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Book Blitz: ‘The Mind’ by Gloria Foster

Title: The Mind

Author: Gloria Foster

Publisher: Creation House

Genre: Mystery / Suspense

About the Book:

The brightest victories often lie in the darkest places. The normal ordinary life of Sheila Leclaire, an investment banker, takes a turn in Sommerville, Virginia as she is haunted by voices. In overcoming her condition, she traces the root of her illness—a childhood secret that she cannot remember.

Kirkus Review Quotes:

“A debut novel analyses how the mind processes childhood trauma and examines its effects” – Kirkus Reviews

“In her energetic series opener, Foster certainly delivers an intriguing premise and addresses timely and important issues” – Kirkus Reviews

“A psychological tale with a messy plot” – Kirkus Reviews

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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US

About the Author:

Gloria Foster has made her debut as a fiction author in The Mind novel. She says that fiction writing gives her the opportunity to be the maker of her own storyline, characters, and their captivating conversations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematical Sciences.

Social Media Links:

Website: www.gloriafoster.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorgloriafoster

Twitter: @GloriaLFoster

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/20634633.Gloria_Foster

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Book Blitz: ‘All Junkies Float’ by Clarke Wainikka


Title: All Junkies Float

Author: Clarke Wainikka

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Sub-Genre: Mystery


About the Book:

We’re all junkies, aren’t we?

It’s tough to balance an addiction to Xanax when you’re a psychologist at a rehabilitation centre. It’s especially tough when your patients are killing themselves. When Joseph Mackay is found dead in his bathtub, Annette Baker is thrust into the middle of the unraveling mysteries of Medicine River Rehab Centre. So Annette does what any recovering heroin addict would do in a stressful situation, pop back a few Xanax to deal with the anxiety and a few more when she discovers that Joseph is one of three suicides at the centre in the last three years.

Annette must face the conflict of protecting her job or protecting her patients, all while dealing with a small-town journalist desperate for a story, a boss who would do anything to preserve her reputation, and a persistent detective sorting out the mysterious suicides one by one. Not to mention her addiction to prescription pills and the animosity from her troubled past that she must confront in order to sort out the puzzling, sobering secrecy at Medicine River.


From the author of THE RESEMBLANCE, “Clarke Wainikka… truly has a way with words and subverts your expectations, chapter after chapter”

“You will not be able to put this book down.”


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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US





About the Author:

Winnipeg-based author Clarke Wainikka is the creator of compelling dark fiction thrillers and mysteries such as The Resemblance and All Junkies Float, as well as numerous short stories. Her captivating writing style and ability to build tension was fortified through many years of teaching English and assisting ESL students with writing challenges. Her passion for developing complex characters recovering from personal traumas was deepened further by her bachelor’s degree in Psychology that was received in 2016

Living with her husband and dog, her voracious writing habits are only matched by her reader’s needs to keep turning from one page to the next.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @clarkewainikka

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Blog Tour: ‘Walking with Ghosts on Ward’s Pond’ by Heidi Sprouse


Ward's Pond front


Walking with Ghosts on Ward’s Pond

Genre: Mystery

Expected Publication Date: July

A hundred-year-old unsolved mystery resurfaces when journalist Charlie Baxter becomes consumed with finding out the truth. After discovering his bloodline includes a potential murderer, Charlie sets out to clear his family’s name—only to find that everyone has an opinion, but does anyone have answers?

In 1906, Chester Gillette took Grace Brown on a secret trip in the Adirondacks, but only he returned. Grace and her unborn child drowned in the lake, and Chester was convicted of murder. Now, his distant relative Charlie Baxter is retracing the steps of that fateful trip in hopes of laying it to rest once and for all.

However, a mysterious guest at the bed and breakfast on Ward’s Pond is drawn into the cold case—not by Charlie, but by the ghost of Grace Brown. When Charlie learns that the guest’s name is Katherine Grace Brown, he can’t deny the connection. Despite running from her own past, Katherine agrees to help Charlie in his quest for the truth.

