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Website Review: ‘Literary Book Gifts’

Literary Book Gifts


Well this is something new to me as I have never reviewed a website before. This one is very in line with my blog though as it’s one that is ripe with bookworm gift ideas. With Valentines Day coming up you could get some ideas for your bookworm partners. So whether you want to look for yourself or others this seems like a great place to start, mainly as it’s full of great ideas and designs that you won’t find on the high street.

I thought the easiest way to review this would be to pick a few items that stood out to me as interesting and talk a bit about why I liked them. Then talk a little about the layout of the site itself and how it works. Seems simple enough but with so many cool items to look through it took a little time to get it down to only a few from each section.

The main base items are women and men’s t-shirts, tote bags, and just recently they have started out with cashmere knitted writing gloves. The t-shirts and totes have different themed images put onto them with a multiple-choice size and colour option – great as you can then have one in each colour!


Promotional Web Offer

What is also great for all my followers is that I have a promotional voucher code for you all to use to get 20% off the RRP with no minimum spend. Awesome right? All you need to do is enter the voucher code READINGNOOK20 at the checkout to get to discount taken off.

Think I might need to go shopping soon!


So here goes with some of my favourite items from each section of the site:


Women’s T-Shirts:

All the t-shirts come in a range of different colours and sizes so there is plenty of variety to find the perfect one for you.

Sizing charts are available on each product page.

100% Soft cotton (fibre content may vary for different colours).

Pride and Prejudice T-Shirt (Women’s) – Solid Ivy / Natural – $28

What’s not to love about Pride and Predjudice? This sketch drawing is so simple but showcases the time in which the book was set perfectly. I choose the Ivy / Natural colour as I felt that it showed the image off the best with it being a black line sketch but that’s just me.

Ode on a Grecian Urn T-Shirt (Women’s) – Solid Purple Rush – $28

Well anything purple is sure to turn my eye as it’s my favourite colour but I picked this t-shirt in particular because I loved the Urn style print on it. Not too over the top but very stylish in design.

Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book T-Shirt (Women’s) – Solid Royal – $28

I loved The Jungle Book growing up and if I hear the start of a tune from the film I am likely to sing away to it (The Bare Necessities being a key one). Also I love any type of Big Cat (or small!) and think that panthers are gorgeous so this design was bound to catch my eye.


Men’s T-Shirts:

All the t-shirts come in a range of different colours and sizes so there is plenty of variety to find the perfect one for you.

Sizing charts are available on each product page.

100% Soft cotton (fibre content may vary for different colours).

Beowulf T-Shirt (Men’s) – Black – $28

I liked the bold contrast of black, gold and blue with the design so this colour balance caught my eye straight away. Also styled in an Anglo-Saxon way with the knots used so I liked that link back to story itself.

Victor Hugo Les Miserables T-Shirt (Men’s) – Royal – $28

Just seeing the flag alone could make a tear fall as you will be taken right to the moment you see, or picture, it in the film, TV series or book. I choose the royal blue base colour as I felt that it showed off the flag colours the best and blended in so nothing felt over the top.

Robinson Crusoe T-Shirt (Men’s) – Texas Orange – $28

Well if you are going to a tropical island you have to have the colour to match so of course I was going to pick an orange for this design. Simple sketch like design again that pulls out key aspects of the book right to the top. Anyone been under a palm tree lately?


Tote Bags:

Bags, bags and more bags! That’s how it seems in my house so this was tough to get down to three top ones but think I managed to pick some good ones!

All the tote bags come in three different sizes – Small, Medium and Large.

Sizing charts are available on each product page.

Typewriter Tote Bag – $32

For any old school writer, or someone just wanting to remember how classics might have been written on, look no further than the classic Typewriter tote bag.

Jane Austen Tote Bag – $32

Again a love of all things Jane Austen but this time more to do with the author than one of her great books. From the quill and ink, to the books and locket, it is such a clever grouped design that brings together all the things we might have expected to be on Jane’s own desk.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Tote Bag – $32

Anyone up for following the White Rabbit? Alice is just about to and this design almost makes you feel like you are about to go down the rabbit hole with her. The white on blue is a perfect match to showcase the design in a sharp and clear way.


Writing Gloves:

These are available in a variety of colours to suit your style and mood.

Made of a breathable cashmere knit of about 35% cashmere wool. Cotton, polyester, and microfiber are blended in for durability. These gloves measure approximately 17.5 cm in length.

Writing Gloves – Light Heather Grey- $52


These soft cashmere blend knit gloves are the perfect gift for any writer as there is nothing worse than cold hands after writing for hours at a time. They are available in 13 different colours, though only one image is on the website at the moment, more will follow shortly.


The site as a whole:

The site itself is simple enough to use with everything laid out in easy to access links. Either with the menu links at the top of the page or the direct link through with the images on the homepage. There is an easy to use search function at the top of the page. You can either search by product or by putting in the name of your favourite book as that is bound to pick up something from the wide range online.

There are standard shipping costs: Flat Rate Shipping $5 USA, $10 International.

I would say that I think a logo design might be a cool idea to add to go with the name of the site. Next stage would be to get some social media sites sets up so that people have a multitude of ways to get back through to the site itself.

As a whole I think this is a very clever site that will draw any good bookworm in to see what it has to offer.



I should state that I did not receive anything from the site besides getting a promotional code for people to use (READINGNOOK20) and the opportunity to share some of its great products with you – of which I hope you liked the ones I picked!

So happy shopping everybody and don’t forget to use the code!

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