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Book Review: ‘Holy Crap! The World is Ending!’ by Anna-Marie Abell

Title: Holy Crap! The World is Ending! How a Trip to the Bookstore Led to Sex with an Alien and the Destruction of Earth (The Anunnaki Chronicles Book 1)

Published: 26th December 2017

Publisher: Alien Abduction Press

Author: Anna-Marie Abell


Twitter: @writtenbyanna




End Times Are Here! Now you can eat whatever you want and not care if you gain weight.

Autumn, a food and wine obsessed ad executive (who for the purpose of this retelling asked to be portrayed as drool-inducing hot with kick-ass ninja skills), has just been handed the task of saving all of humanity.

Here’s the deal. The president has just announced that the Earth is going to collide with a rogue moon, and in the process, our entire planet is going to be smashed to bits. As one would expect, upon hearing this news, humans went ballistic. No car was left unrolled—but oddly enough, Taco Bell remained open and made unfathomable profits in the last days. Apparently, Doritos Locos® Tacos were a popular last meal.

After drinking a bottle of wine and inhaling a wheel of Brie cheese, Autumn hijacks a spaceship and races to save her fellow humans with the help of her unbelievably sexy alien boyfriend and her kleptomaniac friend with fire-retardant hair. The task is simple enough, just loot the Ark of the Covenant from a secret government bunker under a department store in Arkansas and use it to convince the entire human race to come together in one giant group hug. No problem, right? Along the way, Autumn will discover just how sheltered people are from the truth of extraterrestrials and their power to either protect us or destroy us.

Stupid government.

Grab a bottle of wine, a spaceship full of snacks, and prepare to take a ride on this humorous chick lit romantic sci-fi paranormal adventure. If you crave a little sexy time in your reading, are into Ancient Aliens, conspiracy theories, UFOs, are curious if we were genetically engineered (like the Sumerian cuneiform texts claim), and are dying to find out the meaning of life, then this book is for you.



I think the title kind of says it all really so just hold on for a fun filled ride with lots of food thrown in for good measure – you’ll get that when you read it! You will find that Autumn likes her ‘what if’ questions. Not simple ones either, more like ‘what if flaming cats came out of his eyes’, you know that sort of thing.

So Autumn gets a shocked first encounter with ‘Mr. New Age’ at the bookstore. He seems to be a little different than other guys she’s met. Well with him being part of an alien race called Anunnaki from Nibiru, or what we call Planet X, it would kind of make sense. Seems this planet comes close to Earth every few thousand years. Just not as a good omen as last time it caused the great flood – you know the one with Noah. Now this race it seems appeared to have created humans – among other mythical creatures that is; mermaids, centaurs, unicorns and dragons to name a few. Creative bunch you could say. Meeting once would be a chance encounter but more than once, along with a feeling of being watched, you know that Autumn is going to want some answers to why she feels so connected to someone she doesn’t know.

Seems Rigel, aka Mr. New Age, has a bit of explaining to do about light beings and why he seems to be keeping an eye on her. His kind first came to Earth to mine its gold and that’s why they created the human race, to mine for them. They also realised that if they ingested the gold in liquid form then they could live longer and eventually morph into light. Nice quick way to get around it seems.

Seems their souls are calling each other, connected in a way that pulls the other near. Out of body experiences to get closer to the other? Hot connection to the extreme. Well this kind of connection between them might have to take a back seat though when her over active mind starts ticking things over. Namely by finding out said Planet X is coming in close again to Earth. So what if the Anunnaki have decided to fix another mistake in their design by wiping the humans out again so they can start the whole process over – the flood 2.0?

Some research is in order and this is where her bookstore buddy comes into play. ‘The Hair’ come ‘Zarf’, though real name Devon, is there to lend a hand – even if he thinks her a little strange with what she is looking for. Quick off the mark giving a space name when she asked, as she had been wanting to find out information on light beings. He’s Zarf and she’s Zooloo and both as quirky as the other. Looking into Greek myths to see what happened when a God would punish someone for breaking a rule is enough to make her question whether she should really see Rigel again. An Anunnaki and human cannot be together, not anymore anyway as they know what a possible outcome would be. Half gods, half humans – Nephilim – with none of the humans’ compassion but all gods’ strength and height. Something that could fight them it seems. Also seems all Anunnaki have gifts, not good when directed at you.

