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Book Review: ‘Rogue’ by Tonya Coffey

Title: Rogue (A Valkyrie Tale Book 1)

Published: 29th January 2017

Author: Tonya Coffey


Twitter: @coffeytonya1



Clytie, a Valkyrie, finds herself questioning Odin’s orders when Psyche comes for a shape-shifting panther, Storm. He rescues Clytie from a giant and something inside of her changes. A spark ignites; triggering an emotion Valkyries are forbidden to experience. Following her new feelings, she turns her back on all she knows to be with Storm. However, she knows it’s only a matter of time before Odin puts a price on their heads.

Odin furious with his Valkyrie for disobeying him, and proving the Well right, accepts the War is coming and Clytie will be the goddess who dethrones him, unless her sister stops her first.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a beautiful cover. Well it is purple and that’s my favourite colour so kind of gives it an edge. Warriors, wolves, shifters, gods of war and Valkyrie’s alike must come together to fight the battle that’s brewing. Odin must be stopped and it looks like they are just the ones to do it.

Clytie seems to have gotten herself in a bit of a tricky situation right from the get go. Luckily it seems that a black panther shifter, Storm, is there to help, seemingly having an overwhelming urge to protect her. Thing is he gets hurt and is near death, near enough for Psyche, Clytie’s sister, to come to take him to be a part of Odin’s army, something Clytie feels compelled to stop. Seems they both want to protect the other but have no idea why. Fate has pulled them together but will it keep them together? Odin might have a few words to say about that.

Clytie knows the moment her sister tells Odin of what she has done the whole of Asgard will come for them. Her sister included, the one she will need to watch out for the most. She might now be a rogue but she’s one with a panther shifter on her side so that has to count for something, right? He’s saved her life in a battle so it’s only fair she save his. Almost like ‘tag you’re it’, next time you save me.

The connection between them is so strong and neither can deny it for long. When the running danger comes too close the heat rises to the surface. A kiss to connect but in the process brings a storm in itself. Clytie was once told of a story about the Valkyrie of the earth – the ultimate Valkyrie. Fearing she is part of it, and not knowing the whole story, she runs from the one person she needs most. She is their goddess, their savior and it’s something she can’t run from.

Seems Psyche has her own protector in Borea, who inadvertently gets himself in hot water so feels the need to protect her from what’s coming. He knows she will follow Odin’s orders but will her love for her sister stop her from completing the mission? Seems when you go out of your way to stop a prophecy from coming true you end up creating the reason for why its meant to happen in the first place. Something Odin should think on with what’s to come. Those who serve must follow orders but what happens when they know they shouldn’t? A battle is coming but which side will come out on top?

Two prophecies for the price of one. Not only was an ultimate Valkyrie promised but also the shifters were told of a great Alpha from Storm’s pride that would lead them. Two prophecies coming together to create the ultimate power couple? A storm is brewing, quite literally, and it’s my favourite colour – purple! What’s not to love?

Interesting mystical world you are thrown into with this one. A journey like none other that is full force forward right from the get go. Fate and prophecies will not be denied and those that go against them will soon see the error of their ways. A battle might be won but the war is still to play for. With Storm by Clytie’s side they can do anything. Let the journey continue.

4.5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.


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Book Review: ‘Harkworth Hall’ by L.S. Johnson

Title: Harkworth Hall

Published: 1st August 2017

Author: L.S. Johnson


Twitter: @ls_johnson



Caroline Daniels must marry, and marry well. But in her remote corner of England eligible suitors are few and far between, and none hold a candle to her closest friend, Diana Fitzroy.

When Sir Edward Masterson arrives, he seems the answer to Caroline’s financial worries, though she instinctively dislikes the reticent, older merchant. Soon Sir Edward has set his sights on acquiring both Caroline and the decaying Harkworth Hall.

Caroline’s future seems secure, save that Sir Edward’s enigmatic secretary hints at a dark secret, and Sir Edward shows an unusual interest in the nearby bay. To discover Sir Edward’s true purpose, Caroline will have to face the horror beneath Harkworth Hall—and the woman who will change her life.



