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Book Blitz: ‘Fireside Chat with Grammar Nazi Serial Killer’ by Ryan Suvaal

Title: Fireside Chat with Grammar Nazi Serial Killer 

A psychological thriller with a female protagonist

Author: Ryan Suvaal

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery,

Suspense, Psychological


About the Book:

Seventeen gruesome killings across the United States, within a span of six months and there was one clear connection among victims. They were all book authors. While media was decorating the murders with sensationalist stories, and law enforcement was playing catch-up, the homicidal maniac remained elusive and secretive. Things got very interesting, however, when one day she decided to appear on an internet talk show for an honest fireside chat. Her reason for being on this show was not a quest for fame, but something much more disturbing.

Suvaal weaves a fast-paced, dark, serial killer tale. It’s a story which is intense in parts yet comic on the edges and keeps the reader hooked in. A psychological thriller with a female protagonist.

Trigger Warnings: Few descriptions of violence and gore.

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Amazon – UK / US / India / Australia / Japan / Spain / Italy



Chapter 1 : Respect

Stella woke up in her bathtub and felt a little hazy. The back of her head and neck hurt like hell. Her vision was still blurry. She definitely was in her bathroom but the lights were dim. She tried to get up but couldn’t.

“Good morning, sunshine.” She heard a soft voice on her left.

She realized there was a mysterious woman standing on the left side of the bathtub. The woman had a sleek build and was dressed in a gray shirt, black trousers, and a black jacket. She was wearing blue clinical gloves and a dark black cloth mask. The mask covered her face from just above her nose all the way to the back.

Her two eyes gawked at Stella from behind the mask. Stella tried to move but she realized she was trapped in a sticky liquid. The bathtub was filled with a translucent, viscous fluid. And she was dipped neck deep into it.

“Oh, forget about moving now.” The woman chuckled. “This is thixotropic epoxy resin, max industrial grade. And you have been set only for a few minutes. Now, after our little chit-chat here, I am going to dip you completely in it. Then I am gonna put in a few thousand-watt light bulbs in here to heat up this place and hasten the curing process. Within 24 hours you should be 95% solid within this resin. The best part is that your kids are not here. They will be back only after a week. No servants, cooks or gardeners in here, so no one will come and disturb you in this remote village house where you were planning to pen down your next magnum opus. Whoever comes next, though, will find your perfectly laid, resin-preserved body here.”

“Please, I have two kids. Please … let me go,” Stella pleaded. She was still stupefied.

“Are you asking me a question or is that a declarative statement? I can’t decide.”

“Please, please, my family my kids, they are dependent on me.” Stella now started to cry. Who was this freak who had dipped her in resin and was threatening her life?

“Let me tell you I do feel sorry for you and your family. Though you can’t see my face from beneath my mark, tears are rolling down my cheeks as we speak. Perhaps they are not tears; I may have something in my eyes that I need to wash off.”

“Please let me go.”

“Oh no, I can’t. My compulsiveness has driven me to the point that I could not have taken your bullshit anymore.” The woman now sounded very angry.

“Bullshit? What are you saying? Why are you doing this?”

“Why am I doing this? Oh, this is my favorite part.”

The woman pulled out a book from inside her coat. Stella realized it was her recently published novel, The Fire-nest in My Belly.

The woman started to read. “On page twenty-nine you wrote, and let me quote you here, you wrote, ‘Polly inverted the pancake and she realized that it was now well done and she then took it off the gas stove and put it on Ramesh’s plate.’ You do remember this line from your book?”

Stella kept quiet; she did not want to say anything. She just kept looking at her book in the hands of that freak woman.

“This is your book, right? Stella Davidov, that’s the name on the cover.”

“Yes, it’s me.” Stella could just feebly mutter the words.

“IS IT YOU OR NOT?” the woman screamed.

“Yes, yes it’s me…” Stella again burst into tears.