The true tale of the Gillette-Brown murder has been the subject of many a story, and it continues to intrigue. What really happened at that lake? Was Chester Gillette truly guilty of murder, or was he sent to the electric chair innocent? Perhaps with the help of their ghosts, Charlie and Katherine can find out.


Available at B & N and on Amazon!



A WOMAN’S SCREAM RIPPED CHARLIE from sleep as dramatically as if he’d been doused in ice water. Heart hammering in his chest, he sprang from his bed and raced to the door as another scream pierced straight through him, coming from the room across the hall. He didn’t know the occupant—the only other guest currently in the bed and breakfast at Ward’s Pond—but the compulsion to help…to do something was too great to be ignored.

“Miss? Miss, are you all right? Can I help you?” He pressed his ear to the wall, hearing nothing more than a muffled sobbing. “I only want to help you and make sure that you’re all right. I’m coming in.”

When no response came, Charlie gathered up his courage and grabbed hold of the knob, taking a quick glance at his clothes. Thankfully, he wore modest pajama bottoms and a T-shirt, nothing that would scandalize anyone. After one hard swallow, he gave the door a try, surprised to find it unlocked. He glanced across the room to see a woman sitting up in bed. The moon cast her in white, making her look ghostly. Her long, dark hair was a wild tangle, the tracks of her tears glistening in the light streaming through the window. She was trembling.

Unwilling to seem too familiar or forward, Charlie pulled up a chair—rather than sitting on the end of the bed. He leaned toward her and propped his elbows on his knees, striving to offer her a calm, reassuring presence when all the while his insides were churning from that terrible screaming.

“Is everything all right? What happened?”

The stranger took a shaky breath and drew the covers up to her chest, her knuckles bulging with the strength of her grip. “I…it was just a nightmare. Foolish, really. I can’t even remember it now…I can only recall waking up feeling absolutely terrified.”

He nodded and then gave her a smile. “I know what that’s like. My name is Charlie Baxter and I’m right across the hall. If you need anything—anything at all—don’t hesitate to give a knock. I sleep light.”

He stood as she extended her hand—which he accepted, giving it a squeeze. His skin practically sizzled at her touch, but he held on. “Thank you, Mr. Baxter. I’m sorry I woke you.”

“Nonsense. Like I said, I sleep light! I would’ve been up sooner or later anyway, and please, call me Charlie. My father is Mr. Baxter. I’ll see you at breakfast in the morning. Our hostess, Eva, is an amazing cook.” Charlie crossed the room, taking pause at the door to look over his shoulder. “By the way, what’s your name?”

She smiled, and it was like the sun coming out after a storm. “Katherine. Katherine Grace Brown.”

The name, particularly the middle and last, gave him a start, but he covered it well. “Well, Miss Katherine Grace Brown, may the rest of your night hold nothing but sweet dreams.”

As he crossed the hall, the turning of the lock broke the silence. Charlie didn’t think she was locking him out. Katherine was locking herself—and her mysterious nightmares—in.

Unable to sleep, since his mind was already unsettled from his research, Charlie opened the window and took a deep gulp of the refreshing night air. Late May in upstate New York heralded warmer days and the approach of summer, but the nights were still chilly. He left the window open, flicked on his desk lamp, and riffled through his stacks of papers, his hand landing on the picture of Grace Brown. He stared at the image that was already imprinted on his brain. She looks nothing like that girl across the hall. Her name is just a coincidence.

He started taking notes, but still a voice nagged at him at the back of his mind. Is there really any such thing as a coincidence?


About the Author

Heidi Sprouse, author of Walking with Ghosts on Ward’s Pond is a resident of historic Johnstown in upstate NY and went to college at St. Rose in Albany.


Heidi started her journey to becoming an author when she was just a child. She would practice creative writing with her friends and continued to write on through college. It wasn’t until her early thirties, after her father passed away, that she began seriously penning words with the intent to write books. As an author, Heidi opens a window into her worlds of sweet romances, historical fiction, and suspense thrillers. She’s always in search of the finding the extraordinary within the ordinary; writing about strong men with old-fashioned values and the women who pick them up when they fall.

