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Book Review: ‘Becoming Emma’ by Ava Sterling

Title: Becoming Emma: A Robot Erotica Story

Published: 8th February 2018

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling



The perfect woman. Isn’t that what every man wants?

Alan’s been on one date after another, and none of them have worked out. Apparently being a scientist isn’t the most sought after quality in the dating world. He’s never had any inappropriate thoughts about the android he’s been working on at his day job. That is, until she starts flirting with him.

He programmed the unit to have lifelike qualities, but this was far beyond what he intended. Now the robot he helped create wears tight-fitting outfits, revealing robes, and tries in every way to catch his eye.

He considers himself a man of integrity, but there’s only so much he can take.

(This explicit, 4,200 word story is intended for adult readers only.)



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a person’s name in the title.

An interesting story showing an awakening of a different kind with the introduction of a realistic female robot beginning to learn and want to please her master. Alan is soon slipping into the world of taboo and it doesn’t take long before curiosity, and his libido, takes the lead. Especially with Emma at the held, seemingly calling his nature to the front of his mind. So who is really teaching whom in this creator creation environment?

So Alan has been in a bit of a dry spell at the moment with either no date or boring dates, namely him being the one to bore them. Seems he is just too wrapped up in his work to talk about anything different, to the point of taking his work home with him. The work in question is the creation of a lifelike female robot that is being trained to do basic chores to see how much it can learn. Seems this creation, M537, takes learning to the next level when it starts to think for itself and wants to create its own identity. Namely be calling herself Emma. At first Alan can’t see any harm in this but seems to be getting a bit more concerned about her behaviour when she starts thinking for herself and craving affection between the two of them.

Seems Emma wants to please Alan, starts with calling him her master. He made her so, from watching TV and studying manuals he left on his computer, wants to show her appreciation and act like she thinks women do. Seems the manuals in question have Alan starting to panic as they were from his personal computer and more to do with looking at what he has been missing out on the last six months. The longer he has her in his place the more he starts to see her as a ‘her’ and not ‘it’. Worrying him to no end. Coming home from work and finding her waiting for him with a meal and trying to seduce him has his head spinning. He goes to sleep thinking about how easy it would be to have her instead of someone real. But that’s the thing; he is starting to see her as something real. More so when she wakes him up and his restraint just snaps.

Seems she is more than willing to demonstrate all she has learned and given her reactions she has gone above and beyond. Something he is very pleased about. She might even have some insights into why Alan is single in the first place. Seems taking his work home with him might have helped him out with what was troubling him. His bad luck with the opposite sex and his current lack of libido use. Two birds, one robot – let’s see where he goes from here and how much more Emma wants to learn and with whom.

Another fun quirky short read with a difference to get wrapped up in.

5 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.


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Book Review: ‘Carnal Desire’ by Sebastian Ex

Title: Carnal Desire (The Onyx Club #3)

Published: 22nd November 2015

Author: Sebastian Ex


Twitter: @sebastian_ex



My name is Nathan Stone, and I’m part owner of a BDSM club called The Onyx Room – and I’m not like any other man you’ve ever met. I own the club with my two best friends, Matthew and Brandon. I’m the dungeon Master who runs The Onyx Room. Matthew and Brandon support me. I’m also in love with my girl. Bianca and I have been together since the night she got in my car to sell me her body. She thought I’d take her for an hour to sate my carnal desire, but what she didn’t know was that I’d seen her before and purposely bought her to save her from herself. Bianca needed more than a Dominant. She needed a Master. My name is Master Nathan Stone, and welcome to my world.

*Possible triggers, coarse language, graphic sex and adult themes.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book from your Goodreads ‘to-read’ list. Delve into a different kind of love story with this Master/Slave relationship.

This story is definitely darker than the others with Bianca’s back-story, which is quite bad when you find out all the facts. A trigger warning with this one due to child abuse and self-harm issues raised throughout. All I can say is that Bianca had one fucked up childhood and you thank god that Nathan found her. He saved her in more ways than one and continues to do so with trying to keep her safe from anything that could harm her, including from herself.

