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Author Interview: ‘Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing’ by Celinka Serre

About the Book:

Prompted by a cryptic message from her deceased master, Niome, a young wizardess, embarks on a journey to discover many truths. Leaving her country, Teloria, behind, and accompanied by her brother, his best friend, her brother’s master and his best friend, she discovers the prophecies that were written in the stars and dictated by the dragons. Being the guardian of the remaining safe magical book of spells, the Compliment Book, Niome and her companions quickly realise that they must go to the dark lands and retrieve the stolen Book of Enchantment from the evil lord who wishes to rule over all the lands. It is there where their Stardust Destinies are revealed.

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Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I was always a fan of fantasy and sci-fi fantasy. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, of the Original Expanded Universe, and I love The Lord of the Rings trilogy and other Tolkien books. From a young age, I enjoyed writing, and I wrote a lot for fun. I enjoyed writing oral presentations and turning them into fun skits. I remember writing, on my written project of an oral presentation: “Binky Inc.” as my company name. Today, I have Binky Ink as my writing company name. I just always enjoyed daydreaming and entering fictional worlds, which is probably why I also love video games so much. There is so much creativity to be found in so many places. I wanted to create my own worlds too. But what really got me to writing more professionally was when I had a dream that turned out to be Chapter Nine of Book 1 of Stardust Destinies I Variate Facing. From there, I wrote the beginning of the book, then the rest of the book, then another book, and another, and I’m still writing the Stardust Destinies series of books today.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

I find most of my inspiration comes at night. I believe it has to do with my name. Celinka means “moon goddess” and I am truly a night owl. I am most efficient at night, and most inspired too, especially at the full moon. I like to sit in the living room to write, with my soft blanket covering my legs, and my diffuser diffusing essential oil. It’s cosy.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

A lot of the inspiration I’ve had for anything I’ve written has come from dreams. Stardust Destinies began as a dream; some other parts of the story have come to me in dreams too. I like to imagine that the realm of Stardust Destinies actually exists, and that I’m the lucky one to be able to look into that realm, see and feel the characters, know their thoughts and aspirations, and I am the instrument that writes their story so that the people of this realm can read about these other people who exist in that other realm.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

Sometimes I will plan a bit ahead, especially when it comes to filling in plot holes. A lot of the time, however, I had only a main idea, or a general idea of where things are going. I do write notes for certain scenes, or have certain scenes in mind, but then I have to get to that point or make it make sense. Usually what happens is I start writing and the story unfolds as I write. I am the instrument and my hand moves, and I discover the story as it unfolds on the paper in front of me. Sometimes I write dozens of pages and haven’t gotten to that point in the story I was thinking about writing yet.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

I mostly write Fantasy, High Fantasy to be precise. Though I do write fan-fiction, but that too is fantasy or sci-fi fantasy. I’ve written comedy and drama screenplays for short films, and I enjoyed exploring writing those other genres. However, fantasy comes most naturally to me. I have always been drawn to that genre. I also enjoy dressing up in medieval clothes, or don elf ears on. I think I existed in those times in a past life. I’m drawn to sword fighting and archery and the ancient Celtic magical beliefs of those times. It could be roots from far and distant ancestors. All I know is I’ve always loved dragons, magic, mysticism, and realms with those elements in them are the ones I feel most comfortable in.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

This is a good one. Because I play video games, there are a number of voice actors who I imagine voicing certain characters, but I don’t know if they have the specific look of the character. I think however I do see Stardust Destinies being adapted more into a video game than into a movie, so then I could include those voice actors, such as Jennifer Hale, Gareth David-Lloyd, Troy Baker, Freddie Prince Jr., Lydia Leonard, Ike Amadi, and so many others.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I have read a number of Tolkien books, including The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Children of Hurin. Tolkien is one of my greatest inspirations. I have also read all of the Star Wars novels from the Original Expanded Universe that take place after the Battle of Endor, and a number of Old Republic books. The Old Republic is after all my favourite era. Other authors I enjoy in those franchises include Timothy Zaan, Drew Karpyshyn, Patrick Weekes, and there are others.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