When she isn’t writing, she adores spending time with her husband Jim, her son Patrick and her furry canine kids. She also has a rewarding career as a Pre-K teacher.

Heidi has a long list of titles credited to her name. We hope that this month you’ll check out her latest endeavor, Walking with Ghosts on Ward’s Pond available for preorder or for direct purchase on July 2nd.

Heidi Sprouse | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Goodreads


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Blog Tour: ‘The Keeper’ by Misty Mount


The Keeper Book Cover

The Keeper (Underground Defenders Vol. 1)

Publication Date: May 28th, 2019

Genre: Mystery/ Suspense

Page Count: 230 Pages

Publisher: Liminal Books (Between the Lines Publishing)

When the Ericksons move home to care for their ailing grandmother, they’re told a stranger has taken up residence in the attic of the sprawling mansion. Upon investigation, the family isn’t sure the tenant is anything more than a figment of old Mrs. Erickson’s imagination—until a mysterious young woman begins to show herself to the family in fleeting, uncanny visits.

When unexplained things start happening under the mansion’s roof, suspicions arise as to just who—or what—she is. In the chaos that ensues, the family is forced to make a decision: trust the stranger or band together as a family against her—and their grandmother who’s protecting her.

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‘She tried to distract herself by thinking of other things, like the invigorating chill in the atmosphere or the soft crushing of the mushy grass under the thin, flappy shoes, but nothing worked. The feelings and emotions around her were too big to be crowded out by minor sensory input.

Amira was aware of darkness rolling off Dr. Bordell like a smothering fog. She could no longer hear the other two men out here with them. They had either straggled far behind or were being strangely silent. Most likely it was just her and the doctor now traipsing out into nowhere. Would she ever come back?

They only walked a short while longer when the doctor stopped Amira in her tracks. He ripped off her head covering in one violent motion that took several long brown hairs with it. He watched her with a sickening grin as she tried to get her bearings.

Amira’s gaze went straight to the heavens, an immediate escape. It was a cloudy night and she couldn’t locate the moon in the sky, only a glowing veil of clouds in its place and a sugar-sprinkling of stars all around. The tree branches that clawed at the atmosphere were unfamiliar in shape, and she couldn’t find a recognizable landmark anywhere in the inky darkness. . . . The doctor gripped the nape of Amira’s neck and flung her to the ground like an unwanted stray kitten. She tumbled several times from the unnecessary force, kicking up loose soil before coming to rest atop a bare, earthen mound.

“She’s in the ground, you stupid moron,” Dr. Bordell replied and laughed, thoroughly enjoying his moment of revelation, “which is exactly where I’m going to put your mother if you don’t do everything I tell you to from here on out.”

Amira clutched fistfuls of dirt in her palms and let the powder cascade through her open fingers. “No,” she whispered as the soil rained against her bare legs.’

Purchase on Amazon

About the Author


Misty Mount has written since age five and was first published at fourteen. By day she’s a caregiver, wife, and mother to a young son but during the quiet hours of night she becomes a novelist.

“I read because my grandmother showed me how to immerse myself in books for recreation, relaxation or even as a coping skill.

I write because my head is filled with daydreams and I like to choose the endings.”

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

For your chance to win a digital copy of this book, visit the link below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Author Interview: ‘Initiated to Kill’ by Sharlene Almond

About the Book:

Two men from two different generations, both initiated into a powerful organization that throughout history has sought control and uses their power for destruction. They leave behind a wake of murder, manipulation and ancient secrets. The first man wreaks havoc in and around the Whitechapel district of London, England in the 19th century. While the other stalks his victims in the cosmopolitan city of Seville, Spain in the 21st century; knowing that only he could uncover the true motives of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers—Jack the Ripper.


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Purchase Links:

Amazon – UK / US


Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

I am a 31-year-old author and student living in Auckland, New Zealand, with my two Jack Russell’s, and my partner, Dan.

Both as a hobby and hopefully as a paid author, I spend my days writing. When I’m not writing, I have dabbled in quite a few courses that have taken my interest.

