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Release Blitz: ‘Only the Positive’ by Elle Thorpe

Title: Only the Positive
Series: Only You #1
Author: Elle Thorpe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: September 20, 2018



I made a mistake that might have ruined someone’s life. I’ve moved to Sydney to avoid the glares and the questions from the people back home, but there’s one thing I can’t run from—the guilt and pain that follows me relentlessly. All I can do is dull it with alcohol and casual sex. But then my new boss, Mr Dark and Delicious, deserted me, mid kiss, with my skirt hiked up and my shirt discarded on the alley floor. I should hate him―him and the secrets he’s keeping. But I can’t stay away. Because the pain and guilt he’s hiding mirror my own.



All she wanted was one night. That, I could do. I’m the king of casual. Love them and leave them, before they leave me. With chemistry off the scale, we couldn’t even make it home, both of us too impatient, ripping each other’s clothes off in the alleyway outside the bar. Then my phone buzzed, and one text message stopped everything. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t breathe. All I could do was run. I’m toxic, but I can’t tell her why. I can’t bear the look of horror I know would cross her face. But I also don’t know how to keep something so life altering from the woman I’m falling for. Not when I need her just to survive it.


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Author Bio

Elle Thorpe lives on the sunny east coast of Australia, about an hour out of Sydney. When she’s not writing stories full of kissing and chemistry, she’s a wife, and mummy to three tiny humans. She’s also official ball thrower to one slobbery dog named Rollo. Yes, she named a female dog after a male character on Vikings. Don’t judge her. Elle is a complete and utter fangirl at heart, obsessing over The Walking Dead and Outlander to an unhealthy degree. But she wouldn’t change a thing.


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Release Blitz: ‘The Dane Law’ by Garth Pettersen

Title: The Dane Law

The Atheling Chronicles #2

Author: Garth Pettersen

Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

Genre: Historical Fiction


About the Book:

After a peaceful year running their Frisian estate, Harald and Selia are called to Engla-lond.

Their return is marked by violence and intrigue. The king has vowed to Queen Emma that their son, Harthacnute, will inherit the throne, but the atheling is cruel and reckless. Many view Harald as the better choice, which makes him a target for the unseen supporters of his half-brother. King Cnute urges Harald to be prepared to assume the throne should Harthacnute prove inadequate. Harald resists being swept up by forces beyond his control, but doubts he will survive the reign of King Hartha.

And what of his older brother, Sweyn?


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A.D. 1016

Sussax, Engla-lond

With the sun near setting, eventide mists rose and thickened, obscuring the way through the lowland. Bracken caressed their leggings and bramble thorns snagged their sleeves, as the five warriors sought to retrace their steps. No footprint appeared in the soft earth, no broken branch hung as marker.

“If we could find a stream,” one of Jarl Ulf’s men said, “‘twould lead us back to the shore.”

“If we were ravens we could fly there. Have you seen a cursed stream?” The jarl barely kept his anger in check. It had been his decision to lead the scouting mission––there was no other to blame. The big Dane took a deep breath. He raised an arm. “Hold up.”

His four companions stopped. Each man supported a round wooden shield on his left arm and carried an iron-tipped spear. Thick beards masked resolute faces. Unwashed tresses spilled from unadorned dome helmets crafted with eye and nose protection. Only Jarl Ulf bore a battle-æx at his waist.

“Darkness falls and the mists deepen,” the chieftain said. “We’ll do as when a fog enwraps us at sea––we’ll wait. In the morning light we’ll find our way back to the ships.”

From somewhere in the wood, the bark of a dog broke the stillness.

The Danes stood motionless, all knowing that a yelping dog meant men not far off. The barking sounded again, closer.

“Spread yourselves and move with me,” Ulf commanded in a low voice, and immediately his men spaced themselves and moved into position. They advanced through the dark weald toward the cur-dog, the cool mist dampening their faces. Practiced in stealth, the Danes made little noise in their passing. The dog continued to proclaim his location and the Danish line curved and closed.

The cur’s bark changed to a low growl.

Spears lifted and the warriors stood ready.

A piercing whistle penetrated the cold night air and the dog’s growls ceased. There was a scuffling of paws on leafmold and the attackers knew their prey had withdrawn.

On high alert, Ulf’s men waited for his command.