I recently read Tevinter Nights, from the Dragon Age video game franchise. Tevinter Night is a series of short stories that act as a prelude to what we might expect in the next game of that series. I truly enjoyed it. I am so obsessed with the Dragon Age video game series and the stories in those books have so many well-written and well-developed characters.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

It has to be The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If I have to choose one, eeeh. That’s a tough one. The Fellowship of the Ring has a lot of character development and establishing settings and story concepts. The Two Towers has one of my favourite scenes where Pippin looks into the Palantir. The scene was strategically placed in the movie of The Return of the King. There are parts in the three books where I got teary eyed, so you can imagine, when watching the movies (the Extended Editions) how many times I cry. There are more touching scenes and moments in The Return of the King. I can’t choose just one, I have to include the trilogy as a whole.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Write. And keep writing. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. A bit of backstory: When I was in elementary school, I had ADD and Dyslexia. I had a lot of trouble stringing a sentence along, let alone a paragraph. My stories consisted of spiders that wore sunglasses. I could not write well. In fact, I had so much trouble learning to read and write, I had to learn it at home. And then I had trouble understanding what I would read. Reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy taught me reading comprehension. I used a dictionary a lot and reread many paragraphs the first time I read the books. I used to read very slowly too. I didn’t let that stop me from writing. I practiced with oral presentations, works at school, silly dinky stories filled with clichés and typical high school melodrama. I even took a story and turned it into a play for a school project. That was good practice too. I just wrote, even if what I wrote at 16 wasn’t that good. Writing just for the fun of it pays off. Naturally, what I write today is more developed than what I wrote at 20. Naturally, the first chapter of a book requires more editing than the last chapter of the book, because your writing will always develop and improve, your story will always develop and improve. But when you have motivation and inspiration combined, they can be a deadly duo against any doubt or insecurities. The pen is indeed mightier, and you best believe it.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

I have my website where I post everything that I do, from the fiction and fan-fiction I write to videos I make, and all sorts of other projects I’ve got going on. I’m also pretty active on Twitter, where I like to connect with writers and gamers alike.

Website: www.binkyproductions.com

Twitter: @binkyprod


About the Author:

Celinka Serre is an indie writer and video producer, working in freelance and having fun sharing content on YouTube. She believes in the freedom of creativity and has never let up in pursuing her dreams. Having begun writing Stardust Destinies at age 19, the novel series is but one of her many endeavours , being also a writer of fan-fiction, various indie film screenplays, and a few collaborations as well.

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Blog Tour: ‘The Moonlight Pegasus’ by C.S. Johnson

Welcome to the blog tour for The Moonlight Pegasus, by C.S. Johnson. Perfect for Fantasy lovers!

The Moonlight Pegasus

Publication Date: July 2016

Genre: High Fantasy


Sapphira is a desert world with little plant life, where the people live in the shadows of gray sunlight, sickened by the Dark Plague. To cure the people, the Guardian of Dreams sends the Spirit of Truth to bring the light back into his darkened world. In the form of Pegasus, he enters the world through the pure, innocent dreams of Selene, the reluctant princess and heir-apparent to the throne. Now, with her brother Dorian as king, another rebellion is stirring. All eyes are turning to Selene to bring peace through an arranged marriage. However, Selene only has eyes for her true love—her protector, Etoileon. As the rebellion unleashes its fury upon the kingdom of Sapphira and the supernatural forces collide, Selene is caught in the middle of all conflicts—the battle for her world, the battle for her love, and the battle for her very soul.


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Etoileon smiled as he pulled out his special gift for Selene—having taken Ronal’s earlier advice, he had a tiny bouquet of deep red ekedlets, small minuscule flowers that smelled like sweet fruit. The ekedlets were tied together with a small yellow ribbon. He’d thought that the small gift would be perfect for her. It had taken him a while to get them, too. He was only allowed into the city, along with the other members of the Palace crew, only twice a month. Etoileon was lucky that he’d known the streets well enough to know where to go so he could get back in time to escort Selene down to the ballroom entrance.

