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Book Blitz: ‘wrōtèvthé’ by Narada Voux Sanders

Title: wrōtèvthé

The Art of Rhyme

The Poetry Collection

Author: Narada Voux Sanders

Genre: Poetry

About the Book:

wrōtèvthé. — roh-teh-thay.  

art. rhyme.  

barely soft. mostly – hard lines.

harsh. truth. cry.

mental. ’tirely rhythmic in design.

raw. catharsis.

God. artist. mind. soul.

spirit. intertwined.

love. race. hate. hurt. heartbreak.

dying. time.

wrōtèvthé. — roh-teh-thay.  

art. rhyme.

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About the Author:

A Self-Published Poet | With A Sense Of Humour.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @nvsnaradavoux

Instagram: www.instagram.com/naradavouxsanders

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Book Blitz: ‘The Ballad of Lorianna, Ever Brush Away The Sleep, To Winter and other poems’ by Christopher Laverty

Title: The Ballad of Lorianna, Ever Brush Away The Sleep, To Winter and other poems

Author: Christopher Laverty

Publisher: Cyberwit.net

Genre: Poetry / Poems


About the Book:

These poems are devoid of any artificial and spurious emotion. The employment of concrete imagery in these poems is quite admirable. Instead of rhetorical style, the poet prefers the exact word. After reading these poems, it is evident that the poet’s style is quite lucid.


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Could I cast spells – antique and gilded cup –

clay guardian – whose tableaux chronicle

these fishermen their sea-nets lifting up,

these foxes eyeing gleans in baskets full –

clay man-at-arms – that battles time’s keen edge,

that shields from its advance this pastoral scene

of two pale youths in rivalry to pledge

their hearts to her that tends the orchard green –

could I cast spells – in tableaux I would freeze

those moments spent with you that time lays waste –

those eyes that danced like light on summer seas –

where refuge from mortality they’d taste;

eyes that only memories have kept,

until towards oblivion they’re swept.



To add more notes to birdsongs would – I know –

only mar the passing hearer’s bliss,

more hues just cloy the glory of the rainbow;

monarchs crowned would little gain or miss

if crowned once more for show – while here below

this scene is such that art I can dismiss.

Tranquil it sits in winter’s parting chill:

the shops and cafes of the village seem

drowsy with sleep; surrounding mountains gleam

with fading snow; only the churchbells fill

the alleys hushed and calm; all life is still,

ruled by the rhythm of the gentle stream –

low clouds enfold the valley in a dream,

as we stand and watch it from the hill.


About the Author:

Chris was born and grew up in Cornwall, UK, and now lives in Bristol.He works as a teacher while writing poetry in his spare time. He likes to write using a variety of forms, and on themes such as nature, relationships and topical issues.

He has been published in Reach Poetry Magazine, Runcible Spoon, Scrittura Magazine, The Big Windows Review and The Society of Classical Poets.

Social Media Links:

Website: www.christopherlaverty.weebly.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chrislaverty77

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Book Blitz: ‘A Bittersweet Dream’ by Anthony Bolton


Title: A Bittersweet Dream

Author: Anthony Bolton

Publisher: Ingramspark

Genre: Poetry


About the Book:

A Bittersweet Dream explores the pines of a broken heart, the pursuit of success and world issues.

More Details: A Bittersweet Dream is a collection of poetry concerning a variety of topics and is composed of 6 chapters and each follows a specific narrative that explores many different subject matters ranging from the various problems our world faces and also the themes of heartbreak, hardship and patience. And each time water is mentioned in the collection I’m referring to the subconsciousness because of the quote at the beginning. This collection mainly explores the dichotomy of a life, full of so much bitterness and so much sweetness, sometimes in the same breath.


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About the Author:

Writing poetry has been something that has grown on me in such a passionate way. From an adolescent age, I was obsessed with the works of Dante, Tennyson, Berryman, Wordsworth and how they expressed their intrapersonal thinkings and ideas through stanzas. I became profoundly fascinated by the possibility of words taking some form of resonance with readers. I cherished the idea of how poesy occupies the ability to provide readers with an idea to ruminate about and leave the subconscious mind to ponder. I loved the implicit message the poet was attempting to communicate, although not implicitly stated it left the reader to get to it. I found it quite remarkable how those same poets used their writings to express how they felt on certain issues of the world. As far back in my youths memory I can remember, I have searched for the notion of making an everlasting impact on the world. In the near future, (at the risk of sounding morbid,) we will expire in our caskets, and nobody will be around to remember us; only words will be left behind.


Social Media Links:

Website: www.anthonybolton.co

Instagram: www.instagram.com/boltpoesy

Poetry Blog: www.anthonybolton.co/weekly-blog-poems

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Book Blitz: ‘This Soul Estranged’ by Candice Samuelson

Title: This Soul Estranged

Author: Candice Samuelson

Genre: Poetry

Sub-Genre: Romance


About the Book:

This Soul Estranged is a collection of poetry in two parts, one for love lost and the other for love found. Each section delves into the world of human emotion, and tries to answer what love means to us as individuals. Read through the collection for a cathartic journey through your emotions, and come out on the other side with a different perspective and new insight into the delicate balance of what makes us human.

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About the Author:

Candice Samuelson was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990 and always wrote as a way of self expression, even publishing a book in her elementary school’s library at the age of twelve. She attended the Ringling College of Art and Design, trading her writing for fine art, but turned to writing again in 2019.

She tackles subjects that have had a significant impact on her life, such as her struggles with mental health and loss, in addition to love and finding herself in this chaotic world.

She is currently living in Delaware with her husband and two daughters.


Social Media Links:

Website: www.candicesamuelson.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/candicesamuelsonwrites

Twitter: @CSamuelson_

Instagram: @candice.samuelson

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Book Review: ‘When Science Collapses’ by Christopher Hivner

Title: When Science Collapses

Published: 31st December 2016

Author: Christopher Hivner



Find another layer, go deeper to before I knew you, to thoughts I had as a young man, pull up those bones, crush them between your teeth to bathe in the marrow, find out what you think made me the way I am. “Paleontology”



Goes down as another off my 2019 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book of poems.

Here you have a collection of poems with a difference. Almost using metaphors for science theories looking into the subjects of different human relationships. They are all told through the lens of science, looking into different scientific disciplines – e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, and so on. Each looking at different aspects of relationships from start to end within the scientific concepts created.

I liked some more than others and felt the scientific aspects of the poems gave them a different vibe. There were 33 in total, though a few were extended parts off one main title.

Here are a few that stood out for me:

Physics – wanting to relive and hold on to memories of loved ones passed on. Here you have someone wishing they could have them back but knowing that their memories of them are what you have to hold onto most. Don’t live in the past but hold onto its memories.

‘Time travel
is an illusion,
but my memories,
few as they are,
are real.’

String Theory – connecting things together and wondering why it can’t always be like this. The world and all its infinite moments being linked together one onto the next.

Astronomy – the vastness of space and looking at our way of interpreting what we can see or explain. How feeling connected to someone could seem like you are a planet warmed by their sun. Circling and needing each other, not knowing how long it would last but holding onto memories created all the same.

Combustion – from reading you get an idea of an engine just about to blow. One part isn’t right so the function isn’t working. In relation to a relationship it looks into cheating, or the possibility of someone cheating, and how just that one thought could make everything blow up.

It’s an interesting idea to take on human relationships in poems with a scientific vibe. You are breaking down concepts within the poems figuring out what they could mean for both subject types. If you like science and poetry then why not take a look.

3 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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