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Release Blitz and Book Review: ‘Extra Credit’ by Poppy Dunne

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Book Title: Extra Credit
Author: Poppy Dunne
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 22, 2017
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The first time I saw Will Munroe I had him pegged as a typical LA douchebag—a little too handsome, a little too rich, a little too into his probiotic kale smoothies. The next time I ran into him—at his daughter’s parent/teacher conference (me: teacher, he: parent)—I noticed his steel grey eyes, his hard chest under a crisp white button down, and his suggestively bare ring finger. I was hooked.

If life really imitated art, he’d have swept me off my feet and taken me right there on the principal’s desk. Instead, we are stuck in our assigned roles. He’s the workaholic single dad of a precocious girl child, and I’m her fiery substitute teacher. Never the two shall meet. Enter one zany, yurt-dwelling ex-wife, a stock market that never sleeps, and some over-the-top, A-list fundraisers, and I’ve got plenty of drama ahead. Better to keep my hands to myself.

But when Will asks me out for a pancake breakfast, how can I resist? My heart (and my stomach) say yes, but am I willing to risk my job for a short stack and a romp in the hay? A slow, sensual, mind-blowing romp in the hay…

But where there’s a Will…



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book that made you laugh out loud. Funny quirky characters that will have you in stitches right from the start with the type of humour they bring.

You know how some children wish to run away and live with the circus when they are young. Well Chelle wanted to go live accountants. You may think that’s a bit strange but it seems her normal life was a circus, quite literally with her parents being clowns and all. Loved them when they showed up, hilarious even though only in it for a small part. Growing up in that environment is probably why Chelle went into the theatre, specifically helping putting on children’s plays. She only wishes it would be something a bit more full time. She’s just moved to LA to start working as a substitute theatre studies teacher at Bay of Dreams School. Seriously this school is a little bonkers but in a great way. Very spiritual in its environment and how everyone interacts with each other. I love it when she talks about its quirks, mainly with what the kids’ names might be. Seriously Kale, who would you call their kid Kale? So she’s there for a few weeks (though she’s hoping it will turn into something longer) to put on a play, Oliver Twist. ‘Twist’ should definitely be in the title as they do alter the story a bit. I mean there’s a killer whale at the end of it – work that one out people! I seriously need to see how the play turned out because the description alone is enough to get you intrigued. But its not just the play that becomes a reason to stay, might have something to do with handsome stranger she first meets while walking her cute little dog Archie.

It’s a bit of an amusing first meet with Chelle and Will when they bump into each other on Runyon Canyon while walking their dogs. She might take notice of this handsome stranger to begin with but it’s the dogs that seem to like each other a bit too much. A bit of banter and then they are on their way thinking to never see each other again. He managed to stay on her mind though and it seems that luck (or maybe fate) has put his daughter Amelia in her class. After having to meet him for a spiritual intervention where finger painting is involved (yes really) you can see the underlying chemistry start to flow. But Chelle has been burned before in her past relationship with lies and half-truths so she’s not looking for anything here. Yeah well she can keep saying that to herself but we all know she would love to get a bit creative with him.

Seems Will’s on the same wavelength but has been out of the game for a while so doesn’t know how to play it. Shouldn’t worry too much as his daughter volunteers him to assist with the play. Now they are going to be spending a lot of time together, something they are both very pleased with. Love when he asks her out and just assumes she will know it’s a date by the place he says to meet at. When she turns up in very casual wear it’s like a rabbit caught in headlights moment where she then just wants to run. No running here though as he has no intention of letting her go. He gives her two options: they can either talk about the play prep work or she can put her notepad away and they can see where it leads. It leads to some very hot fun it you ask me but not as much as the day after. I’ll just say that she gets double the desserts when she’s with him. She is definitely a foodie with quite a sweet tooth, something that Will is intrigued by. No matter what he starts with Chelle he still has to try and deal with his hippy free spirited ex-wife Suzonne. When it’s mentioned she lives in a yurt with their daughter I had to look them up to see what they looked like. Have to admit some of the more extravagant ones look all right. Though I’m guessing Suzonne would have picked a very basic one due to wanting to become minimalist.