The city was crowded for the opening of the reception. Etoileon had run into more than one person trying to reach his destination, Madame Flora’s Shop. Though he had meant to hurry up, Etoileon slowed down to look around, amazed to see just how the streets had changed to him in so short a time.

He’d been raised on the streets, mostly all alone.

It had been a miracle that he had survived there, let alone to manage to get a job in the Diamond City Palace, considering a job at the palace was a highly coveted position in society. Middle class children often took jobs in the palace, using their connections to be introduced into the flashy world of riches and wealth. After a number of years, they were able to use their earned capital to be educated in the way of society. Using the skills they would acquire from training and teaching of their instructors and parents, the now young adults would be able to be placed in a position where it was likely for a marriage to be arranged or sought after.

Etoileon had none of this.

He had no parents, no real family, few allies … there were plenty of untrustworthy people, enemies, and dangers around every corner. All he had were survival skills, and the good fortune to happen to be in the right place at the right time. As Etoileon leaned back on the tower wall, he thought about the night that he’d met Selene. He did not get too lost in his memories. The Palace was beginning to feel more like home to him as time went on, and his memories of the darker times of his life were beginning to fade.

It was a moment later that the door opened and Selene walked into the Tower room as well.

“Etoileon,” she greeted him, her eyes quickly losing their flicker of surprise and replacing it with an expression of warmth. “I did not think you would be up here this early.”

“You are,” he pointed out, a small smile forming on his face.

“Well,” Selene blushed, “There was something I wanted to do before later.”

“You mean before I came?” Etoileon asked. “What was it?”

“Well … ” Her face had turned even redder, and she looked away as she reached behind her and pulled out a small bag. “I wanted to give this to you later, but I have no objections to giving it to you a little early.”

Etoileon looked down at the bag she placed delicately in his hand. It had been carefully prepared for him, he could tell. The bag was all dressed up, tiny curls of ribbons surrounding the drawstrings of the sack, and made from cheerfully colored fabric.

Selene nodded. “Open it, Etoileon. It’s for you.”

Inside the bag, he found a small silver-framed photograph of Selene and him from a few years ago. It was when he had first undergone his training for the Fighter squad. Selene was sitting in front of him in the picture, while he was standing behind her. He could tell that his eyes had been focused on her; Etoileon figured that he must have missed the camera. His eyes examined the picture closely, running over Selene’s face again and again.

“I don’t remember this picture,” he said slowly.

“It’s from the time that you came storming out of the Fighter’s training room, remember? You were not too happy, I recall. My memory of the reason has faded, but I remember thinking you needed me there,” she said in a hushed voice. “I still come to watch, sometimes.”

I still need you there, he thought. But he could not say that. So instead, he looked over at her intently, and said, “Thank you.”

“So you like it?” Her smile seemed to brighten up the entire evening sky.

“Very much,” he nodded. “That must’ve been the day that Master Norio told me in front of everyone that I had been poorly trained and it would be a miracle if I amounted to anything.”

Selene’s sad smile flitted to her lips. “Poor Master Norio. That has to be the most incorrect he’s ever been.”


Enter to win a copy of this epic fantasy HERE!

About the Author


C. S. Johnson is the award-winning, genre-hopping author of several novels, including young adult sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as the Starlight Chronicles, the Once Upon a Princess saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family. Find out more at http://www.csjohnson.me


CS Johnson | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


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R&R Book Tours

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Release Blitz and Author Interview: ‘Between the Shadow and the Shade’ by Coleman Alexander

Title: Between the Shadow and the Shade

Author: Coleman Alexander

Genre: Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy,

Coming of Age

Release Date: 21st June 2018



About the Book:

In the deep heart of the forest, there are places where no light ever shines, where darkness is folded by pale hands and jewel-bright eyes, where the world is ruled by the wicked and kept by the wraiths. This is where the Sprites of the Sihl live.

But Sprites are not born, they are made. On the path to Spritehood, spritelings must first become shades. They do so by binding a shadow: a woodland creature, who guides them through their training. Together, they keep from the light and learn to enchant living things, to bind them, and eventually, to kill them.

