Book Review: ‘Playing Dirty’ by Amana Love

Title: Playing Dirty (Play Series Book 3)

Published: 26th October 2017

Author: Amanda Love


Amazon Page:




Nothing prepared me for the sight of her in the flesh. She took my breath away from the moment I saw her and her natural beauty and warmth pulled me to her like a magnet. I keep telling myself that I have to remain professional, that she’s off limits, but the truth is I need to be near her, even though I can never have her. I’ve got a job to do but it’s hard to resist her emerald eyes, killer smile and delectable curves. I can’t afford to be distracted, to lose focus, because if I do, it could put us both in grave danger.



I was attracted to him the second he walked through the door of the diner where I work. His tall, lean body and ice blue eyes have awakened desires I thought were long dead and I find myself fantasizing about what lies beneath his civilized veneer. His heated gaze promises all kinds of pleasure, making me ache in secret places, but nothing prepares me for the shock of discovering real reason he’s here and the pain of knowing he’s the type of man I can never give my heart to.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book about a crime detective. This time we get to see more about what happened in the past with Prue and her mum Trish, and more importantly, how they got away.

Daryl is an undercover cop who is trying to see what information Trish may have in regards to a case that links her ex-husband and the bad people he used to be involved with. His plan was simply to get to know her a little to gain the information needed but the more he got to know her the more he started to like her. He knows he needs to stay professional but his need to know more than the basic facts in her files grows each morning he sees her at the dinner. Keeping his distance would have been good but after she gets caught up in the middle of a sting gone bad things change. Can he think on his feet to keep her safe or just draw her, and her daughter, into more danger?

From the moment Trish saw Daryl she couldn’t stop thinking about him, he awakened feelings and desires she thought long dead. She feels like she can finally trust someone new but when she stumbles across something she shouldn’t have it throws old fears back in her face. Will she listen to what is really happening?

Daryl is after a big drug lord who goes by the name Salvadore. He needs to identify him and take him down but he doesn’t have all the information. That’s what he thinks Trish can help him with. She may have met Salvadore without realising it when he came to “chat” with her ex-husband Pete to issue a warning, one he didn’t listen to.

Helping with the case puts them even closer than before which means feelings are soon to appear. The chemistry between them had been building for a month so you knew the minute he put his lips on hers that the spark was going to explode. Fan me down they caused a stir. It’s not just physical either; you can clearly see the bond they created even before all the cards were on the table. Finally finding that perfect person for them that can help mend broken hearts and show you what the real thing can really be like.

“You’re right, your cooking skills are even more mind-blowing than the sex,” I tease, waggling my eyebrows at Daryl.

“I’m going to take great pleasure in hearing you take that back later,” Daryl pins me with a hot stare and I feel my whole body heat up under his gaze.

Daryl is a man of power and control with one hell of a protective streak – especially in regards to Trish, and later Prue. Which might come in handy as danger is around every corner with trying to figure out who Salvadore is and misdirection could see Trish put in harms way. Daryl needs his head on the case to figure out the clues and who he can really trust before it’s too late.

I like how all the stories connect together through people and darker situations they fight their way out of. This one’s about learning to forgive yourself for what you can’t change and feeling that you can and do deserve true love and happiness. Another fun read with a few red herrings thrown in to keep you on your toes.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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