A hidden romance is very enticing but having one could cause a lot of trouble if it ends badly. Chelle longs to settle in one place with a full time career so doesn’t need to be found out in the middle a scandal. Chemistry is believable and not over the top. They are opposites in some ways but then match made in heaven in others. Will is clearly a devoted father who respects his ex – even if she’s a bit of a hippy – and wants Chelle with a passion the longer he is with her. Chelle is a free spirit herself, just not as far gone as the other schools teachers, loves her family no matter what they do and is loyal to a fault. Passion from the start so lets hope it doesn’t fizzle out by opening night.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


I’m asking for a tissue when he sweeps me up into his arms and kisses me. His mouth covers mine, nothing tentative about it. It’s a masterful kiss, him claiming my mouth over and over again. My arms twine around his neck, when what I should be doing is pushing him away with a Scarlett O’Hara “I do dee-clayah! Mr. Munroe!” But I don’t. Instead, I pull him closer, feeling the scrape of his stubble against my cheek. He tastes like breath mints from heaven, or something else celestial and minty fresh. When we finally pull apart—which body does not want, but brain insists on—I find I can finally exhale. Will lowers me back to the ground like I’m floating back out of a dream, back to my job and the school and…the fact that I’m still doing my job at the school.

While snogging a parent.

Snogging’s a great word.

Okay, brain. Let’s get back to it.

“That was…” Will’s voice trails off. The tone is deep, rugged, sexy.

I respond, “Shhweee.” I think I was looking for the word sweet, but we’ll never know.

“Very,” he agrees. He steps away, even though every molecule in my body right now is telling me to fling myself back at this tall, infuriating, infuriatingly gorgeous man. But just as I’m about to throw caution and my bra to the wind, someone adorable comes bouncing up to us, her mouse-eared hoodie still on.

meet the author

After ten years of hiding behind a bathroom door, Poppy Dunne has sent both children to school, emerged from the bathroom, and is excited to release Room Service, a romantic comedy plotted mostly on the toilet.

Poppy writes books with relatable heroines who speak their minds and whose riotous inner dialogue reflects their complex characters. Her goal is to deliver a story that has equal parts heart, romance and humor. Her heroes are swoon worthy, yet hold on to your suspension of disbelief, because they pick up their own socks and cook.

In her free time, she looks for hobbies other than Netflix and procrastinating to fill out this author bio. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

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Book Review: ‘All the Frogs in Manhattan’ by Carrie Aarons


Title: All the Frogs in Manhattan

Published: 3rd March 2017

Author: Carrie Aarons


Twitter: @authorcarriea



You know how Cinderella had the whole glass slipper, pumpkin carriage, fairy godmother thing?

Yeah…with foot-destroying stilettos, Uber, and a Twitter horoscope, my life is far from a happily ever after.

In fact, instead of Prince Charming, I end up dating every slimy, scaly, brainless frog in the kingdom of Manhattan. And by frog, I mean all of the stereotypical bad guys that Mom and Lifetime movies warned you about.

The meathead player.
The mommy’s boy.
The namedropper.
The cheapskate.

If they suck at relationships, I’ve probably kissed those cold, clammy lips in the hopes of finding love. Until one day, when one man with commitment issues offers to help me find the Romeo to my Juliet.

But what happens when the frog, who was never supposed to turn into a prince, kisses you at midnight? Ok fine, he propositioned me for some afternoon delight after brunch, but not everything can be straight out of a fairytale.


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a place in the title. I loved the Sex and the City vibe throughout with Gemma and her friends. They even do the whole girls brunch gossip thing, sex talk and all. Gemma and Oliver were quick-witted sassy characters that worked brilliantly together as, at first, they weren’t really trying too hard. Seriously how many frogs does a girl need to kiss before her prince comes along? In this case a few rotten ones and when a prince comes along he may not be the one you were looking for but turns out to be the one you need.

