Book Blitz: ‘Just A Little Bit’ by D.S. Pais


Title: Just a Little Bit

A Twist in a Taste of Destiny

Author: D.S. Pais

Genre: Short Stories / Fiction


About the Book:

Just a little bit is a collection of short stories illustrating the contribution of destiny towards life under unfavourable conditions. It speaks volumes about keeping up the hope under adverse situations, falling in love, facing tricky circumstances and  yet winning, expecting the unexpected, not having hopes and getting rewarded, losing it all and gaining back, unusual relationships and friendships that defy time, feelings unexpressed, braving it all and finding happiness, pain and forgiveness and unexpressed love and so much more. Even in adverse conditions where there isn’t any hope left, you can change destiny by simply trusting and directing your emotions towards what you firmly believe in. It also gives you an answer towards emotional attachment to a person and if we lose them, are there any possibilities of spending time with them after life. It deals with daily normal situations in life that destiny chooses to give a twist.


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About the Author:

After completing her Masters in Engineering, D.S. Pais has been working in the IT industry. She is a born-dreamer, imagines a lot. She has been writing since young. D.S. Pais is a creative person who once worked as an actress in student films and TV series for a brief period, until she discovered that her passion was in writing.

She writes short stories, novellas, novels, poetry and self-help books, as she cannot put her thoughts anywhere else. When she is not working on a book, she too enjoys reading books from different authors, watches movies in her free time, loves travelling and routinely works out (Pilates). Many of her titles have appeared among the top 100 Amazon Best Sellers in their own section. Born and brought up in India, D.S. Pais has taken Singaporean Citizenship and currently resides in Singapore with her husband and two children.


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