Book Blitz: ‘Cat’s Curse’ by Kelley Heckart

Title: Cat’s Curse

Series: Dark Goddess Trilogy 1

Author: Kelley Heckart

Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance

About the Book:

New Release! Do you like romance, intrigue, and star-crossed love? A mixture of history and Celtic mythology, Cat’s Curse is an ancient Scotland paranormal romance based on a real Irish king known as Aedan the Treacherous in the Welsh court. It’s the first book in the Dark Goddess trilogy. Warning: Iron-willed enchantresses, hunky sword-wielding warriors, some violence and steamy sex, more than a little blood-drinking, a complicated love triangle, and lots of passion.

He’s a cursed, exiled Irish prince. She’s a succubus with lost memories. Destiny brought them together. Their dark secrets will tear them apart.

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Although dressed in a simple undyed tunic and plaid trews, Aedan had a king’s rigid bearing. There was more to learn about this man. His nearness sent shivers from her head to her toes. She inhaled his special male scent, earthy and spicy with a touch of wood smoke, and it drove her mad with need, weakening her knees. Oh, how she wanted to taste his blood and so much more. Her body tingled with the awakening of the bloodlust. She needed to get away from him at once.

“Apology accepted. I must be on my way home now.” She pursed her lips.

“Wait. I wanted to ask yer permission to call on ye tomorrow.”

“Call on me?” Cardea smiled, suddenly feeling demure.

“Aye, that is the proper way for a Christian man to speak to a lass and a lady.”

He appeared flustered and possibly blushed.

Lightning-like energy surged in the air between them, sending pleasant shivers all over her body.

Her cheeks flushed, and she felt like a young, chaste maiden, the heat spreading through her in a blazing firestorm. “You think me a lady?”

She’d been called many things over the centuries—succubus, demon, Lamia—but never “lady.”

“Aye, but a strange one at that.” He smiled, revealing his teeth in a relaxed manner.

It pleased her how his eyes lit up when he smiled. How she wished to see him in sunlight, but it was never meant to be.

About the Author:

“I write strong female heroines because I never wanted to be a helpless princess waiting for a prince to save me. I wanted to be able to save myself.”

Multi-published author Kelley Heckart writes romances with fantasy/paranormal elements set in ancient, medieval, and contemporary time periods. Her compelling stories reflect her passion for history, mythology, and the supernatural. Experience her fierce warriors and alpha males, bold women, otherworldly creatures, magic, and romance.

When not writing or editing, she enjoys practicing target archery, and writing and recording music with her musician husband.

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