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Author Interview: ‘Fleet’ by Brian T. Marshall

About the Book:

A man, lost and naked, on the streets of Manhattan, pleading in an unknown tongue. The retired linguist who realizes it’s an archaic Greek, unspoken for three thousand years. And the young woman who befriends them both, just in time for an unlikely quest. From New York to LA, Nebraska to Delphi, Fleet travels a labyrinth, with a mystery as old as mankind lying at its very heart.

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Author Interview:

1: Tell us a little about yourself and what got you in to writing?

As for who I am, it’s just plain me. What matters is what I say.

All writers start out as readers. And all readers are looking for the magical experience of getting lost in a book. But only those of us brave enough— or stupid enough— to try writing one discover that this same joy is ten times greater when you’re shaping, and not just following, the story. Or at least when it’s going well. We won’t talk about when it isn’t.

2: Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

Early morning. It’s dark outside. No one else in the house is stirring. And if you’re really lucky, there’s a steady patter of raindrops falling off the eaves. A cup of tea, steaming away. Your face bathed in the monitor’s glow. This is when the magic happens. This is the moment you live for.

3: Where do your ideas come from?

From cradle to grave, we’re awash in stories, some great, some good, some awful. And I think all of us, no matter how imaginative or groundbreaking we appear, are just taking the same old puzzle pieces and putting them back together. The key is finding a way of doing so that makes your story feel fresh, alive and inviting.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

Yes, I need an outline, and the few times I’ve tried writing without one, I’ve fallen flat on my face. If you’ve got the general arc in place, and know what each chapter needs to say, in then frees your mind to make all the thousands of tiny choices that frame a scene, choose a metaphor, define that thing called Your Voice.

5: What genre are your books and what drew you to that genre?

Defining yourself within a genre might be a smart marketing move, but it can also limit you as a writer. Every genre has its own conventions and expectations, and these can allow you to become lazy, to perform only up to the level demanded by the field. That said, I’ve dabbled in fantasy, mystery and mainstream literary fiction.

6: What dream cast would you like to see playing the characters in your latest book?

For Fleet, we’d need three primary leads. Tom Hiddleston would make a great Noman, with his lean build and piercing gaze, even if he is a bit old for the part. For Simon, we’d want someone frumpy and British. One of those great character actors you recognize right off the bat, even if you don’t know his name. And Sarah, our waif with a backbone of steel, might well be Natalie Portman, even though she also might technically be “too old”.

7: Do you read much and if so who are your favourite authors?

Yes, I’ve always got a book at hand. How could you live without one? As for favorite authors, it’s pretty much all over the map. For concision, Hemingway. For language, Lawrence Durrell. For a good yarn well-told, John D. MacDonald. Neil Gaiman, Lev Grossman, William Gibson for genre work. And why aren’t any women coming to mind? I must be a sexist pig.

8: What book/s are you reading at present?

A lot of time lately has been spent reading work by fellow indies or members of my writer’s group, which has been a mixed blessing. And the fact that I’m a poor starving artist means I can’t just rush out and buy whatever book everyone’s raving about. So you take your chances. Read the jacket. Sift through the reviews. Find a fair amount of dross, along with the occasional gem.

9: What is your favourite book and why?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I know this sounds incredibly trite, but what else can I say? How many authors can usurp the gods, and create a world of their own? Tell a tale so inherently right it carries the weight of myth? And yes, there’s a million ways to pick it apart, and point out all the things it isn’t, but I still can’t imagine a better gift to pass on to a hungry young mind.

10: What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Beware. There be dragons here. If you stick to your craft, and write what you love, you’ll find endless hours of pleasure. And if you set out to be a success, to find fame or that pot of gold, chances are you’ll be disappointed. Writing is writing, the act of creation, of finding out what you have to say. Everything that follows, good or bad, is completely beyond your control.

11: What are the best Social Media Sites for people to find out about you and your work?  

Because everyone says a writer needs a website, I finally cobbled together one of my own, http://www.missppelled.com . In it I indulge in various rambles on writing and self-publication, plus there’s the exciting adventures of Doug Walker, Dog Walker. As for everything else, Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter, it pretty much drives me crazy, even though the connected author is now expected to spend more time hyping their work than sitting down and writing.


About the Author:

Raised by a band of feral authors hidden in the deep north woods, Brian Marshall was no ordinary child. Proper syntax flowed through his veins. Semi-colons were his crib mates. And as he grew older, he came to realize these unique gifts were meant to serve good, not evil.

