Book Review: ‘Do It Yourself’ by Ava Sterling

Title: Do It Yourself: A Lesbian Story

Published: 10th December 2018

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling



Flipping her grandmother’s house isn’t exactly part of Raelyn’s ten year plan.

After she graduates with her bachelor’s, she wants to head out west and spend her time grinding it out in Silicon Valley, sharing ideas with the slowly growing female population of entrepreneurs trying to claw their way into the technological spotlight.

Instead, her grandmother, rest her soul, leaves her the house Raelyn hasn’t been in for years, and now Raelyn’s obligated–by family, by legislation, by everything– to take care of the estate. Her degree is in computer science, and what little she knows about remodeling and interior design is confined to a few midnight binges of her mother’s favorite TV show.

Thankfully, she has Zoey to the rescue. Her friend for as long as she can remember, Zoey remodels condos on the side, so she’s the first person Raelyn thinks of. Even though Raelyn has seen Zoey in skimpy swimsuits when they went swimming at the town pond, she’s never looked better wearing a short top and carrying a sledgehammer.

The renovation is hard, but it’s easy compared to Raelyn’s hold on her self-restraint. She can barely keep her hands to herself, made even harder when Zoey offers a back massage to relax during a break. Raelyn knows she could use one, with her aching back and all, but she can think of something else she wants even more.

If you enjoy steamy stories of lesbians, curiosity, and long-time friends, you’ll love Do It Yourself.

(This explicit, 5,000 word story is intended for adult readers only.)



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by a female author. Well that’s one way to get someone to consider a different colour scheme for the new kitchen! Though to be fair the kitchen to Zoey is just the bonus.

Raelyn has been left her grandmothers house in her estate and needs to be able to fix it up to sell on. Lack of funds means that she can’t have a crew in to help her but as she’s back home she connects with her old friend Zoey. Close friends in the past but it seems that this time around things are about to change. Raelyn has known that Zoey is in to both men and women, and even though she had never considered it before, she feels drawn to her this time around for some reason. Hard labour and sweat seem to be playing a key part in this reconnection between them. Her fantasies seem to be running amuck whenever she watches Zoey work. There is only so long that she can get away with the spaced out look on her face before Zoey notices something is on her mind.

Seems great minds think alike in that regard but Zoey needs to tread carefully as this would be new territory for Raelyn. When she seems to be struggling with the manual labour of the gutting process with the kitchen she mentions aches and pains. Cue an idea from Zoey with how to test the waters so to speak. Taking her into the living room, down onto the couch, to try and get rid of those muscle aches would be a start. With massaging her shoulders and back to get her all relaxed while breathing close to her ear you can see how quickly the tension would start to build between them. Both wanting something but not sure if they should take the final step to get.

Good idea or bad idea? Either way it’s an idea that both want to follow through with. Physical connection between them builds to the point of clothes flying around everywhere. Instincts are good to follow through with but Raelyn is still going to need a little guidance. With Zoey being a handy DIY kind of person she is more than happy to take the lead and get them to where they both really want to go. With the amount of work needed for the house to be complete I have a feeling, as they are staying there while working, that this may be a fun tactic Zoey uses to persuade Raelyn to think differently with the design of the house. The ending gave that fun idea but I think again that would just be a fun diversion for them when decisions need to be made.

Clear friendship there from years before so they are comfortable around each other. Stepping into new territory but one they both seem to want to try out. Fun escapades while getting the house sorted. Now many other rooms are they willing to test out?

4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.

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