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Cover Reveal: ‘Legacy’ by Laura Pavlov

Title: Legacy
Series: Montgomery Brothers #1
Author: Laura Pavlov

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations

Release Date: July 21, 2020





I don’t have time for distractions.

I have a billion-dollar company to run. A father to grieve.

A legacy to fulfill.

Harley DeLuca is not my type.

She’s snarky.

She’s stubborn.

And she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen—even in her ridiculous grungy tennis shoes.

I can’t get enough of her.





I was a mistake from the moment of conception.

The sins of my mother have followed me like a nightmare in a horror flick.

I’m determined to make a life for myself, free of my past.

I have three goals.

Open a bakery.

Keep Gramps safe.

And forget that I’m Valentina DeLuca’s daughter.

There’s no room in my life for a man.

Especially an arrogant, condescending jerk like Ford Montgomery.

But now he’s my business partner.

My friend.

And if I’m not careful, he just might be—everything.


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$2.99 for pre-order only!
Author Bio

Laura Pavlov writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, mom to two awesome almost-grown kids, and dog-whisperer to a couple crazy yorkies. Laura resides in Las Vegas where she is living her own happily ever after.

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Cover Reveal: ‘Whisky Moments’ by Emily Bowie

Title: Whisky Moments
Series: Steele Family #4
Author: Emily Bowie
Genre: New Adult Romance
Cover Design: Jersey Girl Design
Release Date: January 22, 2020

What happens when the legend you love, becomes the man you hate?



Do I love Rhett Steele? Absolutely not.
Do I like Rhett Steele? Not even close.
Do I hate Rhett Steele? Yes.
This is the man who destroyed my world, shattering my dreams the very first time I met him. It’s like he purposely pushes buttons I don’t even realize exist. I wouldn’t live with him if he were the last man on earth. Then how did he end up being my newest most hated roommate?



My singing career is tanking, my fans are turning against me, and I’m told I need to clean up my image. I should have done it with America’s sweetheart on my arm. But what’s the fun in that? Instead, I turn to the woman who hates me more than anyone. I’ve already hit rock bottom, I can only go up from here, or so I thought.


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Author Bio

Emily Bowie is from a small town in Western Canada. She has been making characters come to life through her writing since she was old enough to put her thoughts on paper.  She loves her white wine cold, her heels red, and her books spicy.

She married her high school sweetheart and they have two amazing children.

She is the author to the Bennett Brothers Series.

Recklessly Mine, Recklessly Forbidden, & Recklessly Devoted.

When she is not writing she can be found reading a good book, making digital scrapbooks and being physically active—whether it is at the gym, going for a walk, or playing /keep up with her children.

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Cover Reveal: ‘Breathless’ by Lex Martin

Title: Breathless
A Texas Nights Series Standalone
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Najla Qamber
Photographer: Lauren Perry
 Release Date: February 18, 2020





I wouldn’t say I ran away exactly—twenty-two is too old for that.

I’d call it self-preservation.

I have one objective: protect my heart from the boy next door who has no clue I’ve loved him my whole life, even with a front row seat to his revolving bedroom door.

My escape plan almost worked.

Except I left one thing behind.

Logan Carter hijacked my heart, and now it’s time to get it back. This time for good.




I wouldn’t say I’ve been lying this whole time—not about everything.

Not about how much I miss my best friend, and definitely not about how pissed I am that she left with hardly a goodbye.

She’s the last person I ever expected to ghost me, and her absence left a gaping hole in my chest.

When Joey Grayson steps off that bus, I know I’ll do anything to keep her home, and that means finding out the truth.

But I’m not sure how to tell her my truths when I’m living so many lies.


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$2.99 for a limited time!


Author Bio

Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author of the Texas Nights series (Reckless/Shameless) and the Dearest series. She writes contemporary romances, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. A former high school English teacher and freelance journalist, she’s lived all over the country but currently resides in her hometown of San Antonio with her husband and twin daughters.

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Cover Reveal: ‘Broken Promises’ by Aimee Noalane

Title: Broken Promises
Series: Burning Mistakes #1
Author: Aimee Noalane
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: September 27, 2019



A split-second decision. A costly mistake.

