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Book Review: ‘Broken Ties’ by Kenechi Udogu

Title: Broken Ties (The Mentalist Series Prequel)

Published: 13th May 2014

Author: Kenechi Udogu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KenechiUdogu

Twitter: @KenechiUdogu



“There was nothing unusual about the night everything changed. No flashing lights in the sky, no searing fire in my belly; no sign whatsoever to suggest the shift which was to come… Nora Brice did strange things to me. Strange and awful things…”

Paul Colt has a problem, and it is not one most teenage boys face. Yes, he likes a girl; one he’s pretty certain he’ll do foolish things for, given the chance. But he can’t go after her, or any other girl for that matter. That’s what he gets for being an Averter; forced to toe the line for the propagation of the collective. He knows some rules are okay to trifle with, and there are some which should never be broken. The gravest of them all?

Don’t fall in love.


This is the story of how Paul breaks that rule.

This prequel novella to the Mentalist Series can be read before or after Aversion, Book One of The Mentalist Series.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – The last book in a series. It is a prequel to show how Gemma’s parents first got together so can be read alone but to get best feel for it I would read after the trilogy and so I’m casting it as the last book in the series. A tale of how young love came about. One you know will lead down another path but one that may have been destined to begin with. Only time will tell.

Paul has followed his fathers’ rules all his life and never really questioned what he would eventually have to do to continue the line of Averters for his family. It’s only after a chance meeting with Nora that everything changes. Hiding out having a smoke he hears her voice before seeing her coming closer. She is getting hassled by another guy and it seems Nora sees Paul as her knight in armour to get the other guy to leave. Seems he won’t take no for an answer and its up to Paul to do something that is forbidden. He does as aversion on him to make him stay away from her from then on. It’s the first time he’s done one for personal gain. Well not his but for Nora anyway. Seems its not the only thing he is willing to do to get closer to her. He may seem reluctant to begin with, as he isn’t allowed to date. He was always told it was for a very good reason so that their kind knows their place in the world and what they have to do. Seems that’s one thing he has in common with Nora, she can’t date either and has never really wanted to until Paul.

From reading the trilogy you know why they are drawn to each other and how they will always find each other no matter what. They might not have had as strong a sentient twin connection as Gemma and Russ but its still there. Sneaking around isn’t something they’d thought they would do but the need to be with the other is too strong to deny. Its like they know they have a ticking clock counting down their time together so they try to make every moment count throughout the summer. Seems time is not on their side as it might soon be running out for them when a fellow averter – Nora’s to be exact – shows up.

You know how the story will eventually end but it’s just the start of the bigger adventure waiting further down the line. They were fated to meet and nothing could have stopped them from going down the path they were on. If they hadn’t then change wouldn’t have started to happen. Things happen for a reason and the story of their young love is what started the journey as a whole.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Of Fear and Faith’ by N. D. Jones

Title: Of Fear and Faith (Death and Destiny Trilogy Book 1)

Published: 18th August 2014

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Author: N. D. Jones

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ndjonesparanormalromanceauthor

Twitter: @ndjonesauthor



A thriller of a paranormal romance with mystery, mythology, and suspense.

Before trust and love can take hold, grow solid roots, and blossom into a reality larger than self, fear must be conquered and faith embraced. Yet fear of an ancient prophecy, of burning magical power, and a broken heart, Sanura Williams, psychology professor, is unprepared when Special Agent Assefa Berber enters her life, hunting a preternatural serial killer. Assefa’s intelligent, chocolate eyes and intoxicating aura signature stirs her fire spirit but frightens the woman.

In a world where all is not as it seems, Sanura and Assefa must battle the gods’ first creations – vile predators who threaten the safety of humans. Each confrontation, each bloody clash, will bring Sanura and Assefa closer to fulfilling the prophecy of being the Fire Witch and Cat of Legend – the ones who will save humanity from the Water Witch of Legend. Death, godly magic, and physical attraction draw Sanura and Assefa to each other, but fear and faith will determine their destiny.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with vampires in it. These ones are bat like creatures that you would not want to meet in a dark alley.

Seems a battle amongst sisters – one that takes place every 500 years – is about come around again. The prophecy goes that a fire witch born to the Temple of Oya and a water witch born to the Temple of Mami Wata will mark the beginning of the end, but also rebirth. It’s all about balance and once they fight, no matter who wins, there will be peace for humans again – but at what cost? 500 years is almost up and it looks like the pieces are being put in place, whether they are ready for what’s to come is something else entirely.

