Book Blitz: ‘His Refused Mate’ by Jade Marshall

Title: His Refused Mate

Series: Katu Wolves Book 1

Author: Jade Marshall

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Genre: Paranormal Shifter Romance

About the Book:

Peyton has had her world shattered, and has closed herself off from the world. She works, reads, and lets her wolf run free.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Caine is the Alpha of the Katu pack. He takes care of everyone and always has the interest of the pack at heart. But he longs to find his true mate.
Watching everyone find their happiness, while he waits has left him jaded.

But a chance encounter could change both of their lives.
Can Caine convince Peyton to take a chance?
Is Peyton willing to open her heart after the pain she has experienced?

And what happens when outside forces place even more pressure on them?
Only time will tell…

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Deciding to go for a swim before I shift to my wolf, I get undressed, fold my clothes neatly and place the pile, along with my shoes, behind a tree. Slowly I wade in, enjoying the coolness of the water against my skin. I feel overheated and my skin feels stretched tight over my bones. It has been that way since I got here, and I can’t explain it. I have the most vivid dreams about a man whose face I can’t see no matter how hard I try, and more often than not I wake up with my breasts feeling heavy and an intense ache between my legs.

Dipping my head beneath the water, I clear my mind and take a deep breath as I reemerge. Pushing my hair back, I stare up at the stars and thank the goddess again that I am finally free.

A sound to my left startles me, drawing my attention. Emerging from the treeline is the largest black wolf I have ever seen. I don’t move, afraid to even breathe. I may be able to defend myself against a would-be human attacker, but a wolf, especially one this size, is not something I would ever take on.

Slowly he pads forward before lying down in front of the pool, resting his head on his front paws, his yellow eyes watching me intently. As the fear starts to dim—because he clearly isn’t intent on attacking me—a new scent assaults my senses. Dark and rich, like freshly made coffee. When it hits me, I am transported back to my dreams. Instantly my nipples pebble harder than they already are, my breasts starting to feel heavy, and the throbbing between my legs returns. The arousal is so intense that my knees threaten to buckle.

The black wolf whines before crawling closer on his belly. Even in wolf form, his gaze appears pained. But as I take another deep breath of fresh air, catching the strong scent again, I remember. I remember the last time a smell affected me this way, turned me inside out. I remember the pain that followed once I was rejected. The humiliation of not being good enough for the mate the goddess chose for me.

But it isn’t possible. I have only heard stories of wolves finding a second mate, old wives tales that very few put any stock in. I don’t know anyone who has ever experienced it.

“What do you want?” I question.

Slowly, he starts to shift back to human form. I watch in amazement as the most beautiful man I have ever seen appears before me. If I ever thought that Slade was attractive, I knew nothing. The man before me is gorgeous, with dark hair and a chiseled jaw with a little scruff. Broad shoulders lead down to an expansive chest with beautiful artwork tattooed over his arms. My gaze skims over a perfectly defined abdomen with a V indent beside the hip I have the sudden urge to lick, down to an impressive cock. A fully erect cock.

He stands perfectly still as I take my fill of his physique, but as I stare at him, his cock twitches. As part of the shifter community, I am used to nudity. I have seen my fair share of naked men and cocks in all shapes and sizes, but never in my nineteen years have I felt the urge to get down on my knees, naked, and present myself to a male.

I may be a virgin, but I am not some simpering idiot. Since my humiliation at the hands of my former mate, I have educated myself. I watch porn. I masturbate. I may never have had sex, but I do know the mechanics of it.

“What do you want?” I demand again, straightening my shoulders.

“My mate,” he snaps in return.

About the Author:

Born and raised in South Africa. Currently living in Kathu, Northern Cape which is located in the Green Kalahari.  Mother to a sassy thirteen-year-old.  Wife to a local businessman and local MC member.  Mommy to three beautiful dogs (fox terrier, Rottweiler, and American red-nosed pitbull).  I started reading at an early age and never really stopped.

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