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Book Blitz: ‘Inspector Mage: Blood on the Floor’ by Aleese Hughes

Title: Inspector Mage: Blood on the Floor

Author: Aleese Hughes

Genre: YA Fantasy / Murder Mystery

About the Book:

Every Oseran is born with a Mage Gift but, for the talented Inspector Russell Gaines, even his abilities could not help him prevent the death of his sister at the hands of a serial killer known as the New Age God. 

Years later, the once-promising inspector is a retired, washed-up drunkard who finds himself plagued by the demons of his past. But, when a member of the prominent Melton family is found dead, and one of their own is implicated, he reluctantly finds himself drawn back into the world of detecting. 

Forced to work with this new suspect, the troubled Julie Melton, Russell must work to prove her innocence in the case. But, this murder isn’t the only mystery he’s facing when he quickly realizes the young woman is hiding a shocking secret of her own-one that could mean the downfall of her family. 

As more evidence is revealed, the facts of the case send Russell into even more of a downward spiral leaving Julie to investigate on her own. Will she be able to bring the former inspector back from the brink and bring the true killer to justice? And can she keep her secret hidden to save herself and her family from ruin?

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Excerpt from Chapter 6:

The little library was so crowded I could not tell whose body lay on the floor. Panic ensued as more guests and servants rushed into the little library. “Who is it?” a woman whispered. The room smelled of sweat, tears, and the metallic scent of blood—a scent I only knew from scraping my knees as a child, pricking my finger on a rose bush, and witnessing the manor chef accidentally slide a cooking knife across her bare skin. But I had never smelled blood as I did at that moment—it was strong, and there must have been a lot of it. 

“A murder! Who could ever believe such a thing?” another murmured. 

My lip trembled as I anxiously craned my head back and forth to get a better view of the body. All I could see was a bloodied hand with a pool of more blood beside it stretching across and staining Mother’s favorite rug. I concurred with the last voice: I could never believe a murder would happen in my own home. 

Calvin stood next to me, his almond-shaped eyes growing wide. “God of Beginnings,” he prayed in a low voice, “Oh, Othos, bless his soul.” 

My body warmed at the sound of his prayer. I reached over and took his hand in my own, shocking myself. I could feel Calvin’s limbs freeze in surprise, but they just as quickly softened as he flashed a grateful smile in my direction. He squeezed my hand, and my heart skipped a beat. 

“What is the meaning of this?” Father pushed his way past Calvin and me and through the rest of the crowd, making a pathway directly to the body. I gasped once I finally saw who it was. 

John Fletcher, my brother-in-law, lay in a puddle of blood and sweat. His face was smashed against the wood floor, and his lifeless, green eyes were still open.

About the Author:

Aleese Hughes is many things: a mother and wife, an avid reader, and an up-and-coming Young Adult Fantasy author. Aleese enjoys her time at home with her children and relishes the opportunities to pick up a good book or write one herself. 

Having grown up around theater her entire life, Aleese has a natural ability when it comes to charming audiences while on stage. And the same goes for her knack to put words to paper and create stories that people of all ages can read and enjoy. The fantasy genre is not only her favorite to read, but it is also what she writes. 

As an up-and-coming Young Adult Fantasy author, she’s excited to share her stories with the world. To find out more information about her book, please visit her websites at: aleesehughes.com and inspectormage.com

Social Media Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aleesehugh

Twitter: @AleeseHughes

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aleesehughes

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Author Interview: ‘Homecoming’ by Frank Winter

About the Book:

One last dance… Homecoming was going to be the best night of their lives for the students of Villa Vista High School, but instead it became their last. Love was in the air as several couples among the crowd found themselves at a crossroads. Expectations were high, but the future was less certain than they could ever imagine.

Death was not the end. The students found that Hell looks a lot like high school. The afterlife only offered more questions than answers, but one question took center stage. With grief and anger consuming them, the search for the killer began.

Now the accused must survive the wrath of their classmates, while continuing their own search for atonement and escape. Their Limbo could give way at any moment, and they have no idea how far down the Circles they might fall.

