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Release Blitz: ‘Release’ by Dylan Allen

Title: Release
A Symbols of Love Novel
Author: Dylan Allen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2018

I’m here for pleasure.


And in paradise, I don’t have a past. I don’t have pain, my secrets don’t haunt me and I can be anyone I want

He’s here for business.

Harry’s intoxicatingly handsome, rich, and also the biggest jerk I’ve ever met. So, it’s inconvenient that sparks fly every time our eyes meet.

Indulging in an affair wasn’t on my agenda.

But fate isn’t a mistress to our intentions; And what starts as strike of lightening on a moonlit beach ignites a fire between us that will span continents.

Meeting again in the unlikeliest of circumstances feels written in the heavens.

And I’ll need the courage of the gods to tell him the truth.

They say the truth will set you free… but what if it destroys you first?

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Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio


Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust.

A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings.

When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.


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Release Blitz and Book Review: ‘Two Tickets to Bearadise’ by Chasity Bowlin

Title: Two Tickets to Bearadise (Bearadise Lodge Book 1)

Published: 28th February 2018

Author: Chasity Bowlin


Twitter: @AuthorChasity




A Curvy Beauty Looking To Get Away From It All

Zoe Hawkins has a successful career as a romance writer… except she’s not feeling very into romance and a deadline is looming. When her best friend and fellow author, India, bails on her at the last minute, Zoe does what she’s gotten painfully good at—flying solo. Headed into the mountains for a solitary writing retreat, the city girl is ill equipped to deal with the large and terrifying bear that she encounters as she struggles to get into her rented cabin.

A Sexy Shifter Who Knows What He Wants

Logan might be the youngest of the Arthur brothers, but he’s always known precisely what he wanted. From the moment he sets eyes on the luscious curves of Zoe, city girl or not, he knows she’s the one for him. She’s his mate. Destiny put her in his path and he doesn’t plan to let her get away. Of course, the fact that she’s now terrified of bears and consoling herself with every form of liquor in the minibar doesn’t help.

Happily Ever After?

If Zoe can survive the humiliation of her drunken attempts to seduce him and the hangover that came after, and if Logan can convince her that bears can be cuddly too, they might just have a chance to write a love story of their own.

Two Tickets To Bearadise is the first in a series, but each of the subsequent books can be read as a standalone.


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Amazon – UK / US / CA / AU

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Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book about shifters. Bear shifters to be precise and these are some fine looking ones to boot. Might need to book a retreat to a mountainside cabin soon.

So Zoe might want to thank her friend India for standing her up on her little week writing retreat when she starts to appreciate the welcome she got. She is a city girl through and through but knows she needs to go somewhere quiet to work so a mountainside cabin seem as good a place as any. She has a deadline from her publisher that is looming and must finish her book ASAP if she wants to get the advance for the next one. Small problem is that she has no ideas flowing. She’s a romance author and has been lacking in that department for a while. How can she write about being ravished by some hot man when she almost can’t remember what it feels like? A week away to get the mind juices flowing is what’s needed. It’s just the nature that’s making her a bit nervous. Well that and the big bear at the cabin door pawing at her snacks. Playing dead is her first thought but when said bear licks her neck she goes in that direction by passing flat out. Seems this is no ordinary bear.

Logan has a big furry secret. One he’s never thought about revealing before. But that all changes when he gets a whiff of a sweet honey scent. Well bears and honey do go hand in hand. So after scaring her enough to pass out Logan knows he needs to get her inside the cabin so she is safe. He knows not all bears in the area are shifters; some really might bite. Thing with shifting back to human though is that he is naked, and from the moment she is in his arms, very happy to see her. He can’t explain the reaction right away but knows he can’t stay away from her for long. She wakes in his arms and while he tries to keep her from looking she gets one hell of an eye full when he leaves. Enough of one to give her hormones a boost in a very hot direction and only getting hotter to closer she is to Logan. A man with muscles on top of muscles and an appendage none would forget in a hurry. Not that Zoe wants to. She has other plans in mind.

The connection is felt from the first moment and its not long before the pull for each other grants them another chance encounter. Well not so much chance as wishful thinking on Zoe’s part when coming to the mountainside cabins small shop. She’s looking for supplies but gets more than she bargained for. Talk about getting a spark to ignite into a full-blown fire. Seems one taste isn’t enough for either of them. The craving they have for each other is just getting stronger. Hot and heavy from the get go but with Logan’s secret looming over them can this fling turn into something real or will she run for the hills? Though you know it might just give her a push in the right direction for her next book. Writing what she experiences perhaps?

