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Book Review: ‘King, King, Goose?’ By Mandy M. Roth

Title: King, King, Goose? A Realm of the Dragon Shifters Short Story

Published: 30th May 2012

Publisher: The Raven Books

Author: Mandy M. Roth

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorMandyRoth

Twitter: @mandymroth

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mandymroth



King, King, Goose?

A Realm of the Dragon Shifters Short Story

As a dragon shifter and king of his people, King Najarni wants to make his lovely wife happy. Her human ways are a mystery to him. Her Earthly customs and holidays are something he knows little about. When his trusted guards return from the human realm, having mastered the art of Christmas, he knows his queen will be overjoyed.
At least, that was the plan.



Review up late but goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book set at Christmas time.

Talk about a Christmas to remember! Najarni, the dragon shifter King, wishes to make his human wife, Tara, happy and will do anything to make it so. He knows how hard it was to give up her world and customs with coming to the dragon shifter realm. One she never knew even existed. Seems Tara got a shock when Najarni spotted her and knew she was to be his. Sweeping her off her feet to claim her quite literally and take her back home with him. Three years on she couldn’t be happier but always gets somber around her Christmas time. So plan of action for Najarni was to send his finest warriors to the human realm to learn all the customs of Christmas to give her the best surprise yet.

Things don’t go quite to plan though. Firstly ‘The Roger’ must not be harmed; this goose isn’t getting cooked. Next we have carols being sung with a difference (an oomph being a key factor in their moves and choice of words) and then you have a gift that really should have been opened in private. These warriors really should have checked where they got their information!

Entertaining all the same as one calamity seems to lead to the next. Think Tara’s sides will be hurting by all the laughing she does – even funnier as they don’t realise what they are doing wrong. Fun interpretations of Christmas classics it seems. It will sure be a crazy Christmas celebration to remember. Let’s see what next year brings.

Free short read that was a nice stopgap between books to give you a bit of a laugh with the capers these dragon shifters can get into. Who would have thought being chased by a goose would cause them to get in a flap. Tara got her Christmas wish and I’m thinking an even better present later that night.

3 out of 5 stars

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Book Review: ‘Deity’s Soulmate’ by Angelina Kerner

Title: Deity’s Soulmate (The Goddess Training Trilogy Book 1)

Published: 3rd April 2017

Author: Angelina Kerner

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AngelinaKernerFiction

Twitter: @kernerangelina

Instagram: www.instagram.com/angelinakerner



From author Angelina Kerner (Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted) comes an all-new fantasy series about Gardenia, a daughter of Athena, and her 100 years of coursework on how to create whole new worlds and subjects of her own.

A sheltered schoolchild in a realm of condescending gods and goddesses, Gardenia goes to Earth on a dare to witness the unsavory side of mankind for herself. Believing she can do better, she undertakes the formation of an entire galaxy, but without permission from Zeus.

Zeus disciplines her by assigning an epic 13-fold creational lesson destined to take her a century to complete. But he is taken aback once more when she makes an odd choice. She vows to fulfill this knowledge quest by tracking down a lost race of dragons, and discovering the secrets they’ve kept since time began.

Searching the universe to meet even one dragon may be a fool’s errand, but that’s the least of her worries. For ancient wartime resentments linger between the nations of dragons and deities, and some dragons would attack Gardenia on sight!

Yet she ventures out undaunted, learning unexpected things about nomadic life, tender love, and mortal peril along the way. The biggest surprise of all, though, goes by the name of Ri. Ri may be the man of her dreams, the voice in her head, the dragon she’s seeking, or all these things and more…

Meanwhile, the Fates brew sordid plans of their own and Hera jealously sets traps and trials for Gardenia at every chance. What’s a young goddess to do? Flight or fight?



Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book that made you laugh out loud. Closer to the end that is when pranks start to play a part in the training. Seems karma has a way of coming back around as Gardenia gets a taste of her own medicine.

Gardenia is the youngest goddess at 18 and is soon to start her training in creating worlds, something her mother is Athena is proud of. She always thought Apollo was her father but due to the Fates being able to see more – and because they like to meddle – she finds out that Zeus is really her father. She is none too happy about that fact; neither is her mother. With her training about to start, and thinking her own family now corrupt, she wants different teachers, dragons to be specific. The dragons came first so she thinks they will give her a better view on creation. She just needs to find some to teach her the 13 days of creation – a different dragon for each day. Finding one is hard enough but 13 might be asking for trouble. Lets see how her plan plays out and 100 years of training begins.

