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Release Blitz and Book Review: ‘Birth of a Baby Daddy’ by Piper Rayne

Title: Birth of a Baby Daddy (The Baileys Book 3)

Published: 2nd May 2019

Author: Piper Rayne


Twitter: @PiperRayneRocks




If you’re having fun living your bachelor life in your Alaskan hometown and out of nowhere a woman shows up holding a baby she insists is yours, you need a plan-a birth plan.

BP Step #1 – Lift your jaw off the floor.

BP Step #2 – Figure out the baby’s age-do the math.

BP Step #3 – Try to remember the woman and with any luck, her name.

BP Step #4 – Double check that she’s not confusing you with your twin brother.

BP Step #5 – Ignore your five sister’s scowls as your entire family watches the drama unfold.

There’s only one thing you shouldn’t do.

BP Step #6 – Don’t assume she’s there because she wants your daughter to call you Daddy. You’ll only end up disappointed.

Time to figure out a new plan-one that changes her mind.




Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book you didn’t want to put down. Well if you have read Advice from a Jilted Bride you know how this might start but will you be right in thinking she has the correct twin? I had my doubts when a certain name was mentioned so was pleased to see that my thoughts were correct that it was the other one.

With Lake Starlight being a small town you know people are going to talk about a newcomer with a baby in tow and what better place than on Buzz Wheel. I feel the Baileys are about to make headline news again. Something that Harley is about to get introduced to.

So Harley has come to Lake Starlight for a couple of reasons. First to find the father of her daughter Calista and second to get him to take a DNA test so she can have his medical history. Once got she plans on heading straight back to Seattle. She turns up looking for Denver, as that’s the name she was given that night but it seems our boys liked to switch names once in a while and this time it almost got him in trouble he didn’t do. She gets quite the shock when she sees two of them. She might have a name but is it correct? One things for certain, she’s about to get more than she bargained for with the Baileys. You never just get one but a whole clan.

Now I loved Rome, Denver and their friend Liam in Advice from a Jilted Bride so I was looking forward to seeing a bit more of them, especially Rome. He has finally come back home to Lake Starlight to open his restaurant Terra and Mare. On a family night before the big opening he gets quite the shock in the form of Harley and Calista. Talk about baby bombshell, seems his best-made plans for the future are about to be re-written.

Harley’s plan to just get what she needs from Rome and leave are thrown out the window when she sees how much he wants to get to know Calista. One scenario she wasn’t even thinking about. She’s someone that doesn’t trust easily due to the upbringing she had as a foster child but is about to get a crash course in the dynamics of the Bailey clan and how quickly they rally round when needed. It’s not just Calista that they are trying to pull into the fold either.

It’s so sweet how Rome took to the role of being a father so quickly. He clearly loves his daughter a lot and tries to find a way to get Harley and her to stay longer (or rather for good). There just might be a small problem with someone from back home. Seems jealously is a motivation to get someone to see things a bit clearer. Let’s see if Dori can come up with some words of wisdom? Or maybe Rome will take the lead?

I liked that they weren’t just jumping straight into bed with each other, regardless of the underlining chemistry that was brewing between them. They had to think of their family unit they were building and didn’t want to mess with that as they were getting to know each other for real this time. Thing with chemistry though is that it won’t go away but will get stronger so you just had to wait for the spark to set them off. That being said when it does holy hell are they hot. I’m talking swiping everything off your desk to take someone on it kind of hot. They just need to be careful with what they are starting and not let past patterns of dealing with (or rather not dealing with) things knock them off course. Can they keep their family together without drama pulling them apart?

Got to love Dori, she meddles just the right amount when needed and is loyal to the core for family. She’s about to add two new members, whether they are ready for that is another matter entirely. Still love the banter and pranks Rome, Denver and Liam get up to. Can’t wait for their books. Liam and Savannah are going to be good and as luck would have it is coming next. Let’s see what buttons he can press to get her pulse racing – whether from anger or passion, but more than likely a bit of both.

