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Book Blitz: ‘Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter’ by Nicole L Rivera

Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter

Title: Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter

To be Published: 10th December 2015

Author: Nicole L Rivera

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FindingUnauthorizedFaith

Twitter: @Mrs_NikkiRivera or @ScribbleInkwell


Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter by Nicole L Rivera, is a Christian devotional especially suited for young adults and all fans of the remarkable series, and for use as in group Bible studies. Nicole reveals the Harry Potter story as a guide to life’s deepest truths, offering inspiration about faith, friendship, courage, loyalty, love, and other wisdom of the Bible. She advises us about how to live like Christ and the Harry Potter heroes.

Review Quotes:

“The author takes us skillfully through Harry’s life, showing his growth as a person, his understanding of his purpose, and his many battles agains evil. [And she] takes it further, leading the reader not just into some new insights about Harry’s life, but showing how the story of Jesus is relevant today, and how fiction can encourage and inspire us in our faith. The writing is excellent, the points well made, and I found ti a thought-provoking book: so much so that I didn’t want to read more than two or three sections at a time. It inspired me not just to think in new ways about my own Christian journey, but to re-read the Harry Potter books.” ~ Sue F, Sue’s Book Reviews

“I love this book. I’m definitely putting it on the best books I’ve read this year… I want to buy more copies and give it to people because that’s how important I think it is. We need a book like this.” ~ Danielle Karthauser, Keep Calm and Read On

Author Bio:

Nicole L Rivera, Creative Team Manager for the Harry Potter fansite, MuggleNet, marries faith with fandom in Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter. A Christ-follower for ten years and Potter-fan for fourteen years, Nicole set out to write a thesis exploring the parallels between the Bible and the Harry Potter series for her Master of Arts in creative writing. She didn’t expect the four-hundred-plus page essay to become a series of ebooks and now a book in a variety of formats.

Nicole has been fascinated with Harry Potter since the summer before her Junior year in High School. By now, she’s re-read the series many times. Once she discovered Christ and began to study the Bible, the parallels between her favorite story and her new favorite story sparked her interest in seeking the Christ-narrative and messages in modern-day tales and using those tales as a way to better understand the Christian faith.

Nicole explains, “I originally entitled this book, The Parable of Harry Potter, because I believe the Harry Potter story is a parable of Christian values and of the Christ-story, whether intended by the author or not. I hope my book will serve as a tool for Harry Potter fans to grow deeper in their faith, or explore faith in Christ for the first time. I consider this book like the great house of Hufflepuff. All are welcome.”

You can find Nicole’s Potter-related articles at www.mugglenet.com/author/nicole, stay up-to-date on her latest projects through her website, www.nicolelrivera.com, and continue finding unauthorized faith in a multitude of todays fandoms via www.findingunauthorizedfaith.com.

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