“Press on,” he said, his voice no more than a grunt.

They passed further into the dense woodland, keeping a steady and silent pace.

Appearing at first like a flickering eye haloed in the white vapors, the campfire blinked through the trees and vines. Drawing nearer, Ulf and his men perceived a lone figure sitting before the fire, stroking a large black-brindle dog that took to growling as they approached.

“Steady, Æadwulf,” said the dog’s young master. The cur was agitated, but it obeyed the command.

“The night is cold,” the young man called out in poor Danish. “Come to my fire. My hand is empty.” And to signify, he lifted his arm, showing the palm of his hand.

Ulf stepped first from the dark of the night into the fire’s light. The youth rose to his feet, hand still raised. Ulf saw a short-bearded youth, tall and solidly built, dressed for hunting rather than fashion, in tunic and braies. Though out-numbered, the swain stood his ground and met Ulf’s eyes without faltering. The arm came down, but the hand remained open.

“You are alone?” Ulf asked.

A nod in response.

Ulf motioned for his men to search the surrounding wood. He returned the battle-æx to his waistband then raised his hands to the heat of the fire.

“You could have taken your wolf-dog and run from us,” he said. “Why didn’t you?”

His host pondered the Danish words, then said in a mix of Saxon German and Danish, “I was curious as to who besides me would be in this wood at night. And I am not partial to running and hiding.”

Jarl Ulf gave a short laugh. “Perhaps not a wise decision, but one I can agree with. What are you called?”

“Godwin I am named. My father holds a thegnage here.” The young man bent to stroke the dog.

“Why do you tend a fire here on this night?”

“For the pleasure of Æadwulf’s company and the taste of the mist. The dog likes to hunt at night. I listen to him and the night sounds. Is that strange to you?”

“Uncommon, perhaps,” Ulf replied, “not strange. Tell me, do you not take us for your enemy, invaders of your homeland?”

“There are many who wish to rule Sussax, and many high-born who switch allegiances. Since King Æthelred the Ill-advised died, it is unknown who will rule, be it Edmund Ironsides or your Cnute. Or perhaps they will divide up the rule. I wish to live and thrive––with the victor.”

“But what if you choose wrongly?” Ulf asked.

“That would be unfortunate. Therefore, I put off choosing ’til I must.”

“And your father, which way does he lean?”

“Toward Edmund Ironsides. But I am not my father.”

Ulf bellowed out a laugh. “You please me, young Godwin. You have spirit and I can’t fault your wits.”

Ulf’s men began to return to the fire, having found no one else in the wood.

“Perhaps,” Ulf said, “we can be of service to each other this dark night.” Godwin watched the Viking chieftain but said nothing. “My men and I have been floundering in your forest like fish on a shoal. You could guide us back to our ships, no doubt.”

Godwin eyed Ulf as if he were bargaining for a favored weapon. “And how would you do me service?”

“Why, by not attacking this part of Sussax. And by leaving your head upon your shoulders!”

The Vikings all joined Ulf in the laughing. When the din died down, Godwin looked round at the armed warriors and said, “Then it would please me greatly to guide you to your ships.”

“Good lad,” said Ulf. “I am Ulf, jarl to Cnute, King of Danmark.” And he offered his open hand to Godwin.

The young Saxon took the extended hand and clasped it heartily.

“And when Cnute is King of Engla-lond, come find me at court.”

The fire’s light shone on the Viking’s wide smile and danced in the glister of his eyes.

Godwin looked at him shrewdly. And nodded.

About the Author:

Garth Pettersen is a Canadian writer living in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. When he’s not writing, he’s riding horses and working with young, disabled riders.

Garth’s short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, and in journals such as Blank Spaces, The Spadina Literary Review, and The Opening Line Literary ‘Zine. His story River’s Rising was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Short Story America 2017 Prize, and his fantasy novella, River Born, was one of two runners-up in the Wundor Editions (UK) Short Fiction Prize. His debut novel, The Swan’s Road published by Tirgearr Publishing, is book #1 in The Atheling Chronicles. Book #2, The Dane Law will be released in 2018.