This is a gothic mystery story with a twist, so hold on for an intriguing ride with this one. Just when you think this could be a romance story when a mystery man comes on the scene it turns on its head with a bit of a paranormal mystery. Be wary of birds leaving in hoards as it would mean danger, or evil, is on its way.

Caroline is in for a mysterious journey when a stranger comes to town to take up residence in the equally mysterious Harkworth Hall. Sir Edward Masterson seems quite charismatic and charms most he meets – Caroline’s father being top of that list. So much so that he wants to go into business with him. Well her father also wants something else that could help Caroline, that in the form of a marriage to someone seemingly respectable. Caroline has never really been that focused on marriage, not like her friend Diana, but seems willing to do more if it will help her father in anyway. She knows he needs funds so this would help but isn’t going out of her way to meet Sir Edward Masterson just yet. Seems her father knows her well so brings him and his secretary Mr Jonathan Chase to her – someone else who seems to hold a secret close to their chest. Dinner guests make the house go a little crazy with trying to get everything ready. There is only so much that Caroline and the housekeepers Mr. and Mrs. Simmons can do. Dinner is one thing to get through but her father has invited Edward to stay with them until Harkworth Hall is ready for him. The house has been empty for years and just the looks of it would put the chills in you. Let alone the chills Caroline gets whenever Edward is near. There is something about him she just doesn’t trust but is she the only one?

Maybe not as Mr Chase gives off the impression that she should stay clear of Edward and Harkworth Hall altogether – not that she really wants to get close to either anyway. Mr Chase is a mystery too, Caroline knows there is more than meets the eye and it won’t take her long to uncover secrets hidden. Whether Mr Chase is there to help or hinder her in figuring out what darkness may be upon them is unclear but it’s something she needs to figure out fast with the disappearance of a local girl who was on route to Harkworth Hall.

Caroline is the kind of person that once she has her mind set on something she won’t stop until she figures it all out. She was told to stay away from Edward, something she is fine with really, but knows she needs to go to the house to figure out more of a mystery. It doesn’t help that she has been having bad dreams of late – a clue to what’s coming perhaps? An eye in the sea calling to her and needing something only she can give. Some paper clippings of women going missing and being murdered draws a dark picture on what may be coming and who might be involved. Is Edward who he says he is? Can she trust those she has known for years? Will a stranger be there to lend a hand in times of need? One thing is clear and that’s that she should always trust her first instincts, as they don’t seem to lead her wrong. Just maybe into dangerous situations first before trying to get back out again.

Interesting mystery mixed with a paranormal twist and intrigued with what is really happening at Harkworth Hall. Who you can really trust will be tested and what lies beneath might not be the only danger that draws near.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Shadow Eyes’ by Dusty Crabtree

Title: Shadow Eyes (Book 1)

Published: 2nd September 2016

Author: Dusty Crabtree


Twitter: @dustycrabtree



Iris thought she could ignore the shadows…until they came after everyone she loved.

Seventeen-year-old Iris Kohl has been able to see both dark and light figures ever since a tragic incident three years ago. The problem is, no one else seems to see them, and even worse…the dark figures terrorize humans, but Iris is powerless to stop them.

Although she’s learned to deal with watching shadows harass everyone around her, Iris is soon forced to question everything she thinks she knows about her world and herself. Her sanity, strength, and will power are tested to the limits by not only the shadows, but also a handsome new teacher whose presence scares away shadows, a new friend with an awe-inspiriting aura, and a mysterious, alluring new student whom Iris has a hard time resisting despite already having a boyfriend. As the shadows invade and terrorize her own life and family, Iris must ultimately accept the guidance of an angel to revisit the most horrific event of her life and become the hero she was meant to be.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book about angels. You, along with Iris, might not know they are there to begin with as dark shadows are what she sees first but there has to be balance to everything so light is on its way.

