Book Review: ‘Outside the Lines’ by Anne Malcom

Title: Outside the Lines (The Sons of Templar MC Book 2.5)

Published: 12th February 2016

Author: Anne Malcom




My life’s not easy. I’ll tell you that now. It’s not neat. I don’t fit into society the way most people expect me to and I don’t color studiously between the lines, outside the lines is where I reside. The fringes of society is where I found my place, with the Sons of Templar MC. The life they lived gave me everything I wanted, and everything I needed. Most importantly, it gave me something I’d been lacking for over a decade—family. A place to belong.

Club girl—that was my title. There were other words for what I was, but I preferred the less derogatory version. Sure, I’d love to be an Old Lady. It’s the dream. But, as someone who escaped into fantasy worlds when life got too much, I knew the difference between dreams and reality. I had resigned myself to the fact, I’d always belong to the club. It didn’t mean I didn’t crave one man in particular to claim me. To put me on the back of his bike and ride off into the sunset with the man who’d captured my heart the first day I saw him—Hansen. The dream where he’d finally see me and make me his, existed strictly in Macy’s world of wonder. Until now. Until somehow my fantasy world and reality world collided and he looks at me in the way I’d dreamt of for a year.

Fairy tales usually had neat and happy endings once the hero and heroine got together. This wasn’t a fairy tale. Hansen wasn’t your traditional hero and I was the furthest you could get from a heroine. I feared my past might dictate my future. That my world outside the lines would go from messy to complete disaster.




Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book under 200 pages. Sometimes it’s more fun to live just outside the lines. Something Macy has grown to do and Hansen is starting to embrace. From club girl to Old Lady, how will our girl Macy handle the change after the breath-taking kiss that started it all?

Macy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows but she does bring a smile to those she meets. She found a family in the form of the club and felt like it sort of fitted what she needed. She doesn’t get treated any less by the men – well maybe one of them, Hammer – but seems to think this is the life that she is meant to live. She has a darker past that has put her on the path she finds herself on but she wouldn’t change it, especially as it led to Hansen. Now he might be the only guy from the club that she really wants but he seems to stay away, something she can never be too sure about. He likes to send mixed signals, more so when you see his face almost explode when one of the guys asks her to go some place private. It confuses her to no end, as she can never figure him out. It seems change is on the way though as he is about to make a stand. The morning after having fun with one of the brothers you would think she would be feeling satisfied. Not so much after Hansen startles her in the kitchen early the next morning and kisses the life out of her. Just when she thinks that this could mean something he turns and leaves. If that wasn’t confusing enough for the next week the guys at the club give her a wide berth. Thinking this could be their way of pushing her out she panics and can only think of one thing that links the timing – Hansen and his panty dropping kiss.

Hansen is a hard guy to get a feel of to begin with as he likes to keep his emotions close to his chest. You can see he is struggling with what he feels for Macy but doesn’t think to make a move. Then he has the nerve to be pissed off that his brothers get to have her and not him. It all changes after a kiss, one that he had been holding out on for a year. One taste and he knew that she was for him and that from that moment on no other would have her but him. He just forgets to mention this to her first, and then there is the trouble with the Cali Templars and Amy needing to be rescued. So it kind of puts their bubbling heat of passion on hold for the time being. Once they leave though Macy is the first thing on his mind. Once he realizes that this is the life she is happy with, being part of the Templars, he knows he needs to change her role within them. He can feel the tension rising and knows he needs to stake his claim before he loses out. The moment she gets caught up in a bar fight seems to be the best move to kick start him into action.

A hit to the head and Macy might think she is dreaming when she wakes in Hansen’s arms in his bed, with his naked chest and everything, yum all round. He may be asleep but she can’t miss this chance as she has been pining for him for a year. Asleep he may have been but the moment she moves across him and her lips are close his resolve doesn’t last. One kiss and that’s it, he makes it very clear from that moment on she is his and not just as a club girl but as his Old Lady. Something she has longed for but never thought she would become. She might have wanted it but the getting it is a bit harder. When they are in the bubble of passion at his or hers it’s great but her past keeps coming back to cause her trouble in her mind. The transition is hard but Hansen doesn’t see a problem with it. Her past is the past; he just looks for the future. Shame her past is a darker one that comes back to haunt her. Will her new family be there to help or cast her aside?

Jagger was cool and clearly cared for Macy, he knew that she deserved more than what she thought she was worth. Grim was a hardass but you would expect nothing less from the clubs President. Hammer was a bit of a dick but maybe there’s more to him than meets the eye. Arianne was a laugh and clearly in tune with Macy enough to know what she wants and how to help her through things. It was an interesting novella showing a different side to the biker romance. Nothing ever runs smoothly and there are always going to be troubles along the way with this pairing – or with any of the Templar guys that is as they really do love fiercely when they claim you as their own – but sometimes to go outside the lines is more fun.

5 out of 5 stars

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