“This is the bullshit you write? You do realize you are missing a few …


About the Author:

Ryan Suvaal is an American writer, passionate about writing page-turner psychological thrillers. His favorite hangout is a coffee shop where he guzzles in tonnes of caffeine and weaves characters pumped up with deadly intentions and worlds full of thrill, suspense, and gore.

“Fireside Chat with a Grammar Nazi Serial Killer” is one of the first in a series of Psychological thrillers which he has penned down during past few months, which will now be sequentially released on Amazon.

“A deep-rooted question always keeps broiling inside of me. This question is whether I am writing the story or the story is forcing me to write it? Am I the actor and story is the art, or story is the actor and I am the medium?”

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Amazon page:



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Book Blitz: ‘The Book of Hot: A Manifesto’ by Mrs. Hot

Title: The Book of Hot: A Manifesto

Author: Mrs Hot

Publisher: Written Warrior Press

Genre: Health, Mind & Body, Romance


About the Book:

Fabulous Goddesses: Mrs. Hot here, inspiring, empowering and entertaining you to the vibrant vitality, sexuality, and joy you deserve on your own personal Mission: Possible. Sixty is the new forty—or even thirty!—as we simply refuse to hang up our running shoes or our sexual attractiveness. To the very, fabulous end!

I’m a gorgeous Goddess who transformed from drab to fab, rut to strut, and shot to hot! I found myself in my late fifties facing a future of loneliness, infirmity, and pain—single, in a job from hell, and battling emotional issues that left me unhealthy, unattractive, and in despair. The only men on my sofa were Ben and Jerry! With time goosing me with “it’s now or never,” I plunged into my makeover, a journey of emotional, physical, and sexual healing; then, after decades away from it, the world of dating, with its mind-blowing contemporary dynamics. Fearless, edgy, and disruptive, I’m Sex and the City’s Samantha 2.0, now fully ripened—and that much more wise, joyous, and juicy. We’re not getting older, we’re gettingbolder; my quarter million Facebook followers agree (

Life should be lived at full tilt at any age, without boundaries and without apology. To that end, I share my journey and wisdom with you here, much adapted from my blog at Unabashedly feminine yet feminist, I write about health, beauty, allure, sexuality, self-actualization, and the romance and sex life these pursuits make possible—my erotic adventures. Meanwhile, I encourage you to access your own Inner Goddess to create the fabulous life you deserve!

Part One: In Hot Pursuit details my transformation and sets you on your path to an exuberant, sexy lifestyle. In Part Two, I share some of my erotic stories—True Confessions. You’ll meet my local MENagerie, as well as a few exotic foreign acquisitions: intriguing men of all ages.

Why exist an existence when we can live a Life à la Hot?


Three Reasons to Love The Book of Hot

1. Addresses the transformational aspirations of Boomer women with a unique combination of self-help strategy, inspiration and spicy entertainment.

2. Uniquely disrupts societal expectations for older women, liberating them from ageism, sexism and other artificial constraints to actualize their most fulfilled feminine feminist selves, sexually and otherwise.

3. Inspiration, empowerment and entertainment uniquely delivered in a witty, polished literary style, powering transformation with punch and panache.



“An entertaining and educational firsthand account of an older woman’s single sexual life.” Kirkus Reviews


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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US


About the Author:

I’ve got a bad hottitude, and I’ve every intention of keeping it! Though I grew up in the Midwest and a few foreign countries, New York City is the great love of my life, and I’ve lived there (with a couple detours to Europe and Sedona) ever since college. I attended the Madeira School, studied political science and art history at Vassar College, and have two masters degrees, one in education, the other in fashion design and illustration. I’ve had many a career, spanning banking to magazine editing to public relations to fashion design, which I spent most of my time in. Around the time of 9/11, my social conscience led me to choose a new path as a public school teacher in a poor Bronx neighborhood, an eleven-year journey so grueling I wrote a book about it. Left to deal with the wreck I’d become from that experience, in my late fifties I transformed myself and began blogging about my makeover and ensuing dating adventures ( Besides romance, travel is my great passion, and I’ve explored the planet from Easter Island to the Ice Hotel in the Arctic. I have a grown son, and I live gloriously single in Manhattan, ever moving onward, upward and hotward. Join my quarter of a million followers on Facebook ( BECAUSE SOME LIKE IT HOTTER.


