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Release Blitz: ‘Hold on Tight’ by Anjelica Grace

Title: Hold on Tight
Series: Cowboys & Angels #1
Author: Anjelica Grace

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 31, 2019



Two and a half years ago, we made a plan—had our life all mapped out—knew where we were going and how we were getting there.

It was the four of us against the world and we were so close to having everything we wanted.

But life had other plans for us.

Now, rodeo has become Chase’s primary focus, and he leaves our girls and me home while he follows his dreams week in, and week out.

We’ve lost so much already. I’m afraid if he doesn’t come back to us soon, resentment will set in and our marriage will fail.

Do we have what it takes to make it through one more season? Or will this be the end of our dreams? And our marriage?

Eight seconds…

That’s all it takes to change our lives forever.


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“I won, you realize that, right?”

“Yes, cocky one, I do. What’s your point?” she retorts, clearly not realizing where I’m going with this.

“I won, therefore you arrived last…”

Realization flashes across her features and she looks up at me, where I’m still perched atop Thor, with her hand providing shade over her eyes and her lips slightly parted. “You can’t be serious. Right now?”

“Mhmm, right now.” I nod my head and fold my hands over the horn of Thor’s saddle. “I need to see you gloriously naked and getting into the water.”

“You really are serious.” She shakes her head and starts to pull her hair back. “You can tell me you’re joking anytime.”

“Allie, I’m serious as a heart attack. You agreed, last one here is the first to skinny-dip. And I want to watch every second of you doing exactly that.”

“My God, you are so full of yourself. I suppose you’re going to stay there on top of Thor, like you’re the ruler of the lands?”

My only answer is to smile at her.

“Impossible. You’re impossible.” She pulls the band off her wrist and secures her hair into a messy pile above her head then she works her boots off with a huff. “How am I supposed to dry off?”

“I brought two blankets, we can share one so you can use the other to dry yourself.”

“And what are you going to—you know what—never mind.” She steps up in front of Thor and slides her hand over his face. “You’re a traitor, Thor. You should’ve lost for me.”

She makes me laugh loudly. “He knows whose horse he is. Now, quit stalling”

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Author Bio

I was born and raised about twenty minutes north of Denver, Colorado where school and soccer were always my primary focus growing up. Though, I read and wrote as often as humanly possible, too. I’ve always loved doing both, and my love for words has only grown since my childhood.

I stayed local for college and majored in Biology, with every intention of going to medical school. That never panned out. I realized right before I took the MCAT that what I wanted most out of life was to have a family of my own one day, and to be able to write a book. It was then that I decided that being a doctor wouldn’t have left much time to accomplish either of those things.

Since then, I’ve done child care, and tried to figure out where to go next, while also finally working on my own stories that I can share with the world.

And I hope that the amazing people that give me a chance fall as in love with my characters as I have.


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Release Blitz: ‘Beyond Her Desire’ by Nicky F. Grant

Title: Beyond Her Desire
Series: Beyond Surrender #3
Author: Nicky F. Grant
Genre: Contemporary Romance/BDSM
 Release Date: May 30, 2019


With his ring, I wed.

With his collar, I obey.

By my own free will, I surrendered my life to my Master. I vowed to honor him through my thoughts, words, and actions. We were linked by love and trust. He would never forsake me.

He owned me.


When tragedy came, his control carried us through. But cracks showed in my surrender, and as we were one, the cracks slowly broke him. Our promises bound us, but not even my Master’s power could keep us tied together.


Sharing is a dangerous game and we may not survive.


AMAZON US / UK / CA / AUFree in Kindle Unlimited


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Author Bio

Nicky F. Grant pens erotic and contemporary romances where her characters are pushed to the limit. Each hero and heroine explore their own unspoken desires – be it in the boardroom, the bedroom, or anywhere in between. She believes that no two (or more) souls are “meant to be” without baring their own.

Nicky makes her home in Pittsburgh, with her loving husband, a cuddly dog named Griswald and an ever-growing collection of music and books.

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Book Review: ‘Playing to Win’ by Ashlie Knapp

Title: Playing to Win

Published: 12th June 2016

Author: Ashlie Knapp

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorashlieknapp

Twitter: @authorashliek

Instagram: www.instagram.com/authorashlieknapp



Spunky, quick-witted twenty-one year old Callie Thompson is a University of Oklahoma journalism student by day and Oklahoma City Thunder dancer by night. Callie hopes her connections with the franchise might get her foot in the door for a sports broadcasting job when she graduates. She just has one rule: never date the players.

