Book Blitz: ‘Immaculate Conception’ by I.J. Miller


Title: Immaculate Conception

Author: I.J. Miller

Genre: Fiction


About the Book:


Two moms, Maddie and Al, wake up one cold morning in March in a run-down motel in Weehawken, NJ thinking they have finally found safety after a cross-country escape from their baby’s manipulative biological father. But they soon discover that the state’s top hostage negotiator–and his personal four-man SWAT team–surround their room.

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION takes you to the inner core of two unique women desperate to keep their baby at all costs and provide him with the secure, protected, happy childhood neither of them had. This well-crafted story takes you from the drama of the present, to the tragic scarring of childhood past, to the joyful connection the two make as adults, then back to the present and its emotional closure to this passionate journey of two partners seeking a peaceful life together as a family.

Maddie and Al show us how important it is to protect our children at all costs and how valiantly they’re willing to fight to overcome the deep-rooted effects of early abuse.


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“I’m less unhappy when I sleep,” mutters Al, so tired she’s barely able to form words as she collapses face first onto the motel bed.

Maddie, lying on the other bed, is tempted to say, you never sleep, but Al’s already passed out. Probably better this way. Any inkling of a challenge would lead to another one-sided argument that Maddie would surely lose. She is exhausted as well. She closes her eyes. She wishes she could sleep. But her pulse continues to race at highway speed, knowing that after a few hours rest they will finally be able to complete their cross-country trek and be safe amid the millions living in New York City.

From the east, the Hudson County Sheriff, followed by his deputy, in matching cars of blue and white, pull into the lone driveway of the motel parking lot. There are plenty of empty spaces, making it easier to avoid the giant potholes puddled from the rain. Only one guest vehicle, a muddy Honda CR-V with New Mexico plates, is in the lot, parked in front of number fifteen, the only room occupied at this early morning hour on a cold Tuesday in March.

The forty rooms horseshoe around this stretch of asphalt marked by faded lines. At the end of the lot is a lobby with a picture window. Behind the glass is a small neon sign, one missing the letter V, that flashes repeatedly the word ACANCY.

From the west, a New Jersey State Trooper arrives. All of the vehicles congregate in a cluster at the center of the parking lot. Each man behind the wheel is quite familiar with this motel near the last chance exit off 495, a final alternative before driving into the darkness of the Lincoln Tunnel and emerging into Manhattan. It’s a place that typically rents by the hour: drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, and johns, guests who feel Weehawken, New Jersey is safer and less expensive.

Their orders are simply to wait for Nokenge, who’s driving the seventy-five miles from the state capital, accompanied by his personal four man SWAT team.

Their only concern is the two women behind the door to room fifteen.

And the baby.

About the Author:

I.J. MILLER has published six literary works of fiction. SEESAW was translated into German and Spanish and sold over 132,000 copies in the Bantam paperback. WHIPPED is available in English and German. Next came the short story collection SEX AND LOVE, and the novella CLIMBING THE STAIRS. The audio version of WUTHERING NIGHTS was nominated for an Audie Award in 2014. And in 2019, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION was published to rave reviews. Miller is also a screenwriter, with an MFA from the American Film Institute.

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