First studying as a beauty and spa therapist, I decided to go further a field, and study Dog Psychology and Animal Behaviour. I still had other interests I wanted to explore, which lead me to study Editing and Proofreading, along with Freelance Journalism.

Although, Freelance Journalism provided me with a writing backdrop, I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Always having an interest in psychology, I went for a course in Criminology. This began the process of wanting to learn more about the inner workings of people.

I certainly think at this point I was just addicted to learning, gaining as much knowledge as I could. Learning about people wasn’t quite enough. Another element that I wanted to explore, and have as my Plan B in case writing didn’t provide me with what I needed, I thought along the lines of becoming a counsellor. Which then guided me to study Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for two years, and expanding on that with learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Body Language.

I wanted to provide a complete service for my clients, and I always found nutrition was an incredibly important element to incorporate into mind wellness, that led me to study Naturopathic Nutrition; which I have nearly completed.

After I have finished my nutrition course, I will then go on to study and specialize in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Dialectal Behaviour Therapy, and Facial acupuncture. All of these qualifications enable me to give a comprehensive service for my clients; whether it is one-on-one counselling sessions, or on-line counselling.

If I’m not writing or studying, I tend to spend a lot of time marketing my first novel, contacting publishers for my second, writing health and animal articles, and reading.

The last four topics have proven to be the most useful qualifications for my writing. My main character, Annabella Cordova is deaf, so she communicates through sign language, and of course, body language. So, studying body language has helped me to get a better insight to how Annabella sees things.

The Criminology Diploma has been useful as my books are psychological thrillers. Having a better understanding of the inner workings of criminals, in particular, serial killers certainly helps. Although, I am keen to do further study in criminal profiling as well.

I have written four novels; all are part-historical, and part-present day psychological thrillers. They are based in Spain, Romania, Egypt and Greece. Each book has Annabella Cordova as the main character; however, unlike in my first novel – Initiated to Kill, Annabella is part of an organization that hunts down the worst criminals. Each time bringing her into contact with Andres Valero, the detective in charge of the case of the missing girls in my first book.

Currently, I only have my first novel published, while contacting publishers to publish my second book – The Legend Returns.

Way back in high school, I was home-schooled through the Correspondence School, which encouraged essay writing instead of actual exams. This piqued my interest in writing, as I even enjoyed writing academic papers.

Throughout my teen years I dabbled writing a variety of things, including short stories and novels. However, life sort of got in the way, and I didn’t fully commit to writing an actual novel until I was about 21 years old.

From there, I finally completed my first novel, and continued to write three more. As well as a New Zealand travel E-book, and a variety of health and animal articles based around my training as a therapist and animal nutritionist.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

Usually where sun is peering through, and where I can occasionally look out at nature. So in the dining room, or lounge, where we have a sun seat is a great spot.

I can put my coffee and water on the window ledge, spread out my research paper along the long length of the window seat, lean back against some cushions, and let the creative juices flow.

I find what works best for me is to get some writing down early in the morning. Doing a workout, shower, coffee, then writing. When I’m starting a novel, several hours a day is ideal. I don’t like to write for too long, as my brain tends to switch off. So when I’m not writing, I study or do research.

However, sometimes I just get the urge to do a bit of writing. Whether it be at lunch, afternoon or evening. If something comes to me, I like to quickly put it on the computer.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

I first started to get my ideas from random things popping up in documentaries or on television, or even in other books. They tended to guide me down several paths of the kind of books that I wanted to write.

From there, my own thought processes and ideas kicked in on what I wanted to do with the snippets of information I heard about, saw or read.

History is one of my best inspirations for ideas. As it also lends credibility to the story line, so when the reader reads my book, the plot isn’t that implausible, hopefully making it even more thrilling. 🙂

My novels are not designed to create ‘copy-cat’ killers; merely the historical killers are connected in some way to the present day killers.

Locations are also a key part on where I get my ideas. Whether it is a place I want to go to, or just a place I literally pointed to on the map. That then leads me to research more about the location, and its myths and history on the location. Of course, every time plenty of information pops up, and usually more than one idea pops into my head of where I want to take the story line.

