Book Review: ‘Angels and Avalon’ by Catherine Milos

Title: Angels and Avalon (Book One)

Published: 2nd September 2015

Author: Catherine Milos


Twitter: @CatherineMilos



Fed up with the antics of gods and their wars, the Archangel Gabriel takes refuge in a secret paradise. The only condition, he must protect Goddess’ treasure. Driven by pride and darkness, Lucifer aims to dethrone God. Avalon is the perfect place of power and Adamina is the key. Reincarnated, Adamina and Gabriel desperately try to find each other and stop Lucifer. But a soul can only take so much. Elizabeth McAllistar wants a new life free of Angels and Avalon. Will she be able to overcome the tragedy and the past that haunts her?



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book set in the future. It starts in a distant past on a world created by Goddess and goes forward in time through reincarnation with the characters. A book of two parts with Avalon and then forward to present day, two very different worlds where only a few of the same people are found in both. Mainly when reincarnated, whether they remember the past lives is another thing entirely.

Goddess has grown tired of the games and politics of all the Others (Fates, Time, Balance, Death, Birth, Darkness, Light, Justice, Hope, Agony and God himself). She longs for a tranquil place to call her own. But to create a new world, as she can so easily do, without the Others is now forbidden. The last time Goddess and God created without them was when the Angels came into existence. Not created by all, so not bound by the same rules. This doesn’t stop her from creating Avalon though. A place made from the very heart and soul of her but a world that must stay hidden. On another of her worlds, one that is dying and will soon cease to exist is a girl, someone who holds a piece of her own light within her. She knows she shouldn’t but can’t stop herself from saving her and taking her to Avalon. Naming her Adamina she enlists the girls love and asks her to become her Priestess and protect Avalon. She now has a calm existence from the terrors she grew up with but is lonely. Connecting with animals and the world around her is one thing but she longs to connect to a person, to have a friend. So Goddess lifts a veil for a ship to sail through and with it brings Pagan.

Pagan is given the same request to worship the Goddess as she would worship a mother. To teach Adamina the ways of people and care for the land with those that came with her, but her own request is what changes Avalon the most. To have the shipping port left open so trade can come and go. The island has stories attached to it to stop people venturing too far inland, well that and a little help from Gabriel. Only those worthy pass and soon a family of women and young children become the Priestesses of Goddess. To honour her whether she is near or far. It’s when she is away that things start to change. Mainly by the arrival of Angels, something she always feared.

Gabriel had grown tired of his existence and longed for a place to retire. He went to his mother, Goddess, and she sent him to Avalon as long as he would keep it secret and watch over Adamina. To protect her as she grows, keeping her safe. He stays hidden from view for many years. Watching and helping along the way until he hears rumours of God sending out Angels to look for Avalon. His time away leaves Avalon and Adamina open to danger. Said danger in the form of Uriel, an Angel so easily manipulated by others. He makes her a deal to keep Avalon safe from other Angels if she will become his wife. A deal she may soon regret when she sees his true nature and finally accepts her true feelings for Gabriel when she meets him. Years pass and with them come children. All gifted in their own way but all girls. Uriel wants a son, someone to mould in his image and it seems willing do whatever it takes to get one, whether it leads to the destruction of Avalon and Adamina in the process.

I think that part two should have started with the most present day reincarnation of them all rather than jumping around others a few hundred years apart. Or had that as a mini part between the two. This second part is like another complete story following Elizabeth, who was Adamina in her past lives. She is still followed closely by those who would seek to use her power – Lucifer being at the top of that list closely followed by Uriel who just turns out to be crazy. Gabriel just wants to find the other part of his soul but even he has his stupid moments where you are like ‘what are you playing at she is your soul mate stop messing about!’ Everyone is still connected and Elizabeth still has power but something hides her true strength. She is going to need that strength again to take down Lucifer before he strikes. His greed for power will be his downfall and Uriel will soon follow suit.

I would have liked to know what happened to all of Adamina’s children. You know they escape but then you just start jumping through time following her and Gabriel. Can they find their way back to each other and if they do will they be stuck in the past or live in the present? Interesting read with creating a wealth of worlds and characters, all interlinking with each other in their own way to get to one final showdown. Good vs. evil lets see who wins.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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