So the task has begun to find a dragon and she has multiple universes to search. She just needs to go to one where people have at least heard of them. Her search isn’t in vain as she comes across a human who knows where a dragon might be hiding on his planet. Villam is an Earth dragon who likes to take things at a relaxed pace. Note to self, a dragon’s nap is a lot longer than you might think, but hey at least you would be rested. Seems when the lessons start for day one she figures out how useful wings could be. Time for some creative magic it seems.

Gardenia has the handy ability to be able to change her appearance no matter the planets race – the better to blend in. After completing day one she sets off for another planet, one her aunt created. It’s just going to take six months to get there so she might as well make some friends and more along the way. But a silver headed man with green eyes keeps popping into her mind and dreams. Someone she is destined to meet perhaps?

New planet and new teacher called Wind. It seems they like getting her to recite the 13 days of creation. Unlike Villiam, Wind just needs to say certain words to create the stages in a mini galaxy display for her. Villiam gave her knowledge but it seems Wind wants her to work things out herself as day two is about creating life. So he’s just going to watch so she doesn’t die – nice cheery teacher then! Learning by sleeping seems like an interesting idea but be weary of what you learn. Her family really doesn’t have her best interests at heart – Hera being top of that list! A lesson learned and as a reward it seems dragon racing is the event of the day. Racing round Saturn’s rings sure sounds like fun.

Years seem to pass by quickly with each days training but with only two down she needs to pick up the pace. Having a set of dragon twins, silver this time, Ri and Ra helping her out for days three and four seems just the ticket. Love the back and forth conversations they have, almost as if Gardenia isn’t there. She might be learning more than just the days with these two, her history and Fates plans coming into play. She also learns something new in that dragons have the ability to shift to human state. Once Ri does she gets the feeling she has met him before. Before the day training begins it seems her physical training needs to improve first – hello bootcamp. It also seems that living with these two while training brings pranks coming in thick and fast, karma is a bitch but amusing to see. Trouble is that the longer she views Ri in his human form the more she forgets what he truly is – a dragon. Does she follow her heart or hide it?

Ra’s training isn’t much of a walk in the park either but that’s going to be the least of Gardenia’s problems when the Fates start sticking their ore in. Them and the Gods don’t mix. They seem to have an end game but are they really a step ahead? Trouble might be brewing with her family but it seems dragons were always meant to be apart of her life. Can they help in the days to come? Could a war be brewing? Will she ever get to finish her training? Those, and many more, questions hopefully will be answered in the books to come. It definitely picked up more when she aged as a character. It was good to see the distinction between naive teenager to a more knowledgeable adult. I like the drawings throughout, gives a little visual idea of what everyone is talking about. Fun fantasy read that keeps you hooked till the end. Will be interesting to see where things go from here on out.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Stormblaze’ by Kate Bonham


Title: Stormblaze (Volume 1)

Published: 24th July 2016

Author: Kate Bonham

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorkate.bonham.7

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/katebonham_author

Twitter: @kbonhamauthor 

Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/katebonham


The year is 2119 and the world is not as it once was. Hadyn’s been lost since before the Change, before all technology was cut off from the world. The Slayers have been after him for decades, one with a special interest in seeing him ripped apart, slowly, painfully. How long can Hadyn stay hidden? When he is being hunted at every turn. Then he met her. Edana didn’t expect her life to get this interesting, nor did she think she’d ever find a dragon. She knew they existed, she’d always felt there was a world that was hidden. A chance meeting with Hadyn has confirmed her beliefs. Are all dragons as devastatingly handsome as Hadyn? Could she be that lucky? When the Slayers find them, she is caught in the middle of a battle between two rivals who have been hunting each other for centuries. Can Hadyn keep her safe from his world? Or will she burn along with them?


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book set in the future. Loved this book from start to finish, so intriguing all the way through. The year is 2119 where all technology has gone due to a virus and the world seems to have gone back to the dark ages. If you are different you have more than just the average person to look for with the Government and Slayers out in force. Especially if you’re born a drakon – drakon not dragon mind you!