Social Media Links:



Twitter: @smokin_mrs_hot


Amazon page:



Net Galley:

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Book Blitz and Author Interview: ‘Jake’s Redemption’ by Jamie Schulz

Title: Jake’s Redemption

The Angel Eyes Series Prequel

Author: Jamie Schulz

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Cowboy Dystopian Romance



About the Book:

In a broken world, he faced a future full of pain. Will one daring woman be his last chance for love…before time runs out?

Jake longs for the life men lived before war destroyed everything and women enslaved them. When fate forces a temporary reprieve from torment and imprisonment, escape becomes his primary objective. Until his new captor sparks hope, and something far more passionate, in his lonely heart.

After giving up on romance, Monica dedicated herself to sheltering unfortunate souls from a harsh new society. But then destiny delivered a desperate man to her doorstep. A man she soon discovers she cannot ignore and would do anything to save.

Will Monica be able to free Jake from the vicious woman who wants to break him? Or will Jake be forced to leave Monica behind to save himself?

A New Cowboy Dystopian Romance…with a Twist!

The Angel Eyes Series is a group of romance novels that share a western flair, a touch of sci-fi, and a dystopian civilization in a recovering post-apocalyptic world, all encompassed by a startling societal twist.

This story would appeal to those who found the scenarios in books like A Handmaid’s Tale and The Hunger Games intriguing and who enjoyed the works of other romance authors like Maisey Yates, Linda Lael Miller, Pam Godwin, E.L. James, Karen Robards, and Nora Roberts. Jake’s Redemption is the prequel that introduces a familiar but very different world, the oppressive society they live in, and the first characters of this long romantic tale. If you like cowboys, live-free and stay alive stories, twined with strong characters and hot romance, you’ll love this series!

Please note: Intended for mature audiences. This story contains some unsettling and violent subject matter that some readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.


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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US


Author Interview: 

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I’ve always loved to read and I have a vivid imagination. Putting pen to paper was an outlet for the stories that bloomed in my head. I’ve been writing off and on for over 30 years. Mostly for myself and friends, but I really became interested in the written word in high school. It took me a while—life and insecurity got in the way—but in the last few years I finally felt courageous enough to try publishing something. And now I’m answering author interview questions! Yeehaw!

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

Well, I like to write anytime and anywhere—there are times I’ll write all day long—but I think I’m most productive when I first get up in the morning. It’s when I feel refreshed and able to take on difficult passages or let my finger fly putting the images in my head into written word.

I don’t have a lot of places to choose from as far as where I write, but I have a couple I do use often. Mostly I sit by a window in my living room and type on my laptop, but when it’s nice and the weather is warm, I sit in my lounger outside under a portable canopy. I’d work outside all the time if the weather allowed it, but it gets a bit cold and wet at home during the fall and winter months.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

Eveywhere: things I have experienced in my life, dreams, other people’s stories—both real and imagined, on the screen or on the page—and history…especially history. Even though the story in my book takes place in a not-so-distant future, the premise for the reverse society in the Angel Eyes Series came from events in United States history. What I thought would be a one book tale evolved over many years into the Angel Eyes Series. New plots pop into my head all the time when I’m reading, researching, or hear things in the news. Some of them will end up in print one day.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

A little of both actually. I make outlines and in them I create what I think of as milestone of where I want the characters to go. I write to get them to each of those points. The parts in-between sometime carry me along and create new plots or problems I hadn’t thought of. Sometimes it forces me to change my plans (especially in the editing phase), but that’s okay because it’s usually better when I do.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

Generally, I write romance, but there are hints of other genres in my writing as well (my current series is a cowboy dystopian romance). I read a lot of different things, but romance has always been a favorite. There’s just something about a happily ever after that just keeps me coming back for more.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

Wow, I hadn’t really thought about that…okay, maybe a little, but I never decided on anyone. I searched the internet looking for a face to model my characters after and came across a few, but Jake from my prequel Jake’s Redemption is the only one I was able to settle on. I’m still looking for the other characters. Maybe I’ll query my readers on Facebook and see what they say.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I read every day for at least an hour, but usually a lot more. I have a number of favorite authors. See the list of favorite books below and you see the authors there too.