Logan’s brothers, bears too, Sam and Barrett were definitely chalk and cheese, even more so with him. All stems from their childhoods and having one person calling them monsters were enough to make them wary of strangers. Their stories should be fun as each is going to need very different women. Great start to a new series and should be interesting to see where it goes from here. Light, shifter fun read to chill out with on a lazy afternoon.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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Release Blitz: ‘Blood and Roses’ by Lylah James

Title: Blood and Roses
Series: Tainted Hearts #3.5
Author: Lylah James
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Genre: Mafia Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 27, 2018






I was trapped. There was nothing left of me.

Then he came and wanted to make me his.

He saved me. He gave me a home, a family.

He made sweet love to me.

I was his Angel. He was my everything.

I thought we would live happily ever after, but there are no happy endings in the mafia life.

I found this out the hard way, as the blood flowed, red as roses…




Angel. The word meant nothing until I saw her.

I found her in a place worse than hell. She calls me her savior.

But I didn’t save her. I captured the pretty angel and made her mine.

Life was perfect. I had everything I wanted.

I was her salvation. She was my redemption.

Until I lost her.

Angels deserve happy endings, but monsters like me don’t.

My darkness became hers, and our happily-ever-after became tainted.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited


“I am a mad man, Maria. And you tested my patience today,” he hissed, his face coming so close to mine and I shivered in his hold.

My hand came up and gripped his wrist, not to dislodge his hold from my throat but to keep it there. His eyes flared dangerously and I knew I was playing with fire.

“I am sorry,” I whispered.

“No. I don’t think you are.”

Shock coursed through my body at his words and I flinched. The tears made another appearance. I tried to deny his claim but the look on his face stopped me.

“Stand up,” he ordered softly. But oh, it was every bit menacing.

My body was his, my mind was his…and I obeyed instantly. There was no hesitation. His grip released my throat and I stood up on shaking legs in front of Master.

“You broke my rules, Maria. The rules are there to protect you and you consciously went against me. I can’t keep you safe like this.”

My chin wobbled against the effort to keep my tears at bay. I was ashamed. Embarrassed. And wanted nothing more than for Lyov to just hold me.

But he was angry. I’d made him angry.

“You know what happens when you break one of my rules. You are aware of the consequences,” he continued in the same harsh, rough voice.

I nodded silently.

“Your words,” he demanded. Each word hit me like a harsh lash against my fragile skin. Lyov was brutal.

“Yes. I am aware of the consequences, Master.” Maybe…just maybe that was why I did it.

He stared me down, his grey eyes icy. “Good. Undress then.”

I went to quickly do as I was told, gripping my nightgown and starting to pull it over my
head but Lyov’s voice stopped me.

“Slowly, Maria. Undress slowly for me.”

His words sent a shiver down my body, all the way to my toes. My thighs clenched. Lyov sat back lazily and watched me intently. Without taking his eyes off me, he took a bottle of scotch from the small table beside him and poured some in a glass.

His head was cocked to the side as he brought the glass to his lips and sipped slowly. The darkness in his eyes didn’t disappear. It was still there and more. Intense. Furious. Dangerous.

There was a fiery need inside of me. My hands trembled as I brought them up to unbutton my nightgown. My fingers fumbled with the buttons and Lyov watched me with rapt attention, an eyebrow raised mockingly.

Finally, when all six buttons were open, I breathed out a sigh. My hands paused and my stomach clenched. Slowly, like Lyov wanted me to, I pushed the nightgown down my shoulders and then my arms before it pooled at my feet.

I was left with only my bra and panties. The cold air caressed me and goosebumps rose on my skin. I shivered even though Lyov’s heat was penetrating into my every pore.

His gaze was filled with danger, brutality…and need.

At the thought of Lyov being in complete control and seeing him exude dominance with just a mere glance, or just a simple word—it had my senses in override.

Author Bio

Lylah James lives with her parents and younger brother somewhere in Canada. She uses all her spare time to write. If she is not studying, sleeping, writing or working – she can be found with her nose buried in a good romance book, preferably with a hot alpha male.

Writing is her passion. The voices in her head won’t stop and she believes they deserve to be heard and read. Lylah James writes about drool worthy and total alpha males, with strong and sweet heroines. She makes her readers cry – sob their eyes out, swoon, curse, rage and fall in love. Mostly known as the Queen of cliffhanger and the #evilauthorwithablacksoul, she likes to break her readers’ hearts and then mend them again.


