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Release Blitz: ‘The Quarantine Station’ by Michelle Montebello

Title: The Quarantine Station
Author: Michelle Montebello
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: March 6, 2019



The rules were crystal clear. She broke them all…

1918 … When Rose Porter arrives on the shores of Sydney with little more than her suitcase, she must take a job as a parlourmaid at the mysterious North Head Quarantine Station. It’s a place of turmoil, segregated classes and strict rules concerning employee relationships.

But as Rose learns, some rules were made to be broken.

2019 … Over a century later, Emma Wilcott lives a secluded life in Sydney where her one-hundred-year-old grandmother, Gwendoline, is all she has. Gwendoline is suffering dementia and her long-term memories take her wandering at night. Emma realises she is searching for someone from her past.

Emma’s investigation leads her to the Quarantine Station where she meets Matt, the station carpenter, and together they unravel a mystery so compelling it has the power to change lives, the power to change everything Emma ever knew about herself.


Purchase Links
99c for a limited time!!
Author Bio

Michelle Montebello is a writer from Sydney, Australia where she lives with her husband and two young children. She is the author of the bestselling Belle Series which earned her 2018’s Best New Author in the AusRom Today Reader’s Choice Awards, as well as a finalist for Book of the Year for Interwoven and Author of the Year.

The Quarantine Station is her fourth novel, a standalone historical romance.

Michelle has a keen passion for reading, writing and travel.

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Author Interview: ‘The Folded Notes’ by Mandz Singh

About the Book:

Inspired by history comes this breathtaking story of star-crossed lovers against the backdrop of colourful nineteenth century India…

A different world awaits Catherine Rose, an Englishwoman who travels with her mother from England to India. While her father, stationed at the Punjab University, is their direction, destiny intervenes and crosses her path with the educated and kind Kharak. A recently qualified engineer from Lahore who works for the Indian railways, he is as taken with the feminine, unreserved Englishwoman as she is with him. And so begins a breathtaking story of a starcrossed romance that is interwoven in between a fascinating period of history.

It is that history that prompted the author to put pen to paper and begin this enthralling tale. “Being the third generation immigrant in Kenya,” says Mandz, “I was inspired by the first Indian immigrants’ courage, hard work, desire to better their lives, and the sacrifices they made that influenced me to write a story about one individual’s journey to East Africa in the 1890s as a railway worker amongst the many who helped the expansion of the British Empire.” He goes on: “I knew I had a story that was inspired by true events to tell.”

The book’s other strong feature is the cross-cultural romance that would have been highly frowned upon at the time. With delicacy and care, the love story is woven into this historical backdrop, the pace swift so the reader wonders will it be true to the time or true to the heart?

Having travelled widely to three continents and researched the era since school, Mandz has put considerable time into instilling a sense of authority into the text which balances against the forbidden love affair that will linger long after the last page.



“The book’s cross-cultural relationship is refreshing, and its peek into sites around Lahore is delightful.” – Kirkus Reviews


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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US


Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I have resided in three continents, lived in a gold rush town, travelled across Australia and stood in the elephant visiting caves of Mt Elgon. It was by accident that I started writing this book, when I bought my first laptop and being something new, I wanted to write and use it. So, I started writing a story.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

Most of my novel was written in the train on my daily commute to and from work.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

The historical event which my story is based on has always intrigued me since my days in primary school. The ideas came to me at night before falling asleep.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

Initially, I thought of having a rigid plan, chapter by chapter but realized, that fit felt better to carry on writing and let the ideas unfold.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

The genre of this book was historical romance.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

Dev Patel as the lead character, Jonny Depp as the villain and Emma stone

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I enjoy reading and Fredrick Forsyth is the author I admire the most.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

Sapiens. A brief History of Humankind

9: What is your favourite book and why?

The Day of the Jackal. It is an astonishing story, perfectly told.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Have a story, and just start writing and remember that it is like a marathon, so write page by page and eventually, you will end up with a book.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?

Having my first book published, Facebook is the only site I have set up at the moment.


About the Author:

Mandz Singh has resided on three continents, lived in a gold rush town, travelled across Australia, and stood in the elephant visiting caves of Mount Elgon. He lives in Berkshire.

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Book Review: ‘The Beauty Bride’ by Claire Delacroix

Title: The Beauty Bride (The Jewels of Kinfairlie Book 1)

Published: 8th November 2014

Author: Claire Delacroix pseudonym for Deborah Cooke

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorClaireDelacroix

Twitter: @cooke_delacroix



More cherished than gold are the Jewels of Kinfairlie, and only the worthiest may fight for their love…The Laird of Kinfairlie has unmarried sisters, each a gem in her own right. And he has no choice but to see them all wed in haste.

