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Book Review: ‘Lost Alpha: Part 1’ by Jessica Ryan

Title: Lost Alpha: Part 1

Published: 5th May 2014

Publisher: Jessica Ryan Books

Author: Jessica Ryan


Between her cheating boyfriend and her obnoxious brother, Paige Strong is in dire need of an escape from her miserable life in Oklahoma. During a routine drive, Paige gets more than she bargains for when she hits a very naked, very sexy stranger. 

Travis Bowshot is a lone alpha seeking vengeance against the vampire that destroyed his pack. He doesn’t have time for a human female, no matter how much her curves tempt him. 

But after Paige’s mundane life crashes into his, Travis can’t deny the attraction between them, and it’s only a matter of time before he can no longer control his instincts to mate. 

Lost Alpha: Part 1 is a 16,500 words werewolf/BBW romance with a little bit of action and mystery sprinkled in. It is the first entry in the Lost Alpha series. This serial contains strong sexual themes and violence. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 


Werewolves I know but wererats?! Now that’s a bit strange but no less freaky when they attack. Travis is out on a hunt when tragedy strikes. Howls in the air calling for help as danger attacks. By the time Travis gets there it’s too late, he is all that is left of his pack. A new alpha with no pack but one thing on his mind — revenge. He will do whatever it takes to track down the ones responsible for the attack. Rage fuelling him while he tracks one of those responsible wasn’t the best course of action as his concentration wasn’t all there. Case in point by the fact he gets knocked down by a car. Can his luck change with the one that hit him?

Paige isn’t having that good of a day either with walking in on her cheating boyfriend. The drive home takes another turn when she hits something. Finding a naked man on the road is the last thing she needs. Stranger still the fact that there is black fur trapped in her bumper. Taking him home is her only option with him being out cold but with what he later reveals, and his general attitude towards certain people, she may have wished otherwise.

A story split into parts so this is really just a teaser to get you interested to continue reading. I think I would have liked to just continue as one book but it wasn’t too bad as it stands. Setting the scene with the characters and what they have coming their way now certain people have been entwined. Paige and Travis clearly have chemistry but a lot of pent up frustrations are bound to cause issues. Her brother Billy was a bit arrogant and ex Randy a complete dick. Fun shifter read that leaves you wanting more.

3 out of 5 stars

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