My skin has been marred, slashed, burned and bruised.

My bones have been severed and broken more times than I can count.

I’ve been told I was unworthy. Fought through life seeing nothing but black.

But it’s a pain I welcome.

An ache I deserve.



She is my redemption.

The flicker of fire that dances in my darkness.

Our love is effortless.

Our love is a lie.

A desire

A delusion.



She should have known better than to entrust me with her heart.

I should have known destiny wouldn’t give me a second chance…at least not one I could keep forever.

The black cloud is back.

And revenge is the only thing it has on its mind.



Pre-order Links
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for a limited time onlyB&N / KOBO / APPLE BOOKS



“How the hell should I know why she hasn’t stopped by this week?” I defend. “She’s probably just busy preparing for her mid-terms or some shit.”

“Try again, dickhead.”

“What do you want me to say, Vince?” I hate how guilty my voice is right now.

“How about the truth? Or if that’s too hard for you, then maybe explain why you’ve been staring at her like she’s about to disappear.”

“Are you telling me that I can’t look at her either now? I’m just keeping an eye on her… or do you have issues with that too?”

“She doesn’t need you looking out for her,” he bites back. “That’s what she has me for.”

“Whatever.” I’ve had enough. Enough of him, enough of her, and enough of our pointless frustrating conversation. I stand up from my chair and march out the front door.

“For fuck’s sakes, Lambert,” Vince snaps, following me out. “Is walking away from this really how you want to finish our discussion?”

I pull off my ball cap and run a hand through my hair.

I don’t know.

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do…

I don’t fucking know.

Vince is my best friend. I broke his trust by falling for his sister, and I’ve been lying to him about it because pretending that my feelings aren’t real is better than the outcome of telling him I broke my promise. And the worse part of it all: he has every right not to trust me. I could never be the man Aubrey deserves. From the day I was born, destiny has made sure I would be spending my entire life being deprived of that luxury.

Everything I touch, everything I love turns to ash.

I raise my shoulders before walking away. “I guess it is.”

“Who the hell would have guessed that my best friend was a fucking pussy,” he jeers when my back is turned.

“Excuse me?”

A shadow of a smirk crosses his face. Had I not spun on my heels when I did, I would have missed it.

“What kind of man are you if you can’t even step up to your own feelings?”

“A loyal one,” I argue. “One who decided to respect his best friend’s wishes when he said his sister was off limits.”



Author Bio

Aimee Noalane is a Canadian author and proud mother of three beautiful children. Having a military father allowed her to travel the world, but she is now living in a small town in Quebec, Canada.

After studying marketing in college, she became a customer service coach and instructor. A few years into her career, she decided to leave her teaching job and chose to devote her time to children in need, becoming a full-time foster parent.

In 2015 she woke up with a vivid image of Abbygail and Oliver. For a few days, their story would play out in her head and being unable to concentrate on anything else, she decided to sit down and write down their constant bickering. Little by little, her words turned into the chapters of her first series No Regrets, which was published in 2016.

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Cover Reveal: ‘Sweet Agony’ by Christy Pastore

Sweet Agony by Christy Pastore

Cover Reveal – Designed by RBA Designs




He’s the kind of guy that keeps me up all night, but only in my dreams.

And it’s agony, sweet agony.

From the moment I laid eyes on Brantley Cardwell, I knew he was too good to be true—sexy, southern and charming.

There are some guys that are just too everything for their own good.

I should’ve kept my distance that summer, but I didn’t.

I should’ve known better than to fall for someone like him. But at seventeen, taking control of my heart wasn’t so easy.

I thought he’d be my first kiss. I thought he’d be my first everything.

He became my first crush. And then he crushed me.

Twelve years later he’s back in town and there’s no way I’ll fall for that sexy southern drawl, irresistible smile and all that charm.

No matter how well he fills out a pair of old faded Levi’s.

Maybe it’s the taste of bourbon on his lips that burns so good. But the bourbon holds a secret igniting a firestorm neither one of us can stop.

Now Brant is risking his legacy, his family, his heart—all for me.


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