Ahraia is a shade who has bound a wolf for a shadow, as strong a shadow as there has ever been. But while her wolf marks her for greatness, Ahraia struggles with the violent ways of her people. Illicit as it is, she would rather be running wild beneath the moons. But a test is coming, and the further she and her shadow wander out of the darkness, the deeper they wander into danger. Ahraia’s time is coming and what awaits her at the end of her test will either make her or kill her . . .

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Excerpt #1

“Do wolves have names?” Ahraia murmured aloud.

The wolf’s thoughts burned like dim flames, ill-conceived beyond instinct. Her shadow’s ears tucked back nervously. She was thinking of the plains and the moons and her pack.

We tell stories about the moons, Ahraia conveyed, making her thoughts known to the wolf. They were wolves once, like you, sisters who roamed the plains. My people tell the story of the Blood Wolf and the Dark Wolf, but my favorite is the story of the Bright Wolf. Ahraia ran her finger’s through her wolf’s fur, knowing how unspritish that was to admit. The Blood Moon and Dark Moon were smaller and slower—they didn’t burn like the Bright Moon. Her shadow didn’t care. Her ears stood straighter; she was listening.

The Bright Wolf was the strongest wolf to ever walk the lands, Ahraia thought to her wolf. Losna was her name, and it was known from Everdark to Everlight. But one day, Losna’s mother was killed by the Dae-Mon. So bitter and angry was she that she leapt into the sky to chase after the Dae-Mon. Losna became the Bright Moon, the Masah, the great hunter of the night. Now she spends her night ruling over the world and her days chasing the Dae-Mon. That is why the wolves call for her. Because they love her. And they miss her.

Ahraia let her mind fall into silence. They walked for a time, dodging between slivers of moonlight that fell to the forest floor.

Losna, her shadow thought.

“I will call you Losna.” The name rolled off Ahraia’s tongue and rumbled in her heart. She nodded, as though it was decided. “It’s a good name,” she said, running her fingers through her shadow’s fur.


Excerpt #2


Ahraia’s mother knelt before her, a summer breeze rustling the silver-white hairs that had escaped her tarry-vine.

“Do you know the true purpose of our shadows?”

Ahraia used Losna to steady herself, clutching tightly to the thick clump of fur at her neck.

To guide us as shades? she conveyed. Her eyes and ears tipped down as tears dripped over her cheeks.

Three years had passed since she returned from binding Losna, and, since that day, she had heard her mother’s voice many times—but this would be the last.

Fog swirled from the opposite bank, spilling out over the waters of the Winnowlin and hiding the stars above. Her mother’s cheek bled from the Posturant’s cut, her mark of defeat.

Her mark of condemnation.

If she was nervous, she didn’t show it. Her stark-white eyes were fixed on Ahraia, her ears upright and face a veil of calm. Ahraia’s own lip quivered, and she couldn’t help as a stricken sob escaped.

Stop that, her mother conveyed. Golden veins darkened across her eyes, like tendrils of clouds crawling across the Bright Moon. It shows weakness. And you of all shades can’t show weakness.

Ahraia dragged a light-scarred hand across her face and sniffed hard. Losna nuzzled her, her tongue scratching across her wrist.

That’s better. Her mother wiped the remaining damp from her cheek, ignoring her own bloodied face.

“The true purpose of a shadow is not to guide the shade—but to make a sprite of her. Our shadows are a measure of us. They choose us as spritelings, when we are weak and naïve, grown of soft roots—and they leave us as sprites, hardened and sharp, cut from stone. But it’s what lies between that makes us who we are.”



Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

Originally, right around the time I graduated high school, I spent most of my days dreaming of adventure and worlds beyond our own. For some reason, I started to write down these thoughts and they quickly turned into a story (I remember clearly that the first few pages were drivel, the likes of which I’m sure the world has never suffered before). From there, I suddenly realized that books came from people and I could be one of those people. Before that, I had just kind of assumed authors were like astronauts and you had to be perfect to make a book. But a compulsion was born and I began to create my own story and have been ever since. That was almost fifteen years ago, and somehow I still feel like I’m just getting started.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

I like to write in the mornings, typically, as early as I can physically get up (used to be four o’clock but now is five —kid’s make everything tougher). I used to be a night owl, but I never got anything done. Now, I wake up and the world is quiet. Everyone is sleeping, and it seems easier to get my mind going. I’ve gotten to the point where I can write anywhere, but I prefer to be at my desk, in my office. I was particular in the desk I bought, and the chair too. They’re both comfortable and big. I would consider them as my favorite items in my house. In recent years, I’ve come to enjoy writing on vacation as well, particularly if there’s a good place to sit in the mornings, preferably with a view.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

That’s a great question and one I couldn’t possibly begin to understand. To be totally honest, I don’t know. I used to think they were from me—some amalgamation of my life experiences jumbled up and spit out by my subconscious—but nowadays, I don’t know. I’m starting to ascribe to the belief that they don’t necessarily come within. I think there is truth in the idea of muses and right now they aren’t happy with me because I’ve spent too much time getting this book out there rather than writing my next!

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

I generally have a good idea of the direction and overall framework of the story. I can’t begin to write without knowing the premise, and that generally drives the structure. Within that framework, however, I have no control. Sometimes, I get into a scene or piece of dialogue and things go haywire. Sometimes that’s a great thing, while at other times, it can derail me for weeks. It all depends on a clear understanding of the characters and their motivations. If I know their driving forces well, the scenes that go off script generally work out for the best.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

I write fantasy. Initially, I was drawn to the genre for the adventure and for the wonder it presented. Now, those reasons continue to a source of joy, but the main reason I write fantasy is because of the range of issues it lets me approach. Fantasy can be dark or light. It can be deep or frivolous. It can deal with personal stories or epics. And it does so in ways that can still be an adventure.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

For my other books (not yet released), I have most of the cast chosen. But for this one, it’s different. Between the Shade and the Shadow is a story of sprites— elf-like creatures of the night, and so no human cast really fits my ideal character. So in this case, I would want a bunch of unknowns!

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I try to read a lot, and I generally have one or two audiobooks queued up as well.  My favorites include Patrick Rothfuss, J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, and Pierce Brown. I read a lot of non-fiction as well, though that depends on what I’m trying to immerse myself in at the time.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

I just finished up the third book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Series. I haven’t decided what I want to do next.

9: What is your favourite book and why? 

The Name of the Wind is my favorite book. The music alone (in a book!) gives me the chills and the writing is phenomenal. Harry Potter is the series I wish I could re-read from scratch because the characters feel like close friends and I regret every time I finish the books. The Lord of the Rings is my all time favorite and sparked my interest in fantasy. And lastly, I love The Slow Regard of Silent Things. I think it’s such a unique book about a strange and broken creature. I do NOT recommend this book unless you are a fan of The Name of the Wind AND a huge Auri fan. So, as you can see, I don’t have an answer.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

I think you have to cultivate the mindset of always trying to grow and learn. No one is a great writer from the get-go, and so you have to be willing to improve incrementally and continually. My favorite books on writing are Steven Pressfield’s, The War of Art, and Steven King’s, On Writing. Both have helped me immensely, and I think it’s better to take advice from someone like them rather than me.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

My website: therealmless.com

My Amazon Page: www.amazon.com/Coleman-Alexander/e/B07BTJNCPR

My Goodreads Page:



About the Author:

Coleman Alexander lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, exploration runs deep in his blood. Whether visiting the remote wilds of Alaska or the imaginary lands of his books, he is happiest with his head in the woods or the mountains. The farther off the beaten path the better.

His favorite author’s include J.R.R. Tolkien, Patrick Rothfuss, and J.K. Rowling, and his work is influenced by a great number of fantasy and science fiction movies and books. Music plays an integral part of his writing process, and he is always diving down the rabbit hole for new musicians.

Between the Shade and the Shadow is his debut novel, but is only the first piece of a much greater world he is creating, the world of The Realmless.

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