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Book Review: ‘McCall & Company: Emboozlement’ by Rich Leder

Title: McCall & Company: Emboozlement

Published: 8th September 2017

Publisher: Laugh Riot Press

Author: Rich Leder

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorRichardLeder




PI Kate McCall was warned to stay home, stay put, and stay out of NYPD business. But someone is killing Lowry Lowe lawyers, and Kate is sure her father’s murderer is pulling the trigger. At the same time, former Major League relief pitcher Steve “Blue” Stark wants her to catch the crook embezzling big bucks from his West Side sports bar.

Kate can’t help but get in the game.

The problem is the killer is cluing her in before murdering each lawyer and she’s falling for Blue as fast as he’s becoming her prime suspect.

Can Kate and her crackpot crew catch her father’s killer before all the lawyers are dead? And will she find real love with dreamboat Blue? Or will she have to lock him up for stealing his own money?

If she comes through the kidnappings, she might beat the odds.



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book over 400 pages. This might be the third book in the series but I didn’t feel too lost with who everyone was as it felt like a story in its own right.

So Kate took over her father Jimmy’s PI business after he was murdered. Just a bit of a difference from her day job of being an actor. She now has to do double the work with the cases sent over. Detective Lew Logan however isn’t always keen on her taking cases. Mainly when the investigation leads to her father’s case, which he wants her to stay out of for her own safety. The thing is that she knows she getting close to figuring out who the killer is, mainly due to the fact said killer has tried to kill her twice. Will she catch them before her time is up?

Now with being an actor and part of D-Cup drama productions she has others at her disposal to help her out with cases. The fact that they, along with herself, are good with disguises and accents makes it so much better to get close to clients to figure things out. Also good to play multiple players within the same game.

First case is with Blue who owns a bar and wants her to go undercover to figure out who is stealing from him. He thinks he knows who but needs to find proof. Could they be looking in the wrong direction? Always follow the money. If in doubt torture by show tune is one way to get information. The second case is not as safe as her father’s killer likes to torment her but texting her clues to figure out about his next target. This time it’s a partner at Lowry Lowe law firm. Two married couples with a lot of tension between them. Who would benefit most for one to be taken out? Can she figure out the target before it’s too late?

It’s time to go undercover for two cases. With killer and embezzlement cases coming together quickly the need for creating characters grows. One role down and onto the next when the answers they find don’t lead them to where they want to go. Let’s see which one she cracks first and if she gets caught out in her ruses. Getting close to Blue in the meantime isn’t too much of a hardship as passion soon starts to follow.

Logan is always wanting Kate as far from his case as possible but she ends up there anyway. Interesting dynamic between them. She infuriates him, always on his shit list but seem to work well together when the time comes and she has clues needed to fill in the blanks. She’s not stepping away from the case for personal reasons but also because the killer won’t let her. Aside from the fact he texts her in advance to see if she can figure out the clues fast enough as part of his game. He also wants her dead. She is very much an amateur still trying to find her feet in the PI world. Thrown in at the deep end with a killer after her.

An interesting read where you were trying to figure out the clues at the same time as Kate. Sharp witty dialogue in places but I did find it a bit long and ended up flicking through a few pages where no dialogue was happening. Interesting to see what other cappers Kate can get herself into, as I’m sure she will find trouble and chaos, sometimes in a funny way, no matter what she does. Actor by day, sleuth PI by night, with a killer on her tail. What could happen next is anyones guess.

3 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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