Lady Madeline’s heart is not for sale…especially not to a notorious outlaw like Rhys FitzHenry. Yet Madeline’s hand has been sold, to none other than this battle-weary warrior with a price on his head. A more dutiful maiden might cede to the Laird’s command and meekly accept her fate, but Madeline has never been obedient. She decides to run away, though she never dreams that Rhys will pursue her. She does not expect this taciturn man to woo her with fanciful stories, much less that each of his enthralling tales will reveal a scar upon his shielded soul. She never imagines that a man like Rhys could imperil her own heart while revealing so little of his own feelings. When Rhys’s past threatens his future, Madeline takes a leap of faith. She dares to believe him innocent — and risks her own life to pursue a passion more priceless than the rarest gem.


Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A highlanders romance. Be wary of fairies that like to cause trouble. Best to keep them on your side for they may lend a hand – or perhaps a foot – at just the right moment. Seems Darg has her uses after being disturbed from her slumber with her treasure trove. Only handy to those that can see her though. A younger set of eyes needed in the form of Madeline’s sister Elizabeth.

Alexander has had the role of Laird of Kinfairlie thrust on him sooner than he would have hoped with the loss of his parents. Running the keep is one thing but his family is another. Five sisters he needs wed but none will help his quest until the eldest, Madeline, weds first and she holds fast to her first love returning to claim her. Though lost to her he may be after going off to battle. The keep is in need of funds and won’t feed everyone that winter so he needs to think of ways to help the load. Seems with his Uncles timely auction of some old relics he too might be able to gain some coin after Rosamunde, his Aunt, suggests he auction the finest jewel of Kinfairlie – Madeline. Seems he just needs to be dared to take the plunge to set a whole lot of adventure in motion.

Madeline and her sisters are happy to go to their Uncles auction but are sure to get a surprise. The moment Madeline arrives she feels the eyes of all the men on her. She just can’t put her finger on what is making her feel uneasy to begin with. Doesn’t help that a mysterious stranger in the shadows keeps drawing her eye. The moment of reveal happens and she can’t but think it a cruel prank. Cruel it may be but prank it is not. With the bidding increasing she fears for whom will claim her – spoilt brat with daddies money to name but one. It seems the mysterious stranger is to claim the prize at any price. Seeing no way out from what her brother has done to her she knows she has to escape on her own when the coast is clear. Namely while everyone is planning the wedding for the next day. Seems she should have taken more note of her husband to be, as he doesn’t look like he’s willing to give up his jewel for anything.

Seems Rhys thinks Madeline may the key to claiming his homeland keep, or more a way to bind it to him through her if she is who he thinks she is. He knows she will make a run for it but isn’t too far behind. He should have got a little closer though as dangers are too clear on an open road no matter how much you may think you know who you travel with. Saving the life of his wife to be is one way to get in her good books but his manners in general are going to do nothing but constancy piss her off.

Seeking sanctuary with an old friend may keep them safe but a night. Though as long as they have time to wed and bed first he’ll be happy. Now who would have thought he could go from showing her the heated highs of passion to heated lows of anger so fast. He really needs to watch what he says if he wants to keep his wife with him. One thing that is always on his mind, and now hers, is that he is a wanted man from the English. Seems to get home the road will be filled with danger and angst. Though as long as a bit of passion continues the nights will be warm. They soon find themselves on the run, back to his home but on the run from others nonetheless. Seems our Rhys can be a bit wily when needed but Madeline’s not short of a task or two. Staying close is what’s needed to stay alive but it may also be what keeps them apart if they don’t communicate better. More him than her mind you.

Madeline has a little magic help from a teardrop stone given to her by her Aunt that was once her mothers. Turning black is bad so she needs to learn what she is truly doing to see how and when it turns white and glowing. Their ribbons are tied for souls entwined but only Darg and Elizabeth can see. Are they going to get tangled tighter or wither apart? Dangers that follow are only the first trouble and others may be closer to home.

Great back and forth banter and confrontations between Rhys and Madeline. You can clearly see they both have met their match. Not the way they would have chosen to meet but seems fate has other ideas for these two. Well fate with a little help – or hinder at times – from the troublesome Darg. Though in her defence she was disturbed from her sleep and her treasure – well she saw it as hers as it had been left for so long – was being taken away. What better way than to cause a bit of mischief. Lets see what she can get up to next. Elizabeth will soon be there to follow her new friend.

Side characters were good too, thought Thomas and Rosemunde were funny. They seemed to know all would work out as it was meant to. Great start to the series and can be read as a standalone from reading The Rogues series.

5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: ‘The Lady Loves a Scandal’ by Christina McKnight

Can Gideon Lyndon win back the heart of Lady Sybil Anson after a year of silence?

Out May 22nd – Regency Romance, The Lady Loves a Scandal by Christina McKnight.

Follow the tour and enter to #win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Title: The Lady Loves a Scandal
Author: Christina McKnight
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency
Release Date: May 22, 2018



Lady Sybil Anson thought she had it all. Even a match of the heart, despite so many London elite marrying for convenience. But the night before their betrothal was to become official, the love of her life vanished–with a hastily scrawled note and little more. She feared the worst as her heart ached for Gideon, and the scandal sheets simply made matters worse with their preposterous musings on the hows and whys of Viscount Galway’s disappearance. Now, more than a year later, he’s unexpectedly back, and Sybil will have her answers.