Myth goes that God created the universe down to a tee but to do so he had to create enough of a spark – hello big bang. This in turn split his soul in two. Great Prophecy says that these two souls will be drawn back together to create balance, for the universes to become one. They would tie back together with one blue light and one gold so the Creator would be made whole again. The thing is Autumn has a blue soul. Would this be the start of the Prophecy or the start of a terrible downfall?

Inanna was an interesting character who is the enforcer of the no mating rule between humans and the Anunnaki. She shows up at just the wrong time for Autumn’s liking. Sparks and souls were literally flying. Autumn’s best friend Emma seems to take her crazy explanations in her stride. Oh sure ok you met an alien, the race that created us, had an orgasmic kiss/soul explosion and the world might be coming to an end. Ok let’s eat while we can. Enlil on the other hand is a right dick who clearly isn’t on humans’ side. He just wants them gone, no matter what the prophecy could mean. The fact Autumn could be a part of it just winds him up even further. Good job that Inanna seems to be coming round and might be able to help. Enki needs to help too by finding another loophole like he did with Noah and his wife with the Ark – one that won’t end with a sacrifice.

Space ship to fly and Devon is like a kid in a toyshop begging to be allowed to play with it. Fab four at the end trying to save the world – Autumn, Rigel, Devon and Inanna. Shame Enlil is finding loopholes to slow them down – post-it notes are funny though.

A race against time to save the human race, let’s see if they make it? A funny, sci-fi, comedy read with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. The power of the pinecone might be what saves the day but what is the price and are they willing to pay it? Got going a bit more from half way onwards but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author via NetGalley for my honest review.


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Book Review: ‘The Ghostwriters’ by Mickey J. Corrigan

Title: The Ghostwriters

Published: 2nd September 2016

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Author: Mickey J. Corrigan




She’s funny, cynical, and kinda crazy, but she knows how to tell a story.

A struggling writer living in Manhattan, Jacy McMasters is the first to admit she’s a terrific liar and a screw-up. Then the ghost of the famous novelist JD Balinger asks her to “channel” a follow-up to his classic coming of age book, The Watcher in the Sky. Along with her new boyfriend, a bear of a man who has no patience for mind games, the ghost in Jacy’s head forces her to confront a lifetime of secrets—dark secrets. Secrets she’s been keeping from herself.



So our girl Jacy has kind of hit rock bottom in a drunken wasteland of despair. While on another drunken night out she gets a helping hand by a friendly older guy called JD. It seems he has a proposition for her. A way to get her out of the rut she has found herself in and try to make something of her life. He wants her to help him write the sequel to his first worldwide hit. He just so happens to be the author of her all time favourite book. She is to ghostwrite the book for JD, as he can’t do it himself. You see well, he’s dead, so is contacting her through his spirit self. Seems her drunken stupor opened a way for her to connect with those on the other side. Now Jacy is either going to have to believe the ghost in front of her or she’s got to think of herself as crazy and having a mental break. It wouldn’t be the first time but this feels different and she really does want help. Wanting it and getting it are two different things and at the beginning it doesn’t take long before she falls back on old habits. Namely getting drunk and letting her ex Austin use her for only one thing. Talk about being an utter dick! You are glad when she sees the light but not everything is rosy for her.

To create the story she needs to fully embrace JD and let him write through her. They might clash on lots of things but he is trying to get her to see that she does have something to say. She has a lot of material to work with – the crazy antics of her family being top of the list. He just needs her to embrace it to see it.

Not quite over her drunken ways though she ends up meeting a nice guy while out, Firth. I say when out but she remembers nothing of the night, just the morning after at his place. He seems to think he knows her somehow and whenever they meet again suggests that he wants her to open up like she did before. He doesn’t want games, he wants the real thing and he thinks that might be her. Only problem is she holds too much back for fear the pain will take over. Everyone has always tried to control her so she pushes back and rebels – drinking and sleeping around being the main players. But with Firth it’s different. He’s nice and that’s something she isn’t used to. He understands she is writing a book with someone but doesn’t know the whole ghost part. Trust me its not going to go down well when she starts talking about it. I liked that when he had a cat that needed help he thought of her, as every writer should have a cat by their side – or you know on their laps, over their arms so they can’t write – when typing away at a computer. The story is coming along but her life seems to take a turn. Family troubles are key but what are they really? A health spa retreat to help or could it hinder when you need some alone time? Can she find her way back to who she was or try to be a better version of herself? The self those close to her saw in her potential.