The conspiracy angle also gives me plenty of ideas, as it tends to be the base for the plot line, then I just expand everything from there. Whether it is several conspiracy theories or myths intertwined, or with some of my novels, the ideas materialized from my research. I begin to make connections between different events and people, building on the theory of what I think could have happened.

Finally, my main character Annabella Cordova, also allows me to create another aspect to the plotline through detailing how to read facial expressions and body language, and how to detect when someone is lying. Because Annabella is deaf, she has to hone her other skills to help solve the case.

For Initiated to Kill, I already had written a sentence for a story idea. I decided to run with that, and as I did more research, more ideas came flooding in. And like I mentioned above, the historical aspect on Jack the Ripper with the connection to the Freemasons – history had already written that. I just expanded on it. I try to bring the characters to life, and use the real events to create a fictional, and hopefully, exciting read.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

I’m definitely a plotter. For Initiated to Kill, I started the process by putting a few ideas together for the overall feel. From there I did a one-page outline from the beginning to how I wanted it to end.

I also did character outlines – as in what they looked like, certain things about their personalities etc. Then I did character outlines of how they fitted into the grand scheme of things.

The last part of the process was using Word Excel to construct the chapter outlines. Writing out the chapters at the top of the document, then underneath a couple of sentences describing what should happen in those chapters.

Of course, throughout this process, I kept on researching, which just meant I kept adding to the chapter outline. Ironically, looking back at it now, the final product is vastly different to what I started with. However, the main characters have stayed the same.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

My main genre is thrillers; however, sub-genres are historical, psychological and international. I love messing with readers’ heads a bit. Examining the psychology of the characters is fun because so much is unveiled – their flaws, their strengths.

I also like to be creative with the comparison to the historical killers to the 21st century killers. And writing about the places that the stories are located in.

I like to look at my writing as layers, which is a pretty common element in thrillers. Layer upon layer, little by little more is revealed, so by the end of the novel, what has happened makes sense. That is what is fun, to learn about the characters, myself included. The more I write, the more I learn about every character.

There are so many facets to my books, which is the only way I really like to write. Although, for some readers, they may struggle with that aspect of my novels, I would hope that at least it would be memorable for them.

Also, thrillers have plenty of action, twists and turns. However, one of my favourite topics in school and to read about is history. History and historical characters have always fascinated me. To learn about what happened in the past, and how it dramatically changed our future.

Combined with the conspiracy aspect, they allow the reader to explore the ‘what if’ possibility. “What if this was true?” “What if this conspiracy theory was actually based on fact?” Now that possibility could be terrifying.

Because I studied Criminology, and covered a bit in criminal profiling; combined with Cognitive Behavioural therapy, I enjoy probing into the psyche of characters, especially those that commit murder. Serial killers usually have a very complex past, investigating that past, bringing that past to life on paper keeps me coming back to that every time. Being able to better understand what drove these real-life serial killers to what they did.

The international aspect really enables me to research about places I would love to go, and to perhaps learn about places that have deep historical roots.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

For Annabella Cordova, Scarlett Johansson. Andres Valero would be Jim Caviezel.

And Gary Oldman as the artist/Jack the Ripper.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

Yes, I read a lot. I aim to read a book every 2-3 weeks. Psychological thrillers, historical and sci-fi are the genres I prefer to read in.

James Patterson, Dan Brown, Jeffery Deaver, Karin Slaughter, Stephen White, Jack Kerley, and Michael Marshal are all authors that I enjoy reading. All authors do an excellent job in delving into the mind of a killer, the sadistic crimes, and the on-the-edge-of-your-seat read.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

I am reading a James Patterson novel, ‘Step on a Crack’.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

When I have been asked that before, I always struggled to answer – there are so many!

The authors that I mentioned above all fit in my top favourite books.

Although, a Voice in the Wind trilogy series, by Francine Rivers has to be up there for my all-time favourite read.

It is actually a religious book based in the Roman times of religious prosecution after Jesus was crucified. People may be surprised on that choice of book. However, the writer did an amazing job of creating a deep connection with all the characters, so when something happened to one of them, I really felt sadness or joy.