Another great read from a fabulous series. Can’t wait to check out the rest of the Bailey clan’s stories.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the authors via Wildfire Marketing Solutions for my honest review.







Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have “Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle” (okay…you caught us, that’s our tagline). A little about us… We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We’re both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We’re both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

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Book Review: ‘Loving Storm’ by Carian Cole

Title: Loving Storm (Ashes & Embers Book 5)

Published: 10th October 2017

Author: Carian Cole


Twitter: @CarianCole




I met him in a snowstorm…
We spent forty-eight hours trapped in the back of his pickup truck.
We fought.
We touched.
We fell.



She literally crashed into my life…
The last thing I wanted was a relationship. Especially with a quirky chick who drove me insane. But something about her got under my skin, and into my heart.
And I had to have her.
All of her.

Falling in love in the back of a truck, just the two of us, was easy.
Dealing with psycho fans, jealous exes, and demons from the past….not so easy.


Please note: Loving Storm is a novella that gives an extended look into Storm and Evie’s future. It is best read after reading Storm (and also Vandal, Lukas, and Talon, as those characters have short cameos in this book)



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book from your Goodreads ‘to-read’ list. Short, snappy, fun, sexy read.

Had this on my TBR list for a little while and had almost forgotten to go back to it. Only when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to read next did I have a sudden urge to go back over the Ashers & Embers series. Love our guys Storm, Talon, Lukas and Vandal – four very different men who would do anything for their women. Re-reading is fun, more so when you race through to get to the good parts. It’s after this that I then remembered about the short Loving Storm. A book to show you what happens after the ‘happily ever after’ and beyond.

I just loved how it started. You have just the right amount of naughty, crazy, saucy stuff from Storm to get Evie’s pulse racing. He knows what buttons to press and when to hold back to get just the right reaction from the woman he loves more than anything. The feeling is completely mutual from Evie:

“At least once a day I ask the universe how I got so lucky to have Storm in my life. Much like a storm, he blew into my life, created a bunch of unexpected turmoil, and then whisked me away from it all toward sunny skies.”

Reading the book was like coming back to old friends. Remembering why you loved them so much the first time round. Storm and Evie are such a great couple. Coming together in chaos to find what they were both looking for. Love is strong and so is the chemistry between them. Hot, hot, hotter when they get close enough to touch. It all started with her hands touching his, from that moment on he was hooked. He just needed to push her a little for her to confront what she was feeling. To get to be in a true loving relationship and not stuck like she was almost wasting away with Michael, and as she later finds out, his cheating ways.

Now we know our two lovebirds are getting married but there are a lot of things that need to get planned first. Theme being the starting point and what other one than Winter would they have chosen. I mean it matches perfectly with how they met in the middle of a winter blizzard. Getting lost in that blizzard was the best thing to ever happen to either of them. So perfect together, love them!

Planning a wedding can be stressful but planning one when crazy fans are out to cause trouble is a nightmare. Evie has done better with trying to ignore it all but sometimes they get to her. Her anxieties coming back every now and then but at least Storm knows how to handle her when she has her moments to bring her back to herself. Social media sure knows how to stir up a frenzy with the bands fans. If they weren’t bad enough to deal with their ex’s and demons from the past want to play a part in trying to cause trouble for our lovebirds too but they can just sod right off. No-one is messing with this love storm. They’ll have me to deal with first!

Can the wedding go off without a hitch so they can start the rest of their happily ever after? Well as Storm has always said, he always gets what he wants. From the moment he saw her she was his. So this is the start of forever. Not that she’s complaining one bit. She’s so ready to be Mrs. Storm Valentine.

Loved all the cameos from the characters from the other books. Talon and Asia, Vandal and Tabi, Lukas and Ivy, Storms parents, Grams, his other brothers Asher and Mikah, sister Rayne, and their friends Finn and Amy. All intermingling together creating a fun world to be a part of.