Loved the back and forth antics between JD and Jacy. They seemed to click in a weird way, which was fun. The twist can be seen fairly soon but its still interesting to see how everything comes full circle. Connection with Firth was real and only when she let him in did she get what she truly wanted. Does grip you quite quickly with the style of writing and story itself. Once I started I couldn’t seem to put it down so it’s well worth a look. A ghost writer helping her ghostwrite a masterpiece to help her move on. Helps others too.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Sex God’ by Katie McCoy

Title: Sex God (All-Stars Book 4)

Published: 19th February 2018

Author: Katie McCoy




My brother’s best friend is a sex god, and it’s time to even the score…

Austin James was always my #1 crush – and off-limits – until a college hook-up showed me he was every bit the playboy his rock-star reputation promised. Now, he’s back after a mysterious break from the spotlight, offering an exclusive profile that could make any journalist’s career.

And he picks me.

Two weeks to land the scoop of a lifetime? I’m not about to let a little unresolved sexual tension stand between me and my big break. OK, a *lot* of sexual tension.

Can I figure out Austin’s secrets – before they break my heart? And will this off-limits romance find a way to become something real?

Find out in another hot standalone romance from Katie McCoy!

The All-Stars Series are hot standalones featuring sexy alpha men finding their HEA!
1. Royal Player
2. Hot Bachelor
3. Heartthrob
4. Sex God



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book published in 2018. Fun, sexy, rock star ride our girl Mia gets taken on. She gives as good as she gets but can she keep what she’s always wanted?

So Mia is having a dry spell in the romance department as well her career not quite going in the direction she wants. Writing top 10 fluff lists at Chatbuzz not being quite the journalistic career she thought she’d have. So when she’s out with her friend in a club and darts off to the bathroom, VIP one mind you, what she overhears is the closest action she’s had in a while. Seems a woman is getting some attention with some magic hands and all Mia can think of is when are they going to be done so she can escape. Thinking she’s free and clear she leaves only to meet said magic hands owner. Said owner who just so happens to be her past collage crush. Austin James, aka rock super star, sex god, her brother Luke’s best friend and the only guy to ever kiss her so passionately she thought she’d melt from it. Too bad that’s as far as it went.

So Austin gets the shock of his life when the only woman who ever really got to him catches him in a position he really wishes he hadn’t been in. Talk about bad coincidences and from the looks of Mia she isn’t impressed. He needs to see her again and knows just the plan. Austin is a rock star who is about to launch his solo career. His manager Zoey knows he’s going to need to do some promotion before releasing the album so he suggests an expose with Chatbuzz but only if Mia does the interview. He needs someone who will focus on him and the music and not keep bringing up why his band Method of Madness broke up. Now he might say he wants to be interviewed but coming round to actually answering any questions seems to be a hard concept. He’s holding himself back and from what Mia can see putting on a persona whenever he is out. He shows a different person depending on who comes up to him. But who’s the real Austin?

Mia is getting to the end of her tether with how he is acting, big break or not with this interview she all but snaps at him that he is nothing like the guy she used to know. One she used to have faith in. Needless to say he finds a way to show her one thing that hasn’t changed, if anything he’s got better at. Another kiss to revival the first and cut through the sexual tension. Well maybe if he hadn’t said straight after that it was a mistake and shouldn’t happen again. Seems she may be getting under his skin again, only fair as he is under hers. He finally agrees to really be interviewed but in a more relaxed setting – his cabin in a mountains. Talk about taking risky chances with the chemistry that’s been building from the moment they met. Everything comes to ahead after a hike in the mountains followed by a rainstorm. Wet clothes need drying off as well as them warming up, you know the heat is coming. After a shower Mia gets drawn to the music Austin is playing on his piano. Dressed in only a dressing gown sitting beside him you could cut the tension with a knife. One look, a touch and then they snap. Talk about heating things up to boiling point. Start of something real or a bit of fun? Mia can never be sure with how hot and cold Austin goes. Especially when her brother Luke comes on the scene. Austin can’t seem to get rid of his guilt for getting with his best friends little sister and until he does no one can move forward.