Social Media Links:



Twitter: @garpet011

Tigearr Publishing Author Page:

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Release Blitz: ‘The Rodeo Cowboy’s Baby’ by Heidi Rice


Title: The Rodeo Cowboy’s Baby
Series: The 79th Cooper Mountain Rodeo #5
Author: Heidi Rice
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 18, 2018

What happens at the rodeo… Doesn’t always stay at the rodeo!

A year after her marriage has crashed and burned–along with her dreams of becoming a mother–Irish newspaper columnist, Evie Donnelly, is not impressed with her editor’s suggestion she head down to Marietta to find some ‘new meat’ for her dating column. With her confidence as a woman at an all-time low, surely the last thing she needs is to risk hooking up with a rodeo cowboy?

Despite a troubled past as a foster kid, calf roping champion Flynn is a man who adores women. Maybe he doesn’t do commitment, but he does do good times and he is only too happy to help when he discovers a smart, funny and beautiful but undeniably fragile woman behind Evie’s tough exterior who is in desperate need of his own personal brand of sexual healing.

But when the rodeo is over, Evie and Flynn can’t forget those three stolen nights together in Marietta–especially when their wild, wonderful ride turns out to have even more unforgettable consequences.


Purchase Links
Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling and RITA-nominated author Heidi Rice is married with two sons (which gives her rather too much of an insight into the male psyche). She also works as a film journalist and was born in Notting Hill in West London (before it became as chi-chi as it is in the film starring Hugh Grant). She now lives in Islington in North London – a stone’s throw away from where they shot Four Weddings and a Funeral… (She has asked Hugh to stop stalking her, but will he listen?!)

She loves her job because it involves sitting down at her computer each day and getting swept up in a world of high emotions, sensual excitement, funny feisty women, sexy tortured men and glamorous locations where laundry doesn’t exist … Not bad, eh.

Then she gets to turn off her computer and do chores (usually involving laundry).


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Release Blitz and Author Interview: ‘Bollywood Invasion’ by Ricardo Alexanders

Title: Bollywood Invasion

Author: Ricardo Alexanders

Genre: Romance / Time Travel



A fantasy novel about a modern-day American boy who wakes up in 1958 India as the reincarnation of John Lennon.

Bollywood Invasion opens when the protagonist, a sixteen-years-old boy from Brooklyn, finds himself with riches and power beyond his wildest fantasies in India, thirty-five years before he was born.

Brooklyn is readily forgotten. Life becomes a constant stream of debauchery, coming to a stand-still only when he meets “the one.” However, love doesn’t come easy. He must become a better man, a pursuit ignited by his memories of Beatles songs on his iPod.

Will these legendary songs change his life?

Can he escape Lennon’s eventual tragic fate?

Will he ever find his way back to Brooklyn?

His fate will unfold in Bollywood Invasion.


Bollywood Invasion blends Indian cultural experience, time-travel blend perfectly with the legendary songs from the Beatles.



“An imaginative…rock ‘n’ roll fantasy.” Kirkus Reviews

“An engrossing saga that excels in unexpected turns of plot.” Midwest Book Review


Book Trailer:

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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US


Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

My name is Ricardo Alexanders, living in in Boston, Massachusetts. I am an indirect descendant of the Great Yyu, AKA the First King of China. I love music, history, and science. In my spare time, I enjoy experiencing all kinds of cultures around the world. After obtaining my doctorate in science, I became fascinated with time-travel fantasies. However, I have not felt the compulsion to write till I was in my early forties.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

I don’t have a favourite time or place to write. I cherish every bit of time that my two boys leave me, most of which is after they go to bed.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

The creation of Bollywood Invasion came the music of the Beatles and the culture of India.

As a lifelong Beatles fan, I stumbled into a YouTube video in 2013. In that video, a tribute band played Let It Be, my favourite Beatles song of all time, with traditional Indian instruments. That very night, I had a strange dream. In my dream, I woke up as a singer in 1958 India, which I was always fascinated by. What are the odds?

The next morning, I scribbled down my lingering memory of the dream. Then, a question came to me. If John Lennon had been born an Indian—with the same talent—could he still conquer the world?

This is the very question that I kept asking myself during my writing of Bollywood Invasion. Something extraordinary had to happen if the Indian (British) Invasion was to take America by storm, as the world back then was not even close to be as multi-cultural as we are today.