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Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

My family is full of a variety of different creative personalities. My father did some of his own amateur writing over the years and I had an inkling toward music thanks to my brother. I didn’t start out interested in writing right away though. My real passion was musicals. I was very big into the animated musicals of the nineties. Over time that led into a hobbyist interest in poetry and lyrics.

Then, when I started college, I had an English GE class where the teacher encouraged us with many different creative writing assignments. That gave me the taste of writing prose which I pursued on and off for many years afterwards.

I’ve collected a document file of ideas over the years. When the pandemic hit, I had more free time to play with and I began developing them. That’s when one of my oldest ideas really seemed to crystalize and the novel began to pour out of me.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

I mostly write on a desktop in my home study. There is a shelf with a lot of trinkets and things that have inspired me over the years. I’ll purposefully seek out other items to add to it to help me flesh out an idea. In a similar way, with each story, I have a large folder of images that I keep as reference to help me visualize and describe what I’m putting to print.

Time of the day is much more varied. I have such an inconsistent sleeping schedule that I will write whenever time allows and an idea is ready and waiting.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

They mostly seem to just come to me at random times, and the good ideas will stay with me for a while. This first novel really started out because of a dream I woke up from on Christmas morning. The entire first chapter played out in my dreamscape and it was so incredibly vivid and detailed that I just had to write it out. After that, I just kept writing and the characters and story manifested quickly afterwards.

When I have an idea for a plot or arc, that usually forms first as the backbone, then specific scenes will sprout more variedly like grapes on a vine. They don’t all mature at the same time, but once they do, I pluck them and turn them into the finest wine that I can.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

The overall arc of the story is usually what comes to me first, then how the characters grow and interact within the bounds of that story affect the details of how it progresses and who is instrumental in what ways. Ultimately though, the final results aren’t too different from my original plan.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

This first book is a supernatural thriller. I’ve always been a fan of the supernatural stories from the likes of Stephen King and Tim Burton, and with Thrillers specifically I’ve read most of Michael Crichton’s bibliography.

I think thrillers are great as a main genre of literature because you can really feel the action and the stakes, even when you’re just reading words in black and white. 

Homecoming specifically is driven by a murder mystery plotline and much of the drama comes from the thrill of search for the killer. Then by the nature of the setting, there are quite a few Romance themes as well.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

Ha-ha, I did put some thought into that when developing characters. While I’d need a time machine to pull in the famous personalities, the looks many of the others were amalgamations of kids that I went to school with.

The main character, Blaire, is essentially a mix between Barrett Wilbert Weed and Sophia Anne Caruso, based on their respective characters of Veronica Sawyer and Lydia Deetz. Elise is a blend between Sissy Spacek and Natalie Dormer. Rafael is based on Michael Peña and the character Jackie Welles. Jennifer is drawn from a young Heather Locklear and Darren is inspired by Liam Hemsworth from the first Hunger Games movie.

Everyone else is more heavily drawn from people I knew growing up. The personalities are fictitious characters though. Despite the plot, I actually really enjoyed high school and my classmates were generally very nice.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

I tend to listen much more than I read, actually. I used to have horrible commutes for my day job, which gave me two hours alone in my car each day. That began my love of audiobooks in early 2014, along with Audible specifically. 

I’m actually a big sci-fi fan, which is strange considering this first novel has no sci-fi elements. Future stories definitely will though. I grew up really loving Michael Crichton, starting with the original Jurassic Park novel. I was also deep into lore of the Halo franchise, including all of those original books.

Since high school and college though, I’ve read a pretty wide range of genres in fiction and non-fiction, basically anything I find interesting.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

Right now, I’m re-reading The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. It’s a fascinating set of anthropological theories by Julian Jaynes on how humanity developed self-awareness. It’s been very inspirational to me when writing. It makes you question a lot of things you do and why you do them, makes you self-critical of your own agency. I’ve found it very useful in developing characters.

As far as things I’m reading for the first time, I’m going through Bubble in the Sun, about the history of Florida and how land speculation contributed to the Great Depression.

