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Release Blitz and Book Review: ‘Two Tickets to Bearadise’ by Chasity Bowlin

Title: Two Tickets to Bearadise (Bearadise Lodge Book 1)

Published: 28th February 2018

Author: Chasity Bowlin

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A Curvy Beauty Looking To Get Away From It All

Zoe Hawkins has a successful career as a romance writer… except she’s not feeling very into romance and a deadline is looming. When her best friend and fellow author, India, bails on her at the last minute, Zoe does what she’s gotten painfully good at—flying solo. Headed into the mountains for a solitary writing retreat, the city girl is ill equipped to deal with the large and terrifying bear that she encounters as she struggles to get into her rented cabin.

A Sexy Shifter Who Knows What He Wants

Logan might be the youngest of the Arthur brothers, but he’s always known precisely what he wanted. From the moment he sets eyes on the luscious curves of Zoe, city girl or not, he knows she’s the one for him. She’s his mate. Destiny put her in his path and he doesn’t plan to let her get away. Of course, the fact that she’s now terrified of bears and consoling herself with every form of liquor in the minibar doesn’t help.

Happily Ever After?

If Zoe can survive the humiliation of her drunken attempts to seduce him and the hangover that came after, and if Logan can convince her that bears can be cuddly too, they might just have a chance to write a love story of their own.

Two Tickets To Bearadise is the first in a series, but each of the subsequent books can be read as a standalone.


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Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book about shifters. Bear shifters to be precise and these are some fine looking ones to boot. Might need to book a retreat to a mountainside cabin soon.

So Zoe might want to thank her friend India for standing her up on her little week writing retreat when she starts to appreciate the welcome she got. She is a city girl through and through but knows she needs to go somewhere quiet to work so a mountainside cabin seem as good a place as any. She has a deadline from her publisher that is looming and must finish her book ASAP if she wants to get the advance for the next one. Small problem is that she has no ideas flowing. She’s a romance author and has been lacking in that department for a while. How can she write about being ravished by some hot man when she almost can’t remember what it feels like? A week away to get the mind juices flowing is what’s needed. It’s just the nature that’s making her a bit nervous. Well that and the big bear at the cabin door pawing at her snacks. Playing dead is her first thought but when said bear licks her neck she goes in that direction by passing flat out. Seems this is no ordinary bear.

Logan has a big furry secret. One he’s never thought about revealing before. But that all changes when he gets a whiff of a sweet honey scent. Well bears and honey do go hand in hand. So after scaring her enough to pass out Logan knows he needs to get her inside the cabin so she is safe. He knows not all bears in the area are shifters; some really might bite. Thing with shifting back to human though is that he is naked, and from the moment she is in his arms, very happy to see her. He can’t explain the reaction right away but knows he can’t stay away from her for long. She wakes in his arms and while he tries to keep her from looking she gets one hell of an eye full when he leaves. Enough of one to give her hormones a boost in a very hot direction and only getting hotter to closer she is to Logan. A man with muscles on top of muscles and an appendage none would forget in a hurry. Not that Zoe wants to. She has other plans in mind.

The connection is felt from the first moment and its not long before the pull for each other grants them another chance encounter. Well not so much chance as wishful thinking on Zoe’s part when coming to the mountainside cabins small shop. She’s looking for supplies but gets more than she bargained for. Talk about getting a spark to ignite into a full-blown fire. Seems one taste isn’t enough for either of them. The craving they have for each other is just getting stronger. Hot and heavy from the get go but with Logan’s secret looming over them can this fling turn into something real or will she run for the hills? Though you know it might just give her a push in the right direction for her next book. Writing what she experiences perhaps?

Logan’s brothers, bears too, Sam and Barrett were definitely chalk and cheese, even more so with him. All stems from their childhoods and having one person calling them monsters were enough to make them wary of strangers. Their stories should be fun as each is going to need very different women. Great start to a new series and should be interesting to see where it goes from here. Light, shifter fun read to chill out with on a lazy afternoon.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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