Book Review: ‘Champion’s Rising’ by S.F. Claymore

Title: Champion’s Rising (Champion of Psykoria Book 1)

Published: 1st March 2018

Author: S.F. Claymore



An young adult medieval coming-of-age fantasy filled with action, adventure and a huge variety of magical creatures, including dragons and demons.

Prince Snarmis is a giant of a man, one of the strongest in the kingdom of the Psykoria. But although he towers above his peers, Snarmis’s skill at fighting fails to impress his father, whose approval he seeks. His close friend Celtor, leader of a mysterious and hermetic group of forest-dwellers, advises him to seek help from werewolves. Before he sets off, a young, enthusiastic and naïve member of the tribe, Serenity pleads with him to take her with him to give her a taste of life beyond the forest.

He is giving Serenity a tour of Psykoria’s capital, when the country is invaded by the daemons – terrifying, blood-thirsty monsters set only on death and destruction. Snarmis realises he must become a great warrior or die in the attempt, and accept help from anyone willing to offer it – including Serenity.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a dragon in it. Warrior one called Rakkan that fights with King Breetor of Psykoria. An interesting fantasy read that takes you on quite the journey.

The last great battle was the War of Good and Evil, some would say the war was over but it looks like evil has found a way back to cause chaos. Seems sword training with Snarmis needs to be improved stat if he wants to be as good as his father.

Snarmis, the Prince of Psykoria, longs to impress his father with his skills but they just don’t seem to be improving on their own. He has the height and build to be a great warrior but his sword skills are lacking. Which isn’t good when news of a new battle is on the horizon. His friends the Lambada tribe might be able to help – along with the fairies in the forest that offer a little pain relief after a tricky training session, magic comes in handy some times. The leader of the tribe Celtor thinks he has a way to help but needs to travel to Drason Wood to see the werewolves there to do so, collecting something that will come in handy to fight. While he travels Serenity, another member of the tribe, asks to spend time with Snarmis to see more of the outside world, she may wish she had stayed put with what comes their way.

One way to charm your guest is to offer a ride on your pegasus. Well Serenity does want to fly so what better way than on a winged horse. Her wish is granted but not from a fun flight, more like a retrieval one when she goes off to find her leader fearing he is in danger. Snarmis is there to help but what will they come across on their journey? In doing so they might find themselves in the middle of a battle they should really be flying away from. Wherever Snarmis goes Serenity will follow, even when she really shouldn’t. Both getting better with fighting though – good job too with what comes at them.

A whole army of beasts called the Ultimate Evil is on their way destroying everything and everyone in their way. Demons are coming and it’s a fight to the death. One of the leaders Gassar wants to create an even worse army of followers – don’t get too close during a battle or you may wish for death. He wants something and is willing to do all he can to get it. Well that’s one battle that will be hard to beat.

Interesting read from start to finish, though in places a bit long in the description of things. Later part was mainly battle after battle but was a good way to see new sides coming together to fight the demons. Battles may be won but the war is just beginning. Intriguing characters overlapping along the journey taken with Snarmis and his friends. His skills might have improved but the battle for war continues.

3.5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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