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Book Review: Disorderly Lady by Claudy Conn

Disorderly Lady cover


Title: Disorderly Lady

Published: 18th September 2014

Author: Claudy Conn

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She tried to best him at his own game!

Arabella Cullingham’s latest flirtation leaves her blue-deviled when the handsome colonel leaves without saying good-bye.

Her brother determines that a London Season is what his pretty sister needs to mend her broken heart.

Enter the dashing Earl of Magdalen, a confirmed bachelor whose female acquaintances run to women of dubious reputation.

They meet quite by accident and circumstances allow him to deduce she is a light-skirt!

Bella, for her own reasons, decides to play along, never thinking that the game might cost her the man she truly loves!



Kindle free read of the day with this saucy regency romance.

Arabella Cullingham and the Earl of Magdalen (Shaun) meet quite by chance, in a most amusing way. Arabella rushes out from some trees right into the path of Shaun’s rushing horses and carriage. The manner in which Arabella has presented herself – and the fact that she is alone – gives Shaun the notion that she is some country lass and a bit of a lightskirt who would be up for a bit of fun. So after making sure she is ok he immediately kisses her senseless. Arabella is in a bit of shock at his behaviour but can’t seem to push him away – she only wants to pull him closer. Only after taking her back to the cottage she is staying at does she understand what he thinks she is. Feeling a little adventurous and naughty she decides to play along. Its not like she thinks she will ever see him again.

Fate and luck have other plans in mind as it keeps putting them in each other’s paths again and again. As more time passes, and the more they get to know each other, it gets harder for Arabella to tell the truth. She knows she must but fears in doing so she will lose the man she is slowly falling in love with.

This is a comical, saucy regency romance journey where you as a reader are just along for the ride. And what a fun ride it will be, enjoy!


4 out of 5 stars


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