8: What books are you reading at present?

I just finished two romances, one a contemporary cowboy romance by Lori King called Forget Me Knot and the other a dark romance by Tabitha McGowan called The Tied Man. I am currently starting book one of Peggy L. Henderson’s Yellowstone Romance Series. I also just started book one of Bella Forrest’s series The Gender Game. Even though it’s YA, I thought it seemed similar to my story and interesting too, so I decided to check it out. I have a ton of other books on my Kindle and bookshelf just waiting for me.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

I actually have many in several different genres:

  • Fantasy: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan

Both of these authors can spin an interesting tale. In the case of Tolkien, I’ve always loved his prose (since long before the movies came out).

  • Historical romance: Ashes in the Wind, Shanna, and A Rose in Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Dark Torment, Dark of the Moon and more by Karen Robards.

Both of these writers grab you and drag you into a story. Kathleen’s epic tales are a little old fashioned, but the stories are still beautiful. Karen weaves humour into her books which I love about her.

  • Contemporary romance: Night Magic, Walking After Midnight and many, many more by Karen Robards (same as above)
  • Erotica romance: The Lover and Gabriel’s Woman by Robin Schone

The Lover was the first erotic romance I read and it was a good one. The female characters are strong and the relationships, not to mention the sex, are hot, hot, hot.

  • Dark romance: Deliver by Pam Godwin

Pam has a great ability to take people living in terrible situations and turn it to where they are drawn together and overcome their difficulties. And there’s a bit of hotness in there too.

  • Cowboy romance: Brokedown Cowboy by Maisey Yates
  • Diamond in the Dust by Peggy L. Henderson

Both are great writers and their books are quite good, but I have to admit, though both of these stories have wounded heroes, which is my weakness; I just really love the cowboys.

  • Sci-Fi Dystopian: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

            Folsom (The End of Men Book 1) by Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster

Suzanne’s books just drew me in. I started with her Gregor the Overlander series before I knew anything about THG. I picked up Tarryn and Willow’s book because the premise was similar in some ways to mine and it sounded interesting. Folsom was a thought provoking dystopian story that both intrigued and infuriated me at the same time.

  • Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic: The Graham’s Resolution Series by A.R. Shaw
  • The Traveler Series by Tom Abrahams

Both are just really good stories that pull the reader into the hardships the characters must overcome.

I have others, but these are the biggies.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Just do it. Writing is a gift, if you have it inside you, let it out. You could be the next Nora Roberts or even the next Stephen King! You’ll never know unless you try.

But I’d also say that writing is not easy. It’s also not high paying until you are as lucky and talented as those two authors I just mentioned. It’s hard work to get to that level and then more work to stay there. But even if you don’t reach those lofty heights, the act of writing and then sharing your story with others who appreciate it, maybe even love it, will be extremely fulfilling. It’s a challenge, but well worth it.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  



Twitter: @TheJamieSchulz


Author Central:




About the Author:

Jamie Schulz lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family, her husband, and their fur babies. Writing has always been a big a part of her life, and she hopes to one day reach the best sellers lists.

Cowboys, ice cream, and reading almost any kind of romance are among her (not so) secret loves. To her, every one of her stories, no matter how dark, must have a happy ending, and she strives to make them impossible to put down until you get there.

She balances her free time between reading her favorite romance authors—in genres ranging from erotica and dark romance to sweet historicals and contemporary romance—and spending time with her family.

She enjoys hearing from her fans.