Iris has struggled with a gift that was awoken within her at a dark time in her past. From the moment she opened her eyes the first time to see shadows lurking around those she loved she was scared. She has been afraid of them ever since and has no real clue as it what they are, just that she knows they aren’t good. For three years she has hidden this secret, along with a darker tale from her past. One we don’t learn of until she is ready to face it head on. Now with seeing shadows everywhere, most around people but some flouting close by, she would naturally be drawn to someone who has none or better yet seems to flow lightness from them instead.

From the onset we see a close friendship with Nicole and Lexi but sometimes friends can be fickle when guys are involved. She never really noticed much of the guys in school but slowly and surely the shy advances of Josh get to her. With him comes a group that connects with her friends too. Date night with a crowd of six it seems with some pairings happier than others – Iris and Josh, Nicole and Tyler and Lexi and Sam, though really Lexi has no interest in him at all. Starting something new and exciting with Josh is one thing but when a mysterious stranger comes on the scene it soon causes her to doubt her feelings. Patrick is someone very sure of himself, a classic flirt, so she can never be sure if he is playing or does want to get close. Not that it should matter when she starts dating Josh but the shadows seem to like playing games and he could be in their sights.

So Patrick is appealing due to not having shadows round him and with Josh getting more you can see where it might lead. He’s a master at flirting but do his actions ring true or are things not as they seem? With the new group broken it tears the girls apart but true friends are ever close at hand with Lexi and their new friend Kyra. Iris knows there is something different about her with the fact that she seems to emit light so bright it pushes back the shadows. You can tell she wants answers but perhaps isn’t ready to ask the right questions. Kyra has a calming feel about her and Iris knows she can trust her from the first moment they meet. Just happens to be in the class with her new teacher Mr. Delany. Another enigma it seems as he too, sometimes just with a look, can push the shadows back.

The shadows seem to have a game plan and Iris is at the centre of it, she just doesn’t know she’s playing. Strange things are happening around her to those she cares for and she feels helpless to prevent them. You know she suffers from anxiety but don’t know its source at first. Something happened on her 14th birthday and it forever changed her. Its not just darkness in her life she has to cope with but her families too. The more they seem to struggle the bigger the shadows become. Darkness surrounds them and until she finds her inner light she is powerless to stop them down the dark paths they are on – not their choosing but have they been pushed to go a certain way. Manipulation and whispers seem to be a key part to the shadows. Ones you need to stay clear of.

Side characters I liked were Lexi, Kyra and Hanna, Iris’ sister. They seemed to always be able to bring light and happiness back into the room. Kyra seems to be a bit of a ninja in disguise with some skills that come in handy when Iris needs them most. Her other sister was a bit harsh to her regardless of what she had gone through, especially when you know everything. Is it really her though or the shadows whispers causing her to act a certain way? The same goes for others really. Can they find their own way back? Do they even want to?

It’s an interesting supernatural mix with the everyday worries of teenage angst. Who to trust and who to push away? The line is never clear. You need to look deeper to see to someone’s soul to find the real them trying to get out. Family drama, crushes gone wrong, friendships tested and a fight between light and dark, good and evil. Which way will she be pulled and can she find the correct path to go forward? Only time will tell.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Wicked and Wild’ by Cynthia Eden

Title: Wicked and Wild (Bad Things Book 7)

Published: 24th April 2018

Publisher: Hocus Pocus Publishing

Author: Cynthia Eden


Twitter: @cynthiaeden




She was wicked…

Everyone knew that Valerie Storm was the baddest bit—um, witch on the block. She might look like Snow White, but she had the heart of a wicked queen. She turned her enemies to ash, she danced on their graves, and she had to be stopped. But who could stand up to someone so wicked?

He was wild.

Griffin Bastien was the most powerful shifter to ever walk the earth. His claws had sent plenty of his foes to the grave. Bloodlust burned fast and hard within him, and when his beast took over, there was no stopping him.