Abandoning his wayward clan, he set out in search of a sensei, the fabled Tan Line, Master of Men, and high priest of punctuation. Under his rigid tutelage, the boy’s talents found full flower, till the fateful day had finally arrived when the pupil outpaced his master. Would he now rise to take that mantle? Assail the bestsellers list?

Alas, no. For along with great power, he had found something else. A rare prize called humility. From that day forward he would toil away in deepest obscurity. Not for him the accolades, or the tawdry lure of fame, but instead the pursuit of merest spark, to be Kindled to full flame.

For is it not written that to win the world, a wise man begins with one reader.

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Series Blitz: ‘The Watchers Series’ by Ellison Blackburn


Book Titles: If There Be Giants / Second Son

The Watchers Series

Author:  Ellison Blackburn

Genre: Fantasy / Mythology

Ellison Blackburn is the author of several mindful science-fiction/fantasy novels including Flash Back, Second Nature, and If There Be Giants.

Despite earning degrees in both Biology and English Literature, her career for many years was in a completely unrelated field (web design and development). It was not until she had authored her first science-fiction book that her education and work background mingled sensibly. In addition to storytelling and scribbling poetry, Ellison enjoys abstract painting, international travel, watching foreign films, and reading novels.


If There Be Giants

About the Book

Buried treasure or a curse unearthed?

Archeologist, Dr. Mallory Jacks has uncovered an anomaly, a strange creature amidst familiar surroundings. The discovery could change the world’s perspective of anthropology and science, as well as shake the religious faith of millions. However, the latter is beside the scientific point.

The newly found artifacts do not fit neatly or logically into the timeline of events comprising the history of life on planet. Unfortunately, this could be just the cusp of the problem; who knows what else might be unveiled as the project continues.

The situation evolves more perplexingly as one of Mallory’s student helpers, Grey McKnight, becomes enmeshed in the mystery; especially, as she and Grey’s relationship progresses beyond that of mentor and student. With each passing day, the upheaval surrounding the findings threatens to shatter their lives into countless surreal pieces.

Learn more and read excerpts: www.EllisonBlackburn.com/If-There-Be-Giants


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Second Son

About the Book

Raven or dove—birds of a feather flock together.

Every person alive was affected by the relics found amongst the ruins of the Gwellen stone circle. However, as though a trendy topic gone viral for a short time, except for a tabloid headline or two, the world continued to spin very scientifically on its axis. Even Dr. Mallory Jacks remained skeptical, despite all she had witnessed, regardless that she had been specially warned.

Two years after that astonishing moment of first discovery, the artifacts still defied rational explanation. It was likely the true impact of the finds would rumble through the halls of laboratories, universities, museums, and pews for ages to come; granting human life on the planet still exists.

For beyond the boundaries of terra firma and people’s limited senses, unseen forces have kept vigil since the dawn of civilization. And, when Grey returns to Cornwall and Mallory a changed man—with another fantastic story to tell—their love will be tested, and humanity along with its mortality will be judged one last time. The time of the Watcher has arrived.

Learn more and read excerpts: www.EllisonBlackburn.com/Second-Son


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About the Author


Ellison Blackburn grew up in Chicago, Illinois, but home has been many other places too—where ever she happens to live for a prolonged time—be it the West Coast or the Midwest.

The daughter of a former, histologist father and nurse mother, as well as a sister of scientifically-minded siblings, Ellison earned a degree in Biology—as it seemed a matter of natural, familial course. Being equally right and left brained, she later received another credential in English Literature, however, she mostly worked in the fields of internet development and graphic design before and after earning each degree. Read more about her unusual road to self-discovery and how it inspired her to become a storyteller too.

Now, her creative inklings as well as other aspects of publishing are her professional focus, although being an ‘inkling’ is more a way of life than it just being a career. As an Indie Author, Ellison published her first novel, Flash Back (previously titledRegeneration X) in early 2015. See the current list of her published works.

On the surface, Ellison lives the life of an ordinary human being, adapting day-to-day, moment-by-moment, to an ever changing, sometimes right here. By joining this readers group you will receive exclusive freebies and extras, specials and pre-release announcements, as well as the most recent news in Ellison’s monthly newsletter.

