Book Review: ‘A Solitary Awakening’ by Kevin Cady

Title: A Solitary Awakening

Published: 29th April 2016

Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services

Author: Kevin Cady


Twitter: @kevincadyauthor



Elijah Warren’s world has always been one haunted by murderers. His personal life is non-existent, though it’s not like he’s noticed. Work consumes him, and he’s buried himself in the FBI’s exhaustive demands. There’s no time for romance with killers to track–that is, until the beautiful and erudite Aurelia Blanc is thrown into his life, along with the so-called “Poetic Murderer.”

The Poetic Murderer makes murder an art form, each crime scene an exhibit. To catch him, Elijah and Aurelia must decipher cryptic poems and study imaginative death scenes. They traverse the United States, into the uncharted past of a killer most twisted, whose brutal violence evokes not only empathy for the victims, but an interest in the killer himself.

In time, what these detectives discover about both themselves and the Poetic Murderer will change their lives forever. First, they must understand him. Then, they must stop him, but will a romantic liaison make the killings more personal? If Elijah and Aurelia don’t stay focused, one could end up dead at the hand of a Poetic Murderer.



Murder mystery at its best that will keep you on your toes till the very last page. FBI detectives Aurelia Blanc and Elijah Warren are trying to catch a serial killer – soon to be called the Poetic Murderer – the man in black. Let’s see how the twisted tale starts.

A very intricate story, one that manages to weave the man in blacks murders through a unique timeline. The moment the detectives start following and connecting the kills its almost too late as they have already be planned months/years in advance. They have been methodically planned to the last detail. Leaving breadcrumbs but only if you are smart enough to follow them. Poems from Keats are always left but its not until Aurelia and Elijah start the case that they begin to connect the dots. Might be involved in a twisted killers world but that doesn’t stop the connection being formed between the two. Romance might not be the priority but it is on the cards. More so when they have to watch each others’ backs as the killer might just start targeting them.

Very twisted kills so be wary if you have a delicate imposition, best not read right before bed or you might have some interesting dreams (which I did). The victims aren’t linked in any way, seemingly randomly picked, and the kill locations are never close enough to each other to suggest a link between them. Making it difficult for the detectives to track but not impossible if you know what you are looking for. Which is all the Poetic Murderer is really wanting. To be tracked by the smartest minds who can follow his way of thinking. Has he found who he has been looking for?

You will be trying to figure out whom the killer could be with clues given but not really have all the pieces fall into place until the detectives do. You are figuring things out at the same time, which is good as you then won’t be able to see what’s coming next. Right to the end you will be kept on your toes, which is what you want in a good thriller. It all comes back to the beginning and how it started someone on their path of a solitary awakening. Opening their mind to a new way of thinking in the most twisted of ways.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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