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Release Blitz: ‘Playmaker’ by L.P. Dover

Title: Playmaker
A Breakaway Novel
Author: L.P. Dover
Genre: Sports Romance
Publisher: Loveswept/Random House
Release Date: February 27, 2018



He knows every play in the book. But she’s calling the shots.

I’m Maddox Ledger, all-star winger and the reason the Charlotte Strikers killed it in the playoffs. Yeah, the tabloids like to call me arrogant. A real hothead. All I see is a guy who plays to win. Wreaking havoc on the ice, breaking a few hearts—that’s all just part of the game. And I’m sure as hell not sitting on the bench.

When my teammate asks me to be in his wedding party, I can’t refuse. Lucky for me, the bridesmaid I’m paired with is the definition of eye candy, but she’s so much more than that. Lacey Easton is totally irresistible and she makes me want to be a better man. A glimpse of bare shoulder takes me back to a steamy, two-week Vegas tryst I can’t forget. One I’m eager to repeat.

Suddenly our one-night stand is turning into the sequel. Still, Lacey’s keeping secrets. She doesn’t trust me. And maybe I deserve it. But I know more than she thinks I do and there’s no chance I’m letting her get away—or letting another guy take what is mine. This time, I’m playing for keeps.


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“And we’ll be right back,” Maddox announced, grabbing my wrist.

He pulled me away, and I went willingly with him. I glanced back at Braeden and he started toward us, but I shook my head, stopping him midstep. Maddox turned the corner, his eyes burning like fire.

“I thought I could get through this, but I can’t. I’m so fucking tired of the lies. I know who you are, Lacey.”

My heart stopped. I pretended to be stupid. “Of course, you know who I am. Stop being silly. We need to get back to the wedding.”

He stepped closer, caging me against the wall, with his lips so close to mine. “No,” he growled low. “I mean, I know who you are . . . Paige.” Keeping his eyes on mine, he glided a hand down my bare back and reached inside my dress, circling his fingers around my strawberry birthmark. My whole body broke out in chills. “Did you seriously think I wouldn’t recognize you?”

“Took you long enough,” I snapped.

“Oh, I knew who you were right after you left me in Vegas.” My mouth dropped. “Yeah, that’s right, sunshine. A well-paid private investigator can find out anything.”

Also Available




Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.

She loves to write, but she also loves to play golf, go on mountain hikes and white water rafting, and has a passion for singing. Her two youngest fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.

Dover has written countless novels, including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed & Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, the Society X series, the Circle of Justice series, and her standalone novels It Must’ve Been the Mistletoe and Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense, but if she got to choose a setting in which to live, it would be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.

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Book Blitz: ‘Snow City’ by G. A. Kathryns

Title: Snow City

Author: G. A. Kathryns

Genre: Literary Fiction


About the Book:

Her name is Echo Japonica, and she lives in Snow City. But she was not always Echo, and she did not always live in Snow City. Somewhere else, she was someone else and it was to Snow City that she fled in order to escape a place and a self that had at last become intolerable.

For Snow City is a dream – Echo’s dream – of a better place, an idealized place, a place of both anonymity and fulfillmet. It is, for Echo, a haven of peace, a refuge, a sanctuary.

But Snow City remains, nonetheless, a dream, and dreams, being such fragile things, can so easily shade into nightmare…


Sometimes one has to dream very hard to keep oneself sane. And that is what I did, hiding from the world — from the terror and the bombings and the deliberately engineered famines and droughts, from the withering shreds of civility and the surging outbursts of impersonal violence — groping blindly through my shadowy, nightmare-haunted fantasies until I came upon Snow City, my dream, my creation. And it was perfect: all bright and full of color, surrounded by pristine mountains, watered by a clear river, touched with the magic of kind people and the pure air I had always longed to breathe, unsullied by the filth and despair of my physical existence.

And as the days wore on and the horror and atrocity about me increased, I turned again and again to my fantasy world, seeking shelter, seeking respite, living secretly, within my heart, an alternate, fabricated life in my little bastion of sanity and perfection.

Until one morning, I awakened to discover that what had been the real world had turned into a kind of faded delirium, and that I — somehow graced with an impossible rebirth and a new identity — was now living in Snow City.

In it.