Kyle Kelly is the deadly handsome and charmingly Southern Thunder man of the hour. All the twenty-six year old is looking for is an NBA championship to call his own. An unexpected meeting with an opinionated, feisty Callie, however, who is very unimpressed with his celebrity status, sets his sights toward winning two things: her heart AND the championship.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A contemporary romance.

Callie is a broadcasting major at college and a professional NBA basketball cheerleader for Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team. For a girl who loves sports a great perk is being courtside for all the games, dream come true for a daughter of a career basketball coach. Her mother died when she was three so it was just them and with him being into sports it was only natural that the love of it got passed down to her. Her dream career might be to become a sports broadcaster but she has every intention of staying away from any players, in every sense of the word, due to a bag experience with an ex. She’s just not ready for a guy to want to try his luck with getting her attention.

Kyle might be the star basketball player for Oklahoma City Thunder but his final goal to tick off bucket list is to win the NBA championships. With being the star player he has to do lots of press after games. It’s after one of these that he literally bumps into Callie and finds a simple game of horse can change everything. If he wins she has to go on 5 dates with him – well they call them ‘hang outs’ as ‘dates’ scares her a little. He might think it’s an easy win being a star basketball player an all but is soon put in his place when she brings some skills to the court. As the daughter of a basketball coach she wasn’t going to make it easy.

She might want to not like him because of who he is but the longer they play the more she’s not sure if she wants to win or not. Even after he gives her the nickname Curly, she might hate it at first but I’m sure it will grow on her. ‘He was the veritable Goldilocks bowl of muscle – not too big, not too small. Just right.’ Very tempting in a lot of ways, which is why she wants to steer clear. Her way of getting out of any ‘hang outs’ is just to babble away that she doesn’t have any free time but in doing so ends up giving him some options. Hang out one to help her study for a test that night and two to go with her that weekend to have dinner with her father. She might have judged him as a dumb jock but he’s about to show her the error of her wayward thoughts. She’s caught his attention and I don’t think he’s one to let go that easily.

Loved Callie’s best friends Aria and Cassie. They both sound like a right laugh and after meeting Kyle are all for pushing Callie right into his arms. They can tell that she likes him no matter how hard she tries to deny it, from herself as much as anything. They just have a bit of a challenge in getting her to see that just because he’s an athlete it doesn’t mean he’s a player. Thought it was a bit funny that it’s not just her best friends that are trying to get her to go for it, her mind is very on board too if its heated imagination is anything to go by. More amusing when she tells it to shut up after it suggests things she doesn’t want to admit. Say for example kind of liking a certain hot basketball player. Minds on board, lets see about the rest of her.

Kyle is kind, honest, funny and really starting to get under her skin so she needs to stop judging him on her own assumptions of athletes. He might be planning on his next big win for basketball but I think getting her to date him for real and admit she really likes him is going to take priority soon. What his teammates will think of that is something else entirely. A romantic trip up to some waterfalls anyone? With sun halos, waterfalls and burning chemistry you know it won’t be long before that first heated kiss takes place. First of many if they play their cards right!

Kyle seems to be all in with making a go of a relationship with Callie. Love coming right and centre of his mind. He just needs to be wary of how fast he says things because too much too soon might make her run. With the NBA championships on the horizon he needs his head in the game. Shame Callie found a way to make it spin. Can she fix it so they both get what they really want before its too late? A little room switch might cause a lot of trouble. Let’s see if they can get back to where they were and play for keeps with what, or rather whom, they really want.

Fun read right from the start with the back and forth between Callie and Kyle. From romantic trips to waterfalls to birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese they were always going to have an interesting time together. Chemistry was always brewing under the surface but play fighting along the way made it fun. Good job Kyle saw what a good match they made and had no intention on giving up without a fight. Loved each of their best friends as well and can’t wait to check out their stories next.

5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Playing Deep’ by Amanda Love

Title: Playing Deep (Play Series Book 1)

Published: 26th October 2017

Author: Amanda Love

Facebook: www.facebook.com/a.love124

Amazon Page: www.amazon.co.uk/l/B071NCSXV8



After five years, Tyler has returned to his hometown – and to Jenna, the woman he left behind. He’s pretty sure she still hates him for the way he left – no note, no goodbye – just there one day and gone the next. But there are reasons he had to leave, why he had no choice but to let her go. The scars of his past run deep, and he knows that a man like him can never truly be worthy of the love of a woman as sweet and pure as Jenna.