In terms of fiction, I’m finally reading Ready Player One and its recently released sequel.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

My favorite book would probably be The Andromeda Strain. While the Spielberg movie introduced me to Crichton as an author, The Andromeda Strain really enraptured me with the themes and storytelling that come across. His more recent book Prey touches that nerve bundle in a similar way, but The Andromeda Strain is the clear genesis for his whole body of work.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

I think that if it is something that you love to do, you should do it. Whether or not I become prolific enough or famous enough to make writing my full-time career, I do it ultimately because it’s very gratifying.

It’s fun to think up my own worlds and stories and synthesize them into something that others can experience and enjoy in the same way I enjoyed those ideas coming to me in the first place.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?

My website is the main source for news and updates. I have a blog that I will post major milestones to every few weeks. My email is found there as well.


I post more frequently on Facebook and Twitter with random little things and points of progress.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FrankWinterFiction

Twitter: @FrankWinterFict

About the Author:

Frank Winter is a native of Northern California who was born into a wonderful family that supported his passions and aspirations. He grew up loving the performing arts, inspired by the animated musicals of the 1990s. During his university days, he dabbled in local theatre as well as productions put on by his church. At the same time, he expanded his interests to include creative writing. This quickly evolved from lyrics to short stories to long-form fiction.

After graduation he pushed forward in his career as a mechanical engineer while continuing to moonlight in writing and music. Following years of honing his craft, he finally decided to pursue an old story idea to be released as his debut novel.

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Book Blitz: ‘Cobra Kingdom’ by Michael A. Mattia

Title: Cobra Kingdom

Author: Michael A. Mattia

Genre: Historical Fiction, Murder Mystery, Suspense, and a bit of Fantasy set during the 18th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt


About the Book:

During the 18th Dynasty in Egypt, King Amenhotep III ruled (1386 to 1349 BC) along with his Great Royal Wife, Tiye. Amenhotep’s only son, Thutmose nicknamed Mose by the Pharaoh, along with his chariot instructor were ambushed by unknown assailants and left for dead. When Mose disappears the beginning of a great evil dawns over the Empire and the belief of deadly magical cobras playing a part. While the Nile River delivered life sustaining water and fertile soil throughout the Kingdom, it started to also deliver death, young pregnant concubines were washing ashore. Tiye’s father, YUYA, a principal advisor to the King, investigates and suspects the women are casual sex partners of the Pharaoh. Someone in the palace wants to eliminate these mothers before an infant is born and becomes the heir apparent.

The story includes the origin of the ancient Kingdom, inception of the Creator stories, detailed preparations of royal wedding feasts, the operation of the Women’s House, and military horse and chariot training. It is Historical Fiction, Murder Mystery and a bit of Fantasy.


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In ancient Egypt during the Eighteenth Dynasty 1386-1353 BCE, King Amenhotep III ruled. His reign was a period of unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendor and all firmly believed a satisfied balance of life called Ma’at to be a treasured gift from the gods.

They believed their myriad of deities saw everything and punished accordingly … and all affected Ma’at. As the gods watched a terrible scene was taking place.

A small bald head pierces through an undulating

sea of sturdy golden stalks of wheat. Her skin black as the soil beneath her feet. Her head shifts upwards presenting a youthful round face and matching puffy cheeks bracketing a small broad nose. Six days prior, this young woman joined a party of similar dressed women and men, all peasants from various neighboring villages … a contingent of unskilled labor … harvesting the ripened crop.

Her bald head rotates side-to-side shifting wide open chestnut colored eyes outlined with scraggly black lines of eye makeup produced from an ore—a compound of lead and sulfur. The substance is de rigueur for males and females, not for fashion but to protect eyes by absorbing the blazing rays of the sun. Left, and right glances with an intervening pause to listen for movement convinces the youth the area is clear of intruders.

The androgynous face moves forward to reveal a slim round neck atop rounded shoulders. Her long arms part the wheat stalks as even longer legs stride forward. Wide linen shoulder straps drop down over nipples then expand into a linen shift which descends to mid-thigh. The dress, fluid body movement and the hint of breast development confirm she is a young woman.