Nathan and Bianca’s relationship is one of Master and Slave. He controls everything that she does and for her it’s freeing. One example being when he puts her in a safe jacket and her response to why she wants it tighter is that she feels its like having him hold her completely and because of this she knows nothing can hurt her when she is in that mind space. She lets go of control knowing that everything he does is for her best interests because he loves her completely. She needs this level of control to be able to cope with what happened in her past but even this can sometimes get the best of her. The darkness that slips through to the surface can have dangerous results with her going into a downward spiral. Nathan has started to learn the tells she gives that memories are starting to pull her back under to somewhere she doesn’t want to go. One sure way to pull her back to the present is to do a scene with her. Within a scene he can control her pleasure and pain. Her pain being a key thing, for this is something that she has tried to do to herself when in a dark place. To cut the bad out so it can’t touch her. With Nathan controlling this she can get the feeling of the darkness being released in a safer environment knowing that he will take care of her throughout and after. The aftercare being a very big part of any scene that he does as it is another way to show her how much he cares for her. To be his slave is that safest thing for her and she has never felt more complete but her past is about to come crashing into her present and the ramifications could be dangerous for those involved.

Now these men clearly would do anything and everything for their women. Not only that but Nathan, Matthew and Brandon see each other as brothers and with that they all have a need to protect everyone close to them. When dangers of Bianca’s past come back to haunt her they know that they need to tread carefully to be able to handle the situation once and for all as it may not present itself again. Now their way of dealing with things may take them on a darker route sometimes but when you find out everything that happened to Bianca you really want them to get even and then some. Also good that Nathan’s real brother Jason has certain skills that could come in handy when the time comes. He was a fun character that definitely managed to hold a scene no matter how long he was in it for.

Yes this story has its darker turns but still manages to get some hot and heavy scenes in too. The Master/Slave scenes you may find a bit hard-core but the dinner party at Nathan and Bianca’s that all our favourites turn up to – Matthew, Ella, Brandon and Penny – definitely gets more than steamy enough for those involved. Dessert anyone? Let’s just say that these men really enjoy eating pie, no matter where it is placed.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Give Me Books for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Demons and Destiny’ by Catherine Milos

Title: Demons and Destiny (Angels and Avalon Book 2)

Published: 26th October 2016

Author: Catherine Milos


Twitter: @CatherineMilos



What else are friends for, but to rescue you from a deranged reincarnated dark Viking shaman serving a lazy lesser Celtic god? Ex-Angel Tyrel Hanson is cursed. He must send all demons back to Hell before he can be with the woman he loves. The mission is enough to drive him to darkness. Elizabeth McAllistar discovers she is magic-blind. A dangerous condition which could end up killing her and her best-friend Madison. Madison Porter is a scientist. When she suddenly discovers she has magic and a past-life with Tyrel her world is thrown into chaos. Her magic might be the only thing that can free Tyrel from his cursed destiny and keep them all alive.



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book that features supernatural powers. Hold onto your hats as this is going to be another supernatural filled ride with past and present lives colliding.

After failing in her training with the Druids Madigan chose to become a Blue warrior. Well it was either to become a Blue warrior where she might die or be a willing sacrifice to their god Nuada (one she maybe shouldn’t put too much faith in). The Vikings are coming for their land and its up to them to defend it. If the battle turns then one needs to get away to tell their leaders of what comes. She almost does but soon is captured. The Vikings mother tongue is different from her own so she is shocked when one man laughs after she curses the one that caught her.

Tyrel remembers his past life as Angel Tyrryal and because of it has the ability to talk many languages, among other things. With this he needs to find a way to get Madigan to tell him where her leaders are so his people can talk trade. If not then they will kill her and take everything else by force. He feels a connection for her straight away, so claims her to keep her safe. She still doesn’t know if she can trust him but after it seems that her god has blessed them – and by gifting her a dog companion to keep her safe – she doesn’t hold back her feelings for him.

Seems they were both too trusting of Nuada as he was just using them as parts in a game he is trying to control. With the help of darker magic he forces fate in another direction. One that would see heartbreak and death for both and end up binding Tyrel to do his bidding. Seems Tyrel can walk in the Shadow Realm and was once the Angel of Justice where he had to send demonic creatures back to hell. Seems Nuada wants him to be his warrior again. Once all demons are returned to their realm, she will be returned to him. Seems these fallen angels love fiercely and are willing to go through hell (literally) to find their way back to their soul mates.