Many, many years ago, Gideon Lyndon made a grave mistake. One he’s spent most of his adult life trying to rectify. And despite the progress made, the sacrifices were extensive and damaging. On the verge of repairing one misdeed, he finds himself faced with his greatest challenge yet: winning back the woman he has loved since the moment he met her. But after a year of silence, convincing his headstrong paramour to take him back will not be easy. Especially since he can’t even explain why he left–not if he wants to keep her safe.


Originally published in IT STARTED WITH A WHISPER Anthology 


Available at: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay


Author Bio:

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Christina McKnight writes emotional and intricate Regency Romance with rebellious women and maverick heroes.

Her books combine romance and mystery, exploring themes of redemption and forgiveness. When not writing she enjoys coffee, wine, traveling the world, and watching television.

You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon



Follow the tour and enter to #win a $10 Amazon Gift Card

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Release Blitz: ‘A Whiskey River Princess’ by Theresa Oliver



Title: A Whiskey River Princess
Series: Whiskey River Brides #3 (Standalone)
Author: Theresa Oliver
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2018



On the snowy banks of Whiskey River, even a blizzard can’t stop the thawing of two hearts.

She’s looking for adventure in the West, but discovers more. He’s sure he’ll never find love, until she lands at his door. Together, Gabriella and Dirk will discover a spark that even a blizzard can’t quench.

Gabriella Grimaldi is new to Whiskey River—a quiet frontier town, where those who dream of a different life gather under the big, open sky. Escaping a life of faux friends and duty, Gabriella forsakes her life of fortune and runs away. What she gets instead is an education in the ways of the world.

Not far from town, Dirk Price is settling in for another long winter in Whiskey River, when a lost young woman shows up at his door. In the light of the fireside, Gabriella and Dirk find themselves unfreezing their chilly hearts and protecting one another against not only the cold, but from evil forces. Can they let love in, or will they turn away from happiness when danger knocks at the door?

In the depths of winter under the weight of a blizzard, return to the sleepy, snowy banks of Whiskey River, Wyoming, in A Whiskey River Princess.


Purchase Links
$1.99 (half price!) for a limited time

“You can bathe first if you like,” she replied, as she sat back down on the rocking chair. “Then we can rinse out the tub and fill it again. I’ll wait.”

He chuckled. “No, I meant that you can use the water first and then I’ll use the same water next. That is, unless you’d like to bathe after me.”

Gabriella looked at him appalled, and quickly shook her head. “No, thank you. That’s fine.” Then she walked into the utility room and closed the door behind her.

Dirk smiled as he shook his head, and then walked over to the stove to check the last two buckets of water. In a short while, he checked it and the water was warm, so he picked them up and went to the utility room.

Dirk walked in without thinking. He kept his head down as he carried the water, not noticing that she was already in the tub.

“What are you doing?” Gabriella shrieked, quickly grabbing one of the towels to cover herself. “Get out!”

Dirk looked up, startled. “What are you doing?” he asked, looking only at her eyes. “I told you the water was almost ready. Not that it was!”

She looked around, flustered. “I only heard that the water was ready. Now, get out.”

He held up the two buckets with ease. “I was just bringing in the last two buckets of warm water—”

“I said get out. Now!” she screamed, trying desperately to cover herself the best she could with the towel. “Never mind the buckets. Get out.”

A devilish smile spread across his lips as he raised one eyebrow. “Oh? You want me to leave the buckets?”

“Yes, and get out.”

“As you wish, your highness.” A smirk appeared on his face as he walked over to the tub and poured one of the buckets over her head.

She gasped and flailed her arms as the warm water rushed over her, looking like a drowned rat. “What did you do to me? Get out!”

He laughed. “You asked for it.” He poured the second bucket of warm water over her head as she flailed her arms, gasping. Then he carried both buckets to the door and turned around. “You know, it didn’t have to be this way.”
As he walked out, he shut the door behind him, chuckling to himself.

Vous êtes une brute sauvage! Gabriella shouted, and then something hit the other side of the door and crashed loudly to the floor.


Also Available
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio

An educator, writer, mother, and free spirit, Theresa Oliver’s love affair with the written word has spanned decades. An Indiana native, Theresa began the foundation of her writing career as a child. Her love of reading, writing, and creative expression guided her to seek a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, News Editorial sequence, from the University of Tennessee at Martin; and then continued on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, Early Childhood Education sequence, from Armstrong Atlantic State University.

Her foundational experiences in childhood led her to want to create meaningful, positive experiences with reading and writing for future generations, and inspire the same love of creative expression that has been such a rewarding force behind her career and life.

Theresa has dedicated her life to the world of writing and the creation of novels that span all levels and genres. First and foremost a mother, her greatest loves are her three beautiful boys, to whom she dedicates the success and longevity of her prolific career. Theresa currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida with her beloved husband and children.


Author Links

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