Five years later, here I am, ready to share my dream with the world and pay my tribute to the greatest band in my mind.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

I am an outliner writer; there is no question about it. Before I officially start writing a book, I’d like to have the ending of the story in my mind.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

My books are fantasies. For some reason, all my stories come from some bizarre dreams I have had at some point of my life. In those dreams, I often felt that I had experienced a life time.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

I have not thought that far. However, I could imagine a young Shah Rukh Khan playing the part of Raj, the protagonist in Bollywood Invasion.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I am a lifelong reader and my favourite author is George R.R. Martin.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

I am currently reading Three Body Problem, a Sci-Fi by CiXin Liu. It is very imaginative.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

A Song of Ice and Fire would certainly keep me up all night reading. The most valuable lesson I learned from Mr. Martin is that the most beloved characters should die once in a while.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

If you have a dream, go for it. Share it with the world. Some will appreciate it.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

Thanks for asking.



Amazon author page:


About the Author:

Ricardo Alexanders is an indirect descendant of the Great Yyu and educated as a chemist. He is passionate in writing History/Science Fiction, especially when time travel is involved. Ricardo enjoys direct communication with his readers. He can be reached at for any comments, suggestions, or typos found in the manuscript.

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Release Blitz: ‘Gorgeous’ by Kristy Marie

Title: Gorgeous
Series: Commander in Briefs #2
Author: Kristy Marie
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 17, 2018




My name is Brecklyn Brannon, and I’m not who I claim to be.
A year ago, I packed up my promising life in the city for a man I saw only once.
Accepting a temporary job with Cade and four blazing hot veterans should have been my way in.
Except, Cade acts like he would rather be tortured than speak to me.
He can resist all he wants, but I made a promise that I intend to keep.
Even if it costs me everything.

I’ve watched her for over a year.
There’s something about her that seems familiar… but now that she’s living here for two weeks, I could care less what it is.
I just want her gone.
Breck is temptation personified, and some lines can’t be crossed.
I’m Major Cade Jameson, and I made a promise, too.
One that I can’t break.
No matter how hard IT gets.


Purchase Links

$2.99 for release week ONLY!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Cade Jameson has entered the building, and holy alien babies, he’s wearing a motherfucking tank top with his dress shirt hanging open. Those delicious pecs toy with my emotions as they flex underneath the snug fabric, taunting me with ridiculous requests like: Bite me, Breck.

Crazy, right?

But Cade has some serious voodoo going on because I take an unintended step in his direction when he snaps, “Are you seriously getting him drunk, Hayes?” Cade charges over to the two drunks and snatches the bottle of liquor from the table before turning and pouring it down the sink.

“Aw! Come on, Major. I was just having a little fun with him. He had some nerves.”

Cade mumbles something low that sounds a lot like stupid motherfuckers.

“Cade.” Theo’s glassy eyes meet mine like he just realized I was here. And then he smirks at me. “Jameson,” he mutters.

“Don’t talk to me right now, Von Bremen. Commander is going to be fucking pissed that you’re drunk two hours before the wedding.”


Shoulders hunched, Cade sighs at the sink before straightening and walking to the table, sliding a glass of water in front of Theo. “Drink all of it.”

Theo laughs at the glass of water and tries to lay his head down on the table. “No, no, no. Stay upright,” Cade scolds, his tone laced with exasperation, pulling him up in the chair by his shoulders and then glaring at Hayes. “This is your mess. Sober his ass up right now.”


Cade loses his temper, yelling into the kitchen with the voice of a Marine. “What, Theo?”


You could hear a mouse burp in China. That’s how quiet it is in this kitchen until Theo snorts and points to me.

“Your jelly girl is behind you.”

Also Available



Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

A self-proclaimed reader enthusiast, Kristy started her writing journey back in 2009, reading and writing when her daughter was napping. Establishing her place in Corporate America (because something had to pay the bills), writing became her dirty, late-night secret.

After eight long years, she released her debut novel, Commander in Briefs. It was a long road, but she can honestly say, the road less traveled had the most beautiful sights.

The only thing Kristy Marie loves as much as reading and writing is sports! Especially those that require muscles and a nice ass. Her favorite is, and always will be, baseball. She’s such a fan, that she even married her small town’s high school’s centerfielder where they still live with their three badass kids.

Commander in Briefs is her first series but definitely not her last.


Author Links

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