Loved it from start to finish, definitely one for the fans to see how their love story continues. Broke my heart a little when Storm opens up about his past, so glad he shared it with Evie so she could show him that he does deserve love. Get a cool time jump at the end to check back with how their life plays out. Also making me want to find out Asher’s story so much more now. He always turns up at just the right moment, knows so much about love and loss but we need to know why. Also feel the need to check out when Mikah gets a story. Now him and Amy could be interesting? Time will tell. Can’t wait for more to the series.

5 out of 5 stars

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Book Review: ‘You’ve Got Male’ by Lila Monroe

Title: You’ve Got Male (Chick Flick Club Book 2)

Published: 14th January 2019

Publisher: Lila Monroe Books

Author: Lila Monroe


Twitter: @lilawrites



All’s fair in love, war, and breakfast waffles in the hot and hilarious new standalone novel from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

Zoey Rafferty dreams of becoming the food truck queen of San Francisco. She’s building an empire whipping up delicious brunch treats – until the (annoyingly handsome) Breakfast Bandit starts stealing all her customers with his devious tactics and smoldering charm.

Cam Newsom never backs down from a fight. As far as he’s concerned, let the best chef win. And so what if Zoey looks sexy as hell when she’s all riled up? He wants a woman he can connect with – not have whipped cream spray fights in the middle of the street. A woman like his mysterious online pen-pal, who shares his culinary ambition, and burns up his screen with her flirty quips.

Soon, their competition is heating up the kitchen – and the bedroom. But when the famous foodie TV show Truck Stop rolls into town looking for a new reality star, all bets are off, as Zoey and Cam compete for the prize. But will their rivalry blow both their chances?

And what happens when they find it’s not just their food on the line – but their hearts, too?

Find out in this sexy new twist on ‘You’ve Got Mail’, from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

The Chick Flick Club series:
1. How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days
2. You’ve Got Male
3. Frisky Business (May 2019)



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by an author you love but haven’t read. Back to our Chick Flick group to see what these girls can get up to next.

Zoey owns the Little Red Wagon food truck, which serves inventive brunch creations. Being part of the food truck family they seem to have an unwritten rule when it comes to territories, namely you stick to your own patch and don’t poach another’s. Soon changes when the Brunch Bandit comes to town. Seems this new food truck doesn’t want to follow the rules. Wouldn’t be as bad if they both weren’t selling brunch creations. Bacon at dawn, it’s time to fight for the best spot in town.

With her sole focus be on her food truck the whole relationship aspect of her life has taken a back seat. Halloween changes that for a moment when she is drawn to a guy dressed up as a famous cook, Guy Fieri. A connection brought to boil when she loses her nerve about what to say next and instead just kisses her hot new stranger. Well when words have left you what better way to move forward. Not completely though as she then turns and leaves without getting his real name, not that she gave hers either. Seems he made quite the impression as she’s still thinking about him months later. Could he be thinking about her too?

Now with the title being ‘You’ve Got Male’ you have a good idea that the theme is going to run along side the same as the film with how they might be talking to each other online. In this version Zoey is a member of an online Truck Stop food forum, username Wafflegirl7. So you just know that the guy she’s talking to, BetterWithButter, is her mystery guy, she just doesn’t know he’s also the Brunch Bandit. Seems she is giving him a rom-com film education where they start to watch them ‘together’ while online chatting. Food and films what better combo. Funny to see them put smiles on each other’s faces when in reality it’s them making the other crazy lol.

Seems fate wants these two to meet again and what better place than a food market. Very clear that they are both happy about bumping into their Halloween kiss companion, so its good that Cam asks for her number. Things swiftly turn south when he helps her out with her stuff and they realise that they are each other’s competition. Food trucks close together, do they want to get close too? Well not so much as he has no intention of giving up his trading weekend spot, even after she talks of the truckers code. This means baking war. Let the best food win.