Her short slow steps allow her gaze to search the soil for clusters of gilded berries, the rough husks hold precious grains of emmer wheat, which days prior perched atop each stalk. The young teen had been part of a harvest labor force several days prior. A male, carrying a scythe, walked down a row of wheat cutting a cluster of berries and flipped them over his shoulder to the female carrying a wicker basket. As the cutter tired, his wrist flick drifted off target forcing the girl to shift wide to catch the berries. As his wrist grew strained his toss veered forcing her to dive into harvested stalks.

A veteran of many harvests and devout pupil of devious tricks, the young lady took advantage of every lunge which shielded her from the cutter’s view to drop valuable berries onto the ground from where she can snatch them later. Today she returns to these fields to gather her ill-gotten treasure. I should have at least fifty clusters along here I can trade for a rarely used dress.

The omnidirectional sound of hoof beats cascading down from the heavens was a noise she

heard before. Soldiers on maneuvers? Not this time of day. Maybe nothing to be concerned about.

Several seconds pass and the sound of muffled rhythmic beats grew louder. The origin a bit clearer and flowing from the south, where the end of the wheat field intersects the stone road to the city.

Her mind races … Wooden wheels, a cart? Both prolific during harvest. An overseer of the crops, checking if any buds, like mine, were missed? The thought of an overseer returning to check for missing berries like the ones she had hidden creates a surge of fear and prompts a terrible memory. Visions of an overseer who discovered a young man hiding berries, and the thrashing delivered left the boy unable to walk for days.

I cannot let that be me. She falls to her hands and knees, rolls onto her right side, and grasps both knees pulling them to close to her chest secured by her chin. Shivers of fear pulse throughout her small body, as she inhales and holds her breath until certain who operates the cart.

After what seems an endless pulse of rapid heartbeats, a grey and white horse hauling a sanded brown chariot appear in her sight. Two men, a young man in front, and an older man with white-knuckled grips on the side rails. Thoughts ran through her head … Royals mainly use a chariot, and I am in the Pharaoh’s field unassigned. Now I am in real trouble.


About the Author:

I am 67 years old and Cobra Kingdom is my first novel. I had a 40 plus year career in workplace safety and OSHA compliance and published several dozen article and a dozen training videos. BA from University of Maryland and MBA from St. Thomas University.


Social Media Link:

Only social media is with Facebook, www.facebook.com/michael.mattia.77

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Book Blitz: ‘Come Join the Murder’ by Holly Rae Garcia

Title: Come Join the Murder

Author: Holly Rae Garcia

Publisher: Close To The Bone

Genre: Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery


About the Book:

“This is a novel I would read and reread and recommend to others. Fans of vigilante and desperado revenge will delight in this horror story.”Horror Tree.

Rebecca Crow’s four-year-old son is dead, and her husband is missing.

Divers find her husband’s car at the bottom of a canal with their son’s small, lifeless body, inside. The police have no suspects and nothing to go on but a passing mention of a man driving a van. Guilt and grief cloud Rebecca’s thoughts as she stumbles towards her only mission: Revenge.

James Porter knows exactly what happened to them, but he’ll do anything to keep it a secret.

James didn’t plan to kill Rebecca’s son, but he’s not too broken up about it, either. There are more important things for him to worry about. He needs money, and his increasing appetite for murder is catching the attention of a nosy detective.


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About the Author:

Holly Rae Garcia is a photographer and author. Her debut novel, Come Join the Murder, released in March of 2020 from Close to the Bone (UK). Her short fiction has been published online by Rue Scribe, The Bookends Review, Trembling With Fear, Siren’s Call, Australian Writer’s Center, and more. Her short work has also appeared in the “Haunted” and “Isolation” anthologies.

Holly lives on the Texas Coast with her family and five dogs.

Follow her at www.HollyRaeGarcia.com for more information, and hit subscribe to stay current on future publications!


