Book Blitz: ‘The Mind’ by Gloria Foster

Title: The Mind

Author: Gloria Foster

Publisher: Creation House

Genre: Mystery / Suspense

About the Book:

The brightest victories often lie in the darkest places. The normal ordinary life of Sheila Leclaire, an investment banker, takes a turn in Sommerville, Virginia as she is haunted by voices. In overcoming her condition, she traces the root of her illness—a childhood secret that she cannot remember.

Kirkus Review Quotes:

“A debut novel analyses how the mind processes childhood trauma and examines its effects” – Kirkus Reviews

“In her energetic series opener, Foster certainly delivers an intriguing premise and addresses timely and important issues” – Kirkus Reviews

“A psychological tale with a messy plot” – Kirkus Reviews

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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US

About the Author:

Gloria Foster has made her debut as a fiction author in The Mind novel. She says that fiction writing gives her the opportunity to be the maker of her own storyline, characters, and their captivating conversations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematical Sciences.

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Twitter: @GloriaLFoster


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