Thought Mia’s friends were a right laugh and Austin’s manager Zoey is clearly someone who runs the show in the best way. When Luke’s not being an idiot he’s fun too. Another fun, steamy read with amusing characters throughout.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Perfect Match’ by Lila Monroe

Title: Perfect Match

Published: 13th November 2017

Author: Lila Monroe


Twitter: @lilawrites


Amazon Page:



“Stranded up a cliff-face? Check. Pants ripped open for all the world (and my sexy boss) to see? Double check. Never mind my professional reputation, the only thing I can think is: why, oh why did I have to wear a thong today?”

Jack Callahan has the hottest smile in tech. And as for his ass…ets – well, there’s a reason he’s the biggest playboy in town. But thanks to douche-bro investors and my snake of a college nemesis (don’t ask), he’s also my last shot to take my new dating app from kick-ass idea to world-conquering, million-dollar reality.

There’s just one problem: he doesn’t believe you can make a program for love.

With my future on the line, I set him a challenge: if I can use the app to find his soulmate, he’ll invest in my company. Simple, right?


It turns out, Jack’s cocky attitude pushes my buttons – in all the sexiest, most infuriating ways. My research tells me he’s the absolute worst guy in the world for me… so why can’t I keep my hands off him? And with my deadline approaching fast, how will I choose between my big break – or a broken heart?



Another funny, sexy, comical read with this one so if you love Lila’s other books here’s another one to check out.

McKenna has created a dating app with a difference, one that uses a mathematical algorithm to help you find ‘the one’. It’s perfect; she just needs the backing to see her creation go live – step in Jack Callahan. McKenna is one determined woman when it comes to getting an appointment with the one and only Jack Callahan. His is a very wealthy tech backer who likes to take risks on up and coming businesses so her hope lands squarely on him. Shame his views on dating apps aren’t good. If nothing else she knows she managed to make a lasting impression on him. Namely by stalking him to his rock climbing gym after her meeting seems to have been messed up. He might be intrigued that she’d follow him that far but if she wants to talk she has to join him at the top. Not good for someone scared of heights. Her view looking up at him might be one to make her pulse race but it’s her fear of having to look down that might make her pass out. He thinks she’ll either leave or climb, but why do either when a ladder is just as effective. He may be impressed with her skills but its not enough to sweeten a deal. He’s happy with his dating apps – the ones that they are good for hook-ups and nothing more. Be careful what you mention as McKenna’s computer savvy employee might be able to have some fun with that.

Jack is one smooth, sexy, confident man who is a bit of a distraction at first for McKenna but she still tries to put that aside to get the deal she needs. A way to have some fun to show him that her site is a whole lot better than some others out there is to play around with some of his chosen ‘dates’. After a few disasters it seems that he is finally available to listen. He gives her a chance for her to prove her app works before he backs her, one she may regret. She’s got 6 weeks to make him fall in love with someone else. Shame the longer she spends with him to get his profile perfect the more she starts to like him herself. An imperfect match but you know how the saying goes, opposites attract.

The chemistry between them is a slow burn as they start very much seeing the other as a business partner. But you know that’s going out the window the moment they have a few lingering looks, dates in the dark and traumatic events. Rock climbing when scared of heights just to play along with his games is not a good idea McKenna. Especially when wearing very tight gym gear and a thong – need I say more? It’s the moment the spark just explodes for them that things start to get interesting. To say he pounces on her after a whispered ‘Goodnight’ would be an understatement. She may want to keep things professional but their feelings can’t stay at bay for long. With the deadline looming for ‘the one’, the app and their passions you know its not going to be long before something, or someone, cracks under the pressure.

Loved McKenna’s friends/employees Riley and Warren and that characters from the others in the series pop up and are interlinked with each other. All books can be read alone but they are as fun and hot as each other so why not read them all.

