Book Review: ‘Honor’ by Tonya Coffey

Title: Honor (A Valkyrie Tale, The Prequel)

Published: 30th October 2018

Author: Tonya Coffey


Twitter: @coffeytonya1



Laurel is one of Odin’s top Valkyries. He sends the twenty-year-old into battles first, reaping the souls of the fallen for his future war.

Marisol is the youngest Valkyrie fresh out of Odin’s Games—a trial to weed out the weak. At sixteen, she has proven why she is one of the elite by never backing down even if she did have to stand against a pack of wolves, alone.

When Odin sends the new Valkyries, including Marisol, Laurel’s sister, into a realm where no Valkyrie has returned, Laurel ignores her orders and hurries into the land of Grey after her baby sister.

The moment Laurel steps foot in the barren landscape, she discovers a war has exploded between the Shifters and Valkyries. Without stopping, she will fight her way across the realm uncovering ancient prophecies, forming bonds with Odin’s enemies and realizing the true meaning of sisters.



Diving back in to the world of Valkyries with this fun prequel. I read Rogue first so this was an interesting look at how certain characters got to where they needed to be. It was fun to go back and see where it all started. Again with Odin it seems the more he tries to alter a prophecy the more he sets the wheels in motion for it to happen anyway. His actions alone are what put people on the path that would later see the prophecy being fulfilled, but that’s for you to find out in Rogue.

This prequel follows Laurel and her younger – adventurous and head strong – sister Marisol. Laurel has been a trained Valkyrie for a while and now is the time for her sister to join the ranks and go on her first mission. Something that makes Laurel worry as she has cared for her sister ever since their mother died. The Valkyries are given a task by Odin to go to the shifter realm to sort a problem out – not somewhere they would usually go – but it seems that he has an ulterior motive for sending them there. Marisol was sent first along with a few others for their first mission. While waiting Laurel gets a bad feeling about the task ahead and knows she needs to get to her sister fast before something bad happens. Like say, I don’t know, having a pack of wolves descending on her and the others to attack and take them prisoner for some purpose. Marisol won’t go down easy; she is one hell of a fighter and will soon turn things on their heads when her new path is set before her.

Laurel isn’t too bad herself with fighting and it’s this strength she needs to get to her sister. Laurel needn’t fear for long for fate finds a way to bring those that need to help guide her for the path both she and Marisol are about to be placed upon. Help in the form of a tiger shifter called Tucker who calls to Laurel’s soul and a seer whose seen snippets of what will come to past and why Odin now fears those that he created. Fate will see its way no matter what you put in its path. Those connected by it will always be drawn to where they need to be and in the future to those they need to protect.

Great starting point prequel to get you intrigued by where the story will lead and how players will be put onto their paths to a great battle that will commence. Of this I know having read Rouge first. Mythical realm drawing you into its world and keeping you there right till the end. Might need to give myself a re-read of Rogue again soon some time.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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