Book Review: ‘Man Candy’ by Lila Monroe

Title: Man Candy (Billionaire Bachelors Book 4)

Published: 13th August 2018

Publisher: Lila Monroe Books

Author: Lila Monroe


Twitter: @lilawrites


Amazon page:



What’s hotter than a sexy man and unlimited chocolate? Indulge in the delicious new rom-com from Lila Monroe!

Private investigator Nick Cameron is six foot two of chiseled, hunky trouble. He needs a fake fiancée to help him go undercover at the hottest candy company around, and he picks… me?!

OK, he thinks I’m the safe, reliable choice. But what he doesn’t know is that I’ve been waiting for the chance to get out from behind my desk and indulge my Bond girl fantasies. Goodbye, Moneypenny. Hello, femme fatale!

It’s my chance to take a risk and prove I’m more than just a secretary… but I didn’t bank on the sizzlin’ hot chemistry and Nick’s lick-able abs. And between our wild cover stories, after-hours investigation, and not-so-fake romps, the line between fiction and reality is melting faster than a Hershey’s kiss in the summer sun.

Can our delicious fake relationship turn into something real? Or will my sexy sugar rush crash before we can unravel the chocolate conspiracy? Find out in the latest BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR romance from Lila Monroe!



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with food in the title. Alice is about to see what all the fuss was about when she finally gets out from behind that desk. Doesn’t take her long though to realise that with fantasy and reality the lines can cross in the blink of an eye.

So Alice has been working The Agency for a while as the office manager / researcher for perspective clients – finding out all their secrets to see if they should work with them or not in the first place. She has longed to get out from behind the desk and take on a job by herself but has never really pushed hard enough for Olivia to take her serious. Seems her luck is about to change when a new client asks for her to be his ‘fake fiancé’. Only problem that could arise is that this new client isn’t a complete stranger.

The night before while out with her sister, after watching a Bond classic, she spots a mystery man at the bar. Someone she marks as a kind of Bond 2.0, acting all smooth and suave. After her sister leaves, and she finishes some work, she can’t help but be drawn to him. Especially when another man appears and they do a briefcase swap. Now caught in the mystery she can’t help but get closer, helps she was about to pay her bill. Her mystery man is even better close up and takes no time in talking to her. When talk about the Bond movie she just watched comes up so does Bonds women and how easy they fall for a kiss. Which leads Bond 2.0 to do just that, kiss her senseless, stating that she clearly looked like a women who longed to be kissed – true. It’s not until he leaves, calling her by her name, that she realises she never gave it. Our mystery guy is the new client who just happens to be a private investigator. Hello Bond mystery of her own. What could possibly go wrong?

Sweet as candy? It seems not with some secrets potentially being stolen from Lainey’s company – an old friend of Nick’s. It’s what Nick is investigating and to do so he needs a nice reliable fake fiancé who can help him infiltrate the CandyShack business. He thinks that from the start but soon starts to realise that Alice has a lot more to offer and he is only just scratching the surface. When Alice is told what the ‘stolen secret’ is, and how the competition could be about to launch it first, I think I’m on board with her reaction to the idea. A chocolate bar with a hollowed out centre filled with milk, coffee or champagne, to name but a few options. Messy while eating comes to mind. But is this really as cut and dry as Nick thinks? Seems Alice is quicker off the mark with thinking something just doesn’t add up with Lainey’s story. Whether Nick will listen is another matter entirely.

Now to get closer to the CandyShack people in the know they need to go to all the right parties, Alice being the arm candy to distract the wives while Nick gets talking to the higher ups. Seems Alice might need a little help in this regard when she says the wrong thing to someone and ends up making a bit of a mess. Good job Tiffany Trout – great name – comes to the rescue after her chocolate fountain stain disaster. She also just so happens to be the assistant to the CEO of CandyShack, Mr. Janssen. Bumping into her again ends up coming with a job offer. Looks like Alice is going further undercover to help, whether Nick likes it or not. Bond 2.0 might have met his match with how much fun Alice is having with this case. Snooping can be fun and you can find out all sorts of things, just not all candy related.

Catching Nick out when he is slinking around wearing black was always going to make Alice want to follow. A little snooping around the CEOs mansion and it looks like he has a partner this time. Almost getting caught has its perks is all I’ll say when they get trapped in a closet. This soon leads to thoughts going in new, hot, interesting directions for the both of them. One in particular is that Nick seems to really like her bunny sleepers. Mainly with thinking about them bouncing in the air while they … well he never finishes the thought but you get the drift. Thoughts are nothing compared to the real thing though, sparks are definitely flying around these two.

Interesting capers these two manage to get themselves into. Great chemistry right from the start, that just got hotter the more the lines blurred. There are only so many hot as hell kisses you can take before fantasy and reality collide. Sweet as candy in places too! Another great read from a fun hot series.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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