The dating game is hard and Gemma’s slim pickings from a dating site are just making it harder. So when she’s on yet another bad date that she wants to get out of she needs to use her ace card. One sure way to get the guy to leave after he asks you back to his place is to say you’re on your period. Works a charm but it happens to get witnessed by a handsome stranger. A small bit of banter nothing more and then she’s on her way not thinking anything of it. That is until he walks over to her while she’s having brunch with her friends a few days later. Seems he remembered her and they just click. She can tell he is putting out the “I’m not looking for commitment vibe” loud and clear but with how easy the banter is going she knows what she wants. Him back at her place, simply because she’s horny and can clearly see they both fancy each other. A one time hook-up to start with and so neither has the ball in their court they both take each other’s numbers. A fun afternoon of delight that she didn’t really think she’d repeat but a week later after running from another disaster date she folds.

Seems Oliver is more than happy to oblige. A ‘friends with benefits’ idea is soon very much on the table but things never stay simple for long. With her not wanting anything from him romantically she is acting like herself for once. Also means that neither are afraid to ask for exactly what they want in the bedroom department, or frankly anywhere that might take their fancy as not having a bed isn’t a deal breaker. The longer she is in his life the more he wants to lets her in. Which is a bit of a foreign concept for him with being such a recluse and a non-commitment kind of guy. He never thought he acted like a jerk before with other women because he was always so upfront about what they would have. Or not have in this case, as all he’s looking for is stringless fun. But the longer he spends with her the more he starts to want, which ends up freaking him out so you just know he will push her away. Gemma can never really get a hold on what he’s thinking no matter what crazy moment they are in next. She still longs for a romance but keeps getting frogs and is only just starting to notice that her prince might be under her nose. Well if he doesn’t run scared that is. The saying ‘wanting what you can’t have the moment it’s not yours’ comes to mind with certain people.

Loved the back and forth banter between them right from the start and only got better the more they got to know each other. Playful fun read to devour in a couple of hours.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Meant For You’ by Lili Valente


Title: Meant for You: A Sexy Flirty Dirty Standalone Romance

Published: 14th February 2017

Publisher: Self Taught Ninja

Author: Lili Valente



What if there was one man—one gorgeous, brilliant, sexy as hell man—who was meant for you?

Yeah, well, there isn’t. Love is a hard slog up a snowy mountain infested with rabid cougars, and meant-to-be love is just a lie. I learned that the hard way when all my romantic dreams went up in smoke, and the boy I loved walked away without looking back.

Or so I thought…


Seven years ago Fate ripped me away from the only girl I’ve ever loved. Now Addie and I are snowed in at a romantic mountain lodge, drinking cocoa around the Valentine’s Day tree, and there’s no way I’m going to let her slip away from me again.

One way or another, I’ll prove to Adeline that we belong together.

She might not believe in love, but I do, and I’m going to use every sexy, wicked weapon at my disposal to convince my girl we’re meant to be.

The best part of trying to win the one who got away? I know exactly what makes her laugh, what makes her melt, and what makes her squirm…

MEANT FOR YOU is a sexy, swoony, true love conquers all Standalone romantic comedy.


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – The forth book in a series. The amazing series called ‘A Sexy Dirty Flirty’ Magnificent Bastard one. They are standalones that link together to create a great series with each book as great as the last. This Valentine’s Day weekend is going to be one that none of them are going to forget.

Nate (aka P.D pretty devil) and Adeline (aka Einstein) both read a book ‘The Devil You Need’ as teens and fate brought them together because of that fact. It seems fate always has a way of bringing things and people full circle, back to where they are meant to be. I love the cross over from the past and present and how everything had a purpose even back when they were younger with linking back to present day.

