Book Review: ‘Playing Deep’ by Amanda Love

Title: Playing Deep (Play Series Book 1)

Published: 26th October 2017

Author: Amanda Love


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After five years, Tyler has returned to his hometown – and to Jenna, the woman he left behind. He’s pretty sure she still hates him for the way he left – no note, no goodbye – just there one day and gone the next. But there are reasons he had to leave, why he had no choice but to let her go. The scars of his past run deep, and he knows that a man like him can never truly be worthy of the love of a woman as sweet and pure as Jenna.

When Tyler left, Jenna was devastated, and for five years she’s tried to forget him, to move on with her life and forget the feel of his mouth on hers, his hands on her body. But now he’s been pulled back to his hometown by tragic circumstances, bringing with him all the feelings she’s tried so hard to bury.

Will the past continue to keep them apart, or can they both find the courage to move on with their lives? Together.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book under 200 pages. Great start to a new series that I’m looking forward to devouring.

Tyler left five years ago but he’s back to claim what’s his – Jenna. He came back for her mother’s funeral because he knew she would need him. Her father however is none too pleased with his return. He might have been a reason – or a push in a certain direction – as to why Tyler left at 19 in the first place. Being a football scout you can see what way he might have been able to get him to leave. Tyler thought he couldn’t give Jenna anything at the time, even though all she wanted was him, that’s changed now.

I liked that the story kept going back to the beginning with flashbacks showing how their friendship started, what their childhoods where really like, how he got stronger to fight back when fists went flying and how their feelings grew into something more. They are all intercut within present day, almost like reliving a memory now the person from it is back in your life. Some painful, some not, all in a way to get back to each other. But could a secret she holds cause them to pull apart?

With the flashbacks you find out that Tyler’s mum left when he was five but he never knew why. There is a story in there hidden from him that he longs to find answers to, even if he won’t admit it. These also show what an abusive dick Tyler’s father was with beatings he would get, among other things. The marks would usually be hidden but sometimes he would get clumsy and hit his face. Meaning Tyler had to be creative about how “accident-prone” he was when going to a new school. When he died four years ago all Tyler could think was good riddance. Wouldn’t come back for that man. Only for his girl, though he wishes he had done it sooner. He knows he might not have a chance with Jenna, that she might still hate him for leaving, but he’s willing to do anything to try and get her back. Not just for now but for good.

Jenna’s father thought he was being so observant all those years ago. Trusting Tyler’s father and a few small glimpses when he was home. Labeled him trouble without really getting to know him. Good job her mother saw things differently and encouraged the friendship and taking Tyler under her wing.

Present day fireworks whenever they are close. It’s like all the built up energy from the past is rushing to the surface just waiting for that spark to push them over the edge. My guess when it does its going to be hot. Getting frisky in a lift always raises the temperature. They are sure about to make up for lost time. Burning hotter the longer they are together. Physical connection is one thing but emotions are running high with ‘I love you’ on the tip of tongues just waiting to be said. Could saying it help or make them run scared? Misunderstandings are rife with these two though. Needing to let the other tell them something before jumping to conclusions would be a start. Where do they go from here if their lives are pulling them in different directions?

This is a well-written fun story with passionate characters that were meant for each other. You can see the troubled past still has a hold on Tyler but with Jenna by his side she can pull him away from nightmares into the light. She was his from the moment they met, even after he acted like an idiot at first. A kiss by the lake held strong memories for five years. He was always coming back for her, the other part of his heart. Hopefully he’s not too late to claim it. Fun introduction to side characters Jake and Prue too, can’t wait to check out their book next. Interesting mix that I’m sure will find a way to push each other’s buttons.

5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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