FBI Special Agent Assefa Berber, from a very special division because of what he is, has been called in to investigate the murders of a possible serial killer. It was Mike, a local detective and something a little different himself, who spotted a pattern and called for assistance. Well not that he really wants the have help as his likes to work alone now. The link between the murders is like the elephant in the room as neither yet wants to tell the other what they really are and that they both know they are after someone who is killing witches. All this comes to a head though after the latest attack. There is a lone survivor of a double murder, the daughter, who was found wondering that streets covered in blood. They need someone who can get through to the child so they can figure out who or what they are after and Mike knows just the person, his goddaughter Sanura.

Sanura is a psychology professor but so much more as she is also a witch – a very powerful fire witch that is. She may have been called in to help with the case but that’s not all that is on the cards for her when she senses an intoxicating aura signature coming straight from Assefa. Seems with their kind can tell when they are near someone who could be compatible and auras never lie. Auras are one thing to suggest they are matched but the chemistry coming from both of them within minutes is enough to seal the deal. Well if Sanura wasn’t running a little scared from a past relationship that burned her badly it would. Ended for a reason girl and that’s because he was not for you, plus he’s a bit of a dick. Focus pulled back to the case at hand she needs to see what or whom the child saw. When they know though they might wish they hadn’t because the killer(s) they are after are adze.

Adze are vampire like creatures with the body of a large bat that can transform into human form. Done so with more ease after consuming witches blood. With the blood comes the magic and it seems that is something they have started to crave. In the past adze would just possess witches to cause chaos and attack humans but found a thirst for blood gave them more power – specifically witches’ blood. The warlocks at the time wanted to protect their woman so made a deal with Sekhmet. If they worshipped her then she would give them the ability to protect their women. They just didn’t really realize what they might be giving up at the time of gaining something different. With adze being the killers it means witches in the area need to be put on high alert. With the help of Sanura and her skills they might just be able to hide those that are being hunted and then trap the hunters in the process. Well nothing is ever that simple.

The adze need to be caught but that doesn’t stop the need to perform the ritual to see if Sanura and Assefa really are compatible in every sense. From the moment they locked eyes it was pretty much a done deal to me but rules are rules. The chemistry and heat is there but they are both hiding secrets that they fear will make the other run. If they can face them then they might be able to fight not only the adze but be better prepared for the true battle that’s coming. Sanura’s ex Richard also comes back on the scene the stir things up, I had a feeling he was a lot more involved in the case than you might think. He may want Sanura back but now Assefa is in the picture that is looking a lot less likely. Will he get his just desserts? I’m hoping so.

Interesting read that has a bit of everything that I like. You have witches, were-cats, vampires and links to Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. A battle is brewing and the players are slowing moving into place but the outcome is very uncertain. Here’s hoping Sanura and Assefa can handle anything that is thrown their way.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘120 Proof Honey’ by Becca Fanning

Title: 120 Proof Honey (Books 1-5, BBW Bear Shifter Moonshiner Romance)

Published: 16th November 2016

Author: Becca Fanning

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorBecca



The Complete 120 Proof Honey Series here just for you! Contains the following stories:

Daxton: Blair Mason was a woman with a one-track mind, and that track was work. From sunrise to sun down, all she thought about was how to keep her small town grocery store open. That meant hard decisions, the type Blair was in the midst of making when she was rudely interrupted by a tall man. A tall handsome man. Oh, there were things other than work after all!

Daxton Holt thought getting his honey on Mason’s shelves would be simple. Walk in, flash a smile and fill out some paperwork. But this owner was something else. She saw right through his charms, pushing him to really sell his product. He liked that, and he liked her. A feisty little minx is sweeter than any honey his bees made…

Knox: Jasmine has always known that life wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that all her hard work keeping a home wasn’t appreciated. It wasn’t fair that none of that time counted as “experience,” but she was desperate so she had to take whatever there was. Stepping off the bus, she reminded herself that life didn’t have to be fair, but it did have to be survived. As soon as she laid eyes on the handsome man who answered the door, she remembered something she’d suppressed for a long time: life had it’s sunny moments as well.

Knox Ryker didn’t really like this whole idea of getting a housekeeper. Yes, five guys living together could take it’s toll on a place. Yes, Dax’s new girlfriend had a point: it was a pigsty. But having a stranger come over to root through your things just didn’t feel right. But once he laid eyes on Jasmine, he had feelings of a totally different sort.