So we found out in ‘Incredible You’ that Nate is the new guy with MBC as the gentleman. His current job is to play the part of Eduardo’s younger boyfriend at a Valentine’s weekend event due to his ex husband trying to screw him over. Eduardo explains that they don’t need to be overly affectionate in public as long as they look lovingly into each others eyes all the time. It should do the trick to make his ex jealous enough to have him grovelling. He has every intention of making it believable as Eduardo is a really nice man but when the girl he loved from his past turns up he doesn’t quite know what to do. All he knows is that he needs a chance to explain about what really happen.

Snowed in for a Valentine’s weekend event with the boy who broke your heart that happens to have turned into a heartthrob man doesn’t seem too appealing. Especially when he is there with another man he’s meant to be madly in love with. With his heated looks and the need to be close to her though she would think she was seeing things. When he finally has her trapped alone with him – well lying on top of her in a bed of snow after being thrown – he tries to explain what happen all those years before and what’s going on now. He may be talking but all she can think about is his lips. Good thing too really as it’s not long before they are on her. One kiss and everything from the past comes rushing to the surface. A need like no other is front and centre but now she feels horrible for him cheating. Well until she takes some time to think things through about what he might actually be doing. She may feel a bit stupid at first but its not long before he distracts her in some very hot ways. The moment he wants her naked though she panics and runs. Seems she has been holding onto a secret and the fear of him finding out makes her run. Really though its that she just doesn’t want to have to face it again. However running away leads her straight into danger – which if I’m being honest seems to follow them around a bit. Especially with when, or more specially where, he finds her and how it links to something that happened years before. Your mind will be like ‘what the hell!’ when you get to it but its very cleverly done.

There are ghostly presents throughout that seem to follow Nate and Adeline wherever they go. They can’t be too freaked out as their love for all things paranormal and strange are what got them together in the first place. Chemistry is undeniable between them even after seven years. Heartache and hurt on both sides but more for Adeline. When you find out everything she went through you just want to give her a hug. Note to self though never go into the woods with these two, just saying you never know what might happen lol.

There are no coincidences in this book, everything happens for a reason. So when Adeline starts talking to the ‘Pervert in Paris’ if it takes you more than a few minutes to figure out who he really is then you are not paying enough attention. I love that you got to check in with Shane throughout the book even if it was only by her texts. Brilliantly funny in places, love her. Eduardo was just lovely and clearly happy to see a happy ending for others after he gets one himself. Think this turned out to be the best Valentines Day weekend any of them had ever had.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Incredible You’ by Lili Valente


Title: Incredible You: A Sexy Flirty Dirty Standalone Romance

Published: 22nd October 2016

Publisher: Self Taught Ninja

Author: Lili Valente



From the USA Today Bestselling author of Magnificent Bastard comes a sexy, flirty, dirty STANDALONE romance…on ice.

They say Jake “The Dragon” Falcone earned his nickname by setting fire to the ice his first season in the NHL. But just between us ladies, I’m pretty sure he earned it for the dragon in his pants.

From my first hug as his fake girlfriend, it’s clear he’s packing below the belt. After a few fake dates I realize he’s packing…everywhere. Heart, brains, sex-vibe, a killer sense of humor–Jake is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.

He’s also my client and OFF LIMITS. Oh, and he has a crazy ex who’s out for my blood.

I should steer clear, and I would, if my dragon weren’t so completely incredible…


The name sounded like a joke. Who in his right mind wants a “Miraculous Mess” running damage control on his f*cked up love life?

But by the time I leave her apartment on day one, I’m hooked on this sexy blonde. I want all of her, from the smart mouth that makes me smile to the wounded heart I know I can heal.

But can a Madison Avenue princess and a man from the wrong side of the tracks live happily ever after?

Warning: Incredible You is a standalone romantic comedy told from both the hero and heroine’s point of view.


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by an author you love but haven’t read. This series is a collection of standalones but its best to read them all in order. Not only so you won’t get spoilers from the ones that come before them but also because they are so good.