Hadyn has been on the run for years from those that would see him dead for what he is – a drakon, one from a very powerful bloodline. His kind has been hunted for generations so he lives a life of solitude to keep others safe. He may want to live alone but when his protective nature starts kicking in things soon change. When he sees two men hassling a woman he wastes no time in helping her out – mainly by frying the men to a crisp. Thinking the woman would have run away now she’s free from harm, and probably scared of him, he’s shocked to find she stayed and seems more intrigued than anything. Seems he’s stuck with her now – as she’s got nowhere else to go – whether he wants her there or not. Her ever many questions get the best of him and she soon wares him down enough to let her return home with him, just for the night mind you. Well that’s what he thinks! He is wary of having her so close as he fears his drakon is getting wilder and starting to lose control with not being able to control his shifts. He shouldn’t worry too much though as even in his drakon form he manages to protect. Case in point when he shifts in his sleep and almost burns the place down. She would have been toast had his drakon not spotted her and crashed out the window to keep her safe. This unplanned shift has caught the attention of the Slayers though who are soon on their way to take him out. When Edana catches up with him she fills in the blanks and pretty much says he’s homeless now too. Knowing there is a chance that the Slayers think she’s with him they need to stay together and find shelter in another state where hopefully they won’t be followed – famous last words! Seems the Slayers are only be a couple steps behind and they’re catching up fast.

Edana has been on her own ever since her mother kicked her out as a teenager. She is beyond fascinated by Hadyn – well when he’s not being a complete rude moron that is! A few days on route to another state and you soon see sparks fly – from annoyance as much as chemistry. He knows it’s not really safe for her to be with him, or by herself, so goes with the lesser evil. He can’t let himself getting too close to her for the last time he took a lover they were killed because of what he is. Easier said than done when skinning dipping in a hot spring. One kiss is all it takes to fuel the fire that’s slowly been building but he still manages to snuff it out. Back at their tent later that night though he throws caution to the wind, as he can’t seem to help himself when she’s close. They needed to stay hidden and quiet to be safe but both seem to disregard this when getting down to it – not that either really cared at the time. Now he feels the need to protect her even more as the following day danger lingers.

Slayers are closing in and it’s not just with them. The leader of the Slayers – Halvar, has taken hostage Hadyn’s old mentor Rowen and Keelia, a young woman carrying a drakon baby (one he might have a use for), hoping to lure him out to rescue them. He has an ulterior motive for everything and being in his presence for a moment you can tell he’s evil. How he treats his four wives is something else entirely. You soon learn that they really shouldn’t get so attached to the “enemy” as their lives depend on it. Karma is a bit of a bitch, but rightly deserved in this case, for him when he realises that you really shouldn’t come between sisters.

That isn’t the only sub-plot of the story as you are soon introduced to a whole clan of drakon’s – the more the merrier I say. Ones who would do whatever it takes to save one of their own kind and those mated with them. Interesting mix and I hope to see some fun stories for them later in the series. When Edana gets taken all seems lost but with help from inside and outside the castle she shouldn’t fear too much. It might help her look deeper within herself to see something starting to wake up. Something powerful enough to make others afraid it seems. A storm is coming along with a battle and only one side can come out on top. With some kick-ass drakon’s though I know whom I’m betting on.

Great book that kept you hooked from the start. Had a little inkling as to how the storyline might go and what might happen to certain characters but that just made it more interesting as you are creating scenarios while reading, all the while wondering if they will come true. Side note loved the blaze scene. A blaze is when a storm hits and due to the bad weather drakon’s can fly high together undetected. Lets just say that when Hadyn goes flying his reaction after is something Edana could get used too.


5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of the book from the author for my honest review.

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Book Review: ‘Wyvern’s Mate’ by Deborah Cooke

Wvern's Mate

Title: Wyvern’s Mate (The Dragons of Incendium Book 1)

Published: 14th June 2016

Author: Deborah Cooke

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorDeborahCookeFanPage

Twitter: @cooke_delacroix


Once, in the Kingdom of Incendium, there were twelve princesses of the realm, each a dragon shifter. Each fiery and passionate. Each possessed of an appetite for pleasure that only her destined mate can satisfy. Twelve men are expected in Incendium, each with special powers of his own, each with the gift to claim one dragon princess’s heart forever.

