Book Review: ‘Bully’ by Marci Belle

Title: Bully (Devils of Eden Series Book 1)

Published: 12th July 2019

Author: Marci Belle


Twitter: @belle_marci




Unrequited love can make people behave in the cruellest of ways.

Wren, was a bastard, the worst kind of bully.

Ziggy, never gave him the attention he wanted and she paid for that rejection every minute of the day.

He paid too, with years of torment and regret for what he’d done.

The girl of his dreams had slipped through his fingers, without any hope of forgiveness.

Until now, years later, when the passed-out woman he saves from the vultures on the casino floor turns out to be the girl he bullied all those years ago.

Can Wren, redeem himself?

Will Ziggy forgive him?

Will there ever be sparks between them?

It’s complicated.


This is an Enemies-to-Lovers, HEA Standalone Contemporary Romance.

Warning: This book contains triggers, but there is also closure from these events.

This is 18+ content.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book set in Vegas.

So waking up still half drunk and disorientated on a casino floor in Vegas isn’t the best way to go. Good job a handsome sexy stranger is there to help her back to her room. But is he really a stranger?

Ziggy is in Vegas for her cousin Juliette’s surprise wedding. Back in her room to recover with a hangover she doesn’t expect her drunk as a skunk friend Charlie to fall on the bed next to her saying she’s lost Juliette right before passing. Not good when everyone seems to be in the same state of drunken forgetfulness – even the new groom. Juliette seems to have an erratic personality, but is it the reason for her being missing, or something else entirely? Time to get some help, handsome stranger where are you?

With a guest missing Wren (aka handsome stranger) is called in to help. Much to Ziggy’s delight. Well sort of as she tends to turn into a mute whenever she is around attractive men. So with Wren’s eyes on her she needs to up her game. She knows she should be focused on helping with information for finding Juliette as it’s not going to be plain sailing. After a sleepless night of no news it turns into a crazy day searching with mishaps and mayhem along the way. Throw in bubbling chemistry that can be seen a mile off and you’ll soon have a party. She feels she knows him and not just from the casino floor, she just can’t put her finger on it.

Wren is still in a bit of shock that the drunk woman from the casino is actually Ziggy. Someone from his past that he really needs to make amends with. The fact that she doesn’t recognize him yet could mean trouble later. Seems when they were children he picked on Ziggy something rotten. He wanted her attention but didn’t know how to handle his feelings. A prank that ended badly caused more harm than he thought but is this his chance of making amends?

Emotional rollercoaster with finding Juliette but being close to Wren helped a lot. Alone at last with troubles at bay it doesn’t take long for the passion to arise. One touch turns into a kiss and then its full steam ahead. “Ziggy, you don’t know what you’re getting into, but you’re going to fucking love it. I can guarantee that.” Seems they can’t get enough of each other in their passion bubble. But how long before the bubble bursts when she realises who he is.

The Vegas parts were a right laugh. Drunk skunks comes to mind with how we are introduced to them all. Juliette brings them together and Charlie brings some entertainment. What happens in Vegas doesn’t want to stay in Vegas this time. Kismet might be her tattoo but seems to be them as well. “If we are each other’s kismet, then the universe won’t stop me.” Everything always happens for a reason, even if you don’t see it right away. Even the danger aspects at the end where there to help create a hero moment for our guy Wren.

Good that you had duel POV’s so you could get a real feel for what they were both going through and how they always seemed to come back to each other, even if they didn’t know it at first. Interesting start to a series I would want to continue with. I’m guessing it could be Gabriel’s story next. Can’t wait to get inside his head.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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