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Book Blitz and Author Interview: ‘Smuggler’ by Nicholas Fillmore

Title: Smuggler

Author: Nicholas Fillmore

Publisher: iambic Books

Genre: Memoir / True Crime



About the Book:

When twenty-something post-grad Nick Fillmore discovers the zine he’s been recruited to edit is a front for drug profits, he begins a dangerous flirtation with an international heroin smuggling operation and in a matter of months finds himself on a fast ride he doesn’t know how to get off of.

After a bag goes missing in an airport transit lounge he is summoned to West Africa to take a voodoo oath with Nigerian mafia. Bound to drug boss Alhaji, he returns to Europe to put the job right, but in Chicago O’Hare customs agents “blitz” the plane and a courier is arrested.

Thus begins a harried yearlong effort to elude the Feds, prison and a looming existential dead end…. Smuggler relates the real events behind OITNB.


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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US


Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I had a pretty “normal” childhood: house in the suburbs, mother and father, two sisters. I was the first in my family to go to college, but that sort of culture shock was mitigated by four years in prep school. I remember writing strange, quasi-spiritual stories in the fifth grade. I was kind of wild about David Carradine’s character in Kung Fu. And seemed to persevere on variations of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol … which kind of perplexed Mr. Choiniere, who was good enough to bite his tongue. “Thanks, Bob!”

In high school I began to experiment with some florid prose, though I was really into History more than English, and recall more than a few K.I.S.S. comments on my papers. It wasn’t until sophomore year in college that I changed majors to English. A good part of that, I think, was that that was real life. You read a Raymond Carver story with Jim Crenner and discussed it like adults: alcohol, infidelity, depression, whatever; whereas political philosophy and the like, while, intriguing, seemed a million miles away. There seemed to be a clear path one might take to becoming a writer, rather than say a politician. Senior year Prof. David Weiss turned me onto Charlie Simic’s poetry, who I would wind up studying with in graduate school.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

I’m a total night owl. I don’t think anything happens until after everyone’s in bed and the moon is riding.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

That depends on what I’m writing. Smuggler is memoir. While I originally started fooling with screenplay, the thought of fictionalizing my experience seemed like so much extra work. The real work was selecting and of course analyzing events that were already fairly dramatic.

I’m working on something new called Sins of Our Fathers, which attempts to piece together real events in our family history and to reimagine what might have happened in those interstices where, say, my grandfather was off drinking after work. Maybe you’d call that personal historical fiction. It’s kind of tricky but, again, why should one make up new names for everyone and begin taking lots of liberties? Maybe a little of my poetry training comes in here: the desire to make art out of the available materials of one’s experience, like that W.C. Williams poem about a paper bag blowing down the street.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

No. (Though of course you do know when you’re writing from real life where the story ends, I don’t know where I’ll end it.) Screenwriters will tell you that you need to know your ending before you can write the beginning, all the set-ups and foreshadowing. I’ve found a lot of that stuff happens unconsciously; those are the golden moments when you really get into the writing and you recognize suddenly how events connect to one another. Or might. For instance, both of my grandfathers were amateur boxers, (though my father didn’t know his biological father). The idea that they might have fought kind of hit me right in the face. (I still haven’t written that scene and am not sure how I’ll manage it, but it informs the writing; in Sins my grandfather is always shadowboxing, soliloquizing, and stalking this nemesis).

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

Yeah, memoir. A desire to make sense of things. To work with personal material without asbestos gloves.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

Oh, dear. Who’s tragic-comic? A young Tim Roth, maybe.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I’ll read like a madman and then take time off. Let me say that the writers who directly influenced Smuggler are, in no particular order: Camus, Babel, Nabokov, Orwell, Richard Wright, Martin Amis, and Raymond Chandler. Of course you read writers for different reasons; you read Faulkner differently than Richard Yates. Back when I was a poet I loved Stevens and Frost equally, despite their very different temperaments. (Frost was reputed to have called Stevens’ work “bric-a-brac.”)