Cam can’t believe the nerve of Zoey for saying that he needs to move location and pretty much declares war by implying if its too hot get out of the kitchen. He wants to play dirty to win, though she has her ways too. A little salt and sugar switch from him and fresh and rotten fruit and veg swap from her. This turns into a bit of a game, one they both kind of like playing with each other. How long before the fire tension explodes out of the kitchen? A fairest wheel ride seems to be a start, close quarters with a beautiful view, tension bubbling right until they get back down to ground. The Halloween kiss still plays a part when they are close to each other, hot enough to feel the tension building around them.

You can see that they both really like each other but don’t know how to handle that along with their food war going on. Kissing each other senseless also puts heads in a spin. Glad it didn’t take that long before they both figured out who they were really talking to online. That way the chemistry has somewhere to bubble up to before it boils over. When they go head to head in a big food festival event, FoodFest, that could make them big, are they going to play fair or dirty? Are all players going to take notice of a truce?

Do you want to go someone to get sweaty and dirty? Paintball it is then – lol. Not what she was thinking when he said it but memorable all the same. Cam can be so sweet when he wants to be. Together they just work, great chemistry right from the start. It started with a kiss, then rivalry banter that turned them on more than they’d admit, until finding out they are who they were falling for online. Can these cooks make it work in the kitchen or will things get burnt?

Another fun, flirty read that had me laughing at the crazy things they were putting each other through. On to the next in this awesome Chick Flick Club series I say. If you love classic rom-coms then these are the books for you.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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Release Blitz and Book Review: ‘Advice from a Jilted Bride’ by Piper Rayne


Title: Advice from a Jilted Bride (The Baileys Book 2)

Published: 21st March 2019

Author: Piper Rayne


Twitter: @PiperRayneRocks





What’s a girl to do after being ditched at the altar by text message? That’s right. Text. Message.

How does she pick up the pieces and move on? I’m no Dear Abby but here’s a little free advice…


Advice #1 – First, purge your apartment of all things him—by tossing his belongings off the balcony.

Advice #2 – Do not, I repeat do not, throw anything out into the hallway because you’ll injure your hot new neighbor.

Advice #3 – When said neighbor brings over Chinese Food do not let him stay and keep you company. It’s awkward when you realize he’s your boss.

Advice #4 – Accept his offer to help you with your side business but think twice before using a date to his sister’s wedding as collateral.

Advice #5 – Investigate who your mystery neighbor really is. Don’t trust his word even if he’s the world’s best kisser.

If you listen to nothing else, pay attention to that last one. It’s the most important and will save you a lot of heartache.




Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book set in a different country. Alaska to be exact, though not sure the town Lake Starlight is real, if it is then I really want to go to it!

Ok so there are so many siblings with this series that it might take a few books before I have all the names and what they do down in my head. It’s good that even though they are all in each of the books they are not given the same amount of focus, some only speaking in passing. This way you can get slowly introduced to their characteristics and what makes them great. Can’t wait to crack on with the rest of the series now, as what I have read so far with the first two books has been great!

So this one starts, as the title suggests, right after Brooklyn has been stood up at her wedding. Her dickhead of an ex Jeff decided that he wasn’t going to go through with it and thought the best way to tell her was by text 5 minutes before she was meant to walk down the aisle. What a knob! A slap is in order when she finds him. Good riddance is all her family, and us readers, will say. She just might take a little longer to see things that way. Having been through this you can see why her first thought is to go to their new apartment and throw everything of his out the window. When that gets shut the open door is her next target with a flying book. Seems to hit the mark with her new neighbour – as in his head that is. Now that is quite the introduction. Good job Juno and Savannah were there to smooth the waters. Though in Juno case – being the town matchmaker and all – she finds her senses are soon tingling in regards to said hot new neighbour and her sister. Not long before the rest of the family piles in for pizza and beer therapy. Grama Dori might have arrived after the others but she brings a gift with her while getting a helping hand up the stairs – hot new neighbour Wyatt. Seems he is about to get taken into fold.