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Book Review: ‘Of Fear and Faith’ by N. D. Jones

Title: Of Fear and Faith (Death and Destiny Trilogy Book 1)

Published: 18th August 2014

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Author: N. D. Jones

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ndjonesparanormalromanceauthor

Twitter: @ndjonesauthor



A thriller of a paranormal romance with mystery, mythology, and suspense.

Before trust and love can take hold, grow solid roots, and blossom into a reality larger than self, fear must be conquered and faith embraced. Yet fear of an ancient prophecy, of burning magical power, and a broken heart, Sanura Williams, psychology professor, is unprepared when Special Agent Assefa Berber enters her life, hunting a preternatural serial killer. Assefa’s intelligent, chocolate eyes and intoxicating aura signature stirs her fire spirit but frightens the woman.

In a world where all is not as it seems, Sanura and Assefa must battle the gods’ first creations – vile predators who threaten the safety of humans. Each confrontation, each bloody clash, will bring Sanura and Assefa closer to fulfilling the prophecy of being the Fire Witch and Cat of Legend – the ones who will save humanity from the Water Witch of Legend. Death, godly magic, and physical attraction draw Sanura and Assefa to each other, but fear and faith will determine their destiny.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with vampires in it. These ones are bat like creatures that you would not want to meet in a dark alley.

Seems a battle amongst sisters – one that takes place every 500 years – is about come around again. The prophecy goes that a fire witch born to the Temple of Oya and a water witch born to the Temple of Mami Wata will mark the beginning of the end, but also rebirth. It’s all about balance and once they fight, no matter who wins, there will be peace for humans again – but at what cost? 500 years is almost up and it looks like the pieces are being put in place, whether they are ready for what’s to come is something else entirely.

FBI Special Agent Assefa Berber, from a very special division because of what he is, has been called in to investigate the murders of a possible serial killer. It was Mike, a local detective and something a little different himself, who spotted a pattern and called for assistance. Well not that he really wants the have help as his likes to work alone now. The link between the murders is like the elephant in the room as neither yet wants to tell the other what they really are and that they both know they are after someone who is killing witches. All this comes to a head though after the latest attack. There is a lone survivor of a double murder, the daughter, who was found wondering that streets covered in blood. They need someone who can get through to the child so they can figure out who or what they are after and Mike knows just the person, his goddaughter Sanura.

Sanura is a psychology professor but so much more as she is also a witch – a very powerful fire witch that is. She may have been called in to help with the case but that’s not all that is on the cards for her when she senses an intoxicating aura signature coming straight from Assefa. Seems with their kind can tell when they are near someone who could be compatible and auras never lie. Auras are one thing to suggest they are matched but the chemistry coming from both of them within minutes is enough to seal the deal. Well if Sanura wasn’t running a little scared from a past relationship that burned her badly it would. Ended for a reason girl and that’s because he was not for you, plus he’s a bit of a dick. Focus pulled back to the case at hand she needs to see what or whom the child saw. When they know though they might wish they hadn’t because the killer(s) they are after are adze.

Adze are vampire like creatures with the body of a large bat that can transform into human form. Done so with more ease after consuming witches blood. With the blood comes the magic and it seems that is something they have started to crave. In the past adze would just possess witches to cause chaos and attack humans but found a thirst for blood gave them more power – specifically witches’ blood. The warlocks at the time wanted to protect their woman so made a deal with Sekhmet. If they worshipped her then she would give them the ability to protect their women. They just didn’t really realize what they might be giving up at the time of gaining something different. With adze being the killers it means witches in the area need to be put on high alert. With the help of Sanura and her skills they might just be able to hide those that are being hunted and then trap the hunters in the process. Well nothing is ever that simple.

The adze need to be caught but that doesn’t stop the need to perform the ritual to see if Sanura and Assefa really are compatible in every sense. From the moment they locked eyes it was pretty much a done deal to me but rules are rules. The chemistry and heat is there but they are both hiding secrets that they fear will make the other run. If they can face them then they might be able to fight not only the adze but be better prepared for the true battle that’s coming. Sanura’s ex Richard also comes back on the scene the stir things up, I had a feeling he was a lot more involved in the case than you might think. He may want Sanura back but now Assefa is in the picture that is looking a lot less likely. Will he get his just desserts? I’m hoping so.

Interesting read that has a bit of everything that I like. You have witches, were-cats, vampires and links to Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. A battle is brewing and the players are slowing moving into place but the outcome is very uncertain. Here’s hoping Sanura and Assefa can handle anything that is thrown their way.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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