Amir: Just get in, get the scoop, and get out. Kora Lane stepped out of her air conditioned car and into the blazing heat of this muggy Ozark valley. Her boss had sent her down here to sniff out a story: a local honey harvester was producing illicit moonshine on the side. The tip came in from an anonymous source, but she never passed up a juicy tip. Now she just had to get past this gorgeous mountain of a man that answered the door…

Amir Thorne was a man with a secret. No matter how low key he tried to play it, there was always a type of woman who could sense it. Usually they took his disinterest as a clear signal to move on. But every now and then, you’d get one that just wouldn’t let go. As soon as he saw Kora, he knew what type she was…

Beck: Don’t put that in your mouth. Don’t push your brother. Please stop crying. Harmony just needed to get through this day of nannying. The little boogers in her charge were turning their trip to the county fair into a competition of who could cause a migraine the fastest. She spotted a honey stand and thought a few sweet treats might win her a moment’s respite. She spotted the owner of the stand and thought about something other than honey…

It wasn’t that Beck hated kids: he just wasn’t used to them. All the crying, the erratic behavior and the tantrums were just too much. He had a feeling his reluctance on the topic of children was why he and his girlfriend of four years had to call it quits. There are some things you just can’t compromise on, no matter what.

Slade: Veronica Harper was ready to let bygones be bygones. She’d spent enough years fighting tooth and claw to know that nobody won in a drag out brawl. It was better for all parties to come to the peace table. But being the leader of a Bear Shifter Clan meant many things, the most important of which was to be the kind of leader that the rest of the Clan would follow. That meant never losing face. Even if the person you’re staring down is a handsome hunk with more charm than he realizes.

Slade Walker knew things were tense. This Clan rivalry was close to spilling into a war, and he didn’t know how many casualties would be on each side. Too many, surely. But these women just wouldn’t leave his Clan alone.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a number in the title. Short and sweet like the honey these bear of men sell. Who doesn’t love a good bear shifter romance? This happens to be a 5 in 1 deal. Seems shifters are known about but not many people believe the stories. Seems a few women are about to learn fantasy is reality when this clan shake things up.

Daxton: A bear selling honey products, sounds perfect right, I mean they sure know their stuff. Now if they could just find somewhere to sell it they’d be laughing. Blair’s store is in trouble with a new shop opening in town selling products cheaper. She needs to find a new hook to get the sales rolling back into her direction. Could smooth talking Daxton and his ideas be the solution? A business meeting soon turns to a dinner date – well with the chemistry bouncing around you can see why. Things soon get heated, though for a very different reason. They sure are hot and heavy very quickly. A spicy couple getting sweeter the longer they are together.

Knox: The clan is in need of a cleaner for five very messy bears – how hard could that be? Jasmine is about to find out. Good job ones caught her eye, as she has his, as trouble is brewing with her ex Darius. No matter what Knox says it seems bees aren’t always friend to all. They might be good for honey but not so much when they are drowsy and feel like stinging. Jasmine is timid to begin with around the men, with good reason, but it doesn’t take Knox long to put her at ease. Jasmine is safe and cared for in every way with this loveable guy who takes his time to please his lady. You get to see all the other guys too, which was good.

Amir: Kora’s boss wants a good story about illegal moonshine from a tip they’ve had but it looks like she’s going to get something a whole lot wilder. Amir seems like such a sweetheart. A loveable giant who is only too happy to answer any and all of Kora’s questions – well within reason. She’s good at finding secrets but he’s better at keeping them. Though this time I feel he wants to let someone know. He has seen his other two clan mates find love and now he wants that too. Here’s hoping Kora’s ready cause he’s looking her way. Why if she doesn’t let slip their secret that is. Wildest couple in the sack so far. Seems the rival clan is getting bolder with trying to sabotage them. Lets see what they do next.

Beck: A chance meeting at a fair while babysitting three little terrors sees Harmony try to distract them with honey sticks. The honey might be distracting the boys but it’s the man selling them that’s distracting her. A spark of chemistry soon turns into a date. Well when Beck eventually makes the first move that is. Seems he’s been out of the dating game a while so is nervous and doesn’t want to mess it up. Super sweet but nothing is ever smooth sailing with these bears. He’s keeping his secret and it seems Harmony is keeping one of her own, her son Logan. They both have fears to overcome to get what they want but once they do you know it will be good.