Wyatt’s just moved to Lake Starlight where his father has just brought another hotel to add to his growing empire Whitmore hotels. Now Glacier Point Resort needs a lot of work but his father has given clear instructions that it needs to be done in six months before the ski season starts. His methods are for Wyatt to try out each job role within the hotel – Bellhop to start – even though he will technically be the new manager. If he proves himself then his father will let him take the reins of one of the hotels, well that’s the plan anyway. He needs to see which staff members and what departments are working well and which are not. He is lying by omission by not being honest about who is really is – especially when he finds out he is Brooklyn’s new boss. This might turn out to be a mistake when Brooklyn and him start to get closer.

Now our poor girl Brooklyn was planning on going her honeymoon anyway to get away from everything but it seems Jeff the dickhead cancelled her ticket. Slap here we come! So it seems she is just going to spend two weeks in hiding at her apartment without telling her family so she can decompress. Wyatt just happens to come across her after getting back from the airport and let’s just say she is not in the best of ways. He decides to help her by keeping her secret but after giving her a week to wallow he knows he needs to step in, if nothing else to feed her. He might not have wanted to get into the middle of this but he seems to find himself there anyway trying to pull her out of it.

With her new outlook on life in she needs a new purpose and decides that she wants to start a business selling her essential oils she makes. I’m sure Wyatt could help her with that. She decides to make him a deal, if he helps her with the business then she will be his date to his sisters wedding to get his mum off his back. Sure what’s the worse that could happen?

They have such a connection and are clearly drawn to each other. It kind of goes strangers to friends to lovers with the vibes these two are putting out. Who will make the first step? It just takes one kiss and its like fireworks are set off. Holy hell they hot for each other. He’s leaving in a few months though so they need to keep their heads in check, shame the same can’t be said for their hearts when troubles start to brew.

This time around we see a lot more of some of Brooklyn’s other brothers, especially Rome and Denver, along with their friend Liam. I loved the dynamics between them, great brothers, very loyal and protective of their family. Love Grama Dori’s words of wisdom too, always given at just the right moment. Let’s hope people are listening to her!

Love the Buzz Wheel stories, I wonder what Bailey will be next as they are sure to all make an appearance at some point. Jeff’s one shows that he might have had a little payback Bailey style, but which Bailey are we thinking?

All I can say is that’s how you set up for the next story – jaws on the floor all round! Can’t wait to continue with the Bailey clan. Another great story so onto the next I say.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the authors via Inkslinger PR for my honest review.


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Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have “Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle” (okay…you caught us, that’s our tagline). A little about us… We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We’re both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We’re both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

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Book Review: ‘Troublemaker’ by Katie McCoy

Title: Troublemaker (Rascals Book 5)

Published: 10th December 2018

Author: Katie McCoy




Five guys. One bar. And a whole heap of sexy trouble…

Dante Delgado is arrogant, mysterious… and sexy as hell. He’s also my brother’s best friend, which makes him seriously off-limits — until one of our infuriating fights turns into a steamy make-out session.

Now, all bets are off.

I know he’s trouble, but I can’t stay away. The chemistry between us is burning out of control, but Dante’s hiding something behind that bad boy smile, and his secrets could destroy us both.

Am I heading straight for heartbreak? Or can this troublemaker open his heart for the right woman?

Find out in the sizzling conclusion to the Rascals series!

#1 Rascal
#2 Wingman
#3 Heartbreaker
#4 Soulmate
#5 Troublemaker



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a one word title.

So we finally get the story that has been hinted at right from the start. You could see a mile off that Hayley was into Dante but he always kept everything so close to his chest that you could never be sure what he was thinking. Something that Hayley is adamant is about to change after getting a taste of what she has been dreaming about.

