Book Review: ‘Heartbreaker’ by Katie McCoy

Title: Heartbreaker (Rascals Book 3)

Published: 20th August 2018

Author: Katie McCoy




Five guys. One bar. And a whole heap of sexy trouble…

Liam Callahan is devastatingly handsome, infuriatingly aloof and… my new boss? Put that at the top of the list of ‘Things I Wish I’d Known (Before I Was Panting in His Arms During a Sizzling Midnight Make-out Session.)’

My bartending gig at Rascals was supposed to be a fresh start for me. Now I’m juggling drink orders AND red-hot sexual tension – but I refuse to let Liam’s smoldering stares throw me off my game…

Until one late night leads to another. And another. Liam has a reputation as Mr Heartbreaker, but he’s revealing a whole new side of himself: funny, playful, and most definitely NSFW. But this rascal has made a rule of never getting in too deep, and despite the real connection between us, something’s holding him back.

Can we find a way to put the past behind us and move on? Or will my new beginning end in heartbreak before it’s even begun?



Goes down as the first off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – The third book in a series. And what a series it is, great lines like this are to follow when the heat turns up with Liam and Juliet:

“This dress is gorgeous,” he murmured, his fingers teasing the neckline. “I’ll buy you another one.” Then, he ripped it straight down the middle.

Now our Liam is a very regimented man. He plans everything in his life to get out what he thinks is going to be the best option in everything – job, house, women, marriage. You may be thinking he just has a stick up his backside and needs to chill out and go with the flow, but he does have his reasons. When you learn a little more about his childhood you start to understand why he feels the need to control what he can as he knows first hand what happens when things get out of control. So you can see how meeting Juliet might be throwing him through a loop a bit with her being a little more impulsive and spontaneous these days. More so after the year she’s had.

Juliet was a renowned ballet dancer, but after an accident at a rehearsal a year before, that part of her life ended. She may be back on her feet, quite literally, but needs to be able to find who she really is again. Or more so, to find out who she is without dancing. She feels the need to try something new or just be impulsive for a change. This leads to going up to a very handsome stranger at a cool new bar – Rascals – to ask him to dance. Now dancing with a stranger is one thing but on her way out, while spotting him again, she ends up doing something even bolder – kissing him. This may have startled our mystery guy for a moment but that soon passes. Things may heat up to the point of dragging each other into the alleyway but hearing voices form the street stops that cold. Juliet thinks she will never see the guy again, or find out his name, but fate has other ideas. Seems leaving her card at Rascals leads her to a new job and maybe a new man!

When Liam walks into Rascals as sees that Juliet is working there you can almost see his mind trying to calculate how it happened and what he should do. He knows she isn’t really the right fit for him (he has a list!) but can’t seem to make himself stay away from her. Bumping into her while on a run is one thing but turning up to a cooking class she happened to mention is something else. Seems these two can’t really keep their minds, hands, lips – well you get the picture – off each other so you know it won’t take long for things to escalate.

Well that would go a lot faster if Liam weren’t the King of Mr. Hot and Cold with how he acts around Juliet. Let’s see how fast she can get rid of the cold part because when they get together it’s all about the heat. But when Liam’s ever loving ‘plan’ comes together in new ways you just hope he won’t take too long to see what, or who, should really be in the picture. If he can’t see it right away lets hope Sawyer can give him some much-needed advice to kick him in the right direction. Seriously at some points you will feel like smacking Liam over the head.

Rest of the gang is there too, which is good, so we get a bit of a catch up with how our first two sets of couples are going, Alex and Emerson, and Chase and Kelsey. This one also saw a bit more of Hayley while linking into what the other guys, Sawyer and Dante, are up to too. Let’s just say you can have a lot of fun on a boat out in the ocean – though Liam and Juliet almost have a bit too much in the water when no one was watching. There are lots of things to appreciate view wise – sea, sun, rippling muscles – you know the usual. Roof top movie night cool was cool too. Sawyer’s story is next which should be fun but I think I’m looking forward to Hayley and Dante’s the most. Clocked that pair would get together right from the start of the series.

5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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