Slade: Slade and his clan have had about enough of the all female rival clan that has been causing them none stop trouble since they moved in two and a half years ago. Things are escalating so something needs to give. When he and Knox go to scout out their property he gets a shock when he spots the alpha. One look and its all he can do not to charge her, and so not for a negative reason. He wants her and is only just starting to see the benefits to a shifter-shifter relationship. Would be fine to start something if the rest of her clan wasn’t causing problems. Seems there’s a lot of tension in their camp with Veronica’s alpha status being questioned. She needs to step up and take charge to get what she wants. The same goes for how to handle Slade – not that he minds. You know they will be wild together, two alphas dominating to see who gets on top, but fighting is on the cards first it seems between the clans. Can they work together or will they tear each other apart?

Fun short wild reads to chill out with. These bears are loveable beasts just looking for their other halves. Doesn’t take them long to find them. Some insta-love connections seemed a bit fast but its all good in the end. Whose up for some sweet honey products? I know a place to go.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Alpha Dragon’s Virgin Bride’ by Scarlett Grove

Title: Alpha Dragon’s Virgin Bride (Paranormal Sci-fi Dragon Shifter Romance) (Dark Sun Series Book 2)

Published: 22nd February 2017

Author: Scarlett Grove

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Scarlett-Grove

Twitter: @Scarlett_Grove



In a world of deadly alliances, can their love be reborn?

Desdemona Hawthorn is only nineteen years old, but she knows what she wants: a normal life. That’s impossible now, after that the sun went dark and dangerous immortals took over her planet. When she discovers she has magic of her own, she’s forced to go to the witch temple for safety. Despite the overpowering dreams of another life, where she was loved by one man and in love with another, she wants nothing to do with the immortals and their lies.

Alpha Titus Silverdrake must protect not only the members of his dragon clan, but also the humans in his region, from the Surge — an evil alliance of vampires and dragons who seek to rule the world. Despite his many responsibilities, when he recognizes the scent of Desdemona’s magic at the temple he knows he must reclaim the woman whom he loved above all else.

Desdemona doesn’t remember much about her former life with Titus … except a feeling of betrayal. But Kyran, the vampire who was her other suitor, hasn’t forgotten any of what went before. As she struggles to accept her destiny and her role in defeating the Surge, Titus must balance the need to protect his clan — and the world — with his battle to regain Desdemona’s trust … and her heart.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with magic and witches. A lot happens in this witchy paranormal sci-fi shifter romance read and I loved it from start to finish. The story follows Desdemona and Titus as they find their way back to each other. Seems Desdemona was once called Patrice in a past life – one she is only just starting to remember. A past life that saw Gama call upon all her witches to cast a spell to create a veil over all magic – a spell that took their lives in the process – some two thousand years ago. With the veil now lifted due to the Surge allies must unite to fight the battle that’s coming and those with magic will play a key part.

Desdemona lives in a compound with her family and a few others who escaped their old lives the moment the Dark Sun happened and magic, immortals, vampires and dragon shifters came back into existence. She may have been skeptical about all that has happened but she soon finds herself thrown into the middle of it after seeing what happens when she plays music. Seems the power of the notes is creating magic before her eyes and witches who are seen to have magic need to go to the temple for their own protection. Well she can’t see it as much of a protection as she knows she will be bartered off to an immortal dragon or vampire to become their mate so she can be a breeding mare – in her eyes anyway – to help strengthen their numbers for the war. She thinks to run away rather than go, but to be an unprotected witch would be dangerous. Any immortal would be able to smell her and seek her out to be theirs and she wouldn’t be able to fight back. It changes when her family sees her magic for themselves and its not long before she is on her way to the temple. She may be able to hone in on her magic and learn about her past life – well that’s if she believes about past lives – but its the thought of being mated to someone for one purpose that scares her and turns her attitude to beyond bratty with a reluctance to accept what was and now will be. She may dream about two men but she doesn’t really understand them. Only that the man she loved didn’t love her back and broke her heart. Two thousand years being reincarnated over and over again but still holding onto that hurt you know it will take something big to break through to her.

