Book Review: ‘The Scented Bones’ by Angelina Kerner

Title: The Scented Bones (The Svabodina Case Files Book 1)

Published: 2nd September 2018

Author: Angelina Kerner


Twitter: @kernerangelina




Angel Svabodina is a rookie forensic anthropologist, enjoying the beginning of her new career. That joy comes crashing down when she figures out the skeleton she’s working on is not human and then it vanishes.

She throws herself fully into the case without thinking about the parties involved, a psychopomp associate, and paranormal mafia families made up of vampires and werewolves—or the consequences.

When she sees there’s no avoiding the inevitable, Angel has to suck it up and work with the werewolves to solve the case but can she trust them?

Werewolves and witches are in a centuries-old feud, but that doesn’t stop the shivers running down her spine from one wolf in particular. Rights and wrongs become blurred, as she is tormented by her past and accepting who she truly is while searching for the skeleton. What’s more, nothing comes for free, including information. To get what she needs from the werewolf don, Angel has to meet with the fae queen. Can she meet her without repercussions and solve the case?



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with non-human characters. We have witches, werewolves, vampires and many more that will show up as the series continues. The Mafia paranormal families are causing trouble and Angel seems to be at the centre of it with a bones case she was working – one where they go missing. Vampires – the Kamorra – and werewolves – the Tarotia – seem to be at the top of it, but which to be more afraid of is anyone’s guess. Let’s the supernatural escapades begin.

I’ve recently just started watching Bones TV series so got a bit of a vibe throughout with Angel being a forensic anthropologist and all, not that she really likes the comparison herself though. She has a bit more to deal with than they do with all the paranormal stuff thrown in for good measure. Bones are something she knows but these ones in particular have a distinct feel to them – they are paranormal. Just when she is about the start the case she finds they have been taken. She has a feeling that she is meant to see this case through, no matter where it might lead. Where it leads is the middle of paranormal mafia situation. Seems she might need to be asking her Grandma to unlock her magic again after all as she is going to need it.

Now Angel’s best friend seems to have found her way into a certain paranormal mafia family without her knowing. The only way she finds out is when she tags along to a house party Lorenzo, Laura’s boyfriend, is at. If Angel had had her magic unlocked at the time she might have figured out a bit sooner what she was walking into. With her not being able to tell what they are she hopes that it goes both ways. Might not be the case, as some there seem to know her, or at least who her family is. Doesn’t take long before an interest is taken with her, she just didn’t know it was by werewolves at the time.

Now witches and werewolves have always had a turbulent relationship in the past stemming from an ancient feud. She wants to follow some leads on the case though and ends up at their door so to speak. She may feel nervous as a whole with being around them as she starts to figure out what they are but it’s one guy in particular who interests her. The moment Gage came near she felt as though an electric current was running right through her, talk about heart rate rising! Fear and attraction in equal measures.

Her magic might be back (side note, she has a cool automatic drawing power where she gets a vision from touching the bones, a vision of the paranormal girl they belong to) but she still wants to hide it from others to keep safe. I doubt she will be able to do that for long if she wants to solve the case. To get help from the Tarotia family she needs to get the Don something. Something the fae Queen has in her realm but will only give if she gets a favour in return. Gage is in for the ride too with getting it. He seems very protective of her, and ancient feud or no feud, there is chemistry brewing. Whether she’s ready for where it might lead is something else entirely. I think if you have read any kind of shifter book you will know why they’d feel that way. All I’ll say about the fae realm though is that you need to be careful what you eat as everything always has a catch.

I think we can all agree that Grandma knows best and has a knack for showing up at just the right time. Good job too as it was just when Angel was ready to have her magic back. Grandma also happens to be a bit of a badass, always having people watch out for Angel whether she knows it or not. Let’s hope some of her skills passed down to Angel.

A great start to a new series with lots of interesting characters and one that I’m looking forward to continuing with.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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