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

Chandler, The Long Goodbye again, for fun, and Joan Didion, The White Album. (I’m afraid I’m not a very adventurous reader; there’s just so much canonical work to read. I admire these writers who’ll tell you about some obscure work by an aboriginal writer. But there’s may be an inherent danger in reading one’s contemporaries, I’m not sure.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

Probably Conrad’s Heart of Darkness … because I have a heart of darkness.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Read, write and find a job that doesn’t drain you creatively and physically.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

I do a lot on Facebook. Also, that’s a question that I’m currently trying to figure out!

About the Author:

Nicholas Fillmore is a poet, publisher, journalist and professor of English. He lives on windward Oahu with his wife, daughter and dachshunds.

He attended the graduate writing program at University of New Hampshire, was a finalist for the Juniper Prize in poetry and co-founded and publishedSQUiD magazine in Provincetown, MA.

Fillmore is currently at work on Sins of Our Fathers, a family romance. He is a reporter for Courthouse News Service, lecturer in English at Hawaii Pacific University and publisher of iambic Books.

Social Media Links:



Twitter: @nicholasfillmor

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Book Blitz: ‘Starlight’ by Samantha Jane

Title: Starlight
Series: The Order of Orion #3
Author: Samantha Jane
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 3, 2018

When love and superpowers collide…

Isobel Stone, aka The Resurrectionist, may be the most powerful Starborn ever born. Will Hamilton may be the most wounded. Riddled with physical and emotional scars, Will must protect Isobel, whose powers are worth millions on the black market.

Can Isobel go into hiding when all she wants is to heal people?

Can Will overcome his traumatised past and keep her safe from evil Noctem?

Starlight, the thrilling third book in The Order of Orion series, gives readers more of what they want— a wild ride of action and romance set in a captivating paranormal world like no other.


Purchase Links
Free in Kindle Unlimited

God, why couldn’t his heart slow the fuck down? Despite his fog-filled brain he registered her look of disappointment. This was exactly why he avoided people. They were needy and messy. He rubbed his left leg, wishing he could hit his thigh instead. That always snapped him out of the cloud of panic wanting to swallow him whole.

He turned away from her and stared out to the bay, concentrating on the smell of the ocean and the sounds of the tiny town; the distant call of a gull, a pickup driving down the street. He walked off and took a few slow deep breaths.

Isobel trailed behind him for a while before she caught up. “I’m not sorry for leaving the truck.”

“Why isn’t that a surprise?” He clenched his fists. “You risk a lot more than your own skin, you know that, right?”

“I kept my hair covered. I didn’t tell anyone anything.”

“Not everything is about you.”

She grabbed his arm. “I needed to feel free. To feel like a human being.” Her fingers tightened around him. “But I am sorry for mucking you around.”

“I’ll have a phantom sister to deal with after you leave.
I’ve been under the radar for a year in this town and you’ve set fire to everything.” He pulled away from her touch and apology.

She tugged on his arm refusing to let him go. “You’re insane if you think you’ve been keeping a low profile.” Her brown eyes flashed as they ran the full length of him. “Any woman with a heartbeat will have noticed you.”

His chest tightened. “I think you’re forgetting something.” He pushed his hair aside from his face. “This.” His voice trembled. “This keeps people away.”


Reviews for the Series

“I have absolutely loved this series from the get go and have been DYING for book 3. Starlight did NOT disappoint, I devoured this book. Samantha Jane’s Order of Orion series is so wonderfully unique, I love that each book goes deeper and deeper into the Starborn world and has the perfect blend of paranormal, romance and action.” – Amazon reviewer


“This series just keeps getting better and better! Starlight will have you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end.” – Amazon reviewer


Also Available
FREE for a very limited time!!
Always free in Kindle Unlimited
99c for a very limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio


Samantha Jane is a die-hard fan of both romance and action-adventure stories, and when the two genres combine, she’s in heaven. Samantha lives with her superhero husband and two daughters who wish they could fly and shoot laser beams from their fingertips. Juggling a family, a day job and writing novels is her own action-adventure story. Because life is too short not to aim for the stars.

Author Links

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