Then Wicked met Wild.

Neither of them believed in love. And neither of them ever expected the firestorm that ignited when they kissed. But some things—some people—can’t be controlled. The need that Valerie and Griffin feel for each other, the white-hot lust, will change their world.

Even hell doesn’t burn this hot.

Too bad that Griffin has been keeping secrets. Too bad that he is the original assassin sent to destroy Valerie. Because when she finds out the truth, there will be no greater fury than a wicked witch betrayed. Even the biggest, baddest beast might discover that he’s absolutely lost when a witch casts her spell, and he will be willing to do anything to reclaim the mate he never expected.

Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Author’s Note: WICKED AND WILD is a complete, stand-alone story that is set in the world of my “Bad Things” paranormal books. Expect a sexy alpha, a very fierce heroine, and hot times ahead.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A paranormal book. Got a bit of everything with this one – witches, shifters, vampires, Medusa and Fate to name a few. Interesting mix of supernaturals that made up one fun filled ride so hold on to your hats.

Hot, hot, hotter!! From the first page till the last I was hooked. She’s wicked and he’s wild, together they burn hotter than most. Fun quirky characters that draw you into the world they’re in no matter if you have read the others or not. Got the first 5 chapters free in authors newsletter and knew I needed to know more so one click buy later and away I was.

So Valeria Storm is a badass witch who likes to break rules wherever she goes. She tends to use the darker side of magic and is quickly seen as a threat by the witches’ council elders. Namely her old two BFF’s Devon and Genevieve. Not so much in the friend department anymore with the fact they want to burn her at the stake for her so called crimes. She finds herself stuck in a dungeon awaiting her fate. But it seems she may have been given a heads up in the fate department to figure out a way to not burn. Her dragon dungeon mate might just be the ticket. Seems he’s stuck in his beast form and if he doesn’t turn back soon will go mad and have to be taken care of. A little dark magic needed but everything has a price. She will free him from his current state only if he agrees to become her mate. He wants to be freed so you know what’s coming. He just can’t see why she would want him as a mate. Soon figures it out though when she is almost toast.

Griffin Bastien is the king of shifters – means he carries three beasts, dragon and wolf being key ones we know about. He wouldn’t have chosen Valerie for a mate due to the stories he’s heard but can’t help wondering how she manages to draw him to her. Good really as he crashes in to her almost burning at the stake. Seems one law trumps the council and that’s to do with shifter mates. You kill one of them and you create a war between the whole shifter communities. Boom! I love it when Valerie does that. She looks like she has all the cards right up to the point the council says if they can’t burn her then she need to be banished and what better place than shifterland – well that’s what she calls it anyway, along with hellhole.

Just when she thought she had the upper hand she gets thrown a curve ball. Though could this be a plan in the making too? Once home Griffin makes it clear he has rules for her to follow. It’s a shame she likes breaking them, more fun that way. Main one is to not use magic but for her that would be like telling her to stop breathing because she can’t use the air. Rules are made to be broken and she does so when she finds a group of shifters bulling another. Little vanity payback is in order and the outcome is getting herself a new henchman – Rio. He was being bullied because he can’t shift but she sees potential in him – a late bloomer perhaps? That’s not all she gets that day as a new familiar claims her. A crow called Edgar. Comes in very handy when she needs ears in places to find out valuable information. Case in point why Griffin keeps saying their mating is temporary. Seems to make it permanent they need to sleep together. Hard to do when he tries to keep his distance. I say try because it doesn’t take long for a situation to occur where he pounces on her with a scorcher of a kiss. She may be stuck there but her plan is still the same. She wants to take over the council; only fair really as she is the strongest. Being the strongest meaning you are cold of heart but it doesn’t take long for most to see that’s just not true.

Griffin might keep saying to those who will listen that the mating is temporary but his actions speak the voice of a man who sees her for keeps. Shame he’s keeping a secret of his own, one that just might make her run. Running would put her in more danger, though to be fair that does kind of follow her around anyway. They need to trust each other to see things through but nothing is ever going to run smoothly with this mating.