The books were a trilogy, with a variety of characters on different sides of the story – a Jewish slave, a Barbarian gladiator, a Roman citizen etc. Each character having his or her own individual voice, progressing through the story line, revealing the part each person played in the story.

Even as I write about it now, scenes crop up in my mind of what happened in the book, and it still has quite an impact. I have never reacted to a book like I did to those ones. There seemed to be something deeply personal about it. And at the same time, also covered a historical topic that is controversial to this day.

Even if a person is not religious, it is still a fantastic read.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Stick to what you love. If you love writing and entertaining people, then writing will never be a waste of time. Yes, you will be rejected and criticised countless times, but as the saying goes ‘whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

Take note of constructive criticism so you can improve on your writing. Every bad review may also have some valuable advice that you can take on.

Keep persisting. You will get a lot of rejections unfortunately, but it goes with what we do. If you love to write, you never know what might happen.

A good query letter is also key. You need to be able to hook the publisher pretty quickly. A query letter shouldn’t be long winded, but get straight to the point.

In the end, it’s easy to fit into the popular genre, it’s harder to actually write what you enjoy writing if it’s not so popular. However, like many books now, in which once a upon a time they weren’t popular, you never know when your one could be the next best thing.

Write, write, and write. The only way to really improve your writing is to constantly write a range of different things. Like any other skill or job, it takes time and practice to become a good writer. The more you write, the easier it will be to discover what works best for you.

Keep a notebook handy. Ideas may crop up at random times of the day (or night), having a notebook handy to quickly jot down ideas prevents you forgetting about an idea. Also, if you suddenly get an idea at night, it can keep you up, as you might worry that you will forget. Additionally, ideas can be combined together and inspire more ideas to flow.

Research, write, research, and write. This is the stage when you are actually intending to flesh out a novel, instead of just writing to improve your skill. Researching before, during and even after the first draft is not only useful for getting more ideas, but it makes it easier to remember things when you are writing, so you are as accurate as possible. I find the best way to prevent writer’s block is to have plenty of research to work from. That way you can pick and choose what you find necessary to include, and helps you come up with a wealth of ideas.

Snowflake Method. This is my favorite, and in my opinion most useful tip for authors. And not just ones that are starting out, I still have used this for my second, third and fourth novel. In my opinion, a good novel needs a detailed plot outline. You can just sit down and write; however, if you haven’t created an outline, the structure may be all over the place.

And you might waste time trying to think up what you want to write each day for the chapters. Events may not be cohesively linked. Using the Snowflake method can help to arrange all your thoughts and ideas. And in word excel, it makes it easier to rearrange chapters, and add to them, without having to do that after you have done all the writing.

Also, the chapter outline basically helps to schedule in what you need to focus on each day, by using the section under chapter headings to write a few sentences on what you want the chapters to include.

You will of course probably add to the chapter outline, remove other things etc. However, this just gives a great starting point. And it means you can even add what research you have collected so it fits into the story better.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

Links to my social media:

Blog: www.sharlenefreelancewriter.wordpress.com

About.me: Blog: www.sharlenefreelancewriter.wordpress.com

Amazon Author page: www.amazon.com/Sharlene-Almond/e/B00K3ZK2ZA

Twitter: @SharleneAlmond

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sharlenealmond.co.nz

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/sharlenealmond

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/6626652.Sharlene_Almond

LinkIn: www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=272284909&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic

About the Author:

As an author of historical/21st century psychological, international thrillers, my books challenge readers to think beyond what they believe, as well as taking the reader on a journey throughout Europe and abroad.

Having studied in Criminology and Neuro Linguistic programming; in addition to doing a diploma course in body language, enables me to give an authentic feel to my characters, and the crimes committed. Because I’ve always been fascinated with human psychology, especially criminal psychology, I always include that element in every book I write.

My books don’t just cover the crimes committed, but what drove that person to commit those crimes? Examining their past, their weaknesses, and childhood; all building up to why some of the most infamous crimes were committed.

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