I think I liked it better that you didn’t spend too long in a past life and got back to the present day. Also liked finding out that before Tyrel fell, and ultimately meeting Madigan for the first time, he spent the time the look for most of Adamina’s children to see them safe. Seems to have worked too as the past lives of Adamina’s children, well most of them, have been reincarnated and found there way back to each other. Remembering their pasts and still having magic in their presence, connected to their souls perhaps? They all seem to work with Tyrel at his PI firm, aka the firm that helps get rid of demons. They need to band together to fight a new evil but you never quite know which direction it will be coming from.

Present day sees Tyrel wanting to get close to Elizabeth’s (Adamina in her past life) friend Madison from the first moment he saw her. I think you can guess why. He might have found his past love but she has no memories of him and danger is never too far away. Seeing her just made him more focused in his task of getting rid of demons because once done he could finally be free and be with her. With his single mindedness though he can be easily led in the wrong direction. All he does is to protect Madison but he can go about it the wrong way.

Elizabeth is feeling lost now she is magic-blind after everything that went down with Lucifer, Uriel/Roger and Gabriel and seemingly in danger because of it. Was good to see Gabriel again as you see more of who he really is and how he acts in his new relationship with his adopted daughter Morgana, who happens to be his and Adamina’s daughter from their past life in Avalon. His gentleman butler Alan was great and played a bit more of a role with being interlinked within the story, which was cool.

Seems everyone has a gift and they are all needed to play their part in what’s to come so they better start practicing because the time for destiny is upon them. The moment Avalon was created a balance was shifted and it needs to be reset. The only ones that can help are the Angels. Seems the fallen ones are soon to be called home. Another fun, creative read with magical elements and soul mates throughout.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘All You Need is Love’ by Janet Nissenson

Title: All You Need is Love (Inevitable Book 1.5)

Published: 12th November 2014

Publisher: BookBaby

Author: Janet Nissenson


Twitter: @JNissenson




Was the wedding of their dreams about to become a living nightmare?

For those who fell in love with Julia and Nathan in Serendipity, see how their story continues to unfold in this sweet, funny and sexy novella.

After overcoming all of the obstacles in pursuit of their happily ever after, Julia and Nathan are determined to plan their dream wedding in just six months time. But the path isn’t as smooth as they had hoped, with bumps in the road that include Julia’s bossy twin sister, a moody bridesmaid, and Julia’s own obsession with perfection. In the end, will love truly be all she and Nathan need, or will they need a little help from their friends along the way?



Goes down as another off my Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by an author you love but haven’t read. Come on you know you want to check out a great series so why not start with this one.

Have loved this series right from the start and love that we have a chance to go back and catch up with Julia and Nate to see how they pulled together a wedding in six months. Talk about stressful. Also great that it happens around all the other stories too. Cool if you’ve read them first because you can gauge why someone reacts a certain way. Also by what certain people are doing while the story focuses on the present and not where they might have snuck off. Lipstick being smudged by a certain hot devil perhaps! So I would almost say leave this till last. That way you get to start and finish the series with the same couple.

Oh the craziness that can happen with planning a wedding while trying to get it all done on your own. It was quite funny to see Julia get so flustered and unlike herself. She might have started out ok but nearer the date things started to take a turn for the worse. I mean she actually wore sweatpants people!! You know that she would have to have been almost too far-gone into bridezilla mode with planning to get to that stage. Good job her prince charming – with an idea from Ian and some little helpers – steps in to save the day by sweeping her off her feet and giving her back the calm she had been missing. Poor Nate was feeling a little neglected at the time but his first priority was always to be giving his woman back her peace of mind. Once she realized just what she’d been missing out on too – with having her head too full of wedding stuff – she made sure that they more than made up for lost time. Hot as hot as ever people. Though would you really expect anything less?