Troy will do whatever is necessary to earn his freedom from solitary confinement on the penal colony of Xanto, even assassinate a princess of Incendium. Being a Mindbender, he has a serious advantage as a predator and thinks the princess in question doesn’t have a chance. Only one of them can survive and Troy knows who it will be—until he meets Drakina.

Royal dragon shifter Drakina has a quest of her own, to seduce her destined mate and conceive the crown prince of Incendium. Her father will free her from all other responsibilities if she completes this one task. Drakina craves her independence enough to seduce the unattractive Terran who is the Carrier of the Seed. She’s sure it will be a quick seduction—until she meets Troy.

Worlds collide when Troy and Drakina meet, and passion flares. The attraction is so powerful that they both choose to put their goals aside for one night of passion together. When their respective secrets are revealed, will the truth turn one against the other? Or will destiny allow this star-crossed pair to save each other and their unborn son?


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book about Sci-fi. Well this is more sci-fi with a paranormal mix but I’m counting it anyway. Great promise with these bold, sassy, intriguing characters. Good start to the series that looks to be an interesting collection of dragon mate stories. Something to remember is that beauty is only skin deep. It’s a persons’ inner character that makes them appealing.

Drakina’s planet is in trouble; it is being slowly pulled, along with their closet neighbour planet, closer to their sun. She has been told that she must travel to Terra (Earth) in search of the Carrier of the Seed to get pregnant. Somehow her son is meant to be the saviour for them all – though how that is meant to happen she has no idea. To say she is not best pleased with this plan would be an understatement. The last time she followed her fathers plan things didn’t go so well; what with the first born son from the next planet over standing her up at altar. Which wasn’t his smartest move as she then goes and eats him while in a rage which causes a bit of a diplomatic situation. Being a dragon shifter she has always had a hot head but that might have been too far. Her father has a new deal for her though, one that should appeal to her need for independence. If she goes to the carrier and gets pregnant – after her son is born of course – she can then go and do as she pleases. No more responsibilities for being firstborn daughter to the king. This is a deal she can’t back out of so takes the offer. Only to a few moments later wonder whether she can change her mind after she sees a picture of the carrier – Troy. If he’s meant to be named after Helen of Troy the face that launched a thousand ships she can’t see it. It’s not his appearance she needs to focus on though only his seed and she will get it by any means necessary.

Troy was abducted from Earth and sold into trade on the black-market to be an assassin years ago due to his rare gift. He is the best mindbender in the galaxy but having this gift has caused him nothing but trouble lately. After completing a mission he was forced to do he now finds himself on a planet where he will be executed unless he completes one last task. Do this one thing and he can go free – yeah well if you believe that then you will believe anything. All he has to do is kill a dragon shifter princess called Drakina. Just get into her mind and get the job done, simple right? Well it might have been before he saw her walk into the bar. Being sent back down to his home town on Earth, even with looking different due to a curse, was the first thing that almost made him lose focus but seeing her in all her glory and beauty he only knows one thing – he must have her. He just had no idea that that was Drakina’s plan all along too.

The chemistry between them is seen from the start. Drakina might think his appearance is off putting at first but that’s before he is close enough for her to notice his mouth – one that looks very appealing and kissable to her. His confidence is striking and the pull for each other is so strong that it’s not long before they are up in his room. This is where the fun starts, only not how you’re thinking. Troy makes the mistake in thinking Drakina won’t notice if someone is in her head but when he sees her reaction (turning into a dragon, smashing out a window and then flying off with him) he won’t be making that same mistake again. After trying to calm her down he realises how strong the connection is between them. He wants to get to know her and she feels a strong closeness to him also, something stronger than both of them drawing them together. They only have a short window to complete each of their missions and with both having a different agenda you wonder who is going to win this round. That might not their only problem, as there are those that conspire against them that will do everything in their power to pull them apart. Their romance was written in the stars and so is their future. They just have to decide what planet that future is on. Here’s looking for a fun ride in their future with lots of twists and turns – well what else would there be if you have a dragon to ride. All Troy’s boyhood dreams have come true in one fell swoop the moment his eyes fell on Drakina.

Fun, light read with a bit of sci-fi and paranormal romance mixed in. Great start to series and I can’t wait to see what Gemma gets up to. She seems very cunning and can see an end game no one else can just yet.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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