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Book Review: ‘The Teenage Spy’ by Naila

Title: The Teenage Spy

Published: 1st April 2017

Publisher: Notion Press

Author: Naila



Everybody loves to dream. They dream of becoming what they want. One such extraordinary dream was that of William Dunk. A teenager, living in North Bellwood, William Dunk aspires to become a spy. Growing up among spy novels and movies, he consequently loses his interest in his medical studies that his father Richard Dunk, a well Known businessman, had pushed him to do. His obsession for becoming a spy results in his expulsion from high school. His father loses his calm and banishes him from his mansion. William moves to South Bellwood and finds a best friend in his neighbor. The two embark on a mission to fulfill William’s dream. But is it really easy to go through after what one wants they get? After all, Bigger the aims, bigger the risks!



An interesting novella that follows William while he tries to make his childhood dream of becoming a spy a reality – let’s see how that goes.

William wants to be a spy so tends to explain things in a way that you would by breaking down information with a case. It’s just a shame that his school and father have no interest in him being one, thinking it is just a passing phase that he just won’t leave behind. After being expelled from school, and then subsequently thrown out of the house by his father, he goes to live in his late grandma’s old empty house. This sees him soon makes friends with Ryan, and after telling him his dream of being a detective and/or spy, they soon try to locate an agency where he can work and hone in his skills.

After what seems like a wasted day going round so many places and finding squat they hold out everything on the last place on the list. Seems this place is a hit and luckily comes with a dorm – good job too with William’s serious lack of funds. It seems Mr. Wood, the head of agency, thought he came across as someone to watch so sets Mr. Dancey the task of training him. William just has to make it through the first stage of training before he is admitted into the U.M.A – Undercover Missions Agency, which is the real deal with spy agencies.

Training begins with tests along the way to see if he has what it takes to be a true agent. With how much he wants it you know he will fly through. Cases soon pile up but when they get a bit too close to home things get dicey.

The SF agency is the darker side of the agency world where people pay them to do their dirty work. One person on the payroll is a doctor who hypnotizes his patients to do the deeds for them. Win-win as nothing comes back to them. When a few UMA agents fall foal and commit murders William steps up to try to figure things out and take them all down. Can he save the day or will he get caught in the crossfire’s?

Interesting starting point but I think it needed a bit more work done to it to make it a cleaner read. It kept jumping between present and past tense and at times it seemed like a word or two was missing or needed taking out from the sentence for it to make sense. Not much of a twist but more just flowing through from one case to the next. There may be a bit of danger along the way but it’s nothing he can’t handle.

2 for edit and 3 for story out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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