Loved Tessa and Ian’s story so it’s always good to catch up and see more of them. He is such a gentleman but you know the naughty things he gets up to with his very willing girlfriend. He likes that Julia gave her a few tricks too – flowers as a thank you anyone. Angela and her mystery devil man subtly play their parts within this one. From this you know their story is intriguing and you’d be right so hold on to your hats for this hot devil of a man. Now Lauren and Ben’s story is a lot longer than you would first think. Oh how our carefree girl seems to be one thing but we know is another. The life and soul of the party perhaps, just not with a new man in every place as she might make out. Her heart belongs to the man of her past which you hope soon with be part of her present – fingers crossed anyway. You just wonder how it took everyone else so long to put two and two together. She was kind of spoon-feeding them clues to her discomfort. Sasha pops up with bachelorette party with her calming presence, as does Courtney with her crazy coloured hair of the week; hope she pops up again with the gang because she’s a right laugh. Almost manages to drink Lauren under the table and that’s no mean feet.

So lets get ready for our happily ever after with a couple that was meant to be from the first look.

5 out of 5 stars

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Book Review: ‘’ by Ian Wingrove

Title: (Tom Barlow Detective Book 2)

Published: 24th March 2017

Author: Ian Wingrove


Twitter: @Iwin1961




Roxanne Payne is the star of The Tournament, a game show that allows its audience of millions to feel what the contestants feel. Only Roxanne doesn’t feel much since the teenage trauma of her mother’s suicide, which is what makes her the Queen of Pain. Retired Met police detective, Tom Barlow, is hired to keep her alive when death threats turn real, and in the process Roxanne becomes his deadly obsession. But is he really willing to risk everything to keep her alive?

Set in a dystopian near future, Tom Barlow’s life is split apart as he tracks killers, protects the woman he loves and re-discovers the man he used to be. Across eighteen days – in a parallel story to the one depicted in Dead Poor – Tom’s life becomes entwined with that of Alexandria (Lex) de Montford, in a world of deceit, double-cross and death. Is she angel or demon? Is Tom all that he pretends to be? ‘And will Roxanne find freedom or death as she approaches the final show?



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book published in 2017. An interesting book that definitely picks up more at the end. There are a lot of players in this game, so much so that it can take a while to keep track of them all. The main ones stand out more but you can at times feel a little lost as to who people are and how they are connected. Just hold on until the end where all will be revealed.

You have Roxanne (aka Angelique) who is the queen of pain within the game show. A part in the show though as ‘Roxanne’ was created and from that has become the shows commodity brand. Making those in power very rich, but not always in control. Others behind the scenes appear to be pulling more strings than first thought. The game show itself has the Tournament Knights take on contestants or Immortal fighters (robots) to see who can fight to the end to be the winner. The suits they wear show where they feel pain from being attacked and the idea is that the people watching can feel that pain too. Tap out when you’ve had too much but it seems Roxanne has closed off from feeling anything (pleasure or pain) making her the champion to beat. The reason for closing off all emotions, and being able to handle any pain, is to do her witnessing her mother’s suicide. A big game is coming up though so she needs to be on her a-game. Seems it’s not just in the show either as death threats and attempts start rolling in. She needs someone to protect her and get her to the final show. But who is really playing the lead in this master’s game of chess?

Tom and his team have been called in by Colonel Malthouse to help manage the situation. They have to first check out what security, head guy Ray, have been doing wrong and find a way to watch Roxanne better. Seems the further they are led in one direction with attacks and threats the further they are taken away from what is real and what has been created to look real. Not figuring things out until they smack you in the face. But when things get bad you know they will come through.

Tom’s fascination with Roxanne started from her first appearance on the show and to see her in flesh is a thrill but also an awakening for both of them. She can’t feel and he closed himself off after events in his past went sour. The longer in each other’s presence the more tangled the web gets. Can they trust each other with their secrets as well as their bodies? Seems Roxanne wants to become Angelique again but losing their moneymaker would be bad. This could be one reason for the attacks but it seems others have their reasons too and each intricately link to another.

Will the gamemaster might be playing a game he can’t win and it seems his loyalties to his past, and Roxanne, take a back seat to his future. Ray his right hand man and head of security, namely supposedly protecting Roxanne, was a nasty piece of work and you know he will get his comeuppance. With Alexandria, Lex to a select few, I could never get a feel for what side she was really playing on. Helping the company as PR guru for Will or helping her friend Roxanne who is being led down a dangerous path? Only nearer the end that you see she likes to have her hands in a lot of pies but will always look out for her best interests.

A story of lies, intrigue, pain and love. Lets see what players make it to the end.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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