I did think she forgave him a little too easily at the end after him acting like a complete asshole. He might have done a big gesture but I think a bit more explaining and groveling was in order.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Heartthrob’ by Katie McCoy

Title: Heartthrob (All-Stars Book3)

Published: 28th November 2018

Author: Katie McCoy




Move over, Colin Firth – there’s a new Darcy in town!

Jax Hawthorne is Hollywood’s sexiest bad boy. I’m a glorified secretary who thinks color-coding my library is a wild Friday night. So when he shows up after all this time wanting to make good on our childhood deal to tie the knot, it’s not because he can’t resist my perfect credit score.

He needs a fake girlfriend to rehab his reckless image, and I’m the (safe, sensible) girl for the job. I would be insulted… if the proposal didn’t come with an all-expenses-paid trip to England while he shoots a new movie version of ‘Pride & Prejudice.’

Goodbye, my dumpster fire of a dating life. Hello, steamy nights with a chiseled hunk who knows all the right moves.

Soon, I’m knee-deep in the English mud – and on-set drama. But all our fake-smoldering is getting my very real panties in a twist. It turns out, Jax is so much more than just a reckless playboy. He makes me want to forget our ‘arrangement’… and break all the rules.

Can our pretend romance turn to something real? Or will scheming actresses, control-freak PR crews, and a pesky little thing called love ruin the best (fake) relationship of my life?



Another fun, feisty, hot little read to blast through in a few hours. Jax Hawthorne, Hollywood’s sexy bad boy, needs an image makeover to land the role of a lifetime. With a little help from an old childhood friend he might just get that.

Penny almost feels like she is scraping the barrel when it comes to dating and the more blind dates or internet dates she goes on the more she thinks she should just give up. One last shot is what she thinks, mainly the try and get her ex out of her head, but she should really just listen to her gut. Her current ‘date’ seems to pale in comparison the moment things get a little too handsy but thankfully Jax is there to intervene when needed. She recognized him the moment she got to the bar with her friend but didn’t think for a moment that he would recognize her. It seemed a lifetime ago that they were kids playing together to escape their parents but she still remembers the pack that they made. The one that said that it they weren’t married by the time she was 25 they’d marry each other. His reasoning that friendship is better than love. Well that thought comes right to the front of her mind when he steps in – can you guess her age people? Seems he wants to catch up but she just wants to leave, well until her ex and the girl he dumped her for turn up. Seems Jax is a very convincing fake date to get her ex all flustered. Seems faking a date is one thing that could lead to something a lot more interesting.

Jax has wanted to land a must-have role for a while but the producers are concerned with his wild, bad boy image. They need to see that he has changed his ways and what better way to do that than by getting serious with someone. Well as serious as a fake relationship that is, but the woman has to be a safe bet, calm with no drama. While he is away on the set of his new film version of Pride & Prejudice she would be there to show off to the press to create the perfect romance love story. A film our very sexy leading man plays the delectable Mr. Darcy. The first person that comes to his mind is Penny. He might first just be thinking she is the safe bet, someone who might be interested in an all expenses paid trip to England, but somewhere deeper he is thinking about the woman herself. Not in a fake way at all.

A deal is struck but its not long before their ‘fake’ relationship starts to feel very much like a ‘real’ one. Let’s just say that teasing the guy while playing pool with unbuttoning your dress is one sure way to get a reaction out of him. One she very much enjoys. The thing with the fake relationship is that Penny can never really see whether the time they spend together is because he does want to be there or if there might be some press around who can capture the moment. Lines are soon very much crossed and when they are things get a whole lot hotter. The chemistry was building right from the start and you knew it wasn’t going to take much to push them over the edge. With his image being front-and-centre in his PR Stella’s mind though you know she is always going to be thinking of the best angle to sell her product – that being Jax. Whether Penny gets caught in the crossfire is not her problem it seems but its whether Jax can see through all the fakeness to what’s really in front of him that things might start to change. Whether he can handle what’s real or not is something else entirely.

Another great read by Katie that will have you stitches one moment and fanning yourself down in the next. Thought Morgan was a right laugh and great friend for Penny so hope she pops up in future books, or has one of her own. Couples from the first two books make an appearance which was fun as its always good to see them after their own story ends. Penny and Jax have some hard choices coming there way, let’s see if they make the right ones.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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