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Book Review: ‘Korian and Lucy Part I’ by Zoe Kalo


Title: Korian and Lucy: A Cult of the Cat Short Story Part I

Published: 17th June 2016

Author: Zoe Kalo

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Zoe-Kalo

Twitter: @zoekalowriter


NOTE TO READERS: “Korian and Lucy: Part I” is NOT a novel. It is a companion short story (about 6,000 words) to ‘Daughter of the Sun’ (Cult of the Cat Book 1). It’s meant to be read AFTER ‘Daughter of the Sun,’ otherwise you won’t get the full meaning or references to characters.

It is the tragic love story of Korian and Lucy (Trinity’s parents) and takes place in The Island of Cats nine months before the birth of Trinity.


Something is stirring on the Island of Cats…

It’s early September. Korian and Lucy are newly discovering the indomitable intensity and power of their love. Lucy’s mother gives her a chilling warning her about their family curse and the tragic consequences this could have for Korian’s life.

But Lucy strikes a deal with the goddess Isis to keep Korian safe, a bargain that can’t be broken.

When disaster strikes, Lucy must ask what Isis really wants. Is she a mere pawn in the goddess’ scheming game, or are there other much darker forces at work?

The world wants to pull them apart, but Korian and Lucy are determined to stay together.


This short story is set nine months before the birth of Trinity. It is told through Korian’s POV and then through Lucy’s diary entries which gave it a different vibe to Daughter of the Sun. The Island of the Cats is still playing a part in a future that’s already been set in motion, with Lucy just a pawn in Isis’ game.

We get a glimpse into the love affair that would set a series of events into motion. The Goddess Isis clearly had her own agenda from the start, among the other Gods. She saw the special child that would be born from their romance. You can clearly see they were drawn together for a reason but they are merely pawns playing their part in a game they won’t see complete.

The curse of the Walford family, in regards to its priestesses, when it comes to the men they love is a bad one – death seems to become them. Lucy confides in her mother that she knows she can’t break the curse but that she feels its safe to be with Korian because Isis came to her in her dreams. The feeling of warmth and love from Isis soon gets misplaced when a vision shows Korian in an accident. The force of her love is what drives her to write in her diary that she would do anything to Isis if he didn’t survive. Call on all she would fear but the only threat that would make her pause it seems is one to end her own life. Now this is when Lucy knows she is part of something larger. Her life is important to a point but as she cannot see a future for herself, just a blank space of emptiness, she doesn’t really know what’s going to happen next. She just knows she needs to keep her threat clear so Korian is safe. He may know she is different but even with a voice telling him to stay away he can’t leave her. They are in it together, how long together time will tell.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Author Assistant for my honest review.

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