He’s a dragon so you know his flames make him hot already but when they finally succumb to their lust its off the charts. Talk about chemistry just waiting to explode. You can tell feelings are not far behind with the reactions made from both when faced with different dangers or pain. Can they stick together to see things through or will secrets keep them apart?

Seems going back to reasons of the past brings things full circle to how they were always meant to be. Who is she lying to and whom can she trust? Playing how many sides or just going the way she was always meant to. Either way a fun filled hot ride to blast through in a few hours. Another great read from one of my favourite authors. Loved all the other characters, clicked really well together. Need to work backwards with the series now as started at 7. You can read as a standalone but it will just make you want to check out the others.

5 out of 5 stars

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Book Review: ‘Blessedly Bound’ by Lucretia Stanhope

Title: Blessedly Bound: An Elemental Witch Trails Novel Book One

Published: 13th February 2017

Author: Lucretia Stanhope

Twitter: @dianas58

Amazon page:



Dark Secrets. Bound Magic. A determined witch.

Elemental witch, Gwen Hensley, wants answers. Why was her grandmother burned alive? Was it because she was witch? Did it have something to do the with the dark secrets of the family that orphaned her? Those answers won’t come easy and time is ticking.

Behind the smiling faces of the locals lies a killer whose sights are set on her. Is it one of the friendly shopkeepers? The mysterious neighbor she’s drawn to? Or is someone closer to her behind the gruesome murder? None appear capable of such evil. With the target on her, she can’t be wrong. How will she decide who she can trust?



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book about witches. A family line that seems to have a curse surrounding it, dark magic soon starts closing in.

Gwen finds herself being called back to the home she never knew by dark news of her grandmother being killed. Burned at the stake so to speak. A psycho on the loose some would say but perhaps a witch-hunt is on the cards. Danger follows as she tries to make sense of what has happened and what it means for her.

She might feel alone at times with no family but she isn’t truly as she always has her familiar Lewis – well at the start anyway. He is meant to be her guide and teacher in all things magical. Right from the start though you get the feeling that he is holding something back. He likes to make her think she is a weak witch. Something she has never wanted to question until coming to live at her grandmother’s home. With moving in she starts a friendship with her neighbour Sebastian, one she can feel has magic but isn’t completely sure what he is. A familiar too perhaps, just not her grandmothers even though they were close friends. It seems that he wants to guide her and feels a strong connection – like her – from the moment they met. There is just something about the other that draws them in close. Well it might start out that way but he has a dark secret that once told is likely to cause tension between them. Something Lewis is happy about. He might have made it clear that he and Gwen couldn’t be together but that doesn’t change their feelings. Though to be fair the longer you get in the book the more you are unsure about his true feelings for her. He might think he is doing the right thing to keep her safe from a possible dark future at the hands of someone powerful but his methods are a bit off. Sebastian is all too aware of what he is up to and so tries to help wherever he can.

The trouble of past visions and future fates is what triggers Sebastian and Lewis to come together to help train Gwen better. A quick study she may be and not one to shy away from trouble. Which is where she’s headed as she tries to figure out who really killed her grandmother. The cops might say the person is caught but she knows something’s not right. It seems for her to figure out the present she needs to look into the past but in doing so it might put her in more danger. A killer after witches it seems so she may need to learn faster if she is to be able to fight back and win. She can’t just rely on others, as they may not get there in time. Fight or flight kicks in and when the time comes to get revenge who is the one going to be on top.

Interesting mix of magic, familiars who can shift to and from their animal forms and a vampire twist, all mixed in with a murder mystery to figure out. That being said I did kind of call it as to who the killer was but that’s just the start of the adventure of Gwen being in this new town. Seems other magical beings might be about to get called into play. Romance on the cards but is it only due to a blood spell for protection. Who is meant to be and what are everyone’s true motives? Something I’m sure will be explored in the books to come.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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