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Book Blitz: ‘Just A Little Bit’ by D.S. Pais


Title: Just a Little Bit

A Twist in a Taste of Destiny

Author: D.S. Pais

Genre: Short Stories / Fiction


About the Book:

Just a little bit is a collection of short stories illustrating the contribution of destiny towards life under unfavourable conditions. It speaks volumes about keeping up the hope under adverse situations, falling in love, facing tricky circumstances and  yet winning, expecting the unexpected, not having hopes and getting rewarded, losing it all and gaining back, unusual relationships and friendships that defy time, feelings unexpressed, braving it all and finding happiness, pain and forgiveness and unexpressed love and so much more. Even in adverse conditions where there isn’t any hope left, you can change destiny by simply trusting and directing your emotions towards what you firmly believe in. It also gives you an answer towards emotional attachment to a person and if we lose them, are there any possibilities of spending time with them after life. It deals with daily normal situations in life that destiny chooses to give a twist.


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About the Author:

After completing her Masters in Engineering, D.S. Pais has been working in the IT industry. She is a born-dreamer, imagines a lot. She has been writing since young. D.S. Pais is a creative person who once worked as an actress in student films and TV series for a brief period, until she discovered that her passion was in writing.

She writes short stories, novellas, novels, poetry and self-help books, as she cannot put her thoughts anywhere else. When she is not working on a book, she too enjoys reading books from different authors, watches movies in her free time, loves travelling and routinely works out (Pilates). Many of her titles have appeared among the top 100 Amazon Best Sellers in their own section. Born and brought up in India, D.S. Pais has taken Singaporean Citizenship and currently resides in Singapore with her husband and two children.


Social Media Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DSPais

Amazon: www.amazon.com/D.S.-Pais/e/B078GFBFCC

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Author Interview: ‘Matters of the Heart’ by D.S. Pais

About the Book:

Kate had a boyfriend for two long years and the relationship was growing steadily, but to nowhere. A chance job interview lands Kate to the workplace where she meets a Casanova who leads a double life. But fate draws them together in a sort of karmic connection and their lives get intertwined.

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Author Interview:

1. Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I had to travel a distance to get to work daily and that’s when I thought I could utilize my travel time for enhancing my creativity. However, I have honed the passion for writing since childhood when I used to keep writing short poems. If it hadn’t been for the distance to work I wouldn’t have really gotten a chance to explore writing!

2. Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

Nowadays, I usually write when I get some time after work in the evenings. I sit at my desktop and write. My writing time gets divided when I am at home between my dedication towards my family and Pilates exercises. But I do get enough time over the weekends to dedicate towards my passion for writing.

3. Where do your ideas come from?

I get into the character’s shoes, be it virtual or an actual person that existed. I feel the person and the circumstances around him/her and by the end of the book I would have known more about the person. Exploring a character gives me the ideas and I enjoy the creation process.

4. Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

This depends on how my writing has evolved over a span of time. For the earlier books that I wrote in 2017 and 2018, until “Matters of the Heart” and “An Unlikely Christmas”, the story came out in its own spontaneity. However, when I wrote “The METHOD”, I drafted out an outline and then filled up the gaps in between with my very own experiences and also from the point of view of a few mentors. For my next book on a warrior princess, I have done my part of research and come out with a story line which is pounding my head. Many times I create a character from scratch and I like to explore the unknown.

5. What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

I would like to categorize my books into Fiction, Self-Help and Poetry. I am drawn towards strong characters and those that exhibit intelligence, humility and honour.

6. What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

For my latest book which will be released is about a warrior princess, the actress that I have in mind to enact the scenes is Deepika Padukone and the male protagonist would be Brad Pitt. For Matters Of The Heart, it will be Alia Bhatt and Hrithik Roshan. For An Unlikely Christmas, it will be Asin and Tiger Shroff.

7. Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

Yes, I read a lot, at least one to two novels a month. There is so much creativity that each author brings to life that I can’t say who is my favourite though. My favourite authors have been Stephen King, Ayn Rand, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Coelho, Jane Austen and Agatha Christie, not necessarily in this order.

8. What book/s are you reading at present?

I am currently reading “The Rent Collector” by Camron Wright.

9. What is your favourite book and why?

I have read most or all of the books of Ayn Rand, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Coelho and Agatha Christie. They bring out the best of characters and are genuine page turners. When I read their books, I feel like finishing the book and then carry out other important tasks! Earlier, I used to go for what an author brings to the table and thus read all books of the same author. Nowadays, I see if the story given in the back cover fascinates me and if it does, I pick up and read, no matter who the author is!

10. What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Write from the heart. If your heart is in what you write, the words will pave way naturally; then, it just won’t require additional effort.

11. What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?

I am media shy. So not very open to Social Media Sites.

But you could take a dig on me at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DSPais

Amazon: www.amazon.com/D.S.-Pais/e/B078GFBFCC


About the Author:


D.S.Pais is a Best-Selling Author in Amazon Australia and United States for fiction books, self-help books and poems. She has 12 books to her credit.

Her works are:

Fiction: Rescue, Diane, Tiene , Rescue Book 2: Giselle, Matters of the Heart and An Unlikely Christmas

Self – Help: You Can Lose Weight Just Like Me- from 85kg to 68 kg- A Real Life Story, How to Identify My Greatest Passion in Life, A PRAGMATIC Method to face repeated failures and The Method

Poetry: Poems Book 1, Poems Book 2

Upcoming Book: A Fiction book scheduled for release in February, 2019. However, it will be published on Amazon at a later date.


Selection of other titles by D.S. Pais:

I wasn’t like this before. I was way too different. But gradually I learnt The METHOD and applied it to my life and reaped the benefits and will continuously keep getting the benefits. It has now become a part of me. Actually wasn’t aware that I was following The METHOD. But now I am aware since I have been practicing for at least five years and so thought of writing it down.
My mind opened to opportunities, which earlier I was afraid to give even a second thought and this brought changes in my career, which I will detail it in the book.

I wanted to lose weight and I lost seventeen kilograms of weight about five years ago and I attribute this to The METHOD.
When I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be, I was too pessimistic, but now I know that I will reach there as I have learnt so much using The METHOD.

The mind gets clear and the bumps in the thought process get smoothened.

I wasn’t in the habit of exercising; now exercising every day has become habitual.

I was giving up easily, but now I have learnt the art of perseverance and practicing The METHOD allows me to take failures in good spirits.

I have only presented a handful of benefits. There are many more to come in future.
It’s often said that if you have something that you cherish, it will grow in abundance only if it is being shared and that’s the reason I am sharing how I use The METHOD.

Its mind blowing and the transformation takes place like a journey within your mind and you feel a complete dimensional shift towards one dream that will become yours. The METHOD.

This is a Self Help Book which contains the 12 rules of life and influences success habits; time management and goal setting skills which you may already be using and The METHOD helps materialize your New Year Resolutions. Hope this is useful to you!

A shy dancer steals her heart, but she remains in oblivion. Her actions show that she cares for him, but her mind is not willing to accept. She has changed his personality since the time they have met. The story unfolds with the two of them being at the same place, she not believing in love and he falling apart from her due to her own indifference. What happens next?

Peace prevailed despite on-going wars only in this remote city. Will serenity be restored in the chapel that has been flourishing peacefully perpetually. Will Zulu destroy the city or are there patrons in the city who can fight him back. Read on.

This book has 9 poems to ponder. It is mostly about love, life and our imaginations and takes us away from reality. The work is abstract and is free for multi-interpretations.

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