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Amazon – UK / US


Excerpt from chapter 3:

In as much of a mental blank as I can muster, I prepare myself and my guitar for the evening’s performance. All is as it always is, as it always has been throughout my time in Snow City. Inspect. Tune. Warm up. Practice. I note fret wear on the wound strings, but though there are new strings to be had, now is not the time to change them, for new strings will take a day or two to stretch out and hold their pitch, and I cannot be constantly retuning in the middle of a piece.

String replacement will be a task for a day off, then, and yes, Mr. Anthony is probably right: perhaps extra-hard tension will bring arthritis on a year or two early. But the yellow card Savarez allows the Kohno to sing brilliantly, and at any rate I intend to let old age take care of itself. At present, I am thirty-five, and I have other things on my mind. Music. Making a living. Existing in my idealized perfection.

Realizing that my idealized perfection contains blemishes of which I was not previously aware.

Practice. And more practice. My fingers flow into the intricacies of Dowland and Bach, and when, just before my Spartan dinner, I take a minute to check my e-mail, my fingers tap keys in half-conscious chordal patterns and bass lines as I respond to a missive from an uncle — Seymour — who is a minister at a small church in an equally small town in Montana. An uncle I have never met and to whom I cannot possibly be related because I simply did not exist in Snow City earlier than three months ago.

Or did I? Was there, perhaps, another Echo Japonica, one who lived happily and productively in this world — preexistent, not dreamed — before my consciousness somehow usurped her identity? Such thoughts and attendant qualms come to me upon occasion, reinforced, to be sure, by external evidence: income tax records dating back the requisite number of years, a driver’s license renewed fourteen months ago, pay stubs dating back to my (or someone else’s) first days at the Blue Rose along with a framed (first tip!) dollar bill I have no memory of receiving…letters, bills, documents of every sort that testify mutely to a life lived in Snow City for much longer than I can recollect.

Whose life have I stolen?

As I tap away, politely declining yet another invitation to spend a week or two in the guesthouse at Uncle Seymour’s ranch — relax, take it easy, surely city life must wear on one after a while, so come smell the wildflowers and perhaps do a little horseback riding — I look up from the computer and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the far wall. Big blue eyes. Blonde braid. I did not look even remotely like this…before. But…but who did? And where is she now?

My performance that night is adequate. I am a professional: I will have it no other way. But though Luigi and Mr. O’Dally obviously notice that I am withdrawn and cool, my thoughts shadowed, they do not press me for reasons. Nor do I lift my eyes from my strings as I play: even during the easiest and most trivial of my pieces, my head is bent over the neck of my instrument far more than necessary…for fear that I will espy that gray-clad figure sitting at a back table.

Only once in the course of the evening do I edge toward personal interaction, for after my second set, my curiosity and worry

about my hypothetical predecessor at last get the better of me, and while allowing myself a cup of tea at the counter during my break, I turn to Luigi, who is wiping up the remains of a latte left by a clumsy customer.

“Luigi…I find I have a curious question that I am impelled to ask you.”

He brightens: a break in the clouds over this gloomy musician’s head? “I’m at your service, Auntie Echo.”

“Did I…” I do not know where to start. “Was I…that is to say… was there anything…” I falter, unable to find the words. How does one ask something so seemingly idiotic?

Luigi considers me. He is young and intelligent and frequently flippant. But there is a place for flippancy, even in Snow City. “Just spit it out, Auntie.”

With difficulty, I swallow the last of my tea. “I have been playing guitar at this coffee shop for years now, have I not?”

“Yes.” The Mediterranean lilt. “Of course you have.”

I press on despite my fears. “Did I by any chance start to act somewhat strange about…about three months ago? Somewhat different than before? Somewhat…one might say…weird?”

Luigi finishes mopping the latte, rinses the cloth abstractedly, and puts it aside. For a good minute, he looks serious, even thoughtful. Then: “It’s a little hard to say, Auntie Echo. You’ve always acted a little weird.”

I sigh. Of just such stuff are quandaries made. But I nonetheless thank him…and spend the last part of my break hiding in the back office.


About the Author:

G.A. Kathryns grew up on the West Coast and later on moved to the drier and higher realms of the high plains. She currently makes her home in the Denver metro area where she shares the company of a spouse and two small dogs.

Along with SNOW CITY, she has written a Southern Gothic themed title, THE BORDERS OF LIFE (soon to be reissued in a revised, corrected, and updated version), several pedagogical works devoted to playing the harp, a number of short stories, and a collection of dark fiction.

To learn more, go to


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