So this one follows Jake “The Dragon” Falcone and Shane Willoughby. Jake is a well-known hockey player; well if you follow sports he is but Shane really has no clue. His nicknames “The Dragon” on the ice but after she gets to know him she thinks it’s more to do with what’s in his trousers. Hers becomes Princess, which totally works for this fairytale style romance. I mean you even have the dragon charge in to save the princess at one point. So Shane has been called in by Bash to be his ‘Miraculous Mess’ on a one-time deal to help out as he feels Jake really needs it. His MBC company usually deals with females getting back at their ex’s who have screwed them over but this time its a guy who needs help getting his crazy ex to leave him alone and stop causing trouble. Now when I say crazy I mean completely insane. This girl is definitely on her way to crazy town. What Keri has planned at one point is beyond bonkers and you are hoping that Shane’s “Dragon” can get there in time to save the day.

So Shane and Jake don’t get off to the best of starts with him overhearing a few of her misconceptions about him when she’s talking to her friend while waiting for him. Calm waters follow shortly after when she agrees to hear him out on what really happened with his ex before passing judgement. If she agrees to help the plan is for the two of them to pretend to be a couple so in love that it will make Keri leave him alone thinking he’s finally moved on. They even have an ‘in case of emergency’ wild card to play if they think things are starting to escalate with her. From what he tells her up at her place she thinks they might already be at that point by what Keri has already done.

One aspect of being loved up in public is that you have to practise in private. After one meeting you can tell they are hot for each other. More so after he goes in for a kiss before he leaves – you know just to see if they are compatible and all. Fan me down this man can kiss and it takes a great effort (I think on both sides) to leave each other. Shane almost turns to a puddle on the floor after he’s left and he’s in pain with how tight his trousers have suddenly become. Now this is a dangerous game they are playing. She is there to help him (even getting paid, regardless that she’s giving it to charity) but you can see that the lines are soon to be blurred from fantasy to reality. When Keri ups her game Shane knows she needs to pull out the big guns and that means making it clear to all that they are very much the fairytale couple in love. It’s not long before the magic of the fairytale becomes all too real and at first both are a little scared of it. He can certainly get her all hot and bothered with simple words but when he gets his hands on her it goes to another level. The chemistry between them is insanely hot and its clear its not just physical attraction that’s making them fall for each other but how they are as a person. Its not long before the job is pushed aside and the fairytale can have legs. With every fairytale there is always danger lurking somewhere in the shadows trying to pull them apart. Lets hope they will be strong enough to see it through.

Again I love the author’s style of writing. The text archives and future epilogues at the end help create a whole fun world. Great catching up with Penny, Bash, Cat and Aiden, though it’s the girls that take more of a front seat. It’s also set it up quite nicely for the next book with Shane’s friend Adeline and MBC’s new guy Nate. Great group of friends that pull together when needed and will always have each other’s back. Both Shane and Jake had tough upbringings in different ways so it’s nice that in coming together it’s brought them some happiness for the future.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Bet Me’ by Lila Monroe


Title: Bet Me: A Romantic Comedy

Published: 27th January 2017

Author: Lila Monroe


Twitter: @lilawrites


Amazon page:


What happens when your sex strike goes viral — and suddenly every man in town has their eye on your prize?

All I wanted was little old-fashioned romance. After a parade of Tinder disasters who think chivalry is giving me a pearl necklace on the first date, I made a pledge: until guys step up their game, this girl is off the market.

But one bottle of chardonnay later, and my drunken rant has gone viral. I’m the most famous person NOT having sex since the Jonas Brothers put on their purity rings. A men’s magazine has even put a bounty on my (ahem) maidenhead: fifty Gs to whoever makes me break the drought.

Be careful what you wish for…

Now my office looks like an explosion in a Hallmark factory, I’ve got guys lining up to sweep me off my feet – and the one man I want is most definitely off-limits. Jake Weston is a player through and through. He’s also the only one who sees through the mayhem to the real me, but how can I trust he’s not just out to claim the glory?

