1207 and her father bequeaths the estates to a distant relative.

Sir Saher de Bohun fought alongside her father for the King and has been rewarded with the wealthy Gresham estates, and the feisty Lady Rowena. But he will not take her by force and is determined to woo her into his bed.

But will Saher’s courtship be enough to allay her fears, enough to stop her from putting into action a plan, the discovery of which would incur both his displeasure and the King’s wrath?

Passion, hot enough to melt the heart of the iciest maiden, contained within.



Short and sweet historical read with a lot of passion being awoken. Claimed is definitely the right word as that’s what Sir Saher de Bohun wants to do with Rowena from the moment they meet. And if she’s really being honest with herself she wants to be claimed by him just as much.

Rowena was always her fathers’ favourite daughter. Almost like his shadow with helping running the castle and its land. It’s all she’s ever wanted to do, as she has no intention of ever marrying for she fears where it might lead. Her sisters’ paths are set – one married and the other taking orders to be a nun – and so she thought hers until their father died. Her father always led her to believe that the castle, land and all it makes would be hers to run after his passing. She is in for quite the shock when the sheriff and a priest turn up to tell her otherwise. It seems her father left the castle and all its land to another, one Sir Saher de Bohun. That’s not all he left, as it seems she is now within that deal also. If she leaves she will lose that which she loves most and have nothing but if she stays she will live with a stranger. One she fears will draw forth her passionate nature and in doing so seal her fate like her mothers.

Saher always wanted land of his own and is pleased to take over the Gresham estate. He knew Rowena’s father well and trusted him. He might have spoken of his daughters strong will but its not until he meets Rowena that he truly believes the force of it. He knew what he was to be promised and is keen to set a life forward but he will not force her to stay. Going further when they are married he will not force himself on her either. No matter how much she temps him. One kiss sparks more passion than either was expecting and it’s not long before he sees a way forward with his new wife. He must woo and seduce her to come to him, her reactions only fueling him on to what he knows they both want. It’s her passionate nature that pulls her back though with fear, this fear he wants to rid her of.

She wants to plan an escape all the while he is trying to get to know her. The longer they are in each other’s company the more her mind, and body, changes with what she wants. Can she truly trust him with her heart and body as well as her land?

Fun short historical read to chill out to on a cozy afternoon. Would be interesting to see how her sisters fare from here on too.

4 out of 5 stars


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2 responses to “Book Review: ‘Claiming – A Medieval Romance’ by Saskia Knight

  1. alexandrareads

    I am sooooo getting this book and I am planning on reading it on a rainy day because from your review I am getting those types of vibes. Great review and have a great day.


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