Hayley might be casually seeing Mike but it really isn’t going to go anywhere. He is the type of boyfriend her parents want for her but not really someone who she thinks she should be with. His kisses are nice but she wants spectacular – mainly she wants Dante as she’s sure his kisses are going to be in the spectacular spectram. The fact her words are soon to be ‘from the most epic, sexy, explosive kiss in my life’ you’d say yes to that. She’s wanted him forever and it seems the feelings mutual, so what’s holding him back.

Dante is our man of mystery that she really wants to solve. Her thoughts always seem to go to naughty places when she sees him. Well right before she wants to hit him over the head for being his normal asshole self. Now it seems said mystery man holds a poker game for a select few, not completely on the up and up though. So when Hayley walks in with her date Mike he’s none too happy she’s there. Unless he wants a scene though she’s staying to get some answers. In the end she just gets kissed the lovely hell out of which leads to more questions running round her head, mainly to him ghosting her for a while after the fact.

Dante has a reason for everything but he keeps it all close to his chest. Good intentions and motives to help others but he doesn’t always act the part. He helps out at his old gym with mentor Bull. As he’s getting on in years Dante wants to continue his work at the gym with young kids that are like he was at that age – angry with the world and needing some guidance, discipline, stability and support. Bull’s still good to give Dante advice to get his head on straight it’s just a shame it didn’t work with his foster brother Nicky. He was in and out of foster care, like Dante, but always has a way to find trouble, blaming Dante for all of it too. It’s this trouble that Dante thinks he has which makes him think that he doesn’t deserve someone like Hayley as she’s too good for him. That is about to change though if she’s got anything to do with it.

These two getting together was never going to be straight-forward, they were going to have some fun, or maybe chaos, along the way. Its like they are feeling each other out to see what next step should – more him than her – when really they want to just pounce on each other. She just needs to find a way to spend more time together – self defence training anyone? Getting all hot and sweaty in the gym is sure to lead to getting hot and sweaty somewhere else right? Though I’d say it might have more to do with a certain little black dress she wears just for him. One Dante is dying to rip off her – well unless she beats him to it. Let’s just say she won’t look at a poker table the same way ever again.

On a lighter note it turns out that Hayley is now the lead singer of a band called Purple Sunday. When she decides to make the next move and ask him on a date she gets him to meet her at their first gig. Its like she wanted something to connect them together with no-one else involved. I also liked that when she finally needed to talk to someone about Dante she picked Juliet. Funny for her as she always thought something was going on between them. To quote ‘You guys are always staring at each other.’

Their group get together’s just get more fun with each book. The rest of the couples together for a movie night where Dante and Hayley have to pretend they haven’t seen each other naked. That sounds like fun. More so when hot texts turn into sneaking away for a stolen moment where anyone could walk in, talk about heat rising. Yeah they weren’t going to stay long when they really needed to be alone together. Hot as hell comes to mind and with each encounter they just burn hotter.

Funny how its Dante that wants to tell Emerson and the others about them first, doesn’t want to lie and hide. Hayley knows how protective they all are and how they will butt in so wants it just between them for a little while. Fall out won’t be good though. The women will be all for it as they’ve figured out the chemistry long ago, the guys are just all oblivious. How long can they stay in their heated inferno before someone gets burnt?

Loved how all the couples are interlinked in each story. Emerson and Alex, Chase and Kelsey, Liam and Juliet, and Sawyer and Gabi. Took Dante and Hayley a little longer than most but worth the wait. Now that’s the way to make a good apology. Swoon worthy is all I’ll say. Seems these five rascals got more than they bargained for when they opened the bar. One by one taken down by love and, in the end, none of them minding in the slightest.

Great series from start to finish, lots of interesting, unique characters and couple pairings throughout. Also love how each series has a few characters that cross over into each other. Lets see what series comes next.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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