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Book Review: ‘Roaring Out Loud’ by Joetta Spurling

Roaring Out Loud

Title: Roaring Out Loud

Published: 14th July 2016

Author: Joetta Spurling

Facebook: www.facebook.com/joetta.palazzola.1


Nicole and Richard are on their way to a wedding, when he kicks her out of his car. Running Into the woods Nicole spends the night alone sleeping against a tree. Waking in the morning, Nicole finds herself lost. Not knowing which way to go she heads off in the wrong direction. Is Destiny helping her with her happily ever after, or is it another case of Murphy’s Law?


Well Nicole starts at a very low point but things are only looking up, not that she will see it that way straight after her asshole boyfriend hits her, pushes her out of the car and then leaves her on the side of the road. Lets just say karma is a bitch and it has his number marked! The lucky part was that Titan saw Nicole. But its not like he can come right up to see if she is ok just yet with being already shifted into a werelion. Nicole’s only option after being left on the road is to run and hide. Fear that Richard will find her again keeps her going, even after falling over a few times. Seems she has finally come to the conclusion that her boyfriend needs to become her ex. She is done and can only think about escape. Tired from running she soon exhausts herself to the point of collapsing by a tree. Good job she has Titan watching over her while she sleeps.

From the moment Titan spots Nicole he is drawn to her. He feels an overwhelming need to protect her and to hurt the one who hurt her. After shifting to escape his own feelings from the loss of his father he soon finds another reason to feel. Not wanting to scare her he decides to leave to get food so he can come back in his human form. The food goes down a treat but what follows is much more fun. After finding that Nicole has made her way to his favourite place, a waterfall, he is glad she calls him out after leaving the food. The moment they are closer though the heat starts to rush between them. When he touches her foot to see if it is ok to walk on its like all bets are off and they can’t get enough of each other. Reality sets in before any real fun can start but you know its just now bubbling below the surface.

The community Titan and his pride live in is a very close net one, it would have to be to keep everyone safe. It’s the best place for Nicole to regroup but also to figure out what this connection is with Titan. Others in the pride might not see her in a kind light and it could place her in danger. It seems that Nicole has a few aces up her sleeve though when push comes to shove. Willing to do whatever it takes to protect what’s hers.

The connection is one thing but starting something with someone who has no clue about shifters being real is not something Titan thought he would have to do. Being the new alpha of the pride he probably thought he would be with another shifter – well you never know! But it seems Nicole’s reading habits might make his talk a little easier. Seems she likes reading shifter books with passion and bite. Fantasy turned into reality for her I think!

Loved Titans mother and friends as it gave the story more depth without it just focusing on two main characters. Introducing Nicole’s mother and grandmother into the mix just leads it up nicely for a few more books in the series. Richard soon sees that karma can and does come back to bite you in the neck when he makes more bad decisions. Same thing for a certain member of the pride too! When a guy says its not going to work you should probably listen girl.

Great start to the series with interesting characters that you engaged with easily. Could definitely have used a final edit though to get rid of the spelling and grammar mistakes but didn’t take it too far away from the story because of it. Show me who’s the real king of the jungle? Make him roar! Something Nicole is only too happy to oblige with.


3 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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