2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge

Row One: 5/5 – Bingo7-tick

  1. A book with a one word title – Dauntless by Anne Malcom 7-tick
  2. A book with a car chase in it – Masterpiece by Xavier Neal 7-tick
  3. A book by an author you love but haven’t read – All You Need is Love by Janet Nissenson 7-tick
  4. A book with a dragon in it – Nero’s Dream (The Dragons of Incendium #2) by Deborah Cooke 7-tick
  5. A book with a persons name in the title – Becoming Emma: A Robot Erotica Story by Ava Sterling 7-tick

Row Two: 4/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A book you can finish in a day – Vandal by Carian Cole 7-tick
  2. A book with a colour in the title – missed
  3. A highlanders romance – The Beauty Bride by Claire Delacroix 7-tick
  4. A mystery or thriller – The Wolfe Experiment by R.W. Adams 7-tick
  5. A book that has a castle in it – Once Upon a Kiss by Claire Delacroix7-tick

Row Three: 5/5 – Bingo7-tick

  1. The fifth book in a series – Serenity by Janet Nissenson 7-tick
  2. A book from your Goodreads ‘to-read’ list – Carnal Desire by Sebastian Ex 7-tick
  3. A book under 200 pages – Outside the Lines by Anne Malcom7-tick
  4. A book from a series new to you – The Rogue by Claire Delacroix 7-tick
  5. A book with a blue cover – Haunted by Kiara Delaney 7-tick

Row Four: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A book set in a different country – Thrust by Sloan Storm 7-tick
  2. A book with a number in the title – The Magicians Workshop Volume One by Christopher Hansen and J.R. Fehr 7-tick
  3. A book that scares you – Of Beasts and Bonds by N.D. Jones 7-tick
  4. A book about music or musicians – Ashes to Ashes by Rebecca Norinne 7-tick
  5. A book by a female author – Double Dare by Saskia Walker 7-tick

Row Five: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A book published in 2018 – Sex God by Katie McCoy 7-tick
  2. A book with an outstanding hero – Iconic by Xavier Neal7-tick
  3. A historical romance – Harkworth Hall by L.S. Johnson 7-tick
  4. A book from a series you love – Unmask by Xavier Neal7-tick
  5. A book set in an era you would love to see – Wildcat by J.P. Harker 7-tick

Row Six: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. An erotica romance – On the Prowl: A Cougar Story by Ava Sterling 7-tick
  2. A book over 400 pages – Talon by Carian Cole7-tick
  3. A book with flames on the cover – Arista’s Legacy by Deborah Cooke 7-tick
  4. A book about a crime detective – Watching You by J.A. Schneider7-tick
  5. A paranormal book – Wicked and Wild by Cynthia Eden 7-tick

Row Seven: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A book with weather in the title – The Digital Storm by Benjamin Gorman 7-tick
  2. A book that features supernatural powers – Demons and Destiny by Catherine Milos 7-tick
  3. A book by an author who uses initials in their pen name – Talk Nerdy To Me by C. M. Owens 7-tick
  4. A book with action and adventure in it – Dining and Driving with Cats – Alice Unplugged by Pat Patterson 7-tick
  5. A book you didn’t want to put down – The Ghost Machine by Kristen Brand 7-tick

Row Eight: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A book about Sci-fi – I Have a Friend on Jupiter by Celine Rose Mariotti 7-tick
  2. A book by an author new to you – Unliving the Dream by Sandra Vischer 7-tick
  3. A collection of short stories – Thread and Other Stories by Eric Halpenny 7-tick
  4. A book about a sport – Believe (Oni Fighters #2) by Natalie Gayle 7-tick
  5. A book with a beautiful cover – Rogue by Tonya Coffey 7-tick

Row Nine: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A book about Shifters – Two Tickets for Bearadise by Chasity Bowlin7-tick
  2. A memoir – Civilianized: A Young Veteran’s Memoir by Michael Anthony 7-tick
  3. A book involving time travel – Spellcaster by George Bachman 7-tick
  4. A book you heard about on Goodreads – Lukas by Carian Cole 7-tick
  5. A book about angels – Shadow Eyes by Dusty Crabtree 7-tick

Row Ten: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A contemporary romance – Rascal by Katie McCoy 7-tick
  2. A book about witches – Blessedly Bound by Lucretia Stanhope 7-tick
  3. A book set on another planet – Wyvern’s Prince by Deborah Cooke 7-tick
  4. A book with food in the title – Cotton Candy and Tangerines by MR Chevalier 7-tick
  5. A book set somewhere you have travelled to – Error by Xavier Neal7-tick

Row Eleven: 5/5 – Bingo 7-tick

  1. A book a friend recommended – Wingman by Katie McCoy 7-tick
  2. A book that made you laugh out loud – Deity’s Soulmate by Angelina Kerner 7-tick
  3. The last book in a series – Stronger by Janet Nissenson 7-tick
  4. A short story – Satisfaction Guaranteed by Ava Sterling 7-tick
  5. A book published in 2017 – Feel.it by Ian Wingrove 7-tick

55 books in total with a few new challenges added this time around so lets get going!

71 books read and I missed finding one with a colour in the title! Oh well onto the TBR list for this year 🙂