And how will I make it through the strike without scratching the itch – especially when that itch looks so damn good out of his suit?

The thrill of the chaste has never been so sexy in Lila Monroe’s hilarious, hot new romantic read!


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book published in 2017. Addictive reading when it comes to Lila’s books devoured this in one sitting. Sexy, sassy, humorous read. Lizzie wants romance and Jake just thinks it all an illusion so lets hope they can help each other out in that regard. Duel focus to which helps you get into both of their heads better.

Lizzie is the kind of girl who loves old movies where romance and courtship were still strong. That’s the kind of romance she wants for herself. However saying that here’s one of my favourite lines of hers: “I mean, is it so bad that I still believe there’s a guy out there who might wine and dine me, and also fuck me like he’s straight out if Magic Mike XXL?” She works as an assistant curator at The Met and is finally in charge of putting together an exhibit for the Golden Age of Hollywood. To say she is excited would be putting it mildly but she needs help finding things for the exhibit. This is where Jake Weston comes in. It’s his job to find and secure the un-findable. After a few condescending emails back and forth she pictures him as a balding man in his late fifties so she’s surprised to find a mouth watering gorgeous man standing in her doorway. One that, after she’s done drinking him in, she suddenly realises she has meet before intimately. When you get to her flashback of a drunken New Years Eve night three years before it’s amusing, embarrassing and annoying to say the least. After her break up with Todd the super rat she’s drowning her sorrows when she happens to bump into Jake – though he tells her to call him Jacob. Everything seems clearer when drinking so when a plan for revenge comes to her mind he tags along for fun. Seems the booze might be making them want other things as well, namely a drunken hook up. This however seems to be the cause of some unfortunate results, well for her anyway as he doesn’t quite umm … finish what he started? Seems he doesn’t remember her straight away and worse yet when he does he can’t think why she’d be mad at him. Trust me when he does remember he may want to sink into a hole.

Back to present day and Lizzie is back out on some bad Tinder dates where romance for them is ordering food in while watching the game. This just about pushes her over the edge. So when she’s home, a bottle of chardonnay later, she dials up to send her sister a video message. The rant she goes on is just hilarious and you’re with her all the way. She’s had enough and decides that until the men of New York up there game she’s going on strike. No sex until she gets a bit of romance first. It’s not till the day after at work when people start giving her funny looks that she gets an uneasy feeling. Seems she didn’t hit send but somehow share and now her rant has gone viral with others wanting to join in daily. Seems she’s now the most famous person not getting any.

Jake however is finding the whole situation hilarious, saying its nothing and will blow over. Plus he thinks she will crack in a few weeks, her response being you want to bet. He may think she will crack but I think he’s secretly hoping it will be with him, more so after he gets to know her better. He might start to have some competition after a men’s magazine does something stupid. Like say put a bounty on her, fifty thousand to the man who can break her strike. Now she has to figure out if the men suddenly paying her attention want her for her or the money. Well that’s when she finds out about it, before that she just sees all the attention as backwards. Instead of getting romance men just see her as a challenge. Something she can never quite get a read on with Jake. The chemistry between them is crazy hot and you can see both are tempted. More so when booze and kissing is involved – almost kissing her into submission at times. She wants to try and keep things professional but those pesky feelings keep getting in the way, for both of them really though Jakes a bit slow on the up take. He does all the romance without really knowing it and takes care of her when she needs it but she never knows if she can trust him. Does he want the bounty or her?

Loved the funny mishaps she seems to have on her parade of dates. Flying and food don’t seem to be her friends. A great bit of writing, funny banter and great chemistry between Lizzie and Jake. Attraction is strong between them and it seems second time around is the charm. Lets say when they get together its going to be worth every penny. Loved all the other characters as well as they gave the story more depth and laughs along the way.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.

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