When Tyler left, Jenna was devastated, and for five years she’s tried to forget him, to move on with her life and forget the feel of his mouth on hers, his hands on her body. But now he’s been pulled back to his hometown by tragic circumstances, bringing with him all the feelings she’s tried so hard to bury.

Will the past continue to keep them apart, or can they both find the courage to move on with their lives? Together.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book under 200 pages. Great start to a new series that I’m looking forward to devouring.

Tyler left five years ago but he’s back to claim what’s his – Jenna. He came back for her mother’s funeral because he knew she would need him. Her father however is none too pleased with his return. He might have been a reason – or a push in a certain direction – as to why Tyler left at 19 in the first place. Being a football scout you can see what way he might have been able to get him to leave. Tyler thought he couldn’t give Jenna anything at the time, even though all she wanted was him, that’s changed now.

I liked that the story kept going back to the beginning with flashbacks showing how their friendship started, what their childhoods where really like, how he got stronger to fight back when fists went flying and how their feelings grew into something more. They are all intercut within present day, almost like reliving a memory now the person from it is back in your life. Some painful, some not, all in a way to get back to each other. But could a secret she holds cause them to pull apart?

With the flashbacks you find out that Tyler’s mum left when he was five but he never knew why. There is a story in there hidden from him that he longs to find answers to, even if he won’t admit it. These also show what an abusive dick Tyler’s father was with beatings he would get, among other things. The marks would usually be hidden but sometimes he would get clumsy and hit his face. Meaning Tyler had to be creative about how “accident-prone” he was when going to a new school. When he died four years ago all Tyler could think was good riddance. Wouldn’t come back for that man. Only for his girl, though he wishes he had done it sooner. He knows he might not have a chance with Jenna, that she might still hate him for leaving, but he’s willing to do anything to try and get her back. Not just for now but for good.

Jenna’s father thought he was being so observant all those years ago. Trusting Tyler’s father and a few small glimpses when he was home. Labeled him trouble without really getting to know him. Good job her mother saw things differently and encouraged the friendship and taking Tyler under her wing.

Present day fireworks whenever they are close. It’s like all the built up energy from the past is rushing to the surface just waiting for that spark to push them over the edge. My guess when it does its going to be hot. Getting frisky in a lift always raises the temperature. They are sure about to make up for lost time. Burning hotter the longer they are together. Physical connection is one thing but emotions are running high with ‘I love you’ on the tip of tongues just waiting to be said. Could saying it help or make them run scared? Misunderstandings are rife with these two though. Needing to let the other tell them something before jumping to conclusions would be a start. Where do they go from here if their lives are pulling them in different directions?

This is a well-written fun story with passionate characters that were meant for each other. You can see the troubled past still has a hold on Tyler but with Jenna by his side she can pull him away from nightmares into the light. She was his from the moment they met, even after he acted like an idiot at first. A kiss by the lake held strong memories for five years. He was always coming back for her, the other part of his heart. Hopefully he’s not too late to claim it. Fun introduction to side characters Jake and Prue too, can’t wait to check out their book next. Interesting mix that I’m sure will find a way to push each other’s buttons.

5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Best Man’ by Lila Monroe

Title: Best Man (Billionaire Bachelors Book 6)

Published: 11th March 2019

Publisher: Lila Monroe Books

Author: Lila Monroe

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lilamonroebooks

Twitter: @lilawrites

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/7109533.Lila_Monroe

Amazon page: www.amazon.com/Lila-Monroe/e/B00SRZKWN0



Arthur ‘Fitz’ Fitzwilliam is the hottest, most reckless playboy in town… and my new husband?!

Believe me, I never dreamed that I’d be walking down the aisle to a quickie marriage with a total stranger, but thanks to my eccentric god-mother, an iron-clad will, and a blind, three-legged cat called Alfred (don’t ask), I need to get hitched ASAP. And when the perfect candidate leaves me at the alter, there’s only one person crazy – and drunk – enough to step up at the last minute.

The best man.