Enter Titus, the alpha dragon of the Silverdrake clan of St. Louis, in all his sexy dragon glory. Being alpha he has enough on his plate with shipments going missing and rebuilding his city after the Surge and the dark days that followed due to Xander. The danger hasn’t stopped and he knows something is brewing. Last thing he needs to worry about is a mate but he goes to the temple anyway. He’s blown away when he recognizes Desdemona’s scent and spends no time in making it clear he will have her. The first time they met he knew she was too young for him – well she had just turn 17 and he was 3000 at the time – and it seems history is repeating itself. She’s young and beyond bratty and seems to want to get under his skin and hate him for memories she hasn’t quite remembered yet. If he had just explained things from the past to her sooner then it may have gone smoother between them. But when he comes in pretty much saying as the new alpha he needs to set an example and claim a mate to create heirs, he’s not doing a good job of making her feel wanted. Queue tension people. Trying to win her over is one thing but when Kyran, a vampire and second in command to the King of Chicago, her past suitor comes on the scene he fears he will lose her all over again. She knows where her heart lies but its not until he tells her more of their past that she truly understands why he pushed her away. Their romance is subtle but builds with a lot of passion. I did think there would be more conflict between the three of them but that seemed to come and go quickly. It’s the battle that’s brewing that brings things into focus.

In this time where magic is infused with weapons and technology beyond human understanding you know you are going to need to come together to fight before darkness takes over. Interesting mix of romance, mystery, intrigue and danger in a sci-fi paranormal world where nothing is quite what it seems. Would have liked to know more about the battle waging but that might come later in the series.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Strays’ by Emma Kendrick

Title: Strays (Red Kings MC Book 1)

Published: 4th May 2016

Author: Emma Kendrick

Twitter: @theemmakendrick



Best friends Jackie and Tyler set out on an adventure to find somewhere to call home, hoping to escape the violent city life and settle down in a quiet place where they can make something of themselves. What they find instead is the notorious Red Kings Motorcycle Club, outlaw bikers that rule the city’s criminal underground.

Only able to avoid them for so long, the unsuspecting pair get thrown into turf wars and drug trafficking before they can even figure out what’s happened. And as Tyler is dragged deeper into the club’s illegal activity, Jackie remains stuck in limbo as she tries to resist the pull of one Dean Rockwell, the MC’s most dangerous member.

Torn between the tight-knit family of bikers and the safety of a normal life, can Jackie navigate the treacherous new waters without losing herself and her best friend? Or will a series of unfortunate events lead her down a path that she can’t come back from?



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a car chase in it. Slow build action packed start to a series that has plenty to expand with.

Jackie and her best friend Tyler have been friends for years but act more like siblings. Wherever he goes she will surely follow. They seem happy enough in Macon but lack of other friends and a good job are taking their toll on Tyler. This all changes after a loud conversation between them is overheard by the local MCs. Seems Tyler has some skills they could use and as he already has the bike its not long before he finds what he’s been looking for. He might be happy with the change that’s coming but Jackie is taking it a bit harder. Her first introduction to the MCs, specifically Dean, wasn’t the best. Fear is forefront on her mind and it seems he has no intention of changing how she sees him. He’s the member others fear, the one that gets things done without much of a conscious. Doing whatever it takes to protect the club and its family, even if that means to kill.

Jackie only saw him threaten someone but never knew exactly what he did for the club. On some level turning a blind eye while trying to become something close to friends. They start to get closer after he sees her drawings and asks her to do something for his bike, its personal and he’s the only one she does it for. She seems to have caught his eye but it’s not till hard liquor is involved that things spark to life. Jackie needs a distraction while Tyler is off on his first run and with Dean being the only one there you know how it will go. There has been chemistry bubbling below the surface for a while and now it’s coming to the surface for a one-time thing. Seems once isn’t enough and before long they can’t get enough of each other. But with getting closer the clubs President starts to worry Dean will lose focus on what he does for them. Can’t very well have his killer going soft so you know something will come along to shift the dynamics of everyone. Twist comes along with the shift and soon its Jackie keeping secrets from those around her. Won’t be long before everything comes out but with Dean showing his true colours you’re not sure how things will turn out. Secrets will cause problems but its dangers from others that put people – especially Jackie – in harms way. Can these bikers keep those they care for safe or will they cause more problems?

Found the scene with Dean on the phone to his mum while doing something with Murphy amusing. Nice calm conversation while they are digging a hole. Can you guess what might go in there? A lot of characters were introduced within this one, from those in Macon and then another charter in Lakeside. Paving the way for the rest of the series but with names flying around you may get lost. A few key ones that stood out for me were Nash, TJ, Murphy, Jagger and Bianca the Queen of Lakesides MC President who takes no shit from anyone.

Comical at times, danger at others, an interesting friendship with Jackie and Tyler and then the hot and heavy then cold chemistry thing that’s going on with Jackie and Dean. Seriously at times he can be a dick so lets hope he can counter it with being something more for Jackie.  Series has lots of potential for where it could go next, whether to focus on the MCs of Macon or Lakeside. Either way will be a fun ride with these badass bikers.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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