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Book Review: ‘Megan’s Munchkins’ by Pamela Foland

Title: Megan’s Munchkins (Megan’s World Book 1)

Published: 21st June 2017

Publisher: Sonny’s Legacy Publishing

Author: Pamela Foland


Twitter: @pamelacfoland



What’s hidden in the darkness of Megan’s closet? Kittens! Four abandoned one-day-old kittens. These helpless babies were starving in the hedges when thirteen-year-old Megan Thompson discovers them and decides on the spot that she must save them. Knowing her parent’s answer to her many pet requests, she decides to raise the kittens in secret. Follow Megan across the next five weeks, as her life becomes an endless cycle of feeding schedules, vet visits, homework, household chores, and sneaking around. Megan’s dreams have come true with her four precious friends, but what will Megan’s parents say about her furry secrets? Will Megan be allow to keep the kittens she loves with all her heart?



A story about taking responsibility for something other than yourself and showing respect and growth in learning new things. She may go about it in the wrong way to start with but Megan does know how to be a good owner to her new kittens.

There was never a question about what Megan was going to do after finding four little day old kittens in a box under a bush. Of course she was going to save them. I would do the same, hands down. She just had to do it secretly due to her parents no pet rule until she could show them she was taking on some responsibilities – housework, chores, helping her parents when asked, along with keeping her grades up at school. Good job that looking after her special fluffballs teachers her that.

Four little munchkins that you will want to just curl up and cuddle with. It’s kitten heaven with these four: Gizmo, Misty, Petey and Chip. A bit of a handful but Megan sees it as well worth it. This book is good at showing the responsibilities of looking after a pet. You have to take care of everything to keep them alive. She may have had to tell a few lies to keep them hidden at the beginning but she definitely took on the role of mother to them.

This is a book for a younger audience but the writing was good and made the story interesting to get through. Kind of got a bit of a Beethoven 2 vibe to it with the part where the three kids are looking after the puppies without their parents finding out. They take on all the four hourly feeds, cleaning them, teaching them to eat and play to help them develop. They had three kids looking after the four pups whereas Megan had to look after and pay for all the kittens’ things herself. Granted kittens are smaller but still a lot of hard work.

This book brought back fun memories of having to look after my cousins own little munchkins. Hand feeding them just like Megan does. Helpless little furballs but they were well worth the work with looking after them.

An interesting starting point to this learning book style series. Good teaching guides for younger kids who are asking about wanting a pet but maybe not quite understanding all that’s involved with looking after them. Having a pet is a huge commitment that has to be taken seriously. If you want one badly enough that you are willing to do the work to look after them then maybe you might just get one.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Victorian’ by Jordan Elizabeth


Title: Victorian

Published: 30th June 2016

Author: Jordan Elizabeth


Twitter: @JayliaDarkness


Celeste struggles with finding her way from a dark past until she gets a summer volunteer gig at the local historical fair. Enter outrageous actors, dominating psychics, and ghosts stirred by a medium’s presence. With the help of the psychic’s son, who isn’t at all what her dream date would look like, but rather endearing all the same, Celeste uncovers secrets about the village left hidden among the dilapidated buildings. Searching deeper will mean opening her heart, a part of her she’s locked up tight and been petrified of freeing.


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book published in 2016. Interesting, intricate read that follows two main characters – Weronika and Celeste (though her real first name is Aeltye). Following them while they struggle with their troubled pasts as they help out at a historical 1867 Victorian summer fair.

Story starts with a counselling session for teenagers. Each is being troubled by something from their past or present and it’s where we first meet Weronika and Celeste. Each have very different reasons for being there but a friendship is formed straight away. Its almost like they see a kindred spirit, or can sense the others pain and want to help. Both have trouble making friends so they sort of cling to each other once the bond has been formed.

Celeste is the first to find out about historical 1867 Victorian summer fair coming to the area from her cousin Donna. She likes the idea of the fair because she can be someone new there. No one will know the real her and she can explore being someone else from the Victorian era. It would be a form of escapism for a little while. She may love her family and want to protect them; especially her younger brother Eli, but she needs to find a release and the fair might help her do that. Every weekend over the summer seems like a good idea at the time but things start to change once she learns more about the history of the Reese Village. It seems that everyone died mysteriously and no one knows what really happened. Legend has it that ghosts still linger at the village. Whether they need help or not is still to be seen but Celeste feels compelled to do something to help them move on. Also it has a little something to do with the fact she can actually see the ghosts that are there.

Once Weronika finds out about the fair she longs to join too. Not so much to meet new people but just so she can get out of her house, away from her parents and away from the memories that haunt her. Memories aren’t the only thing that haunts her as she also sees two ghosts there. A mystery for one but she knows the story for the other, one she tries to forget. She has been living in pain surrounded by parents who don’t really see her. She rebels with her actions and boyfriend Nate, the only one who really knows her and her past, but really it’s a cry for help. After a little while into the book though the focus gets pulled away from her and focuses more on Celeste’s journey trying to find out what really happened all those years ago.

Celeste along with another new friend Zander start searching for clues. He has had a troubled upbringing too, one she won’t pry into. It’s when she says this that he knows she has something she wouldn’t want people prying into as well. You know something bad happened to her brother and her but are left in the dark until she’s ready to face the past. I think once she starts to help the ghosts she finds she’s ready to let go of her demons too so she can move on.

I liked the interesting paranormal twist linking in with the intricate back-stories of both main characters. Seems everyone needed help, they just needed to find the right person or place along the way to get there. I liked the setting of the fair and how when Celeste saw certain past memories or ghostly planes you caught glimpses of the real village. It was almost like she was pulled back to see what she needed to see to figure out what really happened. Great characters that had a lot of depth and kept you gripped till the end where you could figure out what really happened to them and how they are going to move past it.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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