Book Review: ‘Blessedly Bound’ by Lucretia Stanhope

Title: Blessedly Bound: An Elemental Witch Trails Novel Book One

Published: 13th February 2017

Author: Lucretia Stanhope

Twitter: @dianas58

Amazon page:



Dark Secrets. Bound Magic. A determined witch.

Elemental witch, Gwen Hensley, wants answers. Why was her grandmother burned alive? Was it because she was witch? Did it have something to do the with the dark secrets of the family that orphaned her? Those answers won’t come easy and time is ticking.

Behind the smiling faces of the locals lies a killer whose sights are set on her. Is it one of the friendly shopkeepers? The mysterious neighbor she’s drawn to? Or is someone closer to her behind the gruesome murder? None appear capable of such evil. With the target on her, she can’t be wrong. How will she decide who she can trust?



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book about witches. A family line that seems to have a curse surrounding it, dark magic soon starts closing in.

Gwen finds herself being called back to the home she never knew by dark news of her grandmother being killed. Burned at the stake so to speak. A psycho on the loose some would say but perhaps a witch-hunt is on the cards. Danger follows as she tries to make sense of what has happened and what it means for her.

She might feel alone at times with no family but she isn’t truly as she always has her familiar Lewis – well at the start anyway. He is meant to be her guide and teacher in all things magical. Right from the start though you get the feeling that he is holding something back. He likes to make her think she is a weak witch. Something she has never wanted to question until coming to live at her grandmother’s home. With moving in she starts a friendship with her neighbour Sebastian, one she can feel has magic but isn’t completely sure what he is. A familiar too perhaps, just not her grandmothers even though they were close friends. It seems that he wants to guide her and feels a strong connection – like her – from the moment they met. There is just something about the other that draws them in close. Well it might start out that way but he has a dark secret that once told is likely to cause tension between them. Something Lewis is happy about. He might have made it clear that he and Gwen couldn’t be together but that doesn’t change their feelings. Though to be fair the longer you get in the book the more you are unsure about his true feelings for her. He might think he is doing the right thing to keep her safe from a possible dark future at the hands of someone powerful but his methods are a bit off. Sebastian is all too aware of what he is up to and so tries to help wherever he can.

The trouble of past visions and future fates is what triggers Sebastian and Lewis to come together to help train Gwen better. A quick study she may be and not one to shy away from trouble. Which is where she’s headed as she tries to figure out who really killed her grandmother. The cops might say the person is caught but she knows something’s not right. It seems for her to figure out the present she needs to look into the past but in doing so it might put her in more danger. A killer after witches it seems so she may need to learn faster if she is to be able to fight back and win. She can’t just rely on others, as they may not get there in time. Fight or flight kicks in and when the time comes to get revenge who is the one going to be on top.

Interesting mix of magic, familiars who can shift to and from their animal forms and a vampire twist, all mixed in with a murder mystery to figure out. That being said I did kind of call it as to who the killer was but that’s just the start of the adventure of Gwen being in this new town. Seems other magical beings might be about to get called into play. Romance on the cards but is it only due to a blood spell for protection. Who is meant to be and what are everyone’s true motives? Something I’m sure will be explored in the books to come.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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