Social Media Links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HollyRaeGarciaAuthor

Twitter: @HollyRaeGarcia

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hollyraegarcia

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/HollyRaeGarciaAuthor

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Blog Tour: ‘Maiden’s Peak’ by Kristy E. Carter


Welcome to my stop on the Maiden’s Peak blog tour! If you are looking for a good mystery with a hint of the paranormal, you will want to read on! I have an excerpt for you, and a chance to win a copy of the book!

Maiden’s Peak

Expected Publication Date: May 7th, 2019

Genre: Murder Mystery/ Paranormal

Publisher: Between the Lines Publishing

Victor Shelton ran from his family’s legacy of prophetic dreams at seventeen but finds at twenty-eight that he is unable to run from the nightmares that plague him. Haunted by images of his own death each night he follows the fleeting memory of the town limit’s sign in his nightmare to a quaint Colorado town.

Beckoned to a forbidding mountain peak with a past riddled by ghost stories and legends, Victor must figure out who is friend or foe. Can he unravel the secrets of the enigmatic citizens of Carver’s Corner and solve his own murder before it happens?

Perhaps the answers are in the siren song of whatever is calling him to the caves under Maiden’s Peak. The song in the darkness urges him on, but whether it is to his death or to his salvation, Victor can’t say. All he knows is that once before he had not heeded the call of his dreams and someone had died. He can’t let that happen again.

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A solitary scrap of paper was swept from the cold pavement by the updraft. The gust of wind lifted my hair and ghosted a frigid breath across my neck, causing the hairs there to stand on end. I’d come to this small town chasing a dream, but not the kind that beckons a person to great things. No, the dream that had brought me here is the kind that leaves you huddled in a corner, quietly sobbing.

Two months had passed since the nightmares began, and I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep since. Even as I thought about it, flashes of the nightmare came to the front of my mind, and I quickly veered my thoughts away to keep the images at bay.

Somehow, I thought coming here to Carver’s Corner would make it better. This place was featured in the nightly horror show that my dreams had become. Being here didn’t make the dream come into clarity or logically fall into place. I had never been to this town and probably would not have missed its presence in my life if I hadn’t been beckoned here by the insistent dreams.

My grandmother insisted that we had some cunning folk in our family tree. Cunning folk, in case you’ve been blessed with ignorance, is another name for wise men and women who heal and help others through both natural and magical means.

That might not seem so bad, but at seventeen, I rebelled with every fiber of my being. I wanted so much to be like everyone else. I tried so hard to pretend that I wasn’t plagued most nights by dreams that were seemingly not my own.

Sometimes the dreams came true; sometimes they merely taunted me. The embarrassment of misinterpreting a dream was something one truly had to experience before you could appreciate it. The looks on people’s faces when they had deemed you unbalanced was something you never got used to. The straw that finally broke the proverbial camel’s back came at a party in my junior year of high school. For weeks, I had dreamed of a fire at that party. It was the only reason—other than my then-crush, of course—that I had gone. As it turned out, I’d read the signs wrong, and the dream was more my anxiety than anything else. Needless to say, Betsy Stevens didn’t appreciate me ruining her party by screaming about a fire that never came to be.

A couple weeks after the incident, I left and went to live with my dad, who was on the East Coast—far away from talks of cunning folk and prophetic dreams. The move had worked in many ways. My dreams even stopped for a time, but as with all good things, it did not last.

Pre-Order Now!


About the Author

Kristy E Carter

Kristy has been making up her own stories for entertainment for most of her life. Eleven years back she decided that perhaps others would want to walk through the worlds she has created. With over 10+ books in both urban fantasy and cozy mystery, Kristy has allowed readers to venture into realms where magic lives and murder mingles with humor. She currently lives with her family in the Southeastern United States where she helps other authors when she is not writing her own novels as a freelance writer and editor with eleven years of experience. With many projects in the works, there are sure to be more worlds for courageous adventurers to delve into.

Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter

For your chance to win a digital copy of Maiden’s Peak by Kristy E. Carter, click the link below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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May 9th

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May 10th

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Blog Tour Organized By:


R&R Book Tours

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