Also known as the man most likely to get caught romping with three Rockettes in the back of a Sex and the City tourbus. The man who could melt my panties at twenty paces – and make me want to pour a bucket of ice-water over his head. The man I just pledged to love and honor and… oh god, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

Our arrangement was clear: keep up the charade long enough for me to claim my inheritance and send my slime-ball cousins packing. Our plan is working perfectly.

Then Fitz decides to change the rules….

Can this fake marriage turn into something real? Find out in the latest hot and hilarious romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe



1 Very Irresistible Playboy

2 Hot Daddy

3 Wild Card

4 Man Candy

5 Mr. Casanova

6 Best Man



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – The last book in a series. That one being the fabulous Billionaire Bachelors one, I may have to do a re-read soon.

Becca needs a husband ASAP – as in that day – to be able to claim an inheritance in the form of the building her and her artistic friends live. The terms were that the building would be left to her and her “husband”, well she was engaged before but sounds like that went tits up so she’s in a bit of a bind. Marigold, the eccentric lady who owned the building, thought she was doing something nice by leaving it to Becca so that everyone would be ok but it seems to have put her in a tailspin. If she can’t get married the house will pass to Marigold’s nephew Brett, who she can see making everyone leave so the building can get turned into condos for millionaires, well that’s her guess anyway. She knows he is willing to play dirty so she needs to think big to get what she needs for everyone.

So she hires Olivia to find her a husband for a month, after that’s all squared away and the building is hers they can divorce. Thing is because its a rush job Scott isn’t really up to the challenge, so lets see if the best man can step in. Hello Fitz, seems Olivia is getting you on her books afterall. Is the bachelor playboy about to go off the market? Her 106page contract from Olivia is about to get signed, “Do you have a pen?” After hearing her story when he sees her after the failed wedding in a bar it seems he wants to help out. What’s the worst that could happen?

“That’s it?” I blink. “You’re willing to marry a total stranger because, what, you’re bored?”
“Seems a good enough reason to me.” Fitz offers me his hand. “Clock’s ticking, princess. What’ll it be?” Well the British accent usually turns heads and the fact he’s hot doesn’t hurt either.

When Olivia finds out that Fitz has taken on the role of fake hubby she is a little concerned. She knows what is riding on Becca getting the building to keep everyone at home. She doesn’t need to be messed about or it made into a joke – something Fitz likes doing, jokes and having fun. She also wants him to be clear in the whole fakeness of his marriage. Don’t blur the lines between fake and real. But who will start to feel more emotions first? Chemistry rising is sure to happen but at what speed?

Strangers connecting quickly, which is good, as they need to appear as the perfect head over heels whirlwind romance couple as possible. One connection being that they both seem to really like Alex Chase books. Umm… I wonder who writes them? Connecting aside they need to really convince Brett their for real or it’s game over. After dropping the bombshell on him that she’s hitched so can inherit he insists on meeting the new husband. Dinner date from hell commencing in five, four, three, well you get the gist. Stories evolving from each of them to make the others head boil but in a very funny way. All leading to the first ‘fake’ kiss but as these stories go that first one is always the key because the whole ‘fake’ part goes right out the window the moment their lips meet. Hello hotness how far are you going? Her contract says no touching but creative talking on a phone doesn’t count, right? Interesting start with how quick off the mark they both were with creative words.

Fitz needs to help sell the happy marriage and what better way than moving in. Close spaces plus sexual tension rising equals a lot of fun in the making. Her friends are all for her jumping her husband, is she going to do it? From the tension building you know it won’t be long. All that aside can we just note how romantic he can be – from bowling to a night helicopter flight over the city – well and silly too in the best way. You can see how their lust is sure to keep building. Is it going to be the start of something or a complication to deal with later? A little trip to England gets them closer still. Starts as a means to meet his parents now the cats out the bag with the whole marriage – man are they hard to please. Good job they have ways to distract each other when tensions start to rise. Holy hell they hot together. Shame Brett finds a way to freeze them over.

Feelings growing stronger with each moment together so it just hurts so much more when things fall apart. Can Fitz fix the mess they’re in? ‘Fake’ turn real, what can you trust and where do you want to go from here? These are the questions running through both their heads. Lets see if they come up with the same answers.

Side note: I just loved all the artistic people from her building, all a bit eccentric characters themselves too. A home for all that turned into somewhat of a family. Can she save their home?

Another fun filled sexy read with loads of heated passion and amusement. End to a series but start of another with